tagToys & MasturbationVenus School of Sex Ch. 02

Venus School of Sex Ch. 02


"Asshole," Justin threw the epithet at Chris as soon as he walked into their shared room. "I can't believe you did that."

Chris grinned, slightly abashed but not at all regretful. "You would've done the same thing if you'd had the chance."

"Tell me about it," Justin demanded. He'd seen Chris go rushing off and the cute little Asian that had been with Jessica had told him exactly who it looked like Mr. Fire had gone after with... well, like with his tail on fire. Any of the Teachers who needed relief found it with each other or one of the return students, although it wasn't unheard of for a Teacher to find some relief with a new student. He fervently wished it had been him instead of Chris who had found relief with Jessica. Although Carrie, known as Ms. White (the female teachers all seemed to choose color names), who taught the Anal Play class was a good friend of his and sex with her was always satisfying, he hadn't been able to stop picturing Jessica in his mind; her big eyes, parted lips, legs crossed and trembling with arousal while watching the demonstrations today.

"It was fantastic," Chris breathed, settling down onto his bed, queen sized like the students, but their room was much bigger and Justin was sitting on one of the two arm chairs next to the couch in front of their large flat screen TV. "I followed her to the bathroom and she was so hot to trot that she'd actually forgotten to lock the door. I walked in and she was standing there, just like a dream, looking into the mirror and a tit in each hand, pinching her nipples."

Justin groaned, he could feel his cock twitching at the picture Chris was painting.

"I told her that it was against the rules to take care of herself before taking the self-pleasure class," now Chris laughed, "and the horny little minx didn't tell me that she'd read that part of the Orientation Guide! She just bent over the sink and let me give her five slaps to her ass, nice as you please."

His friend looked at him a little askance. "How'd you know she'd go for that?"

"She called me Sir," Chris said. "Even before I suggested the spanking. I think she's definitely interested in doing a little BDSM. Anyway, by the time I was done spanking her she was already creaming herself practically halfway down her thighs. I was already having her watch herself in the mirror while I spanked her, so I just kept her watching while I held her up, got one hand on one of those perfect tits and my other hand between her legs." His voice had taken on a dreamy quality as he remembered the feel of her soft, smooth skin, the wet tightness of her pussy. "She was so tight, but so wet that I just slid two fingers into her without a problem, and the way she gripped me..." he let out a soft, low laugh. "She creamed herself all over my fingers. Fucking her is going to be fucking amazing. After I made her cum twice she offered to take care of my own problem."

Although at the moment both men were on their way to having new problems.

"Got down on her knees, and let me tell you, the only thing she needs the Fellatio class for is to learn how to deep throat." Chris shivered a little at the memory. "She's either had a lot of practice or she's a natural or both. And very enthusiastic."

"Alright asshole," Justin growled, the thought of Jessica on her knees, taking Chris' thick meat between her pouty lips, was wreaking all sorts of havoc with the inside of his pants. "Since you managed to get her first today, I get her the first class of ours she attends."

Chris looked as though he wanted to argue, but he knew it was only fair. "Deal."


Jessica was lying on her bed, resting her knees which were still a little sore from kneeling on the bathroom floor, looking over the listing of classes and the times you could take them. Figuring out a class schedule was harder than she thought it was going to bet because trying to figure out what she wanted to take and how to take ALL the classes she wanted to take wasn't the easiest task when not all of the courses were offered all of the time and some of them you could take for just one class and others you had to sign up for a minimum number of classes. And, of course, some of the classes had prerequisites. Not all of the classes were sexual either; there was a yoga class, a pilates class, a couple of cardio classes including Zumba which she'd always wanted to try it, and you could also sign up for Study Hall, although you couldn't sign up for more than two of those per week.

"Charity," she asked, nibbling on her pen. "Why wasn't there a demonstration for the Basic Intercourse class?"

Her roommate, a third time attendee to the school laughed. "They just assume you know what that is and that you'll take it. It's a fun class though, I'd definitely suggest taking it this first week, they go over all the good parts about missionary and then start showing you different positions. I won't be there on the first day, but I'll be taking the Thursday and Friday classes next week and I'm going to fit it in whenever I can next week. Practice makes perfect!" Both of them giggled together.

