tagErotic CouplingsVenus School of Sex Ch. 11

Venus School of Sex Ch. 11


Author's Note: This story involves the use of freshly picked berries in the woods used in ways that some people might consider unrealistic, but I thought the fantasy was hot so I went with it. I hope you enjoy!


Jessica woke up alone in her room for the first time on Saturday morning. Nick had spent the night with Vanessa and after yesterday's multitude of orgasms and intense experiences she was more than happy to have had a night to herself. The minor obsession she had going on about Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire was something that she'd wanted to have time to think about. She'd gone to the Friday night movie showing with Charity and the rest of her friends, and enjoyed watching Love Actually which was one of her favorite movies, before coming back to her room to just veg out. Charity was at Paul's, of course, and the room seemed a little empty without her sunny personality, but it did give Jessica plenty of time to poke at her emotions.

The chemistry with her Instructors was intense, yes, and it made the classes much more enjoyable... but she really had to remind herself that it was just sex when it came right down to it. Sexual chemistry happens and you can't always help who it's with. She lay back on her bed, idly toying with her nipples as she thought back to yesterday. She'd spent a lot of time last night trying to figure out which one she preferred, but why bother when after next week she'd never see them again? It just made more sense to have as much amazing sex with the two of them as she could, enjoy the chemistry, while she was here. After that they'd be a wonderful memory and she would just have to hope that she could find a man at home to date that she had at least half the chemistry with.

Her fingers stilled on her breasts and she popped up out of bed, suddenly eager to start the day. She hadn't realized how much her infatuation with them had been bothering her until she'd had the time to actually think everything through. The new resolution to just enjoy herself, seriously, without worrying about the consequences or trying to decide who she liked better - because it really didn't matter - felt freeing. Also she was eager to start her weekend at the school. The weekend was down time. Of course students could study or ask their teachers for special help, but there were also plenty of other activities that had nothing to do with sex. Checking the schedule that was sitting next to her bedpost, Jessica decided that she wanted to go for the morning hike and picnic lunch before coming back to spend some time in an art class. It had been awhile since she'd done any painting - probably not since high school - but she'd always found art to be very relaxing. After the art class she could go check out the school wardrobe, which opened at 5pm, so that she could find a dress to wear to the dance that had been announced for tonight. The theme was 1920's Speak Easy.

Hopping up she went to her closet and examined the small amount of clothes that she'd brought. Since students wore nothing but their uniforms during the week the school had recommended bringing only changes of clothes for the weekend and the trip home. Jessica put on her neon pink thong before covering it with her favorite pair of torn jean shorts. They hugged her ass and thighs, showing off plenty of leg but without letting her butt cheeks hang out of the bottom. Then she put on her regular white bra and pulled a purple tank top made out of ribbed material over her head. It felt weird to be wearing regular clothes again, her pussy felt almost constricted in the underwear and shorts. She put on socks and laced up her sneakers, since she was going to be hiking, before heading out the door for breakfast.


The dining hall was very sparse that morning, only a few other students were up and moving around, and when Jessica went to join the hiking group she found that it consisted of Mr. Winter and Mr. Flood leading the hike for herself and three other students - a boy named Oscar and two girls named Lily and Bridgit. The tingle of pleasure that she got when Mr. Flood gave her a smile and a greeting heightened her anticipation for the day. She hadn't meant to be thinking about anything sexual today, but she had to admit that it was hard not to check him out in his unusual (for him) outfit of cutoff jeans and a form fitting cotton green t-shirt. The well-used hiking boots on his feet didn't lessen his appeal at all; it was obvious from his eager anticipation that hiking was something he truly enjoyed. Both he and Mr. Winter were carrying back packs that held the picnic lunch.

Somehow everyone naturally fell into pairs as they started up the path into the woods; it was just wide enough to accommodate hiking side by side. The morning sun was filtered through the leaves and the lush green of early summer foliage interspersed with bright flashes of color where flowers had bloomed was beautiful. Of course, she found herself hiking next to Mr. Flood who did plenty to improve the scenery. It was so weird to see him and Mr. Winter in completely normal clothes, although still wearing their masks of course.

