tagGroup SexVenus School of Sex Ch. 19

Venus School of Sex Ch. 19


Jessica lay on her back after dinner, thinking about her day. God... she was so fucked. In a fantastic way and a really crappy way. Her body felt... drained. Satiated. Fulfilled. She'd actually wanted Mr. Fire to cum on her breasts. How strange. It should have felt degrading, but it didn't. Instead, she'd felt incredibly sexy having Mr. Flood hold her body open for Mr. Fire, being between the two of them, watching Mr. Fire's cock twitch and spurt as he covered her with his spunk.

And at the same time, she'd felt so emotionally satisfied. These two gorgeous guys, they really didn't seem that much older than her, who were thrilling and fantastic in bed, also had a softer side that she'd been privy to this past weekend. How was she ever going to find a guy that matched up to them? Either of them? On the other hand, she didn't fool herself into thinking that she could keep up with either of them either. They were so much more experienced than her, more sexy, more confident. In real life they'd probably never give her a second glance, she'd only come to their attention because she was here to learn.

Maybe they just liked teaching. And she knew she was a quick learner. Still, sometimes she felt like maybe, just maybe, there was a little something there... but no. She shouldn't do that to herself. That kind of happy ending only happened in fairy tales.

A knock on her door interrupted her maudlin thoughts.

"Nick!" she said, surprised by her visitor. The faint hope that maybe Mr. Flood or Mr. Fire was coming for an after hours visit died quickly and she buried it deep. "What are you doing here?"

He grinned at her. " I was hoping maybe you wouldn't turn down a study buddy for the evening? Vanessa's great but... I don't know. It's starting to feel weird being with just one girl for study sessions, like I'm cheating on Fiona or something. Even though I'm not technically with her."

Jessica laughed as she let him in the room. "Maybe not with her yet, but I think that being surrounded by all these women who are constantly wanting sex with you, and you still thinking about her shows a level of commitment that she'd be an idiot to say no to."

Nick ran his hands through his brown curls as he made himself comfortable lying down on her bed. He curled his arm out, an obvious invitation to cuddle, and Jessica took him right up on it. Cuddling sounded great right about now. Unfortunately cuddling with him didn't really turned her on. His fingers traced patterns on her arm, she rubbed his chest, they talked about what their real lives. She patiently listened to him was eloquent about Fiona's charms, Fiona's sweetness and Fiona's life. In fact, she probably learned more about Fiona than she had about Nick and she'd never even met the girl.

"So..." Finally Jessica brought up the elephant in the room. "Should we be studying?"

To her relief, Nick grimaced. "This is going to sound kind of awful, and it's not that you're not a very attractive woman, and if it wasn't for Fiona then -"

"It's okay," Jessica said, cutting him off as she laughed. "I think we're more friends material anyway." Nick's body relaxed, making Jessica giggle again. "What, did you think you were going to have to bang for roof?"

"What?" The surprised laugh that he gave showed he'd never heard the term before.

"Bang for roof. I got it off of 'How I Met Your Mother,' it means having sex with someone so that you have somewhere to stay."

Nick laughed again. "I figured out what it meant, I just hadn't heard it before. And yes, I guess I was a little worried about that. Vanessa didn't take it so well when I stopped being interested in, um, studying."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Jessica said, sincerely. "I don't mind if you just want to have platonic sleepovers."

"Can I ask why? I mean, not that I'm insulted, I'm just wondering. You haven't mentioned having anyone back home, and I haven't seen you studying with anyone else here."

Jessica bit her lip, but Nick had already proven to be a pretty good friend in the short time that she'd known him. She felt pretty comfortable with him. So she told him everything about Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire, even finally admitting that she was starting to think she might have real feelings for them.

"I think the weekend really screwed with my head. Getting to know them as real people... I have a lot in common with both of them. And it's not like I have anyone else at home that I really click with. I have no interest in getting back with my ex. I guess I'm just afraid that I'm going to go home and be hung up on these two guys, and I can't have either of them. It kind of sucks. A lot."

Her friend was quiet for a moment, stroking her brown curls and thinking. Jessica rested against him, feeling a lot less stressed now that she'd vented to someone and gotten all of it off of her chest. Venting to Nick was somehow easier than to Charity, maybe because it was his first year too and he was a guy so he could give a male perspective.

"I guess," he finally said, slowly. "I guess that all you can do is go home and start looking. At least now you know what you like and what to look for. And maybe you'll get home and find out that it was just a location thing, like, it was easier for you to have your classes with men that you felt like you had feelings for. There's got to be other guys out there that like art or camping."

She giggled. "True. I guess I just have to put myself out there. It was just so nice and easy to meet them here and immediately fall into things, you know?"

"I know," he said, and then his voice turned teasing. "But sometimes life isn't easy and little brats are just going to have to deal with that."

"Brat?" she said in mock outrage, and then began tickling him. That led to a tickling war that left them both breathless and a little turned on. But Nick's emotions were for Fiona and Jessica's were all for Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire.

As she drifted to sleep that night she wondered if he was right and if she just felt that way because she felt better having intense sex with them if she had feelings for them. It was possible. And it made her feel a little better, because it meant that maybe, when she got home, she wouldn't feel as bereft and lonely without them as she thought she might.


Thursday wasn't nearly as intense a schedule as Wednesday had been. Breakfast was a little awkward, with Vanessa sitting as far away from Nick as she could, and she wasn't nearly as bubbly as she had been yesterday morning. It was a little sad, and Nick looked guilty. Jessica gave him a supportive squeeze on his arm. He couldn't help being a great guy or that he was in love with a girl back home. And Vanessa couldn't help it if she wanted more from him than he could give.

