tagErotic CouplingsVenus School of Sex Ch. 03

Venus School of Sex Ch. 03


Author's Note: I realize that while it takes away from the realism of the story to not use condoms, I made the executive decision to ignore realism and not utilize condoms in this story because I don't find condoms sexy, just occasionally necessary. Since this is a piece of fantasy, I decided it'd be more fun to pretend they aren't necessary. I hope you enjoy the fantasy with me.


Jessica's first day of classes at the Venus School of Sex was going wonderfully. She'd started off her morning with the best self-loving she'd ever had followed by an erotic massage class that had left her feeling blissful. She'd had every part of her body rubbed down, finishing off with a gentle massage to her pussy that brought her to her second shuddering climax of the day, although a mellower climax than her one during Self-Pleasure. And then she'd given Nick, who had also been in the class, an erotic massage back and finished him off with a hand-job.

It was a little embarrassing to be eating lunch with someone whose dick had been tightly gripped in her hand not twenty minutes ago, but considering that he'd been the one to put his hands all over her body and then massage her pussy, she couldn't claim that it was unfair.

By the end of this, she thought to herself dryly, I might not even think about giving him a hand job right here at the table!

There were no classes in exhibitionism or voyeurism, because those were aspects of EVERY single class. She'd seen a lot of her fellow student's body parts already this morning, under the gentle tutelage of their Teachers.

"So what does everyone think so far," asked Charity brightly, easing herself into the seat next to Jessica. Her slow movements were such a difference from her usual abrupt bounces that Jessica was slightly alarmed.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Wrong? Nothing - OH." Charity laughed. "I just came from Anal Play, remember?" She shifted slightly in her seat. "Butt plug. I've gotta keep it until after lunch, it's how they stretch you out. Don't worry, they start small!"

Jessica's lips made a small 'o' as Nick and Paul stared fascinated at the perky red-head. Vanessa also eased into her seat gently a few minutes later, having been in the same Anal Play class along with Charity during Second Period, followed by the faster moving Trina who was looking flushed and pleased with herself. As much as she'd enjoyed herself this morning, Jessica was very glad that her classes today were all well within her comfort zone.

"This place is incredible," she mused. "It's making me consider things I'd never even thought about before." She laughed. "And showing me things that I already thought I knew!"

"Tell me about it," agreed Paul, in his deep sexy voice. He and Nick were a potent combination sitting next to each other, both good looking, Nick with his dark curls and boyish smile, Paul with his gorgeous blonde hair and deep bass voice. One playful, one serious... the two of them together made a great team. "That Self-Pleasure class this morning... I thought I knew how to get myself off, but damn!"

All of them agreed eagerly, and they fell into a discussion about the other classes they'd been taking during the morning. Trina's description of the Basic Intercourse class sounded pretty, well, Basic, but Jessica was still looking forward to it. It would be nice to get back on solid ground! Plus, after all the manual play this morning she was eager to do something different.

At one point and time that thought would have made her feel a little slutty, but here it felt natural. Right. She was here to learn after all, and this was a much better learning experience than whispered conversations with friends, all of them too embarrassed to provide much detail, or the horribly embarrassing conversation that she'd had with her mother which had included absolutely no detail at all. It was a hell of a lot better than the health classes offered in school, which only told you how to stay safe, not how to enjoy yourself.


"I talked to Charity during Anal Play," Chris told Justin.

"Of course you did. You better not give us away." The two of them were playing by the rules, but just barely. Although they came to the school once a year to teach, they'd specifically requested their Teaching session to coincide with Jessica Swift's enrolled session. They all worked for the same company at home, and they'd both lusted after Jessica for awhile. There was a small chance that she might recognize them, after all she had seen them before although they didn't do more than nod at each other as they passed in the hallway, or share a quick word or two of conversation at a Happy Hour.

The more the two of them talked to Charity, Jessica's roommate, the more chance Charity might tell Jessica that Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire were talking to her about Jessica.

