tagGroup SexVenus School of Sex Ch. 18

Venus School of Sex Ch. 18


Jessica was disappointed when she got to her Basic Intercourse class, first thing Wednesday morning, and didn't see Mr. Fire or Mr. Flood. Instead, Mr. Winter stepped up, his eyes glinting with appreciation at seeing her again. She smiled at him. At least she felt comfortable with him, even if he didn't send sparks of arousal shivering down her spine the way Flood and Fire did.

"Good morning," she chirped back to his greeting, covering her disappointment. After all, she wouldn't want him to think that she didn't like him - because of course she did.

"You have the Ménage class this afternoon?" he asked, confirming her schedule. Jessica nodded. "Then we'll take things light today. Didn't you read the recommendation that you take a lighter load if you're in the Ménage class?"

She blushed. Of course she had. But then she'd thought about how much she'd enjoyed having Basic Intercourse with Mr. Fire and Anal Play with Mr. Flood before going to Light BDSM. Considering how well she'd handled that load (pun intended) she hadn't thought that the Ménage class would be that different. Apparently she was wrong, and that just made her even more excited for the class.

"Insatiable aren't you?" Mr. Winter laughed and Jessica giggled. He was a nice man and in some ways maybe it would be good to have a class without the intensity that Mr. Fire and Flood always had with her.


By the time Jessica finished Anal Play and headed to lunch, she was feeling a little sexually frustrated. Basic Intercourse with Mr. Winter had been fascinating, they'd concentrated on stretching her out (much easier since she'd started doing some of the yoga poses that she'd learned in the evening to help keep her limber) and showing her different positions that she'd never thought of before - much less heard of. The lesson had turned into hands-on Kamasutra, and while everything had felt fantastic, the constant changes in position and stimulation meant that she hadn't orgasm.

Anal Play had been more of the same. Neither Mr. Fire or Mr. Flood had been there - and she was feeling slightly abandoned and wondering if they didn't want her anymore - and Mr. Jade had shown her various toys that could be used in her ass. The anal beads had been her favorite, giving her small shudders of pleasure as he'd pulled them out of her and they'd rippled over the tight ring of her anus, but it wasn't the overwhelming fulfilling orgasm that she needed.

Now she had mixed feelings about the Ménage class. She needed to get off so badly and she was dying to see Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood, but at the same time she was now worried that they weren't interested in her anymore. How awful would it be to get to class and have them choose someone else to work with? The idea made her feel shaky and nauseous and completely put her off her lunch.


"I can't believe you talked me into leaving her alone in the morning," Chris said, he'd been growling at his friend all lunch.

Justin wasn't even bothering to pretend to be hungry. Chris was able to eat any time, anywhere, but Justin was feeling too wound up. He'd managed to get down about a quarter of his turkey club sandwich and half a glass of water before he had to stop.

He glared at Chris. "I missed out on a class with her too. And you know it was for good reasons."

They had spent all last night going back and forth on the pros and cons of spending the morning with her. But considering that she had their Ménage class this afternoon they would have had to restrain themselves, and the idea of being with Jessica but unable to enjoy her completely was just as torturous as leaving her alone all morning. Both of them knew it was for the best, neither of them were happy with it.

And, like Jessica herself, they both were anxiously awaiting the afternoon Ménage class. The first time that they shared her... would it put her off of both of them forever? Would she enjoy it? Would a preference for one of them over the other become clear?


Thanks to her third period Yoga class, by the time Jessica got to her Ménage class she wasn't a complete nervous wreck. The class had calmed her as she'd stretched out her muscles, allowed her to relax into a much more accepting mental state. What would be, would be. If they weren't interested in her, then that might be better for her silly heart, which seemed to want to fall for one of them. Although, which one she couldn't definitively say at the moment. But then again it's not like she really had to choose anyway. And if they did still want her... then she'd enjoy the hell out of her class.

It also helped to cool her arousal, just a little, but as soon as she walked into the classroom and saw them, her entire body tightened up again. To her surprise there were only two other girls in the class, both of whom were snapped up by the other instructors just as quickly as Jessica herself. Her mouth felt dry as Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire approached her, like the sexiest double mint commercial ever, except that they weren't identical. Their matching outfits of black masks and black leather pants made them look very similar.

And soon she was going to be sandwiched between that.

Jessica's breath hitched in her throat and she wanted to press her legs together, but surely they'd see making a movement that obvious, and it was just too embarrassing to show them that she was so turned on by their mere presence.

