tagBDSMVenus School of Sex Ch. 15

Venus School of Sex Ch. 15


Jessica's Monday seemed almost mundane after her weekend, and she was grateful for it. There was no sign of Mr. Fire or Mr. Flood at breakfast. She ate with Nick, Paul, Charity, Vanessa and Trina and started to feel like a regular student again. Although she hadn't been able to resist signing up for the Light BDSM class that afternoon, she'd kept her morning free of classes that she'd ever run into Flood or Fire in. Yoga relaxed her right away, Fellatio was enjoyable with Mr. Winter and Basic Touch was almost boring. She should have taken it last week, before Basic Intercourse, really, but at least learning some of the erotic massage points was fun. It wasn't that she wasn't learning anything, but by the time it was over she was seriously anticipating Light BDSM.

And also feeling a little afraid. What would it be like to face her men (no, stop that, NOT her men) her INSTRUCTORS after spending a weekend of having amazing, hot sex with them, on top of getting to know them more intimately? She would just have to concentrate on forgetting what she knew about them as people.

Walking into the classroom she had her usual reaction the moment she saw them; her nipples tightened and heat flashed between her legs. Yeah, her class schedule today had her all ramped up and ready to see them. Either one of them. And that was a good thing, right?

When Mr. Flood came over her to she was torn between being excited that she was going to have a class with him and being disappointed that it wasn't with Mr. Fire. But of course, if it had been Mr. Fire she would have still been torn between excitement and disappointment. Her body buzzed, already eager for the end of the week when she'd find out what it was like to be between both of them.

"Hello little one," Mr. Flood said. His voice was both cool and hot, the nickname somehow making the greeting incredibly intimate, and yet putting her back into the place of a student rather than the woman that he'd gotten to know. Jessica felt a flood of relief, his tone was perfect for getting her back into the head space that she needed to be in to deal with her Instructors. The little sliver of sadness in her heart, hearing him put her back into that category, was exactly WHY she needed him to behave that way.


Trying to treat Jessica like just another student was downright wrong. Part of him hoped that he could see a glimmer of disappointment in her eyes too, but he was probably just projecting. He and Chris had decided that he should handle this first class with Jessica because he was very good at modulating his tone and choosing the precise words necessary in a delicate situation like this. Chris tended to get flustered and say the wrong thing, even though he didn't mean to.

It's why they made a good team.

"So far we know that you like a little bit of pain and spanking, and that you respond well to verbal commands. We're going to spend today's lesson trying some new stimulation and seeing what you respond to."

The heat in Jessica's eyes flamed.

"Yes, Sir."

Just hearing her breathy voice, so sweetly submissive and eager to please, was enough to give him a hard on... especially since he'd been at half-mast already.


Jessica's heart fluttered, not just because of Mr. Flood, but because she was truly interested in this class. It was why she had signed up for the Venus School in the first place, and in the previous two classes that she'd attended she'd learned more about what turned her on that she'd ever suspected. She'd always known that being tied up turned her on, but being tied up the way Mr. Flood had done her first class and then manipulated like that... that had been so hot. And she'd never realized that she had a penchant for pain. Or that being restricted by orders would be just as sexy as being tied into that position.

What would today's lesson bring?

Mr. Flood led her over to a corner of the room.

"Strip and get into position," he said, his voice deep and commanding. Jessica took off her clothes as Mr. Flood stood there watching her, his arms crossed in front of his chest. The close inspection made her feel very exposed and the flush that started in her cheeks sent heat all the way down her body, including between her legs.

She knelt, spreading her knees apart and putting her hands behind her back, folding them at the elbows and holding onto her arms. The position made her breasts thrust out, but she didn't look up to see if Mr. Flood was inspecting her body. Instinctively, she knew his eyes were roaming over the naked expanse of skin, her taut nipples and spread pussy lips. He would notice that she was already a little shiny with juices.

All she could see of him was his lower legs and feet as they walked around her in a slow circle. It felt like she was practically panting, and she struggled to control her breath, slowing it down. Being examined by him turned her on.

Halfway through his second circle, he stopped so that he was standing behind her, and Jessica felt her breath hitch in her throat. She was so attuned to his movements that she could practically feel the heat from his body as he knelt behind her. Fingers trailed across her shoulders and down her arms to the bend in her elbows, making her shiver as goosebumps raised all over her body.

Then something soft and firm wrapped around her forearms, holding them together tightly. Now her hands were bound behind her, and even though her position hadn't changed one millimeter, suddenly she felt much more vulnerable and much more turned on. Mr. Flood's lips descended on her shoulders, kissing them from left to right and making her moan. Across the room she could see Mr. Fire glance at her, his eyes flashing over her thrust out breasts and the open spread of her pussy, and she imagined him coming over here and kissing her front the way Mr. Flood was attending to her back. Being bound between them.

