tagSci-Fi & FantasyVenus' Finest Ch. 02

Venus' Finest Ch. 02


Elizabeth drifted into consciousness to find her bed empty.

She could feel the valley in the mattress where Molly had been, although it had grown cold. Molly had evidently risen and left long before the morning. It made perfect sense; the Countess sometimes checked on Elizabeth barely after dawn, and it would be difficult to explain why Molly was sleeping with her.

Still, even knowing the reason, Elizabeth's heart ached at her absence. She ran her hand along the sheets where Molly had been, her thoughts drifting back to the previous night.


Molly had led Elizabeth to the bed, and Elizabeth had gladly let her take the lead. Molly had settled Elizabeth down into her usual place in the center of the bed and curled up at her side. Molly draped one of her ankles over Elizabeth's, and Elizabeth's heart raced. Molly set a hand on Elizabeth's belly, just beneath her bosom, and began to explore. Her pace was unhurried, her fingers gliding along Elizabeth's soft skin and tracing the bottom of her breasts.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and let Molly's touch carry her away. "I'm glad you think I was convincing this evening," she said, "but I don't know how I'm going to avoid blushing when I speak about you."

Molly leaned in close and nuzzled Elizabeth's neck. "Your mother won't ask you much about me as long as I do my job," she said. She ran her hand down Elizabeth's side, along her hip, onto her thigh. "But, if you'd like, I can try to make you blush so much that you have none left over."

"Oh," Elizabeth gasped. "That sounds utterly impractical." She turned and kissed Molly, looking into her lovely green eyes. "Please try it at once."

Molly smiled, joyful and tender. Her smile glowed, Elizabeth thought, and neither her room's new electric lights nor the moonlight shining in through the window could match it for magic or warmth. Molly traced her finger up beneath Elizabeth's nightdress, her path running through Elizabeth's hair and down to her lips. Even as she touched them, she could feel their wetness.

"Oh, Elizabeth," Molly whispered, nibbling gently at Elizabeth's ear. "You do need some attention, don't you?"

Elizabeth was taut with anticipation, and could barely manage a response. "Quite so," she said.

"Quite so," Molly repeated. "Well, if this is what the proper lady wishes." Her fingers meandered along Elizabeth's cleft, one climbing up into the valley before circling back to her pearl. She drew her finger along it, and Elizabeth bit her lip to avoid being too loud.

"I suppose it's proper for me to help you with whatever tasks you require," she went on.

Elizabeth moaned softly, almost humming. Her musical tutor, Miss Andrews, would likely have been disappointed with her lack of vocal control, if she wasn't shocked into silence by everything else. "This is not a requirement," Elizabeth panted, "but, oh, I'm glad you're doing so."

Molly smiled. Elizabeth couldn't see her doing so, but somehow she could feel it. "That is my goal," Molly murmured, her nose rubbing Elizabeth's ear. "You've been denying yourself for too long. Let me pleasure you."

"Hmmm," Elizabeth moaned. She wanted to continue bantering with Molly, but Molly's handiwork was demanding an ever-increasing amount of her attention. Her fingers were dancing, caressing Elizabeth's lips and rubbing her pearl. "How are you so good at this?"

"Well I'm glad you think I am," Molly replied, leaning close and resting her head by Elizabeth's. "I suppose I've been practicing a bit on myself. And I may have been thinking of you as I did."

"Oh," Elizabeth moaned. "I have a good deal of catching up to do."

"It's not a race," Molly replied. "And I think we all have a lot to learn."

"Yes," Elizabeth replied. She glanced down. Her legs were open, and Molly's freckled arm moved gracefully back and forth between them, slowly sending her higher. She realized that she was moving her hips to accentuate Molly's motions. She'd been brought up to believe that any behavior in this vicinity was improper, if not evil. But she couldn't see any evil here. Molly wanted her to be happy, and she was working quite diligently to make her so. Nothing could be evil that harmed no one. And propriety was not important enough to stand in love's way.

"Oh, Molly," Elizabeth whispered.

"You've been speaking my name for many years," Molly said, her fingers moving faster. She could feel the tension rising in Elizabeth's frame, feel her hips moving more desperately to meet her fingers. "I've always enjoyed hearing it, but never quite as much as this." She propped herself up, catching Elizabeth's eye, then leaned in to kiss her. Elizabeth panted, her pleasure refusing to be contained.

"Molly," Elizabeth gasped. "I'm...I'm going to..."

"It's alright," Molly said. "I have you."

"I don't know how I'm going to stay quiet," Elizabeth declared.

