tagAnalVenus School of Sex Ch. 12

Venus School of Sex Ch. 12


On the hike back from the clearing, Jessica continued talking easily with Mr. Flood. Lunch had been fun - they'd come back to find Mr. Winter and Bridgit going at it in the middle of the meadow. It was a beautiful day and apparently being outdoors was affecting everyone. Who knows what the other two had been up to, they came out of the woods giggling madly, so Jessica suspected that everyone had been spending their morning in a pleasurable manner. It was nice to just sit and talk to everyone while they ate, enjoying the morning and acting like the past week had been entirely normal in all of their lives.

Upon return to the school she got a sexy smile from Mr. Flood before he went off with Mr. Winter to do whatever they were doing that afternoon. Jessica debated between going to the painting class and going to take a shower to wash off the berry juice. After all, the weekend was rather relaxed, she didn't have to go immediately to the art room because she could just drop in at any time, but she wanted to have enough time to finish whatever she started. And it wasn't like anyone could see the berry stains that Mr. Flood had left on her... Smiling secretively, she decided to go ahead and go to the painting class and just enjoy her little secret of knowing that there was some extra color that had been "painted" onto a couple of her body parts.

She'd been so wrapped up in the surprising morning activities with Mr. Flood and was feeling so good after being out in the sun and hiking, that she'd almost forgotten about Mr. Fire. When she stepped into the art room and saw him focused on a canvas in front of him, the attraction to him hit her like a ton of bricks. 'I don't have to choose between them,' she reminded herself sternly, even though it was (of course) her natural inclination to feel like she had to choose. But they were instructors, not dates, and just because she'd had a fantastic morning of kinky berry sex with Mr. Flood that didn't mean that the chemistry between her and Mr. Fire was just going to disappear. He was dressed simply, in nice jeans and a button down red shirt, and she thought that he looked pretty fantastic in regular clothes.

Curious she went over and stood next to him to see what he was painting. Mr. Fire glanced up at her and smiled a welcome, his big muscular body strangely at ease with a paintbrush in his hand.

"That's amazing!" she gasped, staring at his work. It was an oil painting of a narrow street with no cars on it, the median was covered in flowery bushes, tree branches arched over the street in a canopy of green with lacy looking green tendrils hanging down from them, the sidewalk and buildings on the opposite side from the median were painted charming white and tan wood with hand lettered business signs. The street looked like something from the 1950s, but incredible beautiful and Jessica loved the way nature overlapped with the man-made objects, a harmony and blending melding the two together.

"That's where I grew up," he replied, dabbing his paint brush against the tree. It was obvious that he wasn't done with the hanging canopy of branches, although the rest of the painting looked mostly finished.

"How long have you been working on this? There's no way you started this today."

He laughed. "No, I brought it with me. I've been working on it about two months now, although I did come here right after waking up to start painting."

"Where is it?"

"Savannah, Georgia. See the hanging moss?" he pointed his brush at the lacy green webs hanging down from the branches, careful not to touch the canvas. "That's Spanish moss, it's everywhere in Historic Savannah. Except the hanging squares."

"Hanging Squares?"

Mr. Fire winked at her and she felt her stomach flip flop. "Where they used to do the public executions. Local lore says that Spanish moss won't grow where innocent lives have been taken."

Jessica shivered. "Is that true."

"Who knows for sure," he shrugged. "But Spanish moss grows all over the place in Savannah, except for the hanging squares."

"That's creepy," she complained and he laughed at her.

"Not into ghost stories?"

"Too scary. Especially when it seems like there could be some truth to them."

"Too bad. Savannah's incredibly beautiful, but it's also supposedly the most haunted city in America."

"Maybe I'll have to make a day trip sometime," she teased.

"It'd be worth it. Did you want to paint?"

Mr. Fire directed her to the art closet where Jessica decided to use watercolors. His expertise with the oil painting had intimidated her and she didn't want to use the same medium as him. There was a seat right next to him that she decided to sit in, ignoring the other open seats around the room. They weren't the only ones there, a few other teachers and students were scattered around, some painting, some sketching, some playing with clay. Jessica wasn't sure what she wanted to paint exactly, so she started with some broad strokes of blue across the top... something nature-y maybe.