"No, I just asked how she was liking this session so far, and you know how Charity is, in between moans she told me about how much fun she was already having with the new group of students, and how she really liked her roommate and was glad that she'd encouraged her to branch out and try new things for the classes. She also told me that she's pretty sure Jessica was playing with herself last night, she thought that was pretty funny and kind of hot. And she told me that after she takes her Cunnilingus class she's thinking about trying to talk Jessica into helping her study."

Justin felt his breath taken away with the arresting picture of Charity's red hair moving up and down between Jessica's thighs, while the pretty brunette moaned.

"Too bad we can't set up cameras in their room."

"Right there with ya, brother."

The two friends sighed, blissfully thinking about the exact same thing: Jessica.


Yoga wasn't quite what Jessica had expected, although by the end of the class she did feel fantastic. But the entire class had been done completely naked - she did hear that for any aerobic classes sports bras were provided - there were no "gym" uniforms. The class wasn't just to open up their bodies and stretch their muscles, it was to open and stretch their minds too. And wow did she get an eye full of some of her fellow students!

By the end of the class her muscles were humming, feeling completely relaxed and she felt more flexible than before. She'd definitely have to keep yoga up when she got home - at some full clothed classes of course.

Outside the classroom to Basic Intercourse she was delighted to run into Nick's roommate Paul. It was always nice to see someone she knew, although it was a little more awkward than being in the same class as Vanessa or Trina, since Nick's eyes kept straying down to her nipples, which were hard again now that she was readjusting to having the silky fabric of her shirt back against them. In some ways, the totally nude yoga class had been quite freeing, moving in her own skin had felt so comfortable and natural. Covered again (mostly at least) actually made her feel more uncomfortable than being completely naked had.

"So what class are you coming from?" she asked him cheerily as they went into the room together.

"Cunnilingus," he said, a most attractive blush spreading across his face as he looked at her, and she blushed as she wondered if he was thinking about using his new skills on her. Oh dear...

"I just came from Yoga," she said, trying to keep the conversation flowing so that it didn't get awkward. "It was a lot of fun, I feel a lot more limber."

Paul nodded and she realized that her remarks hadn't been quite as non-erotic as she'd thought. Oops.

They were saved from further awkward conversation by the arrival of the Teachers. There were only five students in the class, three boys and two girls; there were two female Teachers and two male Teachers so the class divided up; fortunately the room was big enough that everyone had their own private space and mattress (sheets were changed between classes), except for the two boys who had to share the one female teacher. Reluctantly she said goodbye to Paul, who she at least knew even if things were awkward while they were trying to talk, and found herself face to face with Mr. Winter. She'd noticed that the women Teachers were all called by colors, the men seemed to be named after things in nature.

"Don't worry," his deep voice and confidence definitely attracted her, but the idea of having sex with a complete stranger whose real name she didn't know and whose face was hidden behind a mask, was a little scary. "I'll be gentle."

Jessica giggled nervously at his joke, looking up at the masked face. His eyes were an icy, wintery grey - was that the impetus behind his name? But for all their cold color, he had a small smile playing on his lips and from what she could see of the expression on his face he looked like he meant what he said.

"I just... don't even know what to think," she confessed.

"Don't think," that smile tugged at his lips. "Just feel." He reached out and took her hands. "Close your eyes and feel my hands, get to know them. Touch them all over, as much as you want." Closing her eyes, Jessica did as he commanded. His hands were bigger than hers, some hair on the knuckles that she hadn't noticed before, with long broad fingers... and she realized that she was wondering what they would feel like inside of her. The thought made her gasp a little. "Keep going." She ran her hands over his, holding them and then releasing to run her fingers over them; she let her fingers play lightly over his wrists and was pleased to hear a little hitch in his breathing. Erotic massage was already paying off a little!

"Very good," he told her. "Now open your eyes and look at me."

She did so, and grinned at him, with the strangest feeling that she knew him a little better now, that they'd been somehow intimate.

"Weird huh?" It was like he was reading her mind. "It's a theater trick, for when two people who don't really know each other have to do a scene where they're lovers or intimates."