"So what are you doing up so early this morning?" he asked her. "This isn't exactly the most popular activity over the weekend usually."

Jessica laughed. "My 'study buddy' was studying with someone else last night and my roommate was also 'studying' in someone else's room. I guess everyone else was probably busy studying too and ended up sleeping in. I hate sleeping the day away anyway. And I love hiking. It's nice to stretch my legs."

She blushed a little bit as she realized what double entendre could be made with her last sentence, but Mr. Flood just smiled and winked at her.

"I know what you mean. I'm big into the outdoors and I always look forward to this part of the class session, even though we usually have very few students joining us for it. There have been a couple of times where it's just me and Winter out here hiking."

"So lack of participation doesn't stop you?" she laughed, enjoying the easy flow of conversation.

"Not at all. All the weekend activities are hobbies that the Instructors do in their own time, that we truly enjoy. As much as we all enjoy teaching the classes, in some ways the weekends and sharing our passions with the students is just as rewarding."

"That's fantastic," she said. "I had no idea that's how the activities for the weekend were chosen."

"It's a pretty good system. So you've done a lot of hiking?"

"I wouldn't say a lot, but I used to go camping every summer with my parents and I try to get out at least once a year, although I have to drive to get to any hiking trails."

The conversation flowed easily between them as they talked about their love of the outdoors. Jessica found out that Mr. Flood loved hiking, fishing, camping, sailing... if it involved being outdoors, he was into it. She was fascinated by his description of his sailboat, she'd never been sailing before and listening to him talk about being on the water, the mechanics of using the wind to determine speed and direction, was fascinating. For a brief moment she wished that she could ask him to take her sailing, but she squashed that thought down and reminded herself that she was just supposed to be enjoying their sexual chemistry and then moving on after this session of school. Despite the mask over his face it was all too easy to imagine dating someone like him. During the walk she was able to impress him with some knowledge on the local foliage, the few plants that she recognized from camps she'd been to at her local nature center.

Eventually they reached a clearing in the woods a meadow of short grass and plentiful wildflowers. Nearby a creek burbled over a rocky bed, the water cool and clear and filled with minnows. Jessica and the other girls spent a few minutes wading in the creek, letting the minnows come and explore their feet as they stood still in the shallow water.

After a few minutes of wading back and forth, a large shadow approached and Jessica looked up to see Mr. Flood standing on the edge of the creek, grinning at her.

"Well hello little water sprite."

Jessica giggled. "You should come in, it feels fantastic."

"Maybe later. Do you like blackberries?"

"I love blackberries."

The grin on his face broadened. "Want to go pick some blackberries with me? There's a patch nearby."

Jessica nodded her head and waded towards him. Chivalrously, he offered her his hand as she stepped out of the creek bed and onto dry land.

"Do I need to put my sneakers back on?" she asked. She hated walking in wet shoes.

"No, there's a dirt path down to the patch, and the school keeps it pretty clear of any debris."

Mr. Flood grabbed a basket for them to put the berries in and a blanket, which he rolled into a pad to kneel on and tucked under his arm, and then they were off down the blackberry path. Despite the brambles there were plenty of berries, and the two of them were quickly enjoying picking berries and popping a few of them into their own mouths, and quite a few of them into each other's until their lips and tongues were stained with berry juices. Jessica was kneeling on the pad of blanket to get the lower berries while Mr. Flood picked the ones from higher up. He made a game of trying to drop them into her cleavage while she tried to stop him by catching the dropping berries in her mouth.

"You know what this reminds me of?" she asked him.


"Did you ever read that kid's book, 'Blueberries for Sal'?"

He laughed. "That's the one where her pail keeps making noise while she picks the berries, because she keeps eating them right?"

"Yes," Jessica darted to catch another berry in her mouth. "Missed," she teased him.

"Maybe I just like seeing you on your knees with your mouth open," he teased back.

Feeling playful and forgetting that he was her instructor, Jessica leaned over and bit his buttock. He jumped and roared with laughter, stumbling and falling down as she tried to grab at him. She giggled so hard at the dumbfounded expression on his face that she didn't see him coming; he was up and on top of her in an instant, cradling her body gently as he pushed her down to the ground. The low growl in his throat didn't intimidate her at all, it just turned her on.

