tagBDSMVenus School of Sex Ch. 07

Venus School of Sex Ch. 07


Jessica felt like she was glowing as she left her class and took the time to go back to her room and neaten up a little. It was amazing how different her outlook on sex was becoming after just a few days at this school! Already she felt like she could go home and get a lot more enjoyment out of sex, and that was without all the kinky stuff that had interested her and ruined her last relationship because he hadn't been. Having several orgasms a day was both exhausting and incredible. Looking in the mirror she brushed out and fluffed her brown curls. Knowing that she was on her way to see Mr. Flood, she wanted to look good. A silly sentiment, considering how many other girls there were at this school, and who knew how many he'd taught over the years, but it made her feel good too.

She took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. The uniform was really growing on her, and she wondered if she'd be able to buy something like it at home. Not that she would ever be able to wear anything like this out in public, at least not without a proper bra to cover the rosy pink nipples that were visible through the fabric, but as a kind of school girl fantasy outfit. Or just for her own pleasure if she wanted to walk around at home like this, fondly remembering the school.


Justin thought his cock was going to explode. He had Jessica bent over the stuffed leather triangle that the Anal Play class used for the second time this week and as he watched his fingers dip in and out of her perfect, heart-shaped ass he couldn't cut the imaginary visual of him replacing those fingers with a cock. Her tight, virgin ring was squeezing the hell out of his fingers, the inside of her ass greedily sucking at them, and her soft moans into the leather of the triangle that was holding her gorgeous ass up in the air were rocking his world. He'd been able to tell, the moment that she'd gotten to Anal Play yesterday, that she'd been unsure about having anal sex, but her body was definitely ready and wanting it. In fact, he could take her right now and she'd get off on it, he could tell she was that ready. But mentally, amping up the anticipation and giving her some more time and experience with having her ass handled would make its defloration better for her.

Speaking of... it was time to play with a new toy.

"I've got a special treat for you today," he told his, his two fingers still pushing in and out of body as he spoke, "we're going to play with a new toy."

"Oh goody," Jessica said, breathlessly. The arousal in her voice, the way her hips pushed back against his hand, god she was hot. Sometimes he wondered if Chris had gotten the better end of the deal, teaching her in the Basic Intercourse class.... but he just kept reminding himself that he was going to be the first inside that gorgeous ass of hers, and he was also going to be the first to play some BDSM with her. He was thrilled that she'd signed up for the class... and he was torn between getting his rocks off inside of her this afternoon or waiting to plow into her ass, so that their first time together was even more special. Maybe she'd never know who Mr. Flood, her teacher was, but if the first time he came inside of her was the first time she'd ever had a man cum in her ass, she'd have to remember that, forever.

Picking up the box holding the anal probe he had ready for her, he opened it with one hand, loathe to take his fingers from her body. He rubbed the tip of it along her crack picking up some of the lube that was coating her skin from his fingers. The tip had a ball at the end of it, about an inch in diameter. Three more balls were spaced along the 8" length of the probe, each the same size, about two inches apart from each other. The probe itself was about half an inch in diameter on those spaces between the balls. He removed his fingers and popped the ball at the tip of the probe into her ass. Jessica gasped, and he could see her muscles tightening as she clenched around it. It was going to be so great when he popped the head of his cock into her and she reacted like that. In that moment he decided that he was going to wait until tomorrow, that the first time he put his cock in her it would be exactly like that.

"What is that?" she moaned as he pushed the next two inches into her, letting the next ball come to rest against her crinkled hole. He spread some lube on the length of it, enjoying how it looked partially buried inside of her. Below this beautiful scenery was the gorgeous pink view of her wet and needy pussy, well fucked from her last class. It turned him on even more to think about Chris banging her just before she came here, god he hoped she signed up for the Menage class.

"It's a probe," he informed her. And then he pushed hard on it and her asshole expanded over the next ball and then locked down onto the probe, the second ball firmly inside her. She convulsed, her back arching and he could smell the arousal of her pussy becoming even more apparent. This was seriously turning her on.

