tagBDSMVenus School of Sex Ch. 10

Venus School of Sex Ch. 10


Jessica was glad that she had taken Fellatio for her 3rd period class. After her morning of Basic Intercourse with Mr. Fire and then losing her anal virginity to Mr. Flood, she'd needed a little bit of a break. The two of them were absolutely overwhelming and her chemistry with them was almost disturbing. After all, she shouldn't be crushing on her teachers in a school like this, the inevitable heartbreak would be so much worse when the school session was over. But another part of her kept thinking that she should just get in what she could during the two weeks she was here... and hope that the incredible sex with them didn't ruin her for other men completely.

During Fellatio she'd been taught by Mr. Light, and it had been enjoyable but clinical. It also got her all revved up for her last class of this week, another session at Light BDSM. She knew that there would be other teachers there, but she really hoped to end up with either Mr. Fire or Mr. Flood, of course. She couldn't help it.


During lunchtime Chris and Justin had argued over who would get Jessica for the BDSM class that afternoon. It wasn't an argument either of them were expecting. They were both trying to be the gentleman even though they both wanted to be her teacher, with Chris insisting that Justin should because Chris had gotten to have sex with her more often during the week and Justin insisting that Chris should since Justin had been privileged to pop one of her cherries.

Finally they played Rock, Paper, Scissors to make the decision.


Fairly skipping with anticipation Jessica entered her last class of the week, anxious to find out who her teacher would be and hoping it would be one of the Instructors she had so much chemistry with. To her delight, Mr. Fire almost immediately came up to her, and her face lit up with excitement. Just seeing him and Mr. Flood was enough to send a tingle of lust through her body. She honestly couldn't decide which of them she preferred and although part of her was sad that she wouldn't be with Mr. Flood again today another part of her was excited to see what Mr. Fire would do differently.

"Hello again Jessica," Mr. Fire said in his deep voice, his eyes skipping over her outfit, practically undressing her with just his gaze. Well he'd certainly seen her naked enough but the blatantly sexual look still made her blush.

"Hello Sir," she said submissively. He smiled at her approvingly and a rush of pleasure went through her. "Very good little one."

The use of the same pet name Mr. Flood had used on her yesterday made her shiver. Jessica liked being called little one. And being told that she was a good girl. Something about being submissive just flat out did it for her and she was eager to have Mr. Fire explore this side of her a little more.

"Come over here."

Not touching her at all Mr. Fire just turned and walked away, expecting that she would follow and Jessica trotted after him obediently. Between her legs she was already getting wet, and looking over her shoulder and seeing Mr. Flood glance at her as he bound another girl to what looked like a wooded cross, just made her even wetter. She turned back to Mr. Fire and watched his butt as he moved, the muscles clearly visible in the tight leather pants he was wearing. Man he had a nice butt. Watching his butt became so engrossing that she almost didn't notice when he stopped next to a mattress, and she jerked to a halt to keep from running into him.

The look on his face when he turned around and found her so close behind him was half surprise and half amusement.

"Why do you seem so distracted, little one?" he asked, his voice bemused.

Jessica blushed deep crimson, lowering her head and staring at her feet. Mr. Fire tucked his fingers under her chin and lifted her face to his.

"Answer me." Looking into his beautiful eyes she noticed flecks of green and amber in the hazel color.

She cleared her throat but her voice still came out in a whisper. "I was uh... I was looking at you Sir."

"At what part of me?"

Jessica squirmed, but his eyes bore into her, demanding and quickly losing patience. Her voice dropped even lower, barely audible. "At your butt, Sir."

She squirmed some more, pressing her thighs together as this intimate admission, his demand for answers and her embarrassment over providing them turned her on even more. Mr. Fire kept his fingers under her chin, keeping their visual contact and watching as she flushed and paled, her thighs rubbing together.

"Is this turning you on little one?"

Oh god, he was going to make her answer. A flush of heat went through her body culminating with her pussy getting even wetter.

"Yes, Sir," she whispered, thoroughly embarrassed. His grin got wider.

