tagGroup SexVenus School of Sex Ch. 13

Venus School of Sex Ch. 13


Jessica couldn't believe the day she was having. By the time she got back to her room to take a shower around 4pm, she was feeling completely overwhelmed by all the surprises of the day. Who knew she would have so much in common with Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire? It had been strange getting to know them a little more outside of the classroom setting, but nice too. Kind of made it harder on her because she was more attracted to them than ever, having glimpsed some of the personality behind the masks and their Instructor positions. She wondered if she'd ever meet a guy that could compete with either of them.

"Why so glum, chum?" Charity asked as Jessica came back to the room, freshly washed. She'd been able to get most of the blackberry stain off of herself, although there was still a little left.

"Have you ever had a crush on any of the Instructors here?" Jessica asked, before she could lose her courage.

Charity rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah. I fell head over heels for an instructor my first year here, Mr. Lake. He let me down pretty easy at the end of the session. Still sucked though. I never know whether to hope to see him at a session or not. Why? Do you have an instructor crush?" The pretty red head perked up at the gossip.

Jessica blushed. "Maybe a little. On two instructors."

"Ooooo, is it Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood?" Charity asked. Jessica nodded. "Yeah, they're dead sexy. You're not the first, although they seem to kind of have a thing for you too, which I'd never seen before. Normally they switch around who they're instructing every class, not ensure that they get the same student over and over."

"Oh." Jessica didn't know what to think about that. Hopeful? But that was silly. Even if they were attracted to her that didn't mean anything.

She put down her towel and started changing her clothes again.

"Hey, what happened to you?!"

Obviously Jessica hadn't done as thorough a clean-up job as she'd thought. Blushing, she quickly started to put on her shorts and tank top again.

"I uh, went hiking this morning and Mr. Flood and I went to pick blackberries... and ah..."

It didn't take long before Jessica was dressed and sitting on her bed, recounting her entire day's activities to Charity, who was obviously both impressed and envious. Apparently neither Mr. Flood or Mr. Fire had a reputation for interacting with students during the weekends. That both of them had gotten down and dirty with Jessica was very unusual. She ignored the fluttering in her stomach.

"I'm just going to enjoy it while I'm here," she told Charity. "After all, it's just good chemistry and this isn't my real life. It's a great break, but I'm going to be back to reality at the end of next week and they aren't a part of it."

"That's exactly the right attitude to have," Charity said approvingly. "Enjoy what you can while you can, and it'll be a great memory when it's over. Although, you can always come back here too."

"If I can afford it," Jessica rolled her eyes.

"Yeah well. This ends up being my big vacation every year, even though I always tell myself that NEXT year I'm going to Hawaii."

The girls both laughed.

Jessica glanced at the clock. "We should go pick out our dresses for the dance tonight. You know where the clothing room is, right?"

"Yes! I'm so excited, let's go!"


"You should have come hiking with me this morning," Justin said grinning.

"You should have come to art class," Chris countered.

The two of them were hanging out in their bedroom, the first time they'd been together all day, and had just recounted their morning and afternoon with Jessica. She got under their skin, into their heads... normally they tried to stay aloof from the students and never had any "extra-curriculars" (as the Instructors liked to call them) during the weekends. Then again, they'd never come to the school before in order to make sure they could be the Instructors for a particular student.

"She's too perfect," Chris said. "It's unreal how perfect she is."

"Well, she has a few flaws."

"Like what?"

"She went to art class this afternoon."

Chris laughed and threw his pillow at his friend. Justin had never been able to sit still long enough to actually draw or paint anything. And while Chris could tolerate camping, to him it was something you did for one night, two at most, and you brought a lot of booze. The two of them had a lot in common, but when it came right down to it Justin was a lot more active than Chris, and Chris was a lot more artistic than Justin. Jessica was a siren call to both of them.

"So what are we going to do about tonight?" Justin finally asked the burning question.

Chris sighed and lay back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. "I don't know man. Dance with her."

"Obviously. I meant after that."

"Maybe we should just play it by ear."

"We could just leave her alone. Let her go back to her room alone. Or with a study buddy."