"That's it," he crooned to her, and he began rubbing against the top of her mound, just over where her clit was, with his other hand as he pushed the next section of the probe and then the third ball into her. Including the balls, she now had about 9 inches of probe deep inside of her ass. "Take it deep baby."

"Oh god," she groaned. "It's so far in me... please don't tell me there's anymore of that thing."

"Just a little bit baby," he promised, "but I'll help you. You can take it."

Yes he wanted to see her take it, see that whole length of probe deep inside of her body. Her thighs were trembling, whether from the strain the probe was putting on her or the arousal and growing pleasure that she was feeling from her pussy, he wasn't sure. Even though she groaned a protest as he forced the last ball into her bowels, her hips were moving against his rubbing fingers and her pussy was leaking fluid. She smelled amazing.

As he leaned forward to lick her wet folds, he flicked the switch on the bottom of the probe and the vibrator came to life.


Jessica walked into the Light BDSM class with something approaching glee. Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire were fast becoming her favorite instructors and she knew that they would be there. A few other instructors were as well, including some women which surprised her, and then she wondered why she was surprised. As a starter class, all of the students were required to learn submission, because those who wanted to be in control needed to know what it was like from the other side if they were ever going to be good at taking the reins - at least that's the explanation Mr. Flood gave at the beginning of class. To be honest, she wasn't listening too closely to a lot of what was being said. She was having a lot of trouble concentrating on his words, as she looked at his and Mr. Fire's hot bodies, remembering vividly every moment that she already had with each of them today.

Mr. Flood especially interested her currently because she had already experienced Mr. Fire. They'd had wonderful, fantastic, mind-blowing sex twice. Mr. Flood hadn't done more than put his fingers in her, his mouth on her, and a couple of toys. Thinking about that she shifted a bit on her seat. The Anal Play class this morning had been incredible. She loved being bent over in front of him, her skirt flipped up around her hips, which he did all sorts of naughty and delicious things to her... it was its own kind of submission and dominance as he manipulated her body. Today he'd gone so, so deep inside of her with that toy, and when it had started to vibrate she'd thought she was going to come apart at the seams. It had felt incredible, especially when she'd orgasmed and he'd pulled the entire probe out of her body in one smooth movement, the balls popping out of her ass and sending the explosion of pleasure skyrocketing out of this world.

Blushing, she realized she'd completely missed all the explanations he'd been giving, and now he was standing in front of her. Oh joy! Mr. Flood was going to be her instructor. Oh horror... he was looking down at her disapprovingly as if he knew that she hadn't been listening to a word he'd said.

"Jessica, can you repeat back to me the instruction I just gave you?"

"Uh..." she searched her mind frantically, but all she could think about was the look in his eye when he'd helped her up after filling her ass with a butt plug again this morning.

His full lips quirked, and she blushed again as she looked into his dark eyes.

"Well it looks like we're going to get right into this, although I would have preferred to start you off a little slower, but you need to focus and listen to me. What I said was that during this class you will call me Sir whenever you address me and you will not speak unless I ask you a question. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," Jessica whispered, thoroughly embarrassed and also thrilled. She lowered her head to look at the floor, twisting her hands behind her back. Just calling him Sir was so hot. Even though she'd had two orgasms during the morning she was already becoming aroused again. This was exactly where she wanted to be, learning how to submit, exploring her boundaries. Bondage had always turned her on, and so had rough sex even though she didn't really like pain exactly, adding a little bit of hurt to sex just flat out did it for her.

Mr. Flood gripped her arm and pulled her over to a padded bench at the edge of the room. She was getting so used to classes filled with other students, and Mr. Flood had such a powerful presence, that it was like every one else in the room melted away as he pulled her over his knee. Flipping her skirt up, he rested his hand on her ass, just like this morning except that instead of being bent over a leather triangle she was actually on top of him, angled so that her cheek and one arm rested against the bench, her other arm hanging down to the floor. His hand squeezed and kneaded her butt cheeks and she moaned... this was so hot, the way he just man handled her and put her where he wanted her.

