tagErotic CouplingsVenus School of Sex Ch. 14

Venus School of Sex Ch. 14


Sunday morning Jessica woke up in bed with Mr. Fire. Not the bed that she'd had amazing, relentless amounts of sex in last night with him and Mr. Flood. After they'd each taken three turns with her, she literally thought that she might cry if she had another orgasm and they'd moved her to the other bed. She'd fallen asleep curled between them.

Looking around for Mr. Flood she spotted a bottle of Gatorade and four pills on the nightstand. When she reached for them she winced, her legs had moved and the throbbing ache between them told her just how much she's strained her body last night.

There was a note tucked under the bottle of Orange Gatorade.


I had to go lead another hike this morning. I would have asked if you wanted to join but you looked so peaceful that I didn't want to disturb you. Take the Ibuprofen, it will help with any after swelling or soreness from last night. Drink all of the Gatorade, you need it. Don't let Fire talk you into sharing, he can get his own.

If you'd like to join me this afternoon, I was planning on going to the movie room to watch the Chuck Norris movie they're showing. It's terrible and hilarious. I hope to see you later today or this week during classes.


Geez, even in his note he was demanding! But it was still very sweet. And she didn't question at all that she needed the Ibuprofen or the Gatorade. It hadn't occurred to her before, but she'd noticed last night that Mr. Flood was definitely the more dominant of the two men. Mr. Fire was plenty dominant on his own, but once Mr. Flood had been added to the mix he'd seemed to take overall control. Not that Mr. Fire was completely subordinate exactly... it was more like a boat Captain and his experienced first mate. And she was the boat. That made her giggle, and also wince once her sore stomach muscles moved.

She quickly downed the Ibuprofen and guzzled the Gatorade. The minute it hit her tongue she was craving it and it immediately started to make her feel much better. Not as weak and achy. In fact, it was hard to stop drinking it once she got started. She was touched that even though Mr. Flood had to leave early that he'd been so thoughtful.

Turning, her head, she examined the quiet face of the man still in bed with her. Mr. Fire's mask was knocked slightly askew... not enough that she could see his features, but enough that it made her want to even more than usual. His dark hair was tousled, his expression peaceful and content. She wondered if she had looked like that to Mr. Flood. That made her hands go up to her own hair, and she smoothed her curls down as best she could. Then she gently leaned forward on the bed, slim fingers reaching for Mr. Fire's mask.

The tips of her fingers had barely touched his mask when his hand suddenly darted out and grabbed her wrist. Jessica shrieked in surprise. Mr. Fire opened his eyes and gave her a level look, she blushed, knowing that she was guilty.

"I should punish you for that, but I won't. Not today at least." His voice was rough with sleep.

"Sorry," she said, although she felt more guilty than repentant. "I had a sudden affliction of overwhelming curiosity."

He grinned, roguishly. "Understandable."

Then he released her wrist, yawned and stretched. Damn he was hot. Mr. Fire glanced at the clock and groaned. "Ten thirty? Way too early."

Jessica couldn't help but laugh.

"Lazy," she teased.

"Absolutely," he said, sitting up and running his hand through his ruffled hair. "Flood's the one you want for early mornings. I'm no good in the morning." He glanced at the bottle she was holding in her hand. "Can I have some of that?"

"Mr. Flood says no," Jessica said impishly, handing him the note. Mr. Fire snorted.

"Well that's true enough. Although I could also get you more, if you decided to share with me."

"I'm not sure I should risk being punished by both of you," she teased, holding the Gatorade bottle away from him. Mr. Fire let out a low growl and his arm snaked out, wrapping around her waist and pulling her against him.

"Now you're just asking for it." He kissed her, hard, but without opening his mouth. Jessica was both disappointed and a little relieved, because she was pretty sure she had morning breath and that the Gatorade hadn't washed it all away. "I should spank you."

"But you won't," she said, handing him the bottle.

"I won't right now," he grinned at her. "It's okay, I actually hate Orange. Probably why he chose it." Then Mr. Fire released her. Sad. That had felt rather nice. Although he was also obviously suffering from some morning wood and he probably didn't want to push it with her. Which was a good thing, because she was pretty sure she didn't have the energy. And the Ibuprofen was helping already, but her pussy still felt bruised in the best possible way.

"Finish your Gatorade. What would you like for breakfast?" he asked, getting out of bed. She remained witting with the sheet covering her lap, although her full breasts were on display and he eyed them appreciatively.

"You mean at the dining hall?"

"You're in an Instructor's room now," he said, his eyes glinting with amusement. "We can order in."