"Kiss me again," Molly replied.

She leaned in, covering Elizabeth's lips with her own. Elizabeth returned the kiss desperately, squirming as her pleasure rose. She arched her back, but Molly moved her lips and her fingers to keep pace.

Abruptly, Elizabeth hit her peak. She moaned into Molly's mouth as her climax took her. Molly's lips kept the sound quiet, but Molly could sense every ragged moan Elizabeth made. Elizabeth's hips bucked, and her nethers clutched down on Molly's finger. She pushed up, driving her hips against Molly's hand, desperate for every bit of pleasure she could have. Molly kept stroking until she felt the waves of pleasure finish breaking around her.

Elizabeth moved to pull her lips away from Molly's. Molly pulled back with a smile, listening to the melody of Elizabeth's breathing. Elizabeth stared at Molly, wonder mixing with her bliss. "How do you do that?" Elizabeth asked.

"Just paying attention to you," Molly said. "Although you were quite excited before I began."

Elizabeth nodded, her breathing still heavy. She rolled over and wrapped her arms around Molly, pulling her close. Molly glanced at the door; it would be harder to extricate herself in time.

"Miss, if someone should come-"

"Shh," Elizabeth said. "No one is coming. Just hold me."

Molly took a deep breath and nodded. She gently wrapped her arm around Elizabeth and looked into her eyes, dark hazel like honey. Molly furrowed her brow, and Elizabeth leaned in to kiss her there.

"I don't mean to look concerned," Molly said. "But...I want this to work. I want so badly for us to reach Venus and make a world where we can live freely. But I know we're taking risks, and I stand to lose the most if we fail."

Elizabeth nodded. "I understand," she sighed. "I don't ever want you to be afraid."

"I know," Molly noted. "But there are many with other opinions on the subject."

Elizabeth caressed Molly's cheek. "I know. And I can't promise you that this will work. But I can promise you that I will give anything I have to keep you safe and stay at your side."

Molly smiled. Gently, she leaned forward and kissed Elizabeth, then let herself relax. "Yes, please."

Elizabeth took a moment just to enjoy Molly's presence. There could easily be days or weeks when they would be unable to share each other's company in this way, and every moment was precious. But her thoughts drifted to their missing companion.

"I hope Simon is alright," Elizabeth said. "It must be difficult to go home alone after an evening such as ours."

"You can write to him in the morning," Molly replied. "I'll carry your message."

Elizabeth felt a brief pang of jealousy, but she let it pass. Until they reached Venus, Molly would be the only one who could show affection to both of her partners. She wished she could deliver a message in person, one just as forthright and affectionate as Molly's, but knowing that Molly and Simon were happy enjoying each other's company was a joyous thing in and of itself.

"I'd like that," Elizabeth said. "Enjoy the time you have with him."

Molly smiled. "Tomorrow," she replied. "Tonight I'm enjoying my time with you."


Elizabeth rose from the empty bed and walked to the windows. She could have gone back to sleep, but now that she'd awoken alone she wasn't inclined to do so. Dawn had not yet begun to break, although she could tell by the position of the stars that it was perhaps an hour off.

The window faced north, but it opened onto an elegant balcony. Throwing a shawl over her shoulders, she stepped out onto the worn stone. She had operated her first telescope from here, training it at the moon and gazing in awe at the sprawling British colonies surrounding the Sea of Tranquility. Somewhere in the gardens below, she had met Molly for the first time, when Molly had come to the manor as a girl of sixteen. And she'd sat here on this very balcony a year and a half past, when she'd received the first letter from Simon. So much of who she was came from this place, from everything her parents had raised her to be. They'd raised her to be honest, and deceiving them did not come easily.

Elizabeth saw a light twinkling just above the horizon. Stepping over to the balcony, she peered at it through the cool night air. Unlike every other glimmering object in the sky, it was yellow and pink, and moving independently of the Earth. Venus.

If she could wait long enough, she could build her own world, and she wouldn't have to lie to her parents or anyone else about what she wanted.

She tightened her grip on the balcony. I can wait, she said to herself. We can do this.


Elizabeth's mother had planned a social engagement that ended up taking much of the morning. Four of her well-to-do friends arrived just after breakfast, and spent much of the morning sharing gossip, snacking on watercress sandwiches, and occasionally performing songs to the polite applause of the others.

Elizabeth had of course been required to attend, and induced to sing a song at one point. She smiled politely at her mother's friends, but she couldn't feign much interest in their conversation. Mentally, she was trying to draft a letter to Simon, and trying to think of everything that needed to be said. The list was long, and she was so accustomed to being able to discuss her thoughts with Molly that it was torture to have to keep them to herself while Molly stood demurely near the door, ready to bring additional snacks as required.