"Jessica," Mr. Fire said, by way of greeting as they reached her. The anticipation she heard in his voice matched her own and she shuddered. Mr. Flood's lips curved in a smile as he passed around behind her and pressed himself against her, his hands running up her sides, and she could feel his erection pressing into her back. Mr. Fire cupped her face in his hands and tilted it up, so that the back of her head rested against Mr. Flood's shoulder.
Yes... this was what she wanted. What she'd been waiting for since she got a taste of it over the weekend. Their hands ran over her body, deftly undoing the buttons on her blouse, teasing the hemline of her skirt.... she clung to the waistband of Mr. Fire's pants, trying to make her fingers undo his zipper as she rubbed her ass across Mr. Flood's groin.
Mr. Flood's hand curved around her neck and tilted her head back again, his thumb pressing against her jaw and up to her lower lip where he rubbed sensuously. Jessica wanted to beg, but the way he had her head tilted back, jaw securely held in place, she couldn't open her mouth at all. His easy dominance over her body had her wet, wet, wet.
"You want us don't you?" Mr. Flood asked, his breath hot on her neck. She moaned her assent, low in her throat, as he nuzzled the side of her neck with his face. Both of her breasts were cupped in able hands, one holding her gently, the other squeezing and rubbing. Fingers pressed between her legs, and she spread them as much as she could - which wasn't as far as she wanted - because of the way Mr. Flood was holding her. "We're not going to sandwich you today Jessica."

His words disappointed her, but as two fingers thrust up inside of her she couldn't stifle her anxious sensual moans, her body wriggling between them. Mr. Fire pressed against her front, pressing his hand further into her eager pussy. Her clit throbbed against the palm of his hand. Fingers plucked at her nipples, sending pleasurable sensations sweeping over her. Being with two men was ridiculously intoxicating, robbing her of all her self-control as they overwhelmed her senses with expert hands and mouths.

"We're going to get you ready for us," Mr. Fire said as Mr. Flood bit into the sensitive skin of her neck. Jessica shuddered between them, crying out. Then Mr. Flood's hand was removed from her chin as Mr. Fire bent his lips down to hers. Behind her Mr. Flood shifted and she felt fingers sliding between her ass cheeks, heading towards that eager hole. It was still lubricated from her Anal Play class earlier, enough that he was able to forced a finger into her anus. She cried out into Mr. Fire's mouth as they fingered her, front and back, their digits making promises that their bodies would eventually keep.

A second finger pushed into her anus, and she couldn't believe how full she felt... how wonderfully stimulated. God... could she possibly take their cocks in both holes at the same time? This already felt like too much... she writhed between them, their bodies and arms holding her up when her knees went weak. Jessica cried out as they made her orgasm, their fingers questing inside of her, pleasuring her, driving her wild with erotic thoughts and sensations. Her body quivered between them like a harp string, plucked and singing with elation.

As she came down from the heady sensation, she was aware that neither of them had cum yet, and Mr. Fire's mouth was suckling on her breast. Oh fuck... she tried to let her head fall back against Mr. Flood's shoulder again, but he was moving behind her and her head lolled on her neck. Suddenly he tucked himself back up underneath her, lifting her head. The fingers in her ass slid out, and she shivered with the loss. Then something harder, thicker, and more insistent nudged against her back door. Arching her back to help with the entry, Jessica moaned as her asshole was split open by Mr. Flood's cock, the entry made even tighter because she was standing.

"OH! Ooh pleaaaase..." She shuddered as his cock began to force its way into her, the opening of her tunnel almost too intense to bear as Mr. Fire sucked and nipped at her nipples. Mr. Flood put his arms around her, one tucking under her breasts and lifting them up to Mr. Fire's mouth, the other around her waist, holding her securely in place as he began a slow, sensual thrusting in and out of her backdoor. It wasn't until Mr. Fire's fingers fluttered in her pussy that she realized he still had fingers in there, and both of her holes clenched down around the invaders.

Mr. Flood moaned behind her as her ass spasmed around his cock, the tightness of her hole gripping him with all its strength. "Lift your arms up and put them around my neck."

Jessica obeyed him immediately, opening up her breasts to them... to her disappointment Mr. Fire began kissing down her stomach, below where Mr. Flood's arm was holding her upright. Then the delicious sensation of his tongue against her hips made her forget that disappointment. Mr. Flood's hand under her breast reached up to replace Mr. Fire's mouth on her nipple.