"Well you are a very bad little girl," he said, nipping at her collarbone as he settled himself between her legs. The soft grass beneath her tickled the backs of her thighs and neck.

"Mmmm, well maybe you should punish me Professor," she replied, surprising another laugh out of him.

"Oh so that's the way of it, is it?"

"Yes sir," she grinned up at him. Then he kissed her, hard and demanding, his mouth tasting like the sweet blackberries that they'd been eating. Jessica wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing back hard. It suddenly occurred to her that even though this man had taken her anal virginity, they'd never had regular sex. Shivering, she spread her legs further and wrapped her legs around him too, pulling him into her body.

Mr. Flood pushed up on his hands.

"Let me go and put your arms above your head."

Jessica moaned, knowing that she wasn't being rejected, that he was just taking control of the situation. His verbal commands turned her on as much as Mr. Fire's had. As she obeyed him, loosely laying her arms on either side of her head, wrists about half a foot apart above her.


Justin couldn't believe how incredible Jessica was. He'd already known how much he liked her, but finding out how much they had in common was just adding fuel to his already stoked fire. Seeing her in hiking clothes this morning, up early and ready to go, had been best surprise he'd ever had. Chris was going to go nuts when he found out that he'd slept through an opportunity like this. His buddy wasn't against the outdoors, but he was not a morning person and he always took the opportunity to sleep in on the weekends. Too bad for him.

Straddling her eager body over her hips, Justin skimmed the tips of his fingers from her collarbone down to her waist, watching as she arched up for him, hands above her head on the ground. Sliding his fingers under the hem of her shirt, he worked it up her body and over her head and arms, dropping it to the ground beside him. Seeing her in a covering bra was almost maddening after the easy access he'd had all week. Dropping down to kiss her, tasting the sweet berry of her mouth, his tongue explored between her lips as he slipped one hand underneath her and behind her back, pinching the bra's clasp and undoing it quickly and easily.

When he pulled away, taking her bra off, Jessica grinned and undulated, thrusting her breasts up at him.

"One hand, impressive."

Justin laughed at her audacity, cupping her breasts gently and running his forefingers over her nipples, teasing them to hardness.

"Are you looking for more punishment Miss Mouthy?"

"So far I don't feel punished at all," she said, and then closed her eyes, gasping as he pinched her nipples. Moaning, she arched her back again as he rolled the tender buds between his fingers, toying with her body.

"We'll get there," he murmured.

Reaching over, he pulled a blackberry from the bush and crushed it between his fingers, rubbing it on her nipple and watching as the black juices ran over her pale skin.

"Hmmm, what a delicious berry," he said playfully. Then he moved his body down to straddle her thighs, making it easier for him to lean over and lick the juice off of her breast, sucking her nipple into her mouth. Shuddering underneath him, her hips moved up to bump against his hard cock as he suckled at her breast. Despite his best attempts at cleaning the berry juice with his mouth, little stains of dark blue were left on her creamy skin. Justin traced the blue tracks with light finger touches as he grabbed another berry from the bush, repeating the process over her other nipple. Lapping at the juices, he admired the berry stains on her flesh, thinking that they made her look like some kind of exotic woodland goddess, her nipples stained dark in preparation for some arcane ritual.


Jessica moaned, humping her hips up and down, her body trapped between Mr. Flood's legs as he sucked and nipped at her breasts. The berry juice was cool on her skin, and the juxtaposition of his warm mouth when he sucked the juices off just made her pussy even wetter. With her arms above her head she felt very open and vulnerable to him. She didn't even mind when she noticed that the juices were staining her breasts with color, it was almost like he was leaving hickies on her and she'd never minded those. Besides, eventually she figured she'd be able to wash it off in the shower. For now it was incredibly hot having him eat off of her breasts.