The Countess seemed to be oblivious to Elizabeth's suffering, or at least unconcerned by it. Shaking herself free from her distracted thoughts, Elizabeth realized that her mother had asked her a question.

"Pardon me, mother?"

The Countess smiled primly. "I do hope you will join us for croquet on the south lawn," she said. "We are so enjoying your company."

"I..." Elizabeth hesitated, trying to find a ready excuse. "I do have some calculations to perform for the expedition. It's less than six months away now."

"I am keenly aware," the Countess replied. "That is of course why we wish to enjoy your company while we can. It will indeed be a long wait before we see you once again."

Elizabeth hesitated. She didn't want to keep Simon waiting, but she wasn't sure how much of the truth she ought to share. If her mother understood the depths of her affection, she would meddle out of a desire to control the outcome, but then again if she had no idea, she would meddle anyway.

"I know, mother," Elizabeth said. "But the preparations will ensure the success of the expedition. My meeting with Simon inspired a number of thoughts which I wish to pursue further."

"Ah," the Countess replied with a knowing smile. "Well, I can certainly understand that. Just, do keep in mind that one mustn't overindulge in such social activities. It's tawdry in appearance to seem transported away by such passions."

Elizabeth kept her face pointedly neutral. "I understand, mother."

"Well, see to your scientific and patriotic duties, then. We'll see you at supper."

Elizabeth curtsied slightly, hating how childish it made her feel but knowing that her mother would take it well, and stepped from the room. Without a word, Molly stepped out and followed her.

"We're going to perform science, are we, miss?" Molly whispered.

"Indeed," Elizabeth said. "I have a close colleague with whom I must collaborate."

"Certainly, miss," Molly replied as they walked down the hall, nodding to her fellow servant Emilia as she passed carrying a tray of lunch. "Shall we attempt to solve the three-body problem?"

Elizabeth blushed furiously, glad that Emilia was facing away. "Our full solution will still have to wait, but I do have some trajectories for us to consider."

"I would be happy to help, miss," Molly offered.

Elizabeth smiled. "I am glad."


Elizabeth let Molly step into the bedroom first. For years, she'd been determinedly trying not to think about how Molly's uniform skirt hugged her backside. Now, suddenly, she had no reason not to, so long as her attentions remained a secret. She watched avidly as Molly's skirt shifted, hinting at the glorious curves within. Molly turned around, and Elizabeth looked up with a start.

"Lock the door, miss," Molly said, "and you can have a better look."

Elizabeth's heart raced. She reached back and slid the lock home. The Countess had a master key, of course, but she wasn't expecting to see Elizabeth for hours.

"I have to be honest with you, Molly," Elizabeth said, stepping over to Molly. Before she could finish her sentence, she took Molly's hands and pulled her in for a kiss. She'd intended for it to be short, but neither she nor Molly seemed to be able to pull away, taking turns being the one to ask for another moment.

Eventually, they paused, if only to lean on one another. "I'm interrupting you," Molly whispered.

"No," Elizabeth replied. "Not at all."

"But you need to be honest."

Elizabeth raised her head and nodded. "I can't devote the whole afternoon to you. I need to write to Simon."

Molly smiled. "I can share."

Elizabeth bit her lip. "And it had occurred to me that, since we had always collaborated on letters before, that...perhaps I should write to Simon on my own. I know he's fond of us both but I want him to know where you begin and I end."

Molly hesitated, a half-dozen expressions crossing her face. She nodded, but Elizabeth could still see her sadness.

"That...makes sense," she said. "I will miss writing with you, though."

Elizabeth glanced down. "I don't wish to make you sad," she said. "Not in this or in anything."

"I know," Molly said. "But Simon was right, when he said that if this is to work, we need to try not to be jealous of each other's time."

"Indeed," Elizabeth said. She smiled gratefully, then continued. "But before I devote time to him, I want to devote time to you." She ran a hand down Molly's back, settling it just above her backside, reminding herself not to interrupt their conversation. "Have you given any thought to what activities you might prefer?"

Molly raised her eyebrows, a sly smile crossing her face as her cheeks flushed. "Miss Elizabeth," she said, taking a step back and unfastening her apron so that she could throw it aside. "That was quite seductive, you know."

Elizabeth watched as Molly unbuttoned her blouse, rendered momentarily speechless. "I'm not sure I've ever been seductive before," she murmured.