"I'm going to spank you now and you are going to count out each spank. Twenty should be enough to remind you to keep your focus in the moment and on me."

And with that, his hand came crashing down.

"One!" Jessica gasped as the heat spread through her body. God that hurt! TWACK! "TWO!"

By the time he got to ten she was squealing and writhing with every smack. In between every two to three spanks he would rub her ass, which was getting very sore. He had a very heavy hand and it didn't feel like he was showing her any mercy. Despite the pain, the sore ache that was spreading through her rear and lower hips, she didn't protest or ask him to stop. In fact, she was practically humping his legs as he spanked her.


CRACK! Oh god...


The rest of her body was throbbing for attention while her ass throbbed with heat, burning burning and burning right into her fantasies, into her secret dark desires and filling her up with hot desire. She wanted to jump up and straddle him, ride him to orgasm while his hands gripped her sore ass. She didn't want mercy. This power he had over her, this submission to his punishment, this was what she had been craving, what she'd been missing with her ex. It seemed silly now, to think that her ex would have been able to just summon this kind of dominance, that he'd be able to bend her over and make her feel these things without even touching her sexually.




Tears were burning in her eyes as he finished and began caressing her, soothing her body with gentle hands. She groaned as he rubbed his hands over her sore ass, not sure if she wanted him to stop touching her or if she wanted him to dig his fingers into her heated, beaten flesh and hurt her more.

Mr. Flood chuckled, deep in his throat as his fingers dropped lower and began to stir the soupy mess her pussy had made. It was the wettest she'd ever been in her life.

"I knew you liked having your ass played with," he said over her moans as he pushed two fingers inside of her, "I just didn't realize it extended to all parts of your ass."

He pumped his fingers in and out of her a few more times as she quivered and moaned on top of him, accepting whatever he was willing to give her. She whimpered with loss when he pulled them out. Gently, he helped her slide back across his lap so that she was on her knees to his side. Then he put his fingers in front of her lips, glossy with her juices.

"Open," he commanded.

Jessica had never tasted herself before. She refused to kiss her ex after he went down on her, she refused to lick him after he'd been inside of her... but when Mr. Flood looked at her with that dark gaze, confidence in every line of his body, his voice without any hint of hesitation or flexibility, she did exactly what he said and she opened her lips. He pressed his thick fingers between her lips and the sweet, musky flavor exploded across her tongue. It wasn't entirely unpleasant... just very different. As she sucked on his fingers, on her knees with her hands by her sides, his eyes never left hers. She could feel her nipples hardening, her stomach tightening and he wasn't even touching her right now.

"Spread your knees," he told her. Keeping her lips locked around his fingers, even though she'd already sucked all the juices from them, she spread her knees as wide as she could. Mr. Flood used his fingers in her mouth to pull her up straight. "Put your hands behind your back and hold them."

As she assumed the position he wanted, Jessica blushed as she realized how lewd she must look. Her rosy nipples were thrust upward, the bra practically presenting them to his eyes through the fabric of her shirt, there was cool air wafting across her pussy underneath her skirt, and the way her body was arched it was clear that this position was meant to present her body to him. If she'd been naked he would have been able to see her spread, wet pussy, her upthrust breasts, her hard nipples... it was a very open position.

Mr. Flood took his fingers from her mouth.

"When any Instructor in this class tells you to get into position, this is what you will do. Now, I'm going to ask you some questions so we can get a clearer idea of what you're looking for in this class. We want to explore your desires, discover your boundaries and push your limits." Just his words were getting her so hot, hot, hot. "Was that your first spanking?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well I don't need to ask if you liked it." Jessica blushed hot red again, still feeling the burn in her ass and the corresponding ache in her pussy. "Why did you sign up for this class?"

"I always wanted to try doing something like this with my ex," she confessed. "I liked the idea of being tied up. He wasn't really interested in it though and we never did more than tie my hands to the bed a couple of times. I read stories though... it just sounded interesting," she finished a little lamely. Ugh, I sound like such an idiot, she thought.