"Oh." Jessica thought for a moment. "Can I have scrambled eggs with cheese and hash browns?"

"Sure. Coffee?"

"Orange juice please."

Mr. Fire nodded and picked up the room's phone, putting in her order and ordering an Eggs Benedict and coffee with cream for himself. When he got off the phone he was pleased to see that she'd finished the bottle of Gatorade.

"Come on," he said. "Let's take a shower while we're waiting for the food."

Jessica spent the rest of the morning being pampered. Mr. Fire washed her off in the shower, handling all her sorest parts very gently, and despite the very hard erection he was sporting he behaved like a perfect gentleman. After the shower he bundled her into a soft robe (his own, she found out, while he borrowed Mr. Flood's) and had her sit in bed to eat breakfast off of a tray. He sat on the other side of the tray with his own food and they chatted, and he teased her by insisting on feeding her occasional bites of food... but sometimes he made her reach for them with her mouth so that she almost fell on top of the tray, and other times he popped the forkful into his own mouth rather than hers. It was silly and fun.

By the time he let her get dressed and leave, because he had to go to the art room, Jessica felt like she'd had the best brunch date of her life. Mr. Fire tried to convince her to come join him in the studio, but she wasn't feel particularly creative. She wanted to go back to her room, changing into some new clothes and then relax a little. Although she did tell him that she might join Mr. Flood in the movie room. It felt too weird not to let him know, and also slightly weird to tell him, but he just smiled and said he hoped that she had fun. Then he walked her to her room where he gave her a kiss, not on her lips but right next to them.

She had lunch with Charity, Nick, Paul, Vanessa and Trina, most of the conversation revolved around the dance. Jessica was uncharacteristically quiet as she thought over her own experiences post-dance. By unspoken agreement, no one was asking probing questions, although the rest of them were offering up plenty of information. Not knowing what to say, and not wanting to tawdry the night's events by making it gossip, Jessica just didn't say anything. She was pretty sure that Charity, at least, had seen her leave with Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire, but Charity didn't say anything either, for which Jessica was grateful.

Afterwards she ended up deciding to go to the movie showing. Partly because she'd always enjoyed watching Walker: Texas Ranger and partly because she wanted to see Mr. Flood. It made a kind of cyclical sense... yesterday she'd spent the morning with Mr. Flood and the afternoon with Mr. Fire, and today she'd spent the morning with Mr. Fire so she'd spend the afternoon with Mr. Flood.

When she walked into the room she spotted him right away, sitting on one of the love seats. There was no one sitting next to him. Part of her felt a little shy and wanted to run away, but as soon as he looked up and saw her, he smiled and patted the seat next to him. The calm, self-assured conviction that she was going to come sit next to him was too sexy to deny. So she did.

"How are you feeling?" he asked immediately as she sat down. "Do you need more Ibuprofen?"

Well now that he mentioned it....

"I'm starting to ache a little again," she said. "If you have some I'd appreciate it."

Mr. Flood pulled out a small pill box from one of the many pockets on his cargo shorts and took out two pills, handing them to her.

"Only two?" she teased.

"At your weight four is fine for the first dose, but I'd prefer not to overdo it. Too many of these over a long period of time isn't very good for your live," he said, completely seriously. Jessica wanted to roll her eyes, but his concern for her was really too sweet, even if it was a bit overbearing in some ways.

"How do you know my weight?" she asked.

"We get dossiers on all of the students." Mr. Flood grinned at her, the expression lightening up the seriousness of his face. He was much harder to tease than Mr. Fire, more serious in a lot of ways. "So no, I'm not just making some kind of insulting guess."

Jessica stuck her tongue out at him and his expression darkened... but not angrily, more like with some kind of sexual tension.

"Don't make me take you over my knee after I've just given you pain killers." His voice was mild, but the scorching look that accompanied it wasn't mild at all. Despite the soreness between her legs, Jessica felt a tingle of interest. Then he picked up a bottle of water and handed it to her. Obediently, she opened it and swallowed the pills.

"So I haven't seen this movie before," she said, segueing away from the spanking threat. Even if it did turn her own. There was a flicker of amusement in Mr. Flood's eyes and then it was gone. "What's it about?"

"There's a demon that's trying to bring itself into our world and the only thing that can stop it is someone with King Arthur's blood."

"So Chuck Norris is a long-lost ancestor of King Arthur?"

A small smile played on Mr. Flood's lips. "No, he gets involved because a prostitute falls on his cop car."

Jessica burst out laughing. "Seriously?"

