tagBDSMVenus School of Sex Ch. 17

Venus School of Sex Ch. 17


One of the things that Jessica liked best about her roommate was that Charity had no problem being very casual and it always kept things from getting awkward. They had fallen asleep in bed together, after talking for half the night, and the next morning could have been kind of weird, but it wasn't at all. It was nice to have a girl to gossip with and talk to... and updating Charity on her weekend with Flood and Fire and getting a second opinion was really nice. On the other hand, Charity had never seen them behaving with any other girl the way they were with Jessica, so when it came right down to it, Jessica was just more confused than ever.

Poor Charity was going through her own struggles with her feelings for Paul and the knowledge that long distance relationships aren't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Jessica could definitely sympathize. What if she did get up the courage to ask Mr. Flood or Mr. Fire if they wanted to keep in touch after this week was over and it turned out they lived in California or something?


Better to just live in blissful ignorance and pretend that this entire interlude was just some fantastic dream.

Tuesday classes started out with Basic Touch, which was more fascinating today. Mr. Jade let Jessica focus completely on his penis, examining it to her heart's content and trying out different ways of touching him. It's not often that a man will let a woman get that close to his anatomy without starting to feel self conscious, and she'd never had someone be so patient with her. Normally when she had given her exes a hand job they'd just wanted her to get them off and hadn't been interested in letting her experiment. With Mr. Jade's encouragement, Jessica lightly touched every last centimeter of his cock, finding the soft spot on the underside of his head where the skin was smoother, tracing the visible veins, pressing her thumb against the base where his urethra was and rubbing. It was evident from his reactions which touches felt good and which didn't do much for him. She found that rubbing the underside of the mushroom head at the end of his shaft was both incredibly teasing and arousing.

A hot and sweaty zumba class followed by lunch and Jessica was more than ready for her afternoon. Watching Charity and Paul at lunch had kind of made her heart hurt. They were so obviously into each other and yet they were both holding back. It was like an allegory for her with Fire and Flood... except that she was pretty sure she was the only one holding back when it came to them. But that's just because she needed to protect her feelings.


"How are there only three and a half days left in this week?" Chris moaned, rubbing his face as he looked at the calendar.

Justin shrugged glumly. His buddy might not have seen the movement, however, as his face was currently buried in the pillow on his bed. Despite his longing to bang it into something hard, like the wall, he was pretty sure that Chris wouldn't let him do that, so he just buried his head like an ostrich trying to escape the obvious truth. The two of them had been going back and forth between elation and dismal misery ever since the weekend. Jessica seemed both closer to them and farther out of their reach than ever. And the school session seemed to be racing to an end. The pitfalls of their brilliant plan were becoming more and more obvious with every passing hour. They were both obsessed over a girl who still had no idea who they were, and now they knew exactly how awesome she was as a person, not just in bed. This was so much worse than lusting after her from afar.

Neither of them had been able to stomach eating lunch. Chris was anxious about his afternoon class where he'd be able to be with Jessica again. Justin was remembering his class with Jessica yesterday and feeling envious that it was Chris' turn. Both of them were trying to avoid the little nagging thoughts in their brains asking what they were going to do at the end of school.

By this time next week they'd be back at work, where Jessica didn't know who they were although she might recognize their faces as guys who work for the company. Although she probably wouldn't recognize them with their masks off.... Probably. Neither Chris nor Justin were sure which to hope for... would life be easier or harder if she recognized them once they were all home?


Jessica looked dubiously at the suction cups that Mr. Winter had attached to her breasts. As unconventional toys went, this was definitely something she'd never seen before. He chuckled at the expression on her face. Her nipples throbbed a little, trapped in the tight suction. Mr. Winter had teased and sucked them to hardness before placing the suction cups over them and squeezing the air out with a little bulb that was attached to them. Inside the cups were flexible pieces of plastic which were pressed against her nipples.

When he flicked the switch and the cups began to vibrate, Jessica's nipples were wonderfully teased in their confinement by the vibrating, stroking plastic prongs that she had been so unimpressed with.


By the time Jessica got to the Light BDSM class she was a wet, lustful mess. The unconventional toys class today had focused on teasing toys, toys that were meant to tantalize and enhance your sexual experience, but since it was a class and not sex there was no satisfaction at the end. Her nipples were swollen and slightly misshapen from the long time they'd spent in the suction cups, her nerves were humming all over her body from the fuzzy and tickling toys that had been used on it, and her completely unattended and unsatisfied pussy was screaming for relief. She wanted to hug Mr. Fire when he walked up to her, she was so relieved that her agony was about to come to an end.