"Neat," she responded, truly fascinated by the idea. What an incredible place this was! And she was so grateful to him for realizing that she was uncomfortable and finding such a quick and easy way to make her relax, feel a little bit more in control and more familiar with him.

"Now let's begin," his eyes seemed to bore into her, a hot flame that hadn't been there before and that made her body come to immediate attention, "with a kiss." And with that he leaned in, his lips claiming hers, and his hands running up her arms. His hands were so big that they practically gripped the entire way around her arms, and then he was pulling her into him, pressing their bodies together. The kiss was both gentle and fiery, deepening as his tongue entered her mouth, insistent and in charge. He was an incredible kisser and she could feel herself melting against him.

She whimpered as he pulled away.

"Kissing is important," he began the lecture, "because it mimics the sex act. I put my tongue into your mouth the same way I will soon be sliding my penis into your vagina." The clinical terms for their genitalia somehow made the entire situation more raw, dirtier, and the visual that she got from his words made her insides clench.

"Touch me too this time," he told her, "run your hands up my chest and around my shoulders and neck. Getting lost in the moment is good, it makes a man feel in control and like he's doing a good job, but you want to reciprocate so that he can feel your hands on him."

Jessica felt her cheeks heating. She should have thought of that herself, she'd just been so overwhelmed by how quickly they'd dived into the lesson and what a good kisser it was. It was true that she tended to let men take the lead anyway, but she'd never thought about how they might want her hands on them as well.

Quickly, before she could get too embarrassed, Mr. Winter kissed her again, deeply and passionately. One hand held her up, planted in the small of her arching back as she leaned into him, and the was cradling the back of her head, in complete control of how and where she moved her head, allowing him the deepen the kiss even further than he had before. She let her hands move up his biceps, trying to do the same light touches that she'd learned in Erotic Massage that morning, and then up to his shoulders. She pressed one against his hard chest and slid the other to the back of his head and began twining her fingers in the short bristles of hair at the nape of his neck.

Then he pulled away again, leaving her gasping.

"Very good," he told her. "Much better, but see if you can stay focused on the kiss and let your hands be a secondary concern."

Before she could even think through this his lips were back on her, and now both of his hands were sliding up and down her back, up and down her sides. She pressed her tongue back against him, feeling wildly aroused as the teasing run of his hands slide past the sides of her breasts. Then her tongue was in his mouth, and she dug her nails into his chest, the other hand tugging on his hair now and he groaned low in his throat. Suddenly she was very aware of something very hard and insistent pressing against her stomach. Holy crap, he felt huge!

Then his fingers were at her throat, undoing the buttons to her shirt. A moan from elsewhere in the room reminded her that they were not alone, but when she tried to look he pulled her face back to his.

"Just focus on me," he told her. Her lips felt swollen, needy, almost as needy as the moistening lips between her legs. As he stared at her she realized that she couldn't tear her gaze away from his, the sexy, arresting gaze of a man who is dying to have sex with her. "Focus is important. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing in the room, focus on the person you're with. See them, smell them, hear them, touch them, taste them. Make them your world and you will seduce them with nothing more than your eyes."

Jessica gulped. Everything he was saying was true, she felt completely ravished just by his eyes, and she shuddered as he slipped her shirt off. His gaze fell appreciatively to her breasts, supported but not covered by the bra.

"Now my shirt," he murmured to her. Jessica pulled the hem from his pants and up and over his head. Good grief he was muscular... similar to Flood and Fire, she thought, remembering that they had done their demonstrations shirtless yesterday; well muscled but not in a body builder type way, in a very attractive way that showed off muscles but had a soft, touchable quality to it. She reached out and touched him, tracing her fingers along his muscles, over his stomach.

"Just like that," he said as her fingers traced along the edge of his jeans. She looked up at him demurely through her lashes, letting her fingers lip just under the edge of fabric, and he groaned again before pulling her back into his arms, crushing her against him and bearing her down to the mattress.