"Chuck Norris movies are great like that." He grinned at her, obviously pleased by her reaction.

The movie was just as absurd as described, and yet also a lot of fun to watch because Chuck Norris was great at kicking ass. Despite the fact that Mr. Flood was a lot more serious-minded than Mr. Fire had been this morning, she thought that his taste in movies said a lot about his sense of humor. They watched the movie with her cuddled up against him, his arm around her and her head on his shoulder. It felt almost unnaturally comfortable. This is not how she had seen herself spending her time here at the Venus School.

Mr. Flood obviously wanted her to come and join him and Fire for dinner, but Jessica begged off. She had too much to think about. After a quick dinner with her friends in the dining hall, she practically ran back to her room to get some space. This weekend, today especially, had confused the hell out of her. Sure she'd felt the chemistry with Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire all week, but this weekend she really felt like she was starting to get to know them a little better. And the more she got to know them, the more that chemistry - okay, if she was being honest with herself, the more her FEELINGS - started to get wrapped up with them.

How could she have such confused emotions about any man whose face she'd never seen, much less two of them?


"Dude, we're so fucked," Chris said glumly, spearing a piece of steak on his fork and studying it like it might reveal some secret clue to him about how to handle his life.

"We keep saying that," Justin muttered. He wasn't really eating, just poking the food around his plate. Sipping a lot of red wine. He looked at his friend. Chris was on his third beer. "Here, drink some water."

"Don't you get all dominant on me." Chris scowled at him. "I’m not Jessica."

Justin shrugged. "You still need water. And sorry."

"No prob. She brings it out in me too. She's just so damn submissive and eager to please." Chris took a big gulp of water. He wasn't really offended, just frustrated. Justin took care of everyone around him, that's what he did and it's what made him happy. He was just a little heavy-handed about it sometimes. And the more time they'd spent with Jessica that more heavy-handed he'd been getting. Chris was pretty sure it was a reaction to his frustration in dealing with their favorite student; a frustration that got more and more intense for both of them as time went on.

"And bratty, sometimes." The grin on Justin's face lightened his features.

Chris felt his own smile tug at his mouth. "Kinda fun when she is though."

"We could always tell her who we are on the last day," Justin said.

Chris rolled his eyes. "And admit that we followed her here too? Yeah, that sounds really manly and not at all creepy-stalker."

"Yeah, right." Justin sighed, raking his fingers through his hair. It was almost weird for them to be seeing each other with their masks off. And nice too, not having to wear the damn things.

A glum silence fell over the room. Chris inspected more steak. Justin pushed his broccoli around on his plate and took another sip of wine.

"We just have to get things back to the proper dynamic," Just said finally. "The weekend got things all out of whack. Here, we're her instructors, not her dates. The weekend is over, tomorrow if she ends up in any of our classes then we'll keep the proper distance. When we get home then we can try to get her to date one of us."

Chris slowly nodded his head, thinking it over. "That sounds right. I'm a little worried that we came on kind of strong, if we can push things back to the teacher-student relationship that should help fix things."

More silent.

"I don't know if I want this week to last forever, or to be over with as quickly as possible," Justin admitted.

Because, of course, after this week the dice would be rolling. But getting through this week and waiting for the denouement was emotionally torturous for both of them.

"I hear ya man. I hear ya."


Jessica felt a little sad as she thought over her options. She was sure that she wasn't the first student to become infatuated with one (or more) of the instructors. But the conclusion that she kept coming to was always the same: enjoy her time here and stop trying to think about the future. Neither Mr. Flood nor Mr. Fire could be part of her future or her real life. This weekend had just confused her, getting a glimpse behind their masks (so to speak). She had to get back into thinking of them as her Instructors, nothing more.

Looking over her class schedule, she hesitated, wondering if she should save herself some heartache and not take the Menage class... but the promise of pleasure between the two of them that had been made last night was far too much temptation. Before bed, she turned in the schedule that she'd previously decided on.

1st Period - Yoga
2nd Period - Fellatio
3rd Period - Basic Touch
4th Period - Light BDSM

1st Period - Basic Touch
2nd Period - Zumba
3rd Period - Unconventional Toys
4th Period - Light BDSM

1st Period - Basic Intercourse
2nd Period - Anal
3rd Period - Yoga
4th Period - Menage Trois

1st Period - Yoga
2nd Period - Anal
3rd Period - Study Hall
4th Period - Menage Trois

1st Period - Basic Intercourse
2nd Period - Anal
3rd Period - Yoga
4th Period - Menage Trois

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