tagAnalVenus School of Sex Ch. 09

Venus School of Sex Ch. 09


Even with only fifteen minutes between classes, Justin and Chris were able to meet up so that Chris could give his buddy a play-by-play of Jessica's Basic Intercourse class. Just listening to his friend talk about her sexual prowess had Justin read to burst inside his pants. He'd already been pretty hard up, desperate to get inside her... now he just hoped that he could give her at least as much pleasure as her friend. Although, granted, he was also going to be the first inside that sweet ass, so at the very least she'd remember him. Hopefully in a great way.

"She was absolutely incredible. I'm telling you, it's not just what she came in knowing or what she's been learning, she's just really into it. I let her just lie on top of me at the end and she stayed there, all the way up until I wasn't inside of her anymore."

Justin flinched.

"That's great man."

It was... it was... but he was also jealous of his best buddy. It sounded like there was a lot of chemistry going on between him and Jessica, and that was great except that Justin felt that he had a lot of chemistry with her as well. In some ways, he knew they had both been hoping that coming back and teaching at the school would help one of them find someone else, or make both or one of them realize that Jessica just wasn't the girl for them or find out that there was a lack of connection, but instead both of them were just falling harder and harder for her. It wasn't enough that she was beautiful, sweet, and shy at work, or that they knew she was a wonderfully giving person through their co-workers, but now they were being exposed to the sensual animal that had apparently been hiding behind her shyness and her more outgoing friends. They both still wanted her, even more than they had.

"I know," Chris said, his eyes connecting with Justin's. Sometimes they just really thought on the same wavelength. "We're both just sinking deeper and deeper aren't we?"

Justin decided to try and lighten the moment. "Well I'm going to be sinking something deep in her soon and you already have."

Chris punched his buddy's shoulder as they both laughed. Neither of them were gloom and doom kind of guys, they had more "in the moment" mindsets. Whatever happened when they got done with this session of school, would happen. For now, they were both going to enjoy being able to get their hands all over the girl they were both lusting after... and maybe falling for.


Seeing Mr. Flood waiting for her as she walked into the room sent a flush of heat through Jessica's body. Even though she'd just had the most fantastic orgasm with Mr. Fire, only 20 minutes ago in Basic Intercourse, just seeing Mr. Flood got her body all hot and bothered and ready to go again. Especially because today was the heavily anticipated day when she would lose her anal virginity to him. It was also the first time that they would be having sex, and she hoped that she wasn't setting her hopes too high... the whole week of classes with him had been like one long foreplay and she felt about ready to burst. Her lips parted, her nipples tightened and rubbed against the fabric, and by the time she made it over to where he was standing, by their usual leather triangle, her pussy was leaking juices. God she was so ready to go.

"Good morning Jessica," he smiled down at her. His voice was deep and rich and sounded just as anxious as she felt. The idea that he was as turned on as her, that he'd been anticipating this class as much as she had, sent a throbbing pulse deep through her core. "Are you nervous."

"Not at all," she grinned, her words almost a confession, definitely an invitation. She barely noticed the small shiver that went through him because he was leaning over to kiss her. Their lips met and she melted into him, her hands clasping his muscular biceps to hold herself up. Immediately he gripped her ass, hard, in both hands, squeezing her soft cheeks as he held her pressed against him, his fingers pulling at the fabric of her skirt until they hit flesh. Jessica moaned against his mouth. God, she was so ready for this. She didn't know why she had this incredible spark of chemistry with Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire, she hoped that they both felt it too, but even if they didn't she didn't care... it made the classes, the sex, so much better than any of her other classes.

His hands pulled her cheeks apart, fingers digging into her crack, and she could feel cool air sliding between her cheeks. She moaned again, pressing up against him, rubbing her upper body on his as she pushed her hips back, encouraging him to explore her ass further. Although his fingers pressed down, their height difference was too much for him to get his fingers anywhere near her asshole.

Instead he broke off the kiss.

"Let's get you out of these clothes," his voice was a low growl. Yes, she was sure he was just as turned on as she was, and she was sopping wet, even though she knew that he wasn't going to be fucking her pussy.

Kneeling in front of her, he undid the buttons on her blouse, kissing the soft skin of her stomach as soon as it became available. Jessica shimmied off her shirt and undid the clasp of her bra, so eager to have his hands on her, as he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet. As he kissed her stomach, her hips, he also reached up and grasped her breasts, so much more gently than he had yesterday in the BDSM class. She moaned softly as she thrust her hips towards his questing mouth.