"Your ex is an idiot," Mr. Flood said, sounding amused and almost echoing her thought. It made her feel a little better that he didn't think SHE was the idiot. "We'll start exploring and see what interests you."

Less than five minutes later he had Jessica completely naked and exposed, standing with her wrists tied above her head, her feet spread wide open and tied that way by her ankles to some brackets on the floor, and then he slipped a blindfold over her head. Despite everything that had been done to her at this school, this was possibly the single most erotic moment of her life. The look in Mr. Flood's eyes right before he'd tied the blindfold in place had been so hot she'd almost cum just from that.

The sounds of the classroom were filling her ears now, flowing over her with sensual intensity. Slaps, groans, moans, whimpers, cries of pain mixing with pleasure, startled gasps... all the things that she had been blocking out now came into focus, a cacophony of sexual stimulation to her ears.

She felt it when Mr. Flood stepped up behind her, his bare chest pressing against her back, the leathering his hard bulge pressing into her sore ass cheeks.

"Do you like this?" he murmured in her ear, to the background of sex and pain and lust. His hands ran from her hips up to her breasts where he cupped them, squeezing gently. Without her eyes all she could do was shiver and wonder where he was going to touch her next, the focus it put on the sensations of his touch was intense. "Do you like not being able to see? Being tied up and vulnerable from every side?"

She was so lost in sensation as he ground himself against her ass, the soreness and discomfort warring with the pleasure of his hands on her breasts, that she didn't even realize he wasn't asking a rhetorical question.

A sharp pinch to her nipples made her gasp and press back against him. Her pussy was flooded with wetness as the jolt of pain spread through her in a warm burst of sexual awareness.

"Yes Sir," she gasped. "I like this."

The sound from his throat came out like a purr and her head fell back against his shoulder as he started rocking against her body. Pinching her nipples again, he twisted them harshly and Jessica shuddered and moaned. The sharp stinging in the center of her breasts was almost too much, and she arched, pushing her hips back and her chest forward as he pinched the tender nubs between his fingers and pulled them away from her body. Just before she would have cried out for mercy he released the tender buds and she fell back against him, her weight hanging from her wrists as she panted with need.

"So it's not just spankings, you like a little pain," he murmured, his teeth biting into her neck. Jessica moaned, low in her throat. Her legs felt quivery as she forced herself to stand a little straighter, relieving the weight on her wrists. She hadn't thought she liked pain, but having him touch her like that, pull at her, push her, that turned her on like nothing she'd ever felt before. Was it that she liked pain, or was it just him?

When he moved away from her it took everything she had not to cry out for him to come back.


God she was hot as hell. The whacking off he'd done during lunch after playing with Jessica's ass had relieved the immediate burden of his arousal, but having her stretched out naked, bound, totally at his mercy was seriously testing his resolve to have his first cum with her in her ass tomorrow morning.

Justin circled around her and leaned over to suck one rosy nipple into his mouth. She moaned and thrust her breasts forward, as responsive as ever. The classroom was filled with the sounds and smells of sex, and a lot of it was currently coming from Jessica's pussy. He could also occasionally see Chris' envious glances from across the room. Not that the girl he was currently instructing wasn't attractive... but she wasn't Jessica.

Enjoying the throaty moans coming from Jessica's pouty lips, Justin pulled her nipple away from her body with his teeth. She arched, her body following him to relieve the pressure on her aching bud just as she had for his fingers. When he released it she let out another low moan that went straight to his cock. Taking the sensitive bud between his fingers, Justin put an adjustable nipple clamp on it, tightening it just enough that it would grip her tightly but not really be painful. She quivered, her body shaking as if she was trying to figure out what he had put on her, and he leaned over and sucked her other nipple into his mouth and then repeated the process.

"Do you like this?" he asked, his voice a low growl, as he cupped her breasts, squeezing the flesh hard and watching as her clamped nipples got any rosier.

"Yes Sir," she moaned immediately, her breasts thrusting out as though she was asking for more punishment.

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