One of his hands slid down her stomach while he sucked and nibbled at her tender buds, alternating between them, letting one dry in the cool breeze as he wet the other with his mouth. As his fingers curved over her jean covered mound, Jessica moaned and rubbed her clothe covered lower body against him. The palm of his hand pressed down hard and the seam dug into her pussy as his fingers pressed between her slightly spread legs. Gasping with pleasure, she rubbed herself against his hand, the rough material of her shorts giving her all sorts of wonderful friction. When she tried to spread her legs more, to give him further access to her body, she found herself stopped by his knees which were firmly planted on either side of her.

Just as she could feel that hot itch building, he moved his hand away and sat back, looking down at her again, a pleased smile on his face. Jessica panted with need, her stained breasts aching for his mouth to return, her lower body burning with hungry desire. Slowly, almost like a strip tease, Mr. Flood removed his own shirt and Jessica watched him avidly as his bare chest became visible, her tongue darting out to lick her lips without her realizing it. She longed to reach up and touch him.

She hadn't been aware of moving her hands, but suddenly Mr. Flood's full length was on top of her, his arms covering hers, his hands on her wrists pushing them back above her head as his lips pressed against her neck. Writhing, she pushed up against him, enjoying the feel of her breasts squashing against his broad chest, nipples rubbing his skin.

"Keep your hands up here, little one," he told her and Jessica moaned as he slowly pulled himself up off of her, but she kept her arms firmly in place. Mr. Flood stood up over her and took of his jeans, so that she could see he'd been going commando underneath. The thick stalk of his erection jutted out from his body, and he fisted it, looking down at her as he pumped his hand back and forth a few times, seeing the greedy look on her face. Jessica spread her legs and he knelt between them, running his fingers up the insides of her smooth thighs and sliding just his finger tips under the edge of her shorts. Straining, she humped her lower body up and down.

Taking her legs, Mr. Fire put them both on one of his shoulders, bending her at the waist as he leaned forward to undo her button and zipper. Hooking his fingers over the edge, he pulled off both her shorts and her thong at the same time. Then he grabbed another berry from the bush. Jessica gasped as he manipulated her body so that her knees were folded against her chest, her feet pressing on his shoulders as he crushed the blackberry against the crinkled hole of her anus. Then his mouth was on it, flicking pieces of pulpy berry off of her skin and chewing them, his lips moving against the sensitive nerves of her asshole. His tongue pressed against her there, and she humped her hips up and down as he poked at her tender hole with his stiffened tongue. Turning her wrists over, she clutched at the grass above her head as he licked berry juices from her asshole, the wet flood from her pussy running down her crack to add to the flavor.

Slowly his tongue moved up towards her needy pussy and Jessica gave a moan of encouragement as his tongue teased the area between her slit and asshole, trying to press her hips down so that he would move his mouth further north. Taking several berries from the bush, Mr. Flood teased one up and down her wet slit, the soft and bumpy texture feeling strange and erotic against her needy folds. Then he reached around her leg to pop the berry in her mouth. Sweet blackberry and musky pussy juice mingled on her tongue, giving her an idea of what a tasty combination Mr. Flood was about to feast on.

He crushed the rest of the berries into her pussy, rubbing the pulp up and down her wet lips as the blackberry pieces stuck to her flooded folds and the juices turned her pussy a dark purple. Then he began licking up the mess he'd made. Jessica writhed, groaning with pleasure at the incredible sensations, feeling his tongue cleaning her, sliding through her folds and coming away with the berry pulp. Her pussy was a gorgeous mess of berry juice and female arousal and Mr. Flood's hands tightened on her waist as he licked the potent combination, careful not to press his face into her pussy even though he wanted to.

By the time Jessica's pussy was cleaned of the berry pulp, although her pink flesh was still stained dark which completed the erotic image of her as some kind of supernatural woods creature, she was ready to cum. More than, in fact, Mr. Flood had carefully kept her right on the edge of orgasm and her shuddering body was desperate for relief.

"Oh please!" she cried out when he pulled his tongue away from her. Mr. Flood pulled her feet off of his shoulders and put them on the ground, keeping her knees bent and pointed at the sky and her thighs spread. His hands gripped and caressed the outside of her thighs, holding her in place as he leaned forward brushing the head of his cock against her pussy. Massaging hard into her flesh, he began working his way down her thighs towards her ass, and Jessica spasmed with need as he continued to deny her orgasm.

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