"Spread your legs," he told her. She parted her thighs, putting her hands on his head to steady herself. Releasing her breasts, he put his arms through her legs and grasped her ass, supporting her from behind as he started to lick and suck at her juicy pussy. Jessica moaned... being eaten out, standing over him like this... her mind suddenly flashed back to her first day here at the Venus School, the menage trois demonstration when she'd watched Charity be eaten out, standing between Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire, one with his mouth on her pussy, the other supporting her front behind and playing with her breasts. Oh God... what would it be like to be between them like that?

Her pussy clenched down as she had a small orgasm, picturing herself trapped between their hard bodies. As her hips ground over his mouth, Mr. Flood pressed one finger into her ass. Jessica groaned, her muscles clenching down around the invader, her pussy well tended by Mr. Flood's tongue, and she gripped his dark hair, her movements becoming more frantic as she could feel another, stronger orgasm building. Then Mr. Flood pulled his mouth away. For a moment she felt bereft, and then she remembered what was coming, his finger pumping in and out of her ass a few times as a reminder. Her legs felt wobbly and for a moment she couldn't feel anything but the finger dragging in and out of her virgin ass.

Then it was all the way out. Mr. Flood grinned up at her and patted the triangle next to them.

"Are you ready?"

Jessica nodded, saying yes out loud just seemed like it would make her too vulnerable. And she didn't trust her voice not to wobble. Or sound idiotic. And she didn't want to sound stupid in front of him.

He helped her position her body over the triangle, for the first time she was completely unclothed as she bent over it, and the leather was cool and soft against her skin. Experimentally, she rubbed her breasts against it a little and moaned as the nubby fabric caressed her nipples, the movements also caused her ass to sway a little.

Mr. Flood knelt behind her, his hands caressing and rubbing the sides of her heart shaped ass. She moaned as he began kissing her cheeks. In this position she was spread so open, she could feel his hot breath sliding down her ass crack and over the virgin rosebud at its center. Her pussy wept sweet juices in anticipation. The kisses became harder, and he nipped at her, causing her to wave her ass up and down frantically, the only movements she could really make with the triangle in front of her and his hands on either side of her hips. Then his tongue slid down the center of her crack and played over her sensitive hole. She gasped and closed her eyes, her hips moving as he licked and sucked her asshole, the tiny nerves tingling with pleasure.

Then his hands left her and his mouth dipped lower, back into her pussy, and she moaned, moving her hips up and down with the strokes of his tongue. After just a moment, two slick fingers pressed into her ass, lubing the tight hole as he sucked the folds of her labia into his mouth. By now she was used to the feeling of fingers in her ass, the butt plugs and play over the last two days had done their job well. The fingers felt good, erotic... forbidden but in a good way, as they slid in and out of her, mimicking the sex act that was about to take place. As Mr. Flood's mouth and fingers did their work, she could feel her orgasm rising again, the pleasure tightening in the base of her stomach. As she squirmed, her hips and ass high in the air, it felt like her anus was tightening down on him, giving her a completely different sensation than his mouth provided.

But of course, as before, he pulled away before she could reach completion.

Jessica moaned and squirmed, her chest rubbing against the leather, her hips humping the top of the triangle as she tried to find relief for her needy body.

Then she felt something thick... soft but with a hard interior, hot and slick, pressing against her anus. Oh god... she thought, this was it. She was going to lose her ass cherry to Mr. Flood.

The bulbous head of his cock was so much bigger than his fingers, she gasped and clenched as he popped past the tight ring of her ass. It felt... painfully good. Uncomfortable but necessary. His dick felt like it was giving off waves of heat as she squeezed and released around it, over and over again, trying to adjust to this new dimension that her ass was being forced into. It wasn't like the probe that he had used on her before. Then her ass had expanded around the balls, but been able to clamp down again as soon as each ball had entered her fully. Now there was no relief to the stretch of her ring as he pressed a little deeper, easing his dick into virgin territory.

Even though it hurt a little, Jessica welcomed the pain. It felt so good too, her hole stretched and tight over his thick meat, and she was so turned on from all the foreplay that she just wanted him deeper... harder... she wanted him to pound her through the hurt.