"Now, I will try to kiss as much of you as I can, and you should try to kiss as much of me as you can." He left a burning trail of kisses along her neck and started on her collarbone as she turned her head and kissed his forehead, his temple and then his ear, sucking the lobe between her lips. Another moan and he ground his lower body against hers, his hands sliding up her body and closing over her breasts. Apparently he liked that, she thought, and she let her mouth travel over the curve of his ear, nibbling the soft flesh between her teeth.

He pressed down hard with his hips, and then pulled his ear away, his mouth moving down to her breasts.

"Oh," she gasped as his lips locked around a nipple. How could she kiss him while he was all the way down there? Inspiration struck and she grabbed the hand that his mouth replaced, bringing it to her lips and kissing his wrist, his palm, and then she took the tip of his thumb between her legs and nibbled on that as well.

"Well done," he told her. She might have said something saucy in reply, but then he rolled her nipple between his teeth, lashing it with his tongue, and the sensation hit her like a freight train, the pain of his teeth mingling with wonderful sensation of his tongue rasping across her sensitive bud. He squeezed her other breast, his hand covering the entire mound of flesh and massaging it wonderfully, his hips moving between her legs in a mimicry of the sex act. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she lost herself to the sensations, the sheer eroticism of it, and forgot that there were other people in the room, that she didn't really know him, that this was a class.

Taking two of his fingers she sucked them into her mouth, desperately, sliding her tongue over the length and trying to swallow them whole. He groaned and pulled them out, replacing them with his other hand as his mouth switched nipples. The fingers that had been in her mouth were wet on her breast, she sucked hard on the ones now in her mouth, wishing it was his dick.

Then his mouth left her breast and she realized she was writhing beneath him making soft mewling sounds.

"Anticipation is the best part of foreplay," He grinned down at her as he unzipped her skirt and tugged it from her body, quick and easy, and then he was back on top of her, his lips back on hers rather than on her breasts. She mewed a protest, writhing against him, her body felt like it was on fire and she wanted him inside her NOW.

He complied, but not in quite the way she'd expected. Instead he tilted he body and put one of his hands between her legs, letting his fingers slide up and down her heated center and then he began to push two fingers inside of her. They were just as thick and long and wonderful as she'd thought they'd be when she was exploring his hands. Remembering his instruction about using her own hands, she dragged her nails up his back with one hand, the other playing around the edge of his jeans, dipping her finger between the clothe and flesh and teasing at the parts she couldn't reach.

The way he was tilted meant that she could get her hand around to the front of him, and she trailed her finger around his hip bone as he kissed her, his hips moving as though he was fucking her, but shoving his fingers instead of his dick inside of her. She reached down further and gripped his thickness through the jeans, rubbing her hand up and down the same way he was rubbing the interior of her body.

Leaving her mouth swollen and gasping, he returned his attentions to her neck. This time when she turned her head to catch his ear she sucked it into her mouth hard, biting down, and his entire body jerked. She took advantage of his distraction to get the button undone and unzip his fly, and then she had her hands in his pants, fingers wrapping around an incredibly thick and long piece of meat. He wasn't wearing any underwear. The hot length of it pulsed in her hand and she gasped, gripping it hard and rubbing the heel of her hand against the head.

Mr. Winter moved around on top of her and suddenly his pants were off and he was to the side of her.

"Come here and climb on," he said huskily.

Jessica moved immediately, her body feeling on fire. She started lustfully at his hard cock, it was just as big as she'd thought, about 9 inches long and thick, with a bulbous head. It bobbed in front of his body. Throwing one leg over him, she centered herself over his body and started to lower herself onto him.

"Slow," his hands gripped her waist, keeping just the tip of his head rubbing against her eager hold. "Remember what I said about anticipation. Make me work for it."

Sighing, she was dying to feel him inside her, Jessica did as he instructed. Sliding her hands up his body, she let her fingers play across his nipples, massaging the muscles in his chest. As he looked up at her hungrily she leaned forward so that her breasts were swaying above him, and began moving her hips so that the head of his cock slid back and forth between pussy lips. They both moaned together.

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