Mr. Fire arched an eyebrow at her, she could see the shift of the muscles around his eye even though the mask covered the majority of his expression.

"Why so antsy little one?" he asked.

"I just had the Unconventional Toys class," Jessica replied.

Immediately Mr. Fire reached out and pinched her nipple harshly, making her yelp and squirm even more as the erotic heat flashed through her. Her nipple was already sore and yet the continued punishment just excited her even more in her highly aroused state.

"You're in BDSM class now," he said, looking down at her. "What do you call me in here?"

Jessica blushed. She'd been so distracted by her body's desires that she'd completely forgotten.

"I'm sorry, Sir," she said, the honorific sending a quiver of heat through her. Would he punish her? "I just had the Unconventional Toys class, Sir."

Mr. Fire smiled at her, almost mischievously. His playful side was a contrast to Mr. Flood's more serious demeanor; if he had been Mr. Flood then his lips might have moved or twitched but he probably wouldn't smile at her outright. They were such a balance to each other; she couldn't tell which one she preferred. As if it really mattered. She was with Mr. Flood today and if she was very lucky then she'd be with both of them tomorrow.

"You must be a little worked up," Mr. Fire said. Jessica squirmed and tried not to glare at him, she felt like he was getting far too much enjoyment out of her obvious need. "I think this is the perfect time to try something new and see how you respond."

"Something new?" Jessica asked, and then remembered at last minute to tack on: "Sir?"

"This way," Mr. Fire turned, ignoring her question. He led her over to a corner of the room and ordered her to undress before cuffing her hands and lifting them above her head, attaching them to one of the many chains hanging down from the ceiling. Then he spread her ankles and cuffed them to the floor bolts, leaving her open and unable to move. Jessica was shivering non-stop with anticipation, her body humming.

Then she caught the smile on Mr. Fire's face and her heart quaked a little. She'd never seen that expression before. He looked almost devilish. With a quickly darting gaze around the room she finally located Mr. Flood - would he save her if things got out of hand? But it seemed that he'd already gotten an idea of where Mr. Flood was going, his eyes were alight with naked lust and the same gleeful, almost malicious, anticipation.

Before she could become too frightened, Mr. Fire approached her from behind tied a fold of clothe over her eyes. Jessica gulped. Being blindfolded definitely heightened both the anticipation and the sensations in her body, and she was more aware than ever of her empty pussy, her nipples which were tight and hard on her chest, and the humming of her nerves along her skin.

"I think," Mr. Fire said as his finger suddenly swiped along the center of Jessica's slit, making her hips jerk and her clit flare. She was so horny that she thought she might cum if he just did that one or two more times. "That today is the perfect day to see how you respond to orgasm denial."

Jessica gasped. "Denial, Sir?" Her body reflexively pulled at the chains, trying to get free. She didn't like the sound of that at all.

A low chuckle as fingertips brushed across her nipple and she went from fighting her restraints to thrusting her breasts out, trying to achieve more contact.

"Orgasm postponement, really. Denial would require much more time than we have available to us this class period. Sometimes it lasts for weeks or even months."

The undersides of Jessica's arms tingled as Mr. Fire's fingers trailed from her elbow to her armpits, making her squirm with an almost ticklish reaction except that she was too turned on to laugh. Turned on and horrified. There were women who were denied orgasm for months? Even another five minutes sounded awful to her. Surely he couldn't be serious.

"I'm not sure I like the sound of that, Sir," Jessica said. If it had been Mr. Flood she wouldn't have dared, but Mr. Fire seemed to enjoy her repartee. He laughed again and she moaned and writhed as a finger plunged inside of her from behind.

"It will seem like agony, but when you do cum..." his finger thrust roughly and Jessica's insides spasmed in response, "it will be incredible."

She might have begged, but suddenly there was a hard slap against her on her right cheek, and the finger left her. Crying out with disappointment at its removal, she yelped as something hard and unforgiving slapped her left ass cheek. It alternated, back and forth, heating her flesh... and then something soft and fuzzy rubbed against her tender ass... coaxing the heat into something exquisitely pleasurable. Jessica moaned and thrust her ass back, wanting more. The spanking had already turned her on, but now she was even hotter.

The softness left her skin and then a slap hit her right breast and Jessica shrieked. Her nipple throbbed on her chest where it had been slapped, almost dead on. Then her other breast received the same treatment. She braced herself for another slap on her breasts, but instead something whipped up between her legs and hit her splayed pussy. Jessica's body arched as she cried out, the punishment flaring through her.

"OH! Please! Again, another one, please!" she begged, unable to stop herself... she was so close to cumming, she was sure that another slap, any kind of friction would send her over the edge.