"Can I see your schedule?" Jessica asked curiously. Charity handed it over and Jessica scanned it quickly.

Week One

Tuesday: First Period - Self Pleasure Second Period - Anal Play Third Period - Light BDSM Fourth Period - Fellatio

Wednesday: First Period - Basic Intercourse Second Period - Anal Play Third Period - Yoga Fourth Period - Cunnilingus

Thursday: First Period - Yoga Second Period - Study Hall Third Period - Basic Intercourse Fourth Period - Light BDSM

Friday: First Period - Cunnilingus Second Period - Anal Play Third Period - Unconventional Toys Fourth Period - Heavy BDSM

"Wow," Jessica said under her breath, both impressed and terrified by Charity's schedule. "I don't think I'm ready for a schedule like this."

"Oh definitely not," Charity reassured her, leaning over to look at the classes Jessica had circled. "You should start out light on your first day, I always like starting with Self Pleasure cuz I figure I need to get reacquainted with my body before I start getting acquainted with other people's. And you should definitely try to fit in all the pre-reqs for the Menage class - I know you aren't sure you want it, but you might as well get the pre-reqs done so that if you decide you do then you can take it." She rolled her eyes. "You wouldn't believe how many people decide too late that they want to take the class and are missing one of the pre-reqs, so they can't."

"Will there be enough boys in the class?"

"Oh for sure. They're all shy about it now, but that's why the only offer the three-way classes the second week. By then everyone's seen everyone's stuff and no one's shy about it anymore. It'll be mostly guys that have been here before in those classes. That's why I'm taking Cunnilingus this time, I'm finally going to do the MFF three-way class and it's a pre-req. I was too scared the first time I was here, and I just wasn't ready to do the Cunnilingus class the last time, but third time's the charm!"

Jessica wondered if by the end of this session she'd be considering taking classes that were way out of her comfort zone too. But for now, Charity made her feel reassured about taking the classes she was comfortable with, although she insisted that Jessica take Anal Play. That course you had to sign up for at least three sessions the first week, Charity explained that it was because there was often a lot of stretching out to do for students who were new to the area. She also recommended taking a couple of yoga courses, to help stretch other muscles. By the time they were done, Jessica was both anxious and excited about her new schedule.

Week One Tuesday: First Period - Self Pleasure Second Period - Erotic Massage Third Period - Yoga Fourth Period - Basic Intercourse

Wednesday: First Period - Self Pleasure Second Period - Anal Play Third Period - Yoga Fourth Period - Fellatio

Thursday: First Period - Basic Intercourse Second Period - Anal Play Third Period - Yoga Fourth Period - Light BDSM

Friday: First Period - Basic Intercourse Second Period - Anal Play Third Period - Fellatio Fourth Period - Light BDSM

Jessica felt relieved that Charity would be with her for her first Anal Play class, and also her first Light BDSM class. They'd arranged her schedule for the week so that she started off slow, although Charity obviously believed in ending the week with a bang. She'd reassured Jessica that taking focusing on a couple classes was best for the first week of her first session; she could always diversify next week if she wanted to. They trotted off to the Registrar's Office where they had their class schedules approved and then off to the dining hall where they met up with Vanessa and Nick for dinner, and were introduced to their roommates. Paul was a husky blonde and Vanessa's roommate Trina was another petite beauty, with soft brown hair that was cut very short and made her look like a pixie. The six of them had a good dinner, although the guys tended to tell a lot of jokes; it didn't escape the girl's attention that every time they laughed the boys' eyes would go straight to the bouncing pink and brown nipples that were clearly visible through the silk shirts.

For the first day the Teachers didn't eat with them, although Charity told her that starting tomorrow the Teachers would each eat at least one meal in the Dining Hall so that students could approach them and ask questions in a more casual setting. After all, these kinds of classes worked best if the students were comfortable with their teachers!


"Did she sign up?" Chris hovered anxiously over Justin's shoulder and then let out a triumphant "WHOOP!" as he got a good look at the computer screen, showing the classes that Jessica had signed up for just before dinner.

"Not until Thursday," Justin groaned.