Mr. Fire let go of her face and stepped back.

"Keep your eyes on me," he ordered. "Don't look away."

Jessica wanted to groan as she focused on him. He was so hot... she wanted to know what he looked like behind the mask, but just staring through its eye holes at his confident and dominating gaze was sexy.

"Take off your shirt. Slowly."

Despite the fact that he had seen her naked many times it was somehow different to find herself stripping in front of him in a room full of people being spanked, restrained and sexed up. There was nothing restraining her, no one was making her do this, but his verbal orders were just as hot as ropes around her wrists. It was so much harder to be responsible for her own debasement, she wouldn't have expected it to turn her on so much but it did. The cool silk rippled around her body, rubbing her hard nipples as she unbuttoned it. Finally her fingers reached the bottom of the buttons and she let the thin silk slip from her shoulders, her nipples excited and ready as they thrust out from her chest.

"Now the skirt and bra."

That only took a moment as she unzipped her skirt and it fell, pooling around her feet, the bra quickly following. Mr. Fire walked around her slowly, inspecting her body, and she thought that by now her blush must be permanent and probably extended all the way down to her breasts... When he came back around to stand in front of her she made sure to lock eyes with him immediately. The pleased look on his face was also hungry, wanting her, and she wanted him right back. She tried to put her desire for him to touch her into her pleading gaze.

"Mr. Flood taught you the position yesterday, correct?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Get on the mattress and get into position."

Jessica immediately turned and got onto the mattress, her thighs spreading as she knelt, breasts thrusting upwards as she put her hands behind her back. Her lips parted, she was so wet and ready for him.

"Touch your breasts with your hands. I want you to play with yourself."

The low command made her groan. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as he stared down at her, watching as she squeezed her breasts hard, her fingers pinching and rolling her nipples. Looking up at him, she played roughly, pulling at her tender buds and stretching them out under his lustful gaze, fingers digging into her soft breast flesh as she offered them up to him.

"Reach down with one of your hands and spread your pussy open. I want to see your clit."

The heat in her body wasn't just from embarrassment now, it was also blatant need. Although she couldn't believe that she was just willingly follow his commands to expose herself to him, she couldn't deny how hot it got her either. Trying to get some of her own back at him, she slid her hand seductively down her stomach, her index and forefinger making a V that she used to spread her pussy lips, her clit slowly revealing itself, nestled in a dewy blossom of pink. Her other hand kept playing with her nipple, her fingers curved over the mound of her breast.

The lewd picture she presented made her even more humiliated, especially wondering if anyone was watching her do this but she was beyond caring. It was too hot, his hungry eyes watching her but his body refusing to touch her, refusing to fulfill her.

"That's very pretty. Now slide one of those fingers inside yourself, get it nice and wet."

Jessica groaned as she followed his instruction, her hand sliding over her heated, needy flesh and then one finger parting her lips and entering her body. She shivered. It was so much hotter when she was doing it because he told her to, not because she was just getting herself off. Swirling the finger around inside of herself, she groaned, pinching her nipple hard and arching up at him.

"Very good, little one. Now reach behind you and put that finger in your ass. It should be easy, I know it's already had some stretching today."

He smirked at her as the blush flared over her face again. Pulling her finger from her body she transferred the wet digit behind her, pushing her ass out as it quested for her recently deflowered hole. She'd never played with her own ass before. As she pushed into the tight hole, she couldn't help but shiver with another roil of lust. It was sore, but that just reminded her exactly what she'd been doing with it this morning and how hard she'd cum while Mr. Flood had been fucking it.

"Move it in and out."

Biting her lip to keep from crying out and begging him to touch her, she pressed her finger in and out of her ass. "Now put your other hand on your pussy and play with yourself." Her fingers were very quickly between both sides of her legs. spread thighs lewd and needy, fingers pushing in and out of both of her holes with wet sloppy sounds.

Mr. Fire unzipped his pants - FINALLY! - and stepped forward.