Her pussy was drenched.

Mr. Flood walked back around in front of her and began caressing her breasts. She was right on eyelevel with the bulge in his leather pants and she wanted nothing more than to rub her face across his crotch. Soft sounds escaped her lips as his hands rubbed her sensitive mounds, teasing her nipples to greater heights. She felt flushed with the heat that was spreading from between her legs, they wanted to close together and rub. It wouldn't take much friction against her clit to get her off, she was so turned on right now. Closing her eyes, she hummed low in her throat and enjoyed the sensation.

Then her eyes popped open as a flash of pain shot through her nipple, a small yelp hitting the air... it sounded so much like the yappy small dog that she'd grown up with that it took her a moment to realize that she'd been the one to make the sound. There was something dangling from her nipple, squeezing the tight little bud. As Mr. Flood reached for her other breast she immediately tried to pull away, and his hand flashed out and hit her clamped breast faster than her eyes could follow. She yelped again.

"Stay still little one," he said firmly. "If the sensation becomes too much you may use the slow down word of 'yellow,' but I think you can handle it."

Jessica bit her lip. Somehow his belief that she could handle it made her feel the need to prove him right. Although, now that the initial surprise and pinch was fading, she had to admit it didn't feel that bad. When he put the second one on, now that she was expecting it, the pinch was sharp but almost pleasant. Her pussy throbbed in response to the rough treatment.

"Do you like that little one?" Mr. Flood rubbed his finger over the tip of her right nipple, which was now so much more sensitive.

"Ooooo... yes, Sir," Jessica managed to say, gasping with the new and enhanced sensations.

"See? Not so bad." He smiled at her. "The most important part of any BDSM relationship is trust. You have to trust me not to go too far over your boundaries and I have to trust you to tell me when it becomes too much, especially since right now we're finding out where your boundaries are. These are not harsh clamps and you've already shown yourself to like a little pain with your pleasure. Would you like to add a little more to the mix?"

"Yes Sir."

The words were out of her mouth before Jessica even thought. Immediately she regretted them... was she really ready for this? While the clamps throbbed wonderfully, what if it all became too much for her? What if that meant he'd be disappointed in her? Trust. Right. She had to trust Mr. Flood and he thought that she could handle it. And that made her want to at least try, for him.

She realized that he'd been standing there watching the expressions play across her face, confirming that her automatic response was, in fact, truly what she wanted. That concern for her, the desire to only give her what she was truly interested in, decided her. She smiled at him, indicating that she was sure about her decision. The pleased smile that she received in return made her heart flutter.

Mr. Flood walked over to the wall where all of the teaching implements hung, returning with one that had many leather strands that were a little longer than the handle.

"Do you know what this is?"

"A flogger, Sir?" Jessica phrased it as a question, because while she thought she was right, she wasn't a hundred percent sure. She'd never actually seen one after all.

The reward for a correct answer was another smile. "Very good, little one."

When he trailed the soft ends over her breasts, Jessica moaned. They felt good. Not at all painful.

A flick of his wrist and they slapped her softly. It was almost like a caress. Yes, yes she liked this quite a bit. A few more slaps to the sides of her breasts made her nipples throb happily. Her skin felt flush and sensitive and juices were starting to coat the tops of her thighs. Then he flicked it harder, catching the soft underside of her right breast and Jessica let out a sharp cry.

That one had stung.

Another slap, this one to the underside of her left breast also stung. Now that the flogger was bringing the blood to the surface, Mr. Flood increased the force behind the strokes. They still weren't very hard, but they were hard enough to smart... and when one piled on top of another...


Justin's cock felt like it might burst if he could touch it. He wondered if Jessica even realized that she'd closed her eyes, or that she was moaning and moving her hips, asking him with her body to fuck her as he flogged her breasts. Granted, he wasn't giving her any truly punishing strokes, but by now she was definitely experiencing both pleasure and pain. Her breasts were a bright pink and started to dark.

The next flick of his wrist brought the flogger down across her clamped nipple, smacking into the engorged bud, and Jessica's body jerked, her head falling back as she cried out. Her shoulders moved, automatically trying to bring her arms around to her front and protect the sensitive parts of her body. The flogger hit her other nipple and she undulated, her legs automatically closing. He bent down and slapped her thighs.

"Open for me."

When she opened her eyes, pushing her thighs back apart, they were glazed looking with pleasure. A slap between her legs to her splayed pussy had her moaning.

She was more than ready and he didn't want to wait any longer.