Unfortunately Jessica knew exactly how that felt.

Yoga first thing in the morning had been a good idea. It was calming, relaxing, and she could feel all of her muscles unwinding. Second Period Anal play was more satisfying than yesterday in some ways; Mr. Jade was her Instructor and apparently had had a discussion with Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood. Jessica was excited to have early confirmation that they would be her instructors for Ménage again today, but it also felt rather strange to know that the three of them had discussed Mr. Jade having anal sex with her.

Although he roused her body and the anal sex was hot, her orgasm satisfying, it just didn't have the same emotional level of satisfaction that she got whenever she was with Mr. Fire or Mr. Flood. But, like Nick had suggested, was that just because she'd spent more time with both of them as her Instructors? Still... she didn't have a problem being with the other instructors. She found Mr. Winter downright sexy. It was just that there was something about being with Flood or Fire, or Flood and Fire, that was just better than being with anyone else.

Two more afternoons with them. Two more classes. Jessica almost felt depressed by the time she got to her third period study hall. Fortunately Nick was there too. The two of them sat in a corner and watched, pretending to take notes on the other students techniques while really they just talked. This time he didn't seem to want to talk about Fiona and she definitely didn't want to talk about Fire and Flood, so she just listened to funny stories about him growing up and told a few of her own.

And then it was time for Ménage class.


When Jessica walked into the classroom and saw Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire standing there, she tried to gauge her reaction. It was like a punch to the gut that left her breathless and wet. Could she mentally fake this kind of visceral reaction? If it was just her trying to make it okay for her to be so intimate with them, then why hadn't she focused on just Mr. Fire from the very beginning? He'd been the one to come find her in the bathroom. Or why hadn't she focused on Mr. Flood when he'd been the one to take her anal virginity? That was something that should have bound the two of them together.

Why both of them? And why this gut, instinctive reaction? If only she could pack them into her suitcase, life would be perfect.

They even moved in sync, coming towards her, leaving her mouth dry and her legs trembling with anticipation. Her ass was feeling well used after her Anal Play class, but that didn't matter. If they wanted to sandwich her between them she'd take it. Hell, she was willing to beg for it if she thought it would get what her what she wanted.

"Hello Jessica," Mr. Flood said when they reached her, as Mr. Fire gave her a welcoming grin. "We're very happy to see you again. Before we get started today we'd like to talk about yesterday and how you felt, just to get a handle on whether or not this class is really for you."

How she felt? Dear God, why did they have to want to talk about that. Then Jessica realized that he probably meant physically, not the turmoil of her emotions. Physical feelings she could handle. The two men guided her over to a mattress and sat down on it with her, one on either side. Every nerve in her body felt like it was on high alert being this close to them and yet not touching them.

"Is there anything you particularly liked yesterday?" Mr. Fire asked, turning her gaze towards him.

"Um..." Jessica flushed. Suddenly talking about her physical feelings seemed just as intimate and exposing as talking about her emotions. Was admitting that she wished they'd both been inside of her too much?

"I think she could use some distraction," Mr. Flood said behind her, and Jessica shivered as his fingers brushed her hair over her shoulder and began to rub the tense muscles of her neck. She started to turn to look at him, but he gripped the base of her skull and turned her back to Mr. Fire's intense eyes. Jessica froze, feeling unable to look away, caught between them. "Keep your eyes on Fire, little one, and answer his question."

"Um," she said again, and then blushed, feeling like an idiot. Mr. Flood's fingers moved down to her shoulders, and he even managed to make a simple shoulder rub feel erotic. "I liked having so many hands on me."

"That's good," Mr. Fire said, leaning forward. "I think Flood's right, you need to relax, little one." He scooped up her feet, pulling off her shoes and propping her legs up on his lap before he started to rub her feet with strong hands. The position turned her around so that she was leaning against Mr. Flood, whose hands began to wander from her shoulders down to her breasts, cupping them and rubbing her nipples through the thin material of the shirt. Jessica moaned, she could feel her body responding to them and it was making it difficult for her to concentrate.

"So you like a lot of hands on you," Mr. Flood said in her ear, and Jessica shivered at both his words and the intimate low tone he was using. The teasing brushes against her breasts were getting to her, sharp contrast to the firm press of Mr. Fire's hands on her feet. Mr. Fire was staring straight at her the entire time, not even looking at what he was doing, and the smoldering heat in his eyes made her insides tighten. "What else did you like about yesterday?"

"Feeling like you were marking me." The words popped out of her mouth before she could stop them, and then Jessica blushed heatedly. Both of them chuckled, enjoying her discomfiture.

"We were marking you, little one," Mr. Fire said. "Inside and out."

"We already know you like being dominated," said Mr. Flood, his voice almost overlapping Mr. Fire's. The combination of having both of them talk to her so seductively was an incredible turn on. Their sexy voices and hands were dragging all the tension and modesty right out of her. Mr. Flood nipped at her earlobe with his teeth and Jessica moaned. "What else did you like?"

"Being between both of you," she said. That wasn't too bad, that wasn't slutty sounding. Mr. Flood pinched her nipples, making them throb, as Mr. Fire's hands began to move up her calves, spreading her legs slightly. The heat they were creating was unbearable.

"Where were we?" Mr. Flood growled at her, his fingers coming down hard on her nipples again. Jessica writhed.

"You... in my ass..." She moaned, humiliated and turned on. "While Mr