Molly smiled more deeply, catching Elizabeth's eye. "You have," she said, pulling her blouse open a few inches. "You just rarely do it on purpose."

Elizabeth couldn't speak, couldn't guess at the times she'd inadvertently seduced Molly, because Molly was seducing her quite intentionally. Molly's neck, and the path between her breasts, were exposed, and even as Elizabeth stared Molly reached back to unlace her plain bodice. Entranced, Elizabeth could feel Molly's knowing smile as Molly peeled her blouse away and let her bodice fall to the floor.

Molly's uniform clearly did a good deal to conceal her shape. Her pale skin still showed the marks from where the stiff fabric had attempted to keep her bosom from becoming too noticeable. Elizabeth gazed in awe, trying to take in every detail. Molly's red hair was tied up tightly, but a few stray curls fell out and draped themselves across her shoulders. Her bosom was perfect; there was some sort of divine harmony between all of her curves, or at least those that Elizabeth could see. Elizabeth's eyes danced from one freckle to another, trying to find constellations in the new heavens she found before her.

Molly pulled her arms in close to her chest, and Elizabeth saw a blush start at her cheeks and spread southward. "This is another thing my mother told me not to do," she said. "Dressing indecently. It's right up there with behaving improperly with boys."

Elizabeth shook her head. "I'm not a boy."

Molly smiled deviously. "I think she'd still find it dirty."

Elizabeth stepped closer, taking Molly's hands and pulling her close. She wrapped her arms around Molly's back, relishing the touch of her skin. Her eyes flickered between Molly's eyes and her lips.

"Shall I make it dirtier?" Elizabeth asked. It was difficult, but she waited until she heard Molly's whisper of "By God, yes," before she kissed her.

Elizabeth held Molly close, her fingers running through Molly's curly hair. They kissed slowly, their lips dancing to an unhurried tune. The thrill of discovery ran through Elizabeth's veins as they moved together, tasting each other. This time, no one tried to pull back; there was no rush, and for that moment there was nowhere else they wanted to be.

"Hmm," Molly gasped, pausing. She smiled and caught Elizabeth's eye. "You are quite skilled at seduction, miss."

Elizabeth returned the smile. She planted a kiss on Molly's cheek, amidst a riot of freckles. Then, as Molly closed her eyes, Elizabeth moved back, kissing along her jawline before gently nibbling at her ear. She took the soft skin into her mouth, savoring the sensation as well as Molly's quiet gasps of pleasure.

"All I'm doing is surveying your freckles," Elizabeth noted. She kissed a red-brown freckle on Molly's neck, and glanced down. The freckles seemed to share her own interests - they covered Molly's skin, yet they seemed to gather in certain tender areas. "They are quite numerous."

"It's the sun," Molly gasped. "Even in April, there's enough to...oh...bring them out..."

Elizabeth kissed a path along Molly's collarbone, from the edge along to the center. Molly closed her eyes and leaned back, letting the sensation wash over her. Ever so slowly, Elizabeth moved down, kissing each freckle as she went. Reaching them all was an impossible task, but Elizabeth considered it worth the attempt.

"I am glad that we will have the same sun on Venus, then," Elizabeth whispered.

Molly set her hands on Elizabeth's head, running them through her straight hair. "You're being seductive again, you know."

Elizabeth considered this for a moment. Being seductive was a new experience, and she wasn't certain she could keep it up, but that was a worry for another time.

"I suppose you must bring it out in me," Elizabeth murmured, surveying the territory ahead. Her scientific mind insisted that she was making a categorization error - Molly's nipple was not a freckle, even if the colors and shapes were somewhat similar. Kissing it would disrupt her prior survey quite thoroughly.

Not everything can be a science, though, she thought to herself. Then, thinking only of art, she leaned in and took Molly's nipple into her mouth.

Molly moaned, surprise and newness and pleasure flowing together into a symphony. Molly's nipple was soft at first, but it grew hard as Elizabeth let her lips circle it, Elizabeth set a hand on Molly's bosom, which was meant to be steadying at first but which quickly became a further exploration. Molly's bosom was a bit larger than Elizabeth's, but her clothing usually tended to conceal and minimize it rather than glorify it. Servants' clothing was generally designed without concern for the comfort or attractiveness of the human form, and even upper-class fashions tended to bury the wearer in so much fabric and brass that they looked less like humans and more like components in Queen Victoria's scientific engine. Elizabeth quietly promised herself that no one on Venus would have to wear such clothing unless they chose to - especially those with as magnificent a bosom as Molly's.

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