After a couple minutes Mr. Fire started talking with her, asking what she was doing, what kind of supplies she liked working best with, and the conversation flowed as easily with him as it had with Mr. Flood. She had to admit that mostly she did pencil sketches, she just wasn't a good enough painter to really put any time and effort into it so mostly she doodled. But she liked painting - especially water colors, which she found especially relaxing. Impressionist painting had always been her favorite, and they segued into a serious discussion about Monet and Van Gogh because those were the two that she knew best (like most people).

An hour later she was putting the finishing touches on her berry bushes and the blue sky overhead when Mr. Fire left his easel to look at her paper.

"Nice," he commented. For a moment she thought he was just saying that, but then he continued. "You've got some good shadows on the ground, and I like how you made the berries stand out against the less defined lines of the brambles. Did you go hiking this morning?"

"Yes." Jessica blushed deeply.

"Mmm." he winked at her.


Chris followed Jessica into the supply closet with the excuse that he wanted to show her some of the other supplies that she could choose from if she wanted to start a new project. God she was so hot in regular clothes... as much as he missed seeing her pert nipples peeking out at him through the school uniform, there was something so sexy about her being covered up while he remembered what she looked like under those clothes. As she stood in the middle of the supply closet he came up behind her, his body only an inch away from her back. Sensing that he was there, she leaned back against him, and his hard dick pressed against the soft curve of her buttocks.

"Mmmm," she purred, rubbing her ass against him. Immediately his arms went around her, one sliding down to press over her jean-short covered pussy, the other sliding up under her shirt and squeezing her breast through her bra. Her hands were down by her sides and she reached back to grab his thighs, pulling him against her.

Tilting his head, Chris let his lips walk down the side of her neck, and she moved her head to the other side so that he had completely free access as her pony tail brushed away.

"So you like art supplies do you?" he asked, his hands rubbing and squeezing her body, his bulge humping against her ass. God it felt like they were a couple of teenagers, both of them fully clothed while he was feeling her up in a school closet.

"Well after I saw how talented you are with your hands," she teased. And then gasped as his fingers slipped into her bra and pinched her already hard nipple. Carefully he worked his fingers into the crotch of her shorts, pressing up through one of her leg holes and rubbing the moist, slippery flesh of her pussy. She moaned, her body moving with his, pressing her ass back against him as her her hands squeezed his thighs. Pulling his hands away, Chris turned her around and pushed her up against one of the vertical struts of the shelves, knowing that would be more comfortable for her, as his mouth descended on hers and they kissed deeply, her body rubbing against his. Her hands pressed against his chest as he groped her ass, lifting one of her thighs a little so that he could press the core of his body against hers. Jessica moaned against his lips, sucking his tongue into her mouth.

"We're wearing too much clothing," he muttered, pulling away from her. Slipping his hands under her shirt, he had it up and over her head and she started unbuttoning the buttons on his shirt as he reached behind her to undo her bra. As he leaned back, pulling the undergarment from her body, he burst out laughing.

"What? -Oh." Jessica looked down at herself and giggled. Her nipples were dark and purplish, streaks of purple color looking like it was dripping down her creamy skin from the darkened buds.

Chris pressed one finger lightly against her nipple, feeling it harden under his touch. "Berries?"

"Yeah," Jessica giggled.

Obviously she and Justin had enjoyed the hike this morning. Chris felt faintly envious... but at the same time like this was giving him the opportunity to be much more creative than he'd been planning on. Why have just regular sex in the supply closet when you can spark things up and make it interesting? Especially since the school had all sorts of supplies in here, some of which was meant to give the students and teachers some intriguing options.

"Do you trust me?" he asked, rubbing his finger tip against her nipple, while she leaned back against the cool metal of the vertical strut.

"Yes," she breathed.

"Put your hands above your head."