"We can still go to 'help out' her for some of the morning stuff," Chris reminded him. Teachers were allowed to take one period as a break time, but were expected to help out in other classes during their other free periods that they didn't have a class scheduled for. It helped to ensure that the students to Teacher ratio would be very small. "We usually help out in Anal Play anyway, and I don't mind helping out in Basic Intercourse if she's taking it. I wish we could 'help out' the afternoon Fellatio classes." Their Light BDSM class was the only one they were teaching this week, classes during third and fourth period, so they could help out in the morning in whatever classes they wanted.

"Not much we can help her with in Self-Pleasure," sighed Justin. "But we probably shouldn't pop up in too many of her classes anyway. We don't want to give ourselves away. And just remember," he admonished his friend, "I get her first when she comes to our class."

"And when we're helping out with the other classes?"

Justin grinned. "Then may the best man win."


Jessica writhed in front of the mirror, staring at her naked body as Mr. Fire caressed her breasts, his teeth nibbling along her shoulder blade, as his fingers plunged in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

She moaned, humping her hips, pressing her ass to his hard erection, wanting him to push her forward, to bury his hard cock inside of her. His fingers made little circles inside of her while his other hand pinched her hardened pebble of a nipple.

When she moaned again, she woke herself up.


Laying on her back, legs spread wide, she'd kicked off all of her covers and her night shirt was up above her hips. Guiltily she glanced over, but Charity was either fast asleep or faking it. Tomorrow cannot come too soon, she thought fervently. Her flesh felt swollen, heated. Reaching down, she found that her pussy was just as wet as it had been in her dream.

Pulling the covers back over herself, just in case Charity woke up, Jessica bit her lip to keep from moaning as she pressed her hand between her legs. Rolling onto her side, facing away from her roommate, she spread her thighs just enough to get her fingers in there and begin rubbing the top of her mound, her body jolting every time she hit her clit.

Oh god... she closed her eyes, picturing Mr. Fire again, his hands on her, his fingers inside of her. She tried to do what he had done, sliding her fingers inside of herself, grinding the heel of her hand onto her clit, but she couldn't get quite the right angle... it ended up being a futile exercise that ended up frustrating her further.

I'm just not as good at is as Mr. Fire, she thought.

Instead she went back to her time honored, quickie orgasm masturbation technique. Pinching one of her nipples between two fingers, she tugged on it as she rubbed hard and quickly at the top of her mound. This wasn't the most satisfying way to bring herself to orgasm, but it was the quickest, and she wasn't about to go get one of her toys from her closet to do it differently. Her clit throbbed as she pressed down hard, rubbing faster and harder, her hips jerking. Every thirty seconds or so she slowed to give her arm a bit of a rest, before rubbing hard again, feeling her body coming closer and closer to that explosive end that she desperately needed.

Her breasts heaved as she panted, her head falling back, as pleasure knotted between her legs and then began to spread outward in a heavenly warmth that made her muscles quiver. She kept moving her hand as much as she was able, her body convulsing every time she brushed her oversensitive clit. Slowly she relaxed, breath quieting, feeling... not sated, but not as anxious, not so wound up.

Tomorrow, she thought. Tomorrow is going to be wonderful.


Jessica arrived at the Self-Pleasure class early. To her delight Vanessa and Vanessa's roommate Trina were both in it as well. She'd felt a little clingy with Charity this morning, and was so glad that she had this first class with this roommate, but it was even better to be able to walk to class with a small group, instead of feeling like she was smothering her very tolerant roomie.

"This place is so hot," Trina said breathlessly. "I could barely sleep last night, I was so excited!"

"I could barely sleep last night I was so horny," giggled Jessica, and all three girls giggled. It was amazing how this uniform made her feel like a giddy school girl again.

Once in the classroom they were dividing up into males and females, and the Teachers, Ms. Pink and Ms. Blue, handed out yoga mats for the girls to lie down on and towels to put under their asses.

"We're going to start out simple," said Ms. Pink soothingly, "and we want you to start out comfortably. So everyone lay on your back and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, keep your hands at your side, but try to feel your body. Are there any muscles that are tense? Focus on them and try to relax them. It's important to take the time to put your mind in the mood, to feel the air in the room touching your skin. What is touching you before you even start touching yourself?"