Justin gritted his teeth, trying to keep a tight grip on his self control as he watched his cock slowly bury itself in Jessica's sweet, heart shaped ass. She was so tight, her cheeks so creamy... just like they had been yesterday before he'd spanked them pink. He moaned and dug his fingers into her soft flesh to keep himself from thrusting forward too hard and burying himself in her before she was ready. From the way her shoulders were moving, he could tell she was panting a little, and he wanted to make sure she was feeling nothing but pleasure. A little discomfort sure, but that should be eased quickly. He'd gotten her as worked up as he could before penetration, to make things as easy as possible on her.

God her ass was so tight... it gripped and massaged every inch of him that it encompassed.

He caressed her lower back. "Are you doing alright Jessica?"

The nodding of her head didn't reassure him nearly as much as the roll of her hips, pushing back against him and taking another inch of dick all on her own. He groaned and thrust forward. She shuddered, but she didn't protest or ask him to stop. God she was so tight... he let himself go, just a little, and pushed in the last two inches quickly but gently. It felt perfect. It felt right.


Oh God... she could feel his body pressed against her ass cheeks... he was fully inside of her. Deep, so deep inside of her body and she could feel it so much more acutely in this tight space than she could in her pussy. It felt like he'd invaded her entire body with his cock. Shuddering with the incredible sensations that rushed over her, exultation, discomfort, stretching, anticipation, sensual soreness, she clasped him tightly with in her, and felt his own shuddering reaction. That was hot. Even with her back to him, almost no control over the situation, she could still elicit that kind of response from him. Letting out another moan, she squeezed again and pushed back.

Mr. Flood's hands gripped her hips and then he was pulling back... oh god, that felt so... she couldn't even describe it in her head. It was like a wave, receding from the ocean, as if he was dragging her insides back with his cock, and then as he moved forward again, the wave came crashing back, slapping her down with a sudden rush of pleasure. She squeezed as he pulled out, and cried out as the combination made all the sensitive nerves around her stretched hole sparkle with sensation. The heavy thrusts, slow but insistent, rocked her body back and forth on the leather, his balls slapping against her open pussy, increasing the erotic bliss that was humming over her body.

Then his hand slipped between her and the leather and long, practiced fingers pressed against his clit. Jessica's body arched, pushing back at the oncoming thrust that split her ass open, her hands pressing down on the bottom of the triangle and pushing the rest of her body back. Her inner walls spasmed, and she could feel herself moving away from just pure pleasure as her body started building towards its climax again, her ass rippling around the constant intrusion of Mr. Flood's rampant cock. As she pressed back against him, her ass cheeks clenching every time his body was flush with their tender flesh, his thrusts became harder, faster, no longer concerned with her comfort.

She writhed with pleasure on her knees, her hands constantly moving to help her push back against the onslaught of cock and then sliding back down the slanted surface of the triangle. The fingers at her pussy were only a small part of the pleasure that was mounting in her, the tunneling of her primrose path was where her orgasm was flowering, the steady slick thrusts stabbing so deeply into her body that she felt consumed by the passion that it incited.

"Oh yes..." her thighs quivered as the tight knot of tension inside of her squeezed hard, "Oh yes, oh yes.... OH YES!" the tension exploded outwards, an eruption of ecstasy that shuddered through her entire body. Her arms lost their fight to keep her upper body upright, and she fell before him like a sacrificial offering. Mr. Flood's fingers kept rubbing against her clit, thrusting hard into her ass, and she clenched and thrashed in complete rapture, her ass squeezing him deliciously as her body reached a point of incredible culmination.

Moving his hand back to her hip, both of his hands pulled her body back against him hard as he ravaged her ass, leaning forward over her prone form, which thrust him even deeper into her. Jessica writhed beneath him, the heat of his body covering her ass and lower back, pressing her hard into the triangle as he dug deep into her body, his cock forcing itself completely into her. She could feel it swelling inside of her, and then he thrust hard and completely. The ring of her ass clamped down hard on the very base of his cock as the first spurts of cum barely managed to squeeze past, she was gripping his meat so tightly. She could feel the movement inside his cock as the cum traveled up the base of it in waves along his shaft and spurting into her deflowered hole.

"Oh God..." she moaned. It was the most incredible feeling, his small movements which were restricted by how tightly she was clenched around him, the shuddering of his body as he coated her insides with his cream, she wonderful soreness of her ass as it received its first offering of cum, and the wonderful afterglow that she felt throughout her entire body as her orgasm subsided. She lay her head down on the cool leather, closing her eyes and just luxuriating in the sensation of Mr. Flood's cum filling her.

Maybe she would ask him to give her a plug at the end of this class too. So that she could keep him inside of her a little longer.

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