"My head says that's the best idea. My heart and my cock on the other hand..."

"Yeah I know what you mean."

The two of them stared at each other. Chris lying down, Justin sitting on his own bed. They'd been friends for a long time and it was testament to their deep bond that they weren't already fighting over her. Neither of them could even feel possessive... they were both happy for each other that they'd found a girl they liked. They just both wished they could like different girls.

"Hey man," said Chris.


"Those berry stains..."


"Fucking sexy. You perv."

They long-distance fist bumped across the room.


Jessica and Charity giggled as they rifled through the clothes in the costume room. There were several other students in there as well, although Jessica was kind of surprised that there weren't more. She and Charity had arrived exactly at 5pm, wanting to make sure that they were able to get good outfits for tonight.

"Some of the older students brought something to wear," Charity explained when Jessica expressed her surprise. "I like going through the school's stuff though, they always have much more interesting clothes than anything I could bring from home. And not everyone is as on top of it as you are." Charity grinned. "I bet you didn't procrastinate when you were a student at a regular school either."

"No, I always handed my projects in early," Jessica admitted.

"Knew it."

A rack of dresses that looked to be more covering than the rest of the short and low cut outfits available caught Jessica's eye. Curious she went over and picked up a dress that seemed to be made entirely of fringe, from its high neck to its skirt. Very flapper-ish. She took it off the rack and shook it, loving the way the fringe looked when it was flying. It was much more modest than she'd originally thought to wear although... frowning, she took a closer look at the material underneath the fringe.

"Oh my God."

"What?" Charity asked, poking her head out from behind a rack.

"This dress... see all the fringe? It's completely see through underneath, it's made of some kind of mesh."

"Ooo!" exclaimed Charity, trotting over to take a look. "You have to try it on. That's sexy."

The material was stretchy and tight, hugging all of her curves, and hanging down from her ass. It left her arms free, but covered her from her neckline down to mid-thigh. There was a button at the back of the neck to make sure that it covered her completely The fringe looked modest, although if her nipples got hard they might poke out between strands of fringe, but when Jessica moved and the fringe shook... it was like naughty peek-a-boo.

"Spin around," demanded Charity. She applauded as Jessica did so. "Holy crap that's hot. You have to wear that."

"If you don't want to, I will," said one of the other female students.

Looking in the mirror Jessica shimmied a little and giggled as her body parts flashed. She shot an apologetic look at the other student. "Sorry, but I think I'm going to keep this one."

"No need to be sorry," the girl said. "You look awesome." And then she left to go look for an outfit for herself.

It took a little bit more digging before they found a sexy number for Charity. It was made of sheer green silk and it draped around her seductively, but it wasn't fitted anywhere but her waist and if she moved in the wrong way she risked the entire thing falling down. The green set off the ivory of her skin and the brightness of her red hair.

"Do you think Paul will like it?" Charity curled some of her hair around her finger, admiring herself in the mirror.

"Definitely," Jessica said. "Especially when he realizes how easy it is to get it off of you."

Charity giggled as she leaned forward. "I can see everything when I do this!"

"I think that's the point," Jessica teased.

**** After dinner Charity and Jessica got ready and then headed to the dance. Jessica had pin curled the front of her hair and looped the rest of it into a complicated looking bun, that was actually three separate buns snugly placed together at the nape of her neck. She felt wonderfully naughty in her dress, because she wasn't wearing any underwear at all, and every time she moved flashes of her skin and body showed. It wasn't immediately obvious, unlike some of the sexier outfits that she saw other girls wearing - some of them were dressed in period, some not so much - but that just made her even happier with it. The dress was beautiful, unique and somewhat subtle (in comparison anyway). Plus she loved the way the fringe felt as it moved and swept across her body.

When she got to the dance she looked around, but she didn't see Mr. Floor or Mr. Fire right away. The room - where they usually ate, all but three tables had been taken down to make room for dancing. And when you got tired you could sit at one of those tables and have a snack, or just sit at one of the chairs lining the room. There was a DJ. Like any school dance, it was a little cheesy and uncomfortable, but as soon as Nick and Paul got Jessica and Charity out on the dance floor, Jessica started to relax and have fun.