Chris glanced over at Justin, who had his student bent over a bench and was going at her from behind as he watched the erotic tableau created by Chris and Jessica. She was so freaking hot, on her knees, fingers wriggling away inside of her as she panted with sexual need. His dick felt like it was about to burst seeing her like this. Everything about this class obviously turned her on... she was the epitome of his and Justin's dream girl. Beautiful, great personality and everything they both liked between the sheets... naturally submissive, into a little bit of pain, incredibly responsive and being ordered around obviously turned her on.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, fisting it in his hand as he stepped up to her.

"Open up little one," he ordered softly. "Keep playing with yourself, but you aren't allowed to cum until I do."

The moan she let out was cut off as he fed his thick erection between her lips, his own groan emitting as her soft mouth sucked him in, hungry for his cock. Immediately she began moving her head back and forth... he could tell that she had just come from a Fellatio class because the head of his dick went right down her throat without even the hint of gagging from her. Putting his hands on her head, he pumped his hips in and out of her eager and wet mouth, her lips clamped down tightly around his shaft, her tongue sliding and licking, teasing the underside as his head wedged between her tonsils. The confines of her throat vibrated as she moaned, her body wriggling beneath him with lust as she played with herself.


Mr. Fire's order that she not cum until he did just made Jessica even more desperate to get off. The heat between her legs had her entire body on edge. She pushed a second finger into her ass, the tight hole clenching down around her slender fingers as they pushed in and out of her. The thick dick between her lips was so satisfying, at this point she almost didn't care what hole he was in, just having him inside of her while she was this hot made her shudder with satisfaction. Sucking deep and hard on him, she thought to herself that she'd never gotten such intense satisfaction from giving a man a blow job.

Movement at the corner of her eye caught her attention and her gaze slid from Mr. Fire's hips over to where Mr. Flood was slamming into another student from behind, her bound body draped over a bench, and his dark eyes locked with hers as he rutted. The hunger in his eyes, the fact that he was watching her as she blew Mr. Fire made her cry out with desire, her throat vibrating over Mr. Fire's cock as it took another plunge into her mouth. Her fingers stopped moving between her legs, pushed fully into her, her body quivering as she caught herself just on the edge of her orgasm.

It was absolute torture, balancing on that edge, the tight tension in her body almost painful, her holes stimulated and ready but not quite fulfilled. Her muffled cries and the tears in her eyes as he realized what her orgasm denial was doing to her, finally sent Mr. Fire over the edge.

"Cum little one," he gasped, shoving hard into her mouth, "cum with me NOW."

At his first order Jessica's fingers had pulled mostly out of her, and on his final word she plunged them back in, her clit rubbing against her hand as her denied culmination fell over the edge and off the cliff, her body writhing in ecstatic passion. Only Mr. Fire's hands on her head kept her upright and on his cock as she automatically swallowed his cum, her screams of pleasure reverberating through his body. It felt like he dumped a gallon of cum down her throat and she loved it.

As she came down from her incredible high, her holes twitching with the lingering echoes of her orgasm, she kept sucking at him as she righted herself on her knees, holding her own weight again. Slowing the movement of her fingers, she massaged herself, stroking herself softly into the warm after glow of bliss. Mr. Fire let his dick slip from her soft lips and knelt down in front of her, cupping her breasts as he kissed her deeply.

Taking the hand in her pussy, he pulled it up to his mouth and cleaned it off. Jessica groaned again at the erotic sight of him licking her fingers clean of pussy juices.

Mr. Fire smiled at her.

"You can take your other fingers out now and get dressed."


As Jessica left the classroom both Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood were standing by the door. Mr. Flood stopped her with a light touch on her arm.

"We know you're going to be choosing next week's classes over this weekend," said Mr. Fire, grinning seductively. "We hope to see more of you in this one...

"And we really hope you'll take our Ménage Trois class," finished Mr. Flood.

Blushing hotly, Jessica ducked her head and nodded before practically fleeing the classroom. She was far too embarrassed to handle staring at them while she knew all three of them were thinking about what it would be like to be together all at once.

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