tagErotic CouplingsVenus School of Sex Ch. 05

Venus School of Sex Ch. 05


Jessica kept the plug in not only through lunch period, sitting down had been quite an experience at first and show now understood why Charity had eased herself into the seat yesterday, but through her yoga class as well. Yoga, with a butt plug snugly encased between her cheeks, became a whole new erotic experience. It was just such a full feeling, such a decadent kind of naughtiness, that she had wanted to keep it going for as long as possible.

Between classes she stopped by her room to use the private bathroom to remove it. She moaned a little as her tight hole stretched back over the widest part of the plug. It was so erotic, so painfully pleasurable, and it filled her in a way that she'd never known was possible. Moving the plug back and forth a little, she bit her lip as she wondered what it would be like in two days when Mr. Flood took her last cherry.

Unfortunately she didn't have time to play with herself, even though she was getting all sorts of heated up from the imagery and the rasping of the plug through her crinkled hole. But she had to hurry or she'd be late for her next class, Fellatio.


"I can't believe you didn't let her finish you off at the end of class," Chris groaned, when Justin was done describing the Anal Play class he'd shared with Jessica.

"Heightened anticipation," Justin joked, although to be honest he couldn't believe it either. He'd never really been the heightened anticipation kind of guy, but for some reason Jessica was special to him. Waiting for his own release, having his first release into her body be the first cum she took up that tight ass, would be special. They would both remember it, for similar reasons. "It wasn't easy though. She was so ready to do whatever I needed. God she's amazing."

"Don't get too attached," his friend reminded him. "When we get back to the real world she's not going to know who we are and we're going to have to start all over again - if we can even get her to look at us, since she didn't seem all that interested before."

"After two weeks here it's hard not to look for something," Justin replied. Going celibate after two weeks of some of the most incredible sex you'd had wasn't easy; most people wanted to go home and show off their new skills. He sincerely hoped that Jessica wouldn't be any different.


For the first time, Jessica found herself in a class where the ratio of Teachers to students wasn't 1:1. She and two other female students, Cassie and Sara, took turns with Mr. Forest. Although Jessica decided she liked having a one on one tutorial more, she had to admit that she did learn a lot from watching Cassie and Sara. Sara was a second year student who already knew how to deep throat and from watching Cassie really lave attention on the soft spot just underneath the head of Mr. Forest's cock, Jessica learned just how wild that made a man get. They, in turn, were intrigued that she actually hummed while she worked, creating a vibration that played across his dick and made him thrust deep into her.

For a while they practiced trying to deep throat him on their own, but before the end of class he had also given Cassie and Jessica of them a little bottle of gel that they could swallow which would kill their gag reflexes. That way they could practice with the gel and get used to feeling swallowing a dick without having to worry as much about gagging. Eventually, they might be able to do without the gel at all.

By the time she watched Sara take Mr. Forest all the way down her throat again, Jessica was feeling unbearably horny. Unfortunately when she went back to her room she found that Charity was hanging out with Paul and Nick, and she got drawn into their conversation despite herself. The boys were a lot of fun. It was obvious that Paul had a thing for Charity, and Charity seemed mildly interested in him. Nick and Jessica ended up having a side conversation about a girl back home that he wanted to date named Fiona. She had just broken up with her boyfriend, who had a major reputation as being fantastic in bed, so Nick was at the school to give Fiona some time to get over him and to learn how to please her once he (hopefully) replaced her ex.

After dinner Charity whispered to Jessica that she and Paul were going back to Paul and Nick's room, and could Jessica pretty please keep Nick company? Teasing her friend about her randyness, Jessica agreed.

"So I hear you get to baby-sit me?" Nick said, coming up to her, his brown eyes dancing with amusement.

"I guess so," Jessica laughed. "I hope you don't mind, I'll try to be a good baby sitter."

Nick laughed too and then looked like he was on the verge of saying something. Then he looked away, closing his mouth.

"What?" Jessica wanted to know. He looked back at her.

"This is going to sound kind of messed up," he confessed. "Especially since I told you all about Fiona, but seeing as she and I aren't together yet, and I've been taking all these classes, and well... my fourth period class was Cunnilingus, and I'm horny as all hell, and I'm attracted to you even though I have feelings for Fiona... would you be interested in studying together?" And then he blushed, which was just too cute for words. Jessica burst out laughing.

"That is the longest proposition I think I've ever heard," she said when she finally managed to calm down the amusement. "So the gist is, you don't have feelings for me, but you're single right now even though you've got a girl back at home, and so you'd like to get it on?"

Nick nodded, looking a little ashamed. "It's ok if you don't want to, we can do something else-"

Jessica waved him to silence with her hand. "I'd LOVE to. My last class was Fellatio and that had no getting off for me! Besides, I'm not looking for any kind of long distance relationship when I leave here, but I definitely prefer a more settled situation when it comes to sex. Do you just want to be study partners for the rest of the session so that no one gets the wrong ideas about us wanting to study with them?"