The music switched back and forth from modern to 20's big band. They didn't really know how to dance to it, but they faked it.

"May I cut in?" asked a deep voice. Jessica looked up to see Mr. Fire. He was wearing a zoot suit, all black with white accessories and a white mask.

"Is that okay," she asked Nick.

"Sure, I should share myself around and dance with Vanessa," he said back, smiling genially. Then he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left her alone with Mr. Fire, who immediately took her hand. After just a few steps it was obvious that he knew what he was doing and that she did not.

"I'm sorry," she said, as she stepped on his foot for the second time.

"It's okay," he spun her around. "Relax... here we'll slow down. You take a quick back step with your left foot, and then two slower - but not slow - steps in place with your right then left. Watch, like this."

After getting the opportunity to see him do the steps it was a lot easier to mirror them. She still messed up a couple of times when he turned her, but it didn't take her long to catch on, and then they were swinging around the dance floor. About halfway through the song, midway through a turn, someone grabbed her out flung hand and Mr. Fire let her other hand go, suddenly she was swinging into the arms of Mr. Flood.

"You two are quite a team," she said to him laughing. He was dressed exactly opposite of Mr. Fire, in a white zoot suit with all black accessories and a black mask.

"We try," he said back. Then he did some kind of complicated turn that left her breathless and unable to talk as she had to concentrate to avoid tripping over herself or him.

"How did you two learn to do all this dancing?" she asked.

He shrugged. "It's fun. And dancing is often considered a way of seduction."

"Like flirtation?" she asked feeling breathless. He had no right to look this good or make her feel so weak kneed.

"More like a prelude to amazing sex." Mr. Flood winked at her and then pulled her in close, changing his steps just enough that they could dance for a moment with their bodies pressed together, before he spun her out again. The sudden motion, the sensual step, made Jessica's body tingle, despite the fact that she'd already had two incredible orgasms today.

Then Mr. Fire grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. They switched her back and forth several times, making her feel dizzy and gleeful. Each time the other would take her hand with less and less time between switch offs. T

he music changed, a slower song, as she was dancing with Mr. Flood. Mr. Fire pressed against her body from behind, trapping her between them as they swayed to the music. Mr. Flood's comment about dancing being a prelude to sex suddenly seemed to have a lot more meaning. Although, as she looked around the room, there were plenty of people who had given up on the prelude part and were just having sex, either on the dance floor or on the furniture. About half of the students and instructors were still just dancing, like her and her two favorite teachers.

She leaned her upper body back against Mr. Fire as her hands rand down to Mr. Flood's hips, pulling his groin against hers. The room was saturated with people and sex, and although she'd been nervous about the idea of two men at once, suddenly it seemed exciting. Being sandwiched between them was giving rise to all sorts of desires that she'd never acknowledged, some that she'd never known she had.


Chris and Justin looked at each other over Jessica's head. Either of them would have bowed out, if she'd shown a preference, but her preference seemed to be having both of them with her. She was encouraging both of them with the touches of her body and hands. They'd nearly keeled over when they'd seen her dancing, the sexy peep show that her fringe provided was ridiculously hot. In fact, part of the reason they'd both chosen to swing dance with her wasn't because they were good at it - although they were - but because they could easily turn her as often as possible, making the fringe fly out horizontally and showing off the maximum amount of her possible. Watching her dance and getting the full view was as much fun as dancing with her. And she'd been a fast learner, as she had proven herself to be with everything else.


In some ways it happened so fast that Jessica almost wasn't sure how she' d ended up back in Flood and Fire's room with both of them. They'd been dancing with her, and then Mr. Fire had suggested going somewhere more private... they'd walked back, all three of them arm in arm, and now she was sitting blushing on one of their beds (who knew which one) with one of them on each side. And she was blushing. Suddenly the good idea seemed incredibly terrifying.

"Relax," Mr. Flood murmured as he massaged her tense shoulders. She melted a little under the touch of his skilled hands. "We're not going to have a threesome."

"We're not?" Jessica wasn't sure if she was relieved or disappointed. Both of them laughed, but not in a mocking way.