Jessica breathed deeply, Ms. Pink's voice was almost hypnotic. She felt some tension in her upper back so she shrugged her shoulders and relaxed the muscles. The air in the room felt cool, and she could feel her nipples stiffening as she focused on them, the silk of her shirt glided across the sensitive nubs when she shrugged her shoulders. It felt good, and a small smile played across her face as she shrugged them again, enjoying the feel of the soft material playing across her hardening nipples. A little shiver trickled down her spine, which gave the silky shirt an entirely different movement and feeling.

Wow, this was so hot and she wasn't even touching herself yet. Before, when she'd masturbated, she'd never thought about taken the time to set a mood for herself, it was just get her fingers in and go, but already she was feeling more in tune with her body, her desires. Her nipples were as hard as if she'd been pinching them, and all she'd done is focus on the sensual rub of silk across them.

"Work slowly now, bring up your hands and touch the sides of your stomach. You like it when a lover teases you, don't you? So why wouldn't you tease yourself? Let your hands slide up past your breasts, just touching the sides of them, and then up to your collar. Start unbuttoning your shirt, slowly, and touching your skin as little as possible."

Jessica wanted to moan... her own light touch was driving her crazy. It was so much easier when someone else was teasing her, teasing herself took a whole different kind of will power than she was used to. Her fingers brushed past her breasts, tightening the silk over across her chest and nipples, heightening the sensation and making her nipples tingle, longing for a firmer touch.

Slowly she undid her buttons, all the way down, the silk brushing against her nipples in an incredibly light teasing way, and she did moan a little. She wasn't the only one making small sounds, so it didn't bother her. Plus everyone's eyes were closed, no one would know it was her. No wonder they made the student's shirts out of this material; not only was it translucent, it was soft, sensual, and the perfect material for teasing a woman's nipples.

"Good ladies, now slide your hands up your stomach and cup your breasts, very gently, squeeze them a little. Give them a nice sensual massage." Jessica writhed a little, all this attention to her breasts, more than she'd ever given herself while masturbating, and her pussy had a slow heat building in it, making her squirm with anticipation. "Brush your fingers across your nipples, but don't apply any pressure to them. Just brush and then knead, brush and then knead."

Oh my god... what was she doing to herself? This was the kind of teasing that she'd only thought a man could give her, why hadn't she ever tried this before at home. Her nipples were ripe cherries, aching to be pinched, and she squeezed her breasts hard in between the light touches to her nipples that were driving her crazy. The combination of hard and soft had her twisting, her legs tightly clamped together as she tried to soothe some of the burning need that was aching between her legs.

"Now being drawing circles on your breasts with your fingers, starting at the outermost part of your breasts and working your way into your nipples. When you get to your nipples, pinch them lightly between your fingers and release, and then do so over and over again, adding a little more pressure each time."

Jessica groaned, her back arching as she tried to hurry her way through this part of the exercise.

"Slower," a soft voice murmured, and her eyes popped open to see Ms. Blue crouching over her. Ms. Blue smiled at her. "Close your eyes, and slower."

Ms. Blue's hand lightly touched her wrist, dictating how quickly her fingers moved in circles to her nipples. It was achingly slow, much slower than Jessica had been going, but it certainly heightened her anticipation; her nipples were throbbing by the time she got there, and the light pinch she gave them sent a rush of pleasure straight through her body to her core. Then Ms. Blue's hand left her and she heard the Teacher moving on.

She pinched her nipples again, a little harder this time, and made a noise low in her throat. Her pussy was sopping wet, just as wet as it had been by the end of the day of demonstrations yesterday, and she'd done this to herself! Another pinch, this time harder and for a little longer, and she writhed, her back arching with desire.

"Squeeze and touch your breasts and nipples as much as you like."

Oh god how she ached to get her hands on her pussy. Instead she squeezed her breasts, pressing them together and releasing, tugging on her nipples, pinching and twisting them in her sexual frustration, wanting nothing more than to reach between her legs and rub herself into a climactic frenzy.

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