Instead she got a leather flogger across the inside of her thigh, taking the attention from her pussy and making her yelp as the stinging pain went through her. Jessica's wrists pulled in the cuffs as she inadvertently struggled, trying to position her body so that the whip would slap her pussy again, but she was too well restrained and the whip continued to pinken her thighs. Every so often the whip would snap up between her legs, unexpected and with no rhythm or warning, and Jessica would writhe and beg again. Her pleas fell on seemingly deaf ears.

When the beating stopped, her buttocks were pried apart and something hard and insistent pressed against her hole. Jessica pushed back, spearing herself on Mr. Fire's cock. Part of her wanted to scream that it was the wrong hole, that she needed him in her pussy, but most of her just wanted him inside of her, however she could get him. Fingers stroked down her back as just a few inches of cock worked its way back and forth inside of her. No matter how Jessica arched or pushed her hips back she couldn't feel anything but the cock inside of her and the fingers stroking her back, her shoulders, her sides, her hips, the curves of her ass...

She wanted something hard to press against, she wanted the feel of Mr. Fire buried completely inside of her, his hips pressing against her, but all she got were light touches of his fingers and those throbbing three inches. All of her awareness seemed to center on her ass, the gripping burn of his invasion, it was the most incredibly intense tease. There was no way she could come from this, no matter how determinedly she rocked herself back and forth on the few inches that his position and her restraints allowed her.

"Please, please, please, please..." The words fell from her lips like a mantra, a verbal overflow of her body's desires, although if he had asked her 'please what?' she wouldn't have been able to form a coherent request.

It seemed to be forever, her body suspended by the chains and by the denial, and then the cock in her ass began to push deeper. Jessica screamed her triumph... although it quickly turned to more moaning and pleas as the smooth, steady rocking of the cock in her backside only extended the tantalizing sensation of satisfaction just out of reach. No matter how much her anus gripped him, the erotic grind didn't increase in intensity or speed and Jessica was left writhing against him, trying to move things to her own pace.

Something brushed against the backs of her shoulders as a finger was placed at her collarbone, right in the center at the base of her neck. Slowly, incredibly slowly, it began sliding down her front, a tiny trickling motion. Her nipples throbbed and her clit hummed, electricity seeming to rock between the finger and her tiny engorged bud, as if it knew where the finger was heading. Moving frantically, humping her hips, Jessica's frustrated pleas became louder, more desperate, afraid that the finger would move away at the last minute. Minutes, hours, seemed to pass before it was between her breasts. She was caught on twin poles of focus between the finger that was moving down the center of her stomach with all the speed of a glacier, and the pumping of the cock in her spasming anus, which was becoming more intense as the finger moved.

Her orgasm felt like an overwhelming crescendo, building inside of her as the finger hit her belly button, the insides of her pussy and her ass shuddering in anticipation.

The finger came to the top of her mons and all of the sudden she heard Mr. Flood say, "When I touch your clit, you may come."

OH GOD... both of them, they were both there... Mr. Fire in her ass and Mr. Flood about to touch her clit. Jessica's entire body tightened and she screamed, her muscles straining as she hovered on the edge of orgasm.

Mr. Flood's finger rubbed over the top of her mound and then pressed down on the aching button at the top of her clit, and every single one of her muscles spasmed in ecstatic release.

Suddenly there was too much sensation between her legs, and Jessica undulated and cried out, shrieking her intense rapture as the cock in her ass thrust hard and rough and fingers rubbed her aching pussy lips, the friction against her clit sending her into heated spasms that unraveled all rational thought. She became nothing more than a well of intense pleasure, a whirlpool of ecstasy that sucked her down and lifted her up. The stunning release went on and on and on...


Chris groaned as he unloaded into Jessica's ass. Her orgasm had been incredibly intense, and her tightness squeezed every last drop of cum out of him. The chains were supporting most of her weight now, her thrashing orgasm was finally subsiding and leaving her weak and satiated, hanging between him and Justin. God that had been intense. He and Justin had only ever pulled this trick one other time, and he was glad they'd been able to do it with Jessica today.

He looked up to catch Justin's eye, but his friend was still watching Jessica's face as she quivered between them. Chris burrowed against her back, hugging her tightly to him to relieve some of the weight on her arms as the after shocks of her multiple orgasms jolted through her. This hadn't been what he'd planned for today, but considering the aroused and frustrated state she'd been in when she arrived at class, he hadn't been able to resist.

Finally Justin looked up from watching Jessica's expressions and they stared at each other. Chris knew they both were thinking the same thing. The Menage Trois class was going to be explosive.

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