"That sounds fantastic." Nick held out his hands. "Study buddies with benefits. Shake?"

And they shook hands to seal the compact. It was strange how comfortable Jessica felt with him as they walked back to her and Charity's room. For some reason she'd thought that once they'd agreed to sexing each other up for the rest of the session that things might get awkward, but it was still just like hanging out with her buddy Nick.

It did get a little awkward once they got into the room, as Nick obviously felt a little weird about starting something. Finally she just grabbed him by the shirt collar and started kissing him, walking backwards towards her bed as she did so. He was a pretty good kisser, not as practiced as the teachers, but his kisses were soft, not at all sloppy, and fairly enthusiastic.

Once she got him on the bed she straddled him, taking control of the situation. Truthfully she tended to like it more when the guy took control, but right now she was so horny and Nick just wasn't the domineering take-control kind of guy. However, he was quick to start unbuttoning her blouse, as she unbuttoned his. She moaned as he palmed one of her breasts, the other reaching around behind her to unsnap her bra.

"Impressive," she told him. "One handed and everything!"

"I got mad skills baby," he joked, bumping his hips up so that she rose and fell on him. They started kissing again, his hands sliding her shirt and bra off, and then she sat back, tugging at him so that he sat up and she could push his shirt off of his shoulders, still kissing him.

Sitting up like that she could really feel his cock pressing against his pants, and his arms wrapped around her, making her arch her back and press her breasts into his chest. Releasing her lips, he began to nibble down her neck and collarbone, and Jessica started to really feel some chemistry between the two of them. She ran her fingers through his curly hair, luxuriating in the soft silkiness of it against her skin. Then she let her fingers slide down his chest, feeling the tendrils of hair there, letting her head fall back as his mouth fell on her breasts. His hands began to massage down her back, fingertips seeking the edge of her skirt and the swell of her buttocks.

Jessica started moving against him and his hips moved to meet her as she rocked, the sensation of his mouth suckling at her nipple spreading heat through her stomach and down to her aching pussy. His fingers found her zipper and unzipped it.

"You don't actually need the skirt off you know, I'm not wearing any underwear," she reminded him.

His eyes were hot. "I want to see you totally naked."

The admission sent shivers down her spine. They might be sworn study buddies, but that didn't mean they didn't find each other attractive. She pushed him down and slid out of her skirt as she turned on the bed, putting one leg on each side of his head as she started to work on the zipper.

"Let's see what you learned in fourth period today," she teased, swaying her hips over his face, her pussy open and splayed, "and I'll show you what I learned."

"Deal," he said, as she unzipped his pants. He lifted his hips a little so that she could push them down past his cock, letting them settle on his upper thighs. I'll do the rest soon, she thought to herself, as Nick ran his fingers gently up the backs of her thighs and over the sensitive skin of the underside of her butt. She moaned as she felt his lips on her inner thighs, traveling upwards.

Lowering her head, she started to lick his balls, fondling them in one hand while the other held her up. This position gave her both more accessibility and was harder to hold than just being on her knees in class. Nicks lips had just reached the apex of her thighs when she sucked one of his balls into her mouth, making his hips jump. He started to lick around the outside of her pussy, sucking her outer labia in between his lips and nibbling very gently. Jessica shuddered and moaned at the new sensation - no one had ever done that to her before, they'd always just gone right for the center of her wet slit!

Letting her tongue slide up the center of Nick's dick she teased the soft spot that Cassie had shown her, letting her tongue flick and lick gently against it. Nick obviously liked the teasing as he started pressing his hips upwards, the head of his cock searching for her lips. She wrapped her hand around the base of it and let her tongue play over the head, making concentric circles from the outmost part of the mushroom all the way in to the head where a little fluid had gathered. Swiftly she let her tongue flick out, whisking the delicious drop away and making Nick moan into her pussy.

His tongue was sliding into her inner folds, hot and wet, while his fingers massaged her butt. As they quested towards her crack Nick paused for a moment and then let one hand slide down. Pressing two fingers into her pussy, he worked his tongue up and down around the outside of them, as Jessica began pumping her hips on top of him and finally took his dick into her mouth, a little at a time, sliding inexorably downward.

Some of the gel from the class must still be coating her throat. Her gag reflex kicked at her a little, but not as much as it normally did and coming at his dick from the top like this instead of head on helped her slide it past. She took him all the way down, until her nose was almost buried in his balls.