Jessica was practically panting as she raised her arms. He took of his shirt and put it around the shelf's strut, one sleeve on each side. Making sure that her elbows would be bent, he swiftly tied her wrists with the sleeves, giving the main part of the shirt enough slack that he'd be able to turn her around to face the shelf when it was time. As his lower body pressed against hers while he was tying her wrists, Jessica shook her upper body back and forth, rubbing her breasts and hard nipples over the bare skin of his chest. Once she was secured, he kept his lower body against hers, trapping her between his hard cock and the shelves, and began playing with her breasts.

She moaned fitfully, squirming against him as he squeezed and kneading her flesh and then began pulling and tugging on her nipples, rolling the little buds between his fingers. Her cries became more impassioned, the movement of her hips harder, as he toyed with her nipples, giving the aching buds no rest. He could tell how turned on she was by the teasing, the rough treatment of her nipples, and her helplessness with her hands tied above her head. Finally he released the tender buds, they looked even darker now and were fully erect, and he unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them and her thong down and off of her. Like her breasts, her pretty pink pussy was stained dark with berry juice, and he could feel his cock throbbing in his pants. What the hell had Justin done to her? It was incredibly hot.

Going over to one of the shelves, Chris grabbed one of the special brushes that the school kept from a box and pulled it out of the plastic sleeve it came in. These brushes all came individually wrapped. The bristles were soft but stiff, it was a pointed brush, the kind used for water colors, and the handle was bulbous and actually thicker then the brush itself, about 6 " long and rounded at the end. Picking up a clean bowl he filled it with water at the sink and then turned to see the bound beauty watching him with curious and anticipatory eyes. God she was beautiful. Her arms above her head meant that her already perky breasts were lifted even further, her tormented nipples pointing out proudly and stained dark, her legs were parted enough that he could see the slick wetness on her berry-colored pussy.

Returning, Chris put the bowl of water on the shelf next to her waist, the perfect height for him to dip the brush into. Wetting the end of the brushed he then began to sweep it across her nipple, like he was painting the sensitive thing. Jessica gasped and arched her back.

"It's cold!"

"I know."


The feeling of the soft, cold, wet brush circling around her nipples was torturous. She'd thought she was going to cum just from the way Mr. Fire had been pinching and tugging at her sensitive nipples, and now to have him teasing her all over again... she could feel her pussy leaking like a sieve. Cool drops of water trickled down her breast, sliding in a tantalizing way across her skin. All of her nerve endings were humming. Holding the tip of the brush directly over her nipple, Mr. Fire slowly pushed it straight down and Jessica panted as the bristles on the brush rubbed and splayed against her nipple. Then he re-wet the brush and repeated his actions on her other nipple.

Jessica humped her hips, letting her wrists pull on his shirt, but the way he had knotted it just meant that the clothe tightened around her arms. When his warm mouth replaced the cold brush she thought she might explode with the combustible need that was building inside of her, the sucking of his lips seeming to draw directly on her pussy.

"Ooooooooooooh fuck..." she moaned as he switched nipples and the brush began swirling around her stomach, working its way lower and lower. Mr. Fire pulled his head away and she whimpered, watching as he re-dipped the brush in water and then gave her a scrutinizing look.

"Not much cleaner, but a little."

Jessica blushed again.

Then he knelt in front of her, tapping the inside of her thigh with his fingers, and she obligingly spread her legs, her elbows stretching out a little as her body sank down due to the change in position. The cold bristles of the brush stroked her pussy lips, the soft touch wasn't nearly enough to satisfy her need and she cried out, humping her hips and trying to get more contact. Mr. Fire's strong hand on her hip pressed her against the shelves, holding her in place, as he painted over her pussy with water, teasing the tender folds with the soft bristles.

When he pointed the brush over her clit and then pressed down on it, the same way he had with her nipples, Jessica shuddered and writhed, and as he rubbed the bristles hard against her she bucked and cried out as she came, the paintbrush sweeping over her clit again and again as she humped and clutched at the strut, pulling on his shirt, for support. As the brush began stroking up and down her juicy slit, Jessica moaned and sighed, the grip of her ecstasy gentling as the brush tickled her sensitive folds.