"You haven't taken the class yet," Mr. Fire said. He put his hand on her thigh, stroking her skin with light fingers. The touch was comforting and arousing at the same time.

"So what are we going to do?" She was confused, horny, and anxious all at once. Although Mr. Flood's fingers were doing a good job of smoothing away some of her anxiety as his fingers walked across her upper back. "

We're going to take turns," Mr. Flood said in her ear, and she shivered as his breath blew across the sensitive part of her neck. "We'll both be here, and we'll both be touching you, but only one of us will be with you at a time. That is, of course, as long as you're amenable."

"Yes," she said immediately. She put a hand on each of their legs. "Very amenable."

Once she gave them permission all gloves were off. They had her stripped down to nothing and then Mr. Flood was sitting behind her on the bed, his hands still massaging her shoulders as Mr. Fire knelt between her legs, pulling her hips to the very edge so that he was right at face level with her pussy.

"OH!" she gasped, quivering as he began to lick at the wetness between her thighs. The combination of her desire, his tongue and the relaxing muscles of her shoulders was strange. Her body felt torn between being wonderfully loose and exquisitely tight. Having the two of them touch her at once was almost intoxicating... there was so much more to feel! Fingers massaging her shoulders, stroking her inner thighs... Mr. Fire's tongue between one set of lips and - she turned her head to catch Mr. Flood's mouth in a kiss - Flood between another.

They kissed passionately, his tongue pushing into her mouth as Mr. Fire's tongue pressed into her pussy hole. Jessica moaned and wriggled, moving her hips up and down. Mr. Flood's fingers pressed firmly into her shoulder blades, holding her in place and also giving her body a rush of pleasure as her muscles were forced to release their tension. It was like a mini-orgasm. Their skilled manipulation of her senses was dizzying, and she suddenly wished that they could have a real threesome, with both of them taking her at once. She wanted to know what it would feel like to truly be sandwiched between them.

Suddenly Mr. Fire began kissing up her body, his fingers gently massaging her pussy as he moved his lips to her breasts. Mr. Flood's fingers worked their way lower, to the middle of her back, which made her arch her back and press her breasts out for Mr. Fire to enjoy. Fire's hands were on her breasts, Flood's on her back pushing her forward, and she felt like her pussy was on fire. And now that both of Mr. Fire's hands were on her breasts it wasn't getting the attention it deserved. She almost grumbled, but then Mr. Fire's teeth closed down on her nipple, making her dig her fingers into Mr. Flood's thighs as she moaned with pleasure.

Mr. Flood bit down on the back of her neck where it met the top of her shoulder, his hands working down to her lower back. As he released tension from muscle after muscles it was like a cascade of small orgasms sliding down her backside. And then the tension just built right back up again as they teased her and nibbled at her with their mouths. Jessica's right hand drifted towards her pussy, intent on rubbing herself, but Mr. Fire's hand caught it.

"Naughty girl," he said, taking his mouth from her breast.

Mr. Flood chuckled behind her, making her body shake as his stomach moved. "We don't want you to cum yet. Trust me, you're going to have a lot of orgasms tonight, until you can't handle it anymore, and we want to be able to take turns with you as much as possible."

Heat flushed through Jessica's body at his words... this was something she hadn't thought about before. Her body did get more and more sensitive after every orgasm... god how hot it would be to be worked up to the point where she was begging them to stop because the pleasure was too much.

"Let's get her in position," Flood said to Fire. "Otherwise she's going to orgasm just on accident, she's so hot." His eyes winked down at her, inviting her to share his amusement. Jessica smiled up at him, mostly because she was relieved that they were finally going to get things rolling. The dancing tonight, being teased between them, their mouths and hands on her... hot didn't begin to describe how she was feeling. It had been like one long night of foreplay.

The two of them got undressed, except for their masks of course, with Jessica's somewhat confused help - she was torn about who to get her hands on - and then settled her to their satisfaction. Mr. Flood cradled her from behind, his hard dick pressing into her back. She looked up and him as Mr. Fire got into position between her legs, and he leaned down for a kiss. So Mr. Flood's tongue was is her mouth as Mr. Fire started to work his cock into her eager and ready pussy.

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