Nick gasped as he felt his entire length swallowed up by Jessica's hot mouth, her throat muscles squeezing the head of his cock, rippling over it as her gag reflex made a weak protest. As she began to slide back up he redoubled his efforts on her pussy, his tongue working away up and down her slit, and traveling to the top of it to tease her clit. The two fingers in her pussy worked back and forth, showing her how he was going to be fucking her soon, and he took the opportunity to start to press one the fingers from his other hand into her barely stretched asshole. He remembered her easing into the chair at lunch and he knew that she'd had the anal play class, so it wouldn't hurt her. Between the lube that was still clinging to her from the plug and her own wetness, it was no problem to slide one finger deep into her back door.

Jessica's hips twitched as her ass was violated by Nick's finger. Even though she'd been stretched that morning, the new work-out for the virgin hole had made it a little sore, and flashes of pleasure mixed with slight discomfort burst through her. Mostly it was pleasure though, and she found that she loved the feeling of being full of his fingers as his tongue rasped against her clit. She moved her hips up and down in time with the rhythm that she was using to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, her tongue lashing against the head and making his hips jerk up as she slide back down.

Her muffled moans hummed over his cock, the throaty vibrations making his balls tighten. It was also starting to make her throat sore, she'd been sucking a lot more dick today than normal, and although she loved the feel of his fingers inside of her, she wanted more.

As she pulled off of his cock, Nick quickly pulled his fingers from her body. He wasn't slow and he knew exactly where she was going with this. Immediately his pants were shucked off and on the floor and Jessica turned around on top of him again.

Putting his hands on her gorgeous breasts, filling his fingers with those soft mounds, he told her, "Ride me."

Jessica took his cock in her hand and pointed it straight up, then let herself slowly start sinking down onto it.

"Oh god," she threw her head back as his dick filled her, she was so wet that she didn't need to do anything to work it in. "That feels fucking amazing. I needed this."

"Me too baby," Nick said throatily as he brushed his thumbs across her nipples. Jessica thrust her chest forward, demanding more contact, as she started raising and lowering herself on his dick. Her pussy gripped him like a vise, massaging every inch of his cock, and she rested her hands on his body, squeezing her breasts together a little for him. Groaning, Nick started thrusting upwards to meet her every time she sank onto him, the hard rocking of his body jamming against her clit. He loved the breathy noise of pleasure that she made every time he got a direct hit.

"That's it baby," he massaged her breasts, squeezing harder and pushing and pulling a little to control her movements on his cock. "God your pussy is so tight, you feel fucking fantastic riding my dick. It's so hot watching you bounce up and down with your tits in my hands. Moan for me, moan for me baby."

Jessica moaned, and she meant it. She'd never had a guy talk dirty to her before and it was hot. Nick had such a great low voice, the dirty things coming out of his mouth sounded so sexy. She could feel her pussy clenching around him, the wonderful heady mix of pleasure-pain on her breasts as he squeezed almost too hard, and she loved the way he was using that grip to control her movements.

"Oh Nick," she moaned, he was making her so hot with his words, for the first time she found herself wanting to tell a man what it was like to feel him inside of her. "God this feels so good, your dick is so hard inside of me, and I love the way it feels sliding in and out," she moved her hips in time with her words, "in and out. It's getting me so hot, OH yes just like that, rock me baby, rock me!"

Nick started really moving his hips back and forth, and his hands moved down to Jessica's waist so that she could lean over him, his body pressed against her clit as she started grinding down on him. Their movements became more frantic as sexual heat filled them, spurring them onwards to their gratification.

"Oh fuck baby," Nick groaned as her pussy clenched down hard. "Just like that, fuck me baby, ride me hard." Jessica slammed herself back down, and as her clit grated against his pubis her insides clenched again. This time she ground down, feeling that elusive itch in her sensitive bud that started to swell and then expand outward. She cried out in rapture as her orgasm began sweeping over her, her hips rubbing back and forth as Nick's cock jostled inside of her.

Her pussy convulsed, gripping him like a vise, and his hips rose and fell a few more times although his cock could barely move an inch in or out of her, her pussy was clutching him so tightly, and he gasped as his cum boiled up in his balls and began to force its way into her clasping tunnel. Jessica fairly screamed as her orgasm pushed to new heights as Nick's dick thickened and pulsed inside of her, the position of her on top kept her insides so very contracted that she could feel every spurt of cum as it traveled through his dick and into her body.

They ground against each other, clutching with their hands as they milked every last drop of pleasure from each other. Finally Jessica fell forward, sighing with completion as she rested her head and hand on Nick's chest. The movement and new position made his sensitive dick twitch inside of her, and she moaned and shivered at the sensation.

"Fuck that was awesome," Nick breathed, his arms wrapping tightly around her, dick softening inside of her. Turning his head he kissed her forehead.

"Fiona's gonna be a lucky girl," Jessica told him. And she kissed his chest.

They stayed up talking some that night, but when Charity didn't come back to the room by midnight the two of them fell asleep, cuddling.

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