Standing up again, Mr. Fire swept the brush over her lips, painting them with her juices, and then he kissed her so that they could both taste her orgasm as he pressed against her hard. Suddenly he pulled away and turned her around so that she was facing the strut.

"Hold onto the shelves," he told her, his hands moving her thighs apart to his desired spread. Jessica's fingers gripped the shelf that her wrists were bound above. She could hear clothes dropping behind her and knew that he had taken his pants off. Moaning with desire, she moved her ass up and down, wanting him to push inside of her and pound her from behind.

Instead, something cold and hard began to push into her pussy, rounded at first and then slowly spreading out and getting wider. Jessica gulped and wriggled as she realized that he was inserting the handle of the paintbrush into her pussy. As he began to move it back and forth inside of her, slathering it with her juices, Jessica made pleased noises in her throat and pushed back. The handle was slowly warming itself in her body and the odd shape, tapered at both ends with a thick center, felt good inside of her. A slick finger pushed at her backdoor and she groaned as she was penetrated in both holes, his finger lubing her ass as he fucked her with the brush handle.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh God yes.... don't stop, please don't stop..."

A deep chuckle. "I wasn't planning to."

Then his finger pulled out of her ass and something much thicker began pressing against the crinkled hole. Jessica yelped as he pushed in pass her tight ring and then relaxed. All the work of the week to get her ass ready to be deflowered remained effective, and although she could feel herself stretching to accommodate his thick shaft it didn't hurt, it was just a little uncomfortable as the taut hole was breached. It was also a much tighter fit than yesterday because of the brush handle that was still buried in her pussy. Mr. Fire reached around her body and in between her legs and started pumping the handle in and out of her pussy again as he began the slow process of working his way into her tight ass hole. The combination made her holes clutch at him and the handle, her body feeling so wonderfully full, a warm glow that started in her stomach and spread down past her knees.

Her legs felt wobbly as he pushed the final inch inside of her ass, his body pressed against her spread cheeks. Then he began to thrust, matching stroke for stroke with the paintbrush that was embedded in her pussy. Jessica's gasps of pleasure rent the air, her heated sex pressing back hard against Mr. Fire, holes spasming as she enjoyed the slick, erotic plundering of her tight anus and the matching movements of the handle rocking between her pussy lips.

A small part of her wondered if this is what it would feel like to be ravished by two men, and then even that thought was swept away by the growing climax between her legs. As Mr. Fire's cock buried itself into her pulsing ass, over and over, she could feel a whole different kind of orgasm starting... the brush rubbed over her g-spot in her pussy and it was like the head of his cock nudged a corresponding spot in her ass, every time he thrust into the quivering hole. Her hands gripped the shelf strut tightly as her entire body tightened and then released, the hot pleasure in her ass wrapping around the creaming of her pussy, and her orgasm spiraled wildly, engulfing her entire body.

"OH FUCK!" she screamed, throwing her head back and arching her ass, presenting it for a more brutal assault, as Mr. Fire's cock expanded inside of her, inflating her tightest hole even more. Shoving the paintbrush deep into her pussy, he then grabbed her hips with both of his hands and used the leverage to really nail her backside. Jessica's pussy was so tight with her release, the brush handle stayed firmly lodged in her hole as it clutched and shuddered, the interior of her hot ass spasming around the bouncing cock inside of it. With a bellow Mr. Fire bucked and entrenched itself deep in her ass, spurting thick gouts of cum and filling her dark cavity.

"Oh fuck..." Jessica groaned, her hips still moving slightly as she rubbed her ass against Mr. Fire. His dick was finishing its convulsions inside of her ass and she had been able to feel every pulse of his cum pressing past her rim and into her body, she'd been so tight. There was a strange feeling as the brush was finally released by her clasping pussy, and she cried out, her body undulating a little, as it fell from her and dropped to the floor.

Mr. Fire covered the back of her shoulders with kisses, his hands gently massaging her breasts from behind as they came down from the wonderful rapture, his cock slowly shrinking inside of her.

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