"We're going to kneel down together," Mr. Flood said, nibbling on her ear. Jessica gasped, the jolt of pleasure going straight to her pussy. "Can you kneel down without letting me fall out of your ass?"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeessss..." Jessica said, her voice coming out in a hiss as Mr. Fire's tongue flicked over her clit. The word was both an answer to Mr. Flood and encouragement for Mr. Fire. Slowly their legs folded, Mr. Fire's hands guiding them down. The jostling of Mr. Flood's cock in Jessica's ass created all sorts of interesting sensations deep inside of her, and her pussy got even wetter for them. Once they were on their knees, Mr. Flood pulled her back against him, his knees planted firmly between hers and keeping her thighs spread wide.

The position gave him plenty of leverage to thrust up into her ass, and at the same time spread her pussy open for Mr. Fire's eager mouth. The fingers in her pussy twisted as Mr. Fire licked at her shaved mound, teasing her clit. Jessica pulled on her arms around Mr. Flood's neck, his hands were running up and down her body now that he didn't have to hold her up. She undulated against him, her body rocking on top of his cock, her tight asshole clenching as she squirmed on top of him. Inside of her Mr. Fire's fingers curved upwards, hitting her g-spot and Jessica's body jerked between the two men. The rising tide of pleasure inside of her was far faster than she thought it would be, she was so responsive to the sensual combination of the two men.

"Don't cum yet," Mr. Flood's voice was an insistent murmur in her ear. "Breathe deeply, hold it off."

Jessica wanted to scream at him, but her BDSM classes had made her obedience to him almost automatic. She trembled on top of him, her muscles straining as she tried to slow her breaths, her body coiling and coiling and coiling...

"Now, cum for us now," Mr. Flood ordered, his cock thrusting upwards into her ass so that the slight burn and pain radiated outwards, mixing with the pleasure, and Mr. Fire's mouth sucked hard on her clit. She came screaming, ecstasy washing over her, bursting out of her, from so many pleasure points that it felt like her entire body had turned into one large sexual organ. Cum spurted into her ass, setting her off on another round of orgasms as Mr. Flood's cock swelled inside of her, fluid gushing into her. She humped her hips hard, between his cock in her back hole and Mr. Fire's mouth and fingers on her pussy, completely lost in her pleasure.

It wasn't until she was moaning, feeling like she might pass out, and her orgasms began to subside that she realized Mr. Flood's hands were holding her arms in place, keeping them securely behind her head so that her body was kept open and vulnerable for Mr. Fire. There was a light in his eyes, feverish and hungry as he stared at her open body, his hand jerking on his cock. He'd been masturbating the entire time he'd been eating her pussy. Jessica whimpered and opened her mouth, her arms twitching... she wanted to touch him, to feel him.

Mr. Flood's cock twitched inside of her ass, where it was slowly shrinking. "Stay open for him sweetheart, we want to see him cum all over those beautiful breasts of yours."

That was something that had never turned her on before, but now Jessica wanted it. She wanted to see Mr. Fire cum, see it spurting out of him and onto her, covering her with his satisfaction. Arching her body upwards, she offered her breasts like a gift, and he groaned as the first jets of his seed spurted out and onto her. Jessica was fascinated by the grimace on his face, this power that her body had over him. The sticky cum was warm on her breasts, pooling around her curves, as he jetted several long ropes of it onto her body. When he was done he sighed, looking down at her with softness in his eyes. Fluid trickled down her stomach, the tickling sensation making her shiver a little.

"That was beautiful," Mr. Flood murmured, kissing the back of her head. His fingers stroked down her thighs and up her body as though he was soothing her.

"Beautiful," Mr. Fire echoed, his eyes lingering on his cum covering her breasts and stomach. Then he leaned down and kissed her, lingeringly and passionately, their tongues rubbing against each other in a sensuous dance. Mr. Flood's fingers rubbed cum into her stomach as he kissed down her neck. Even now they were moving in tandem.

When Mr. Flood's cock fell from her ass she let out a small cry of loss, that Mr. Fire drank in with his lips. Mr. Flood passed her over to Mr. Fire, giving him a turn to hold her as Mr. Flood went to get a damp clothe to wash her with. Mr. Fire nuzzled and cuddled with her, letting her sink into his arms and just relax. There was a definite advantage to having two lovers, one was able to indulge her desire to snuggle while the other got the tools to care for her.

Mr. Flood was gentle with the warm clothe, rubbing it over her breasts and stomach and a quick swipe through her legs. She smiled sleepily at him. This had to have been the most satisfying day of classes that she'd had yet.

"Thank you," she said, with feeling, before leaving them. They both laughed and took turns kissing her thoroughly. Their kisses were just very slightly different from each other, now that she could compare them one after another, but both of them set off sparks and butterflies in her stomach.

Jessica wasn't sure she'd know how to handle one such man, how was a girl supposed to keep up with two?

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