The cessation of the flogging was barely noticed by Jessica, she was so distracted and involved in the incredible pleasure that was mixed with the burning ache in her breasts and nipples. When Mr. Flood undid the restraints on her arms and picked her up, she rubbed her face against his shoulder.

It wasn't until he unclamped her nipple and a jolt of pain shot through her that she even realized she was lying down on a mattress. Soft lips wrapped around her unhappy bud, she whimpered and clutched at his head, wrapping her fingers in his hair, as he soothed her with his mouth. His tongue laved over her, making her wince and shiver. When he took off the other clamp she let out another small shriek and then a moan as his mouth began to work its magic. Blinking tears from her eyes, she was surprised at the dark pink color of her normally pale breasts and the angry red of her visible nipple.

Neither of which made her feel at all less horny. If anything she was more than ready to have Mr. Flood inside of her.

Thank goodness, apparently so was he. At some point, he'd divested himself of his pants and now he was between her legs, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. They were still slightly sore from the continuous fucking he and Mr. Fire had given her on Saturday, but that didn't bother her in the slightest.

Mr. Flood pressed against her, the head of his beautiful cock slipping inside of her, and Jessica moved her hips upwards to meet him. When her hands went to his shoulders he grabbed her wrists and held them down on either side of her head, his weight driving them into the mattress.

Fuck. Yes.

This was what she needed. Craved. The power in his body holding her down as pain and pleasure mixed, the soreness in her pussy warring with the lovely stretch and friction of his cock which was now thrusting in and out of her, the smoothness of his skin against hers as her sore nipples chafed against him. It wasn't just his cock that was fulfilling her, it was everything he'd done to her. All the pain and pleasure that was now mingling in a heady rush.

Because her legs weren't tied down, Jessica couldn't help but wrap them around his thrusting body, but he didn't seem to mind. Her wrists were trapped between his hands and she was beneath him, happily matching him movement for movement as best she could and reveling in her restrictions.

She was so wet, so ready, that he'd barely thrust into her seven times before she was crying out, wriggling beneath him with her arms pushing against the weight of his hands, thighs clenching around him. The sweet cries of her release and the arching of her body nearly undid him and he slowed. Jessica moaned when he pulled out of her, and then jerked as he rubbed his dick up and down her slit, taking advantage of the knowledge he and Mr. Fire had gained over her on Saturday night.

Jessica was exquisitely sensitive to being re-entered after orgasm, and when his turgid cock, slick with her juices, slammed back into her, she screamed and her pussy clutched at him, her second orgasm running over her like a train. It was wonderfully intense, his pumping hips rubbing against her and extending the waves of ecstasy that rolled through her, knowing exactly how to manipulate her insides.

Then he suddenly released her wrists and wrapped his arms around her. Jessica clutched at his upper back with her fingers as his hunched position around her allowed him to get his knees under her ass, tilting her lower body up for maximum penetration as her sore breasts and nipples were crushed against the hard planes of his chest. The hard thrust of his body into hers broke her apart into a million pieces and her nails dug into his back as she writhed in his clutches, her mind was spiraling out of control with her body as the next four hard thrusts penetrated her fully and completely, and then finally he was spilling himself inside of her.

She didn't see stars, she saw galaxies.


Justin cradled Jessica in his arms, feeling wonderfully proud of the expression on her face. It had taken him and Chris half the night on Saturday to get that look on her face, and obviously the effort put into learning her body and its responses had been well worth it. She looked incredibly beautiful and utterly sated. Slowly, so slowly, her shivering body allowed him out of her tight grip. They'd fastened onto each other like a couple of leeches. The burn in his shoulders told him how deep her nails had dug... he would have marks. He relished them.

Kissing her hair, her forehead, Justin let her slowly relax underneath him and waited until her limbs lost their tension before he let her go. He only left her for long enough to get a blanket to wrap her in. They had ten minutes left in class and he planned to cuddle the shit out of her.

Glancing at Chris on the other side of the room, he almost felt bad. Although the student Chris was working with was beautiful and eager to please... she wasn't Jessica. He knew where Chris would rather be. Wrapping their favorite girl up in his arms, Justin had to sigh and feel selfishly glad that today he was enjoying sweet Jessica. Tomorrow it would be Chris' turn.


Being wrapped up and cuddled by Mr. Flood wasn't exactly a new experience, but it just never seemed to lose its appeal. Of course, part of her bubble of happiness was broken when she looked over at Mr. Fire. She had to immediately squash the part of her that was jealous that he was with another student, and that she was bound and pleasuring him. Instead she just turned her face into Mr. Flood's shoulder and sighed with happiness, focusing on the fact that, for right now, at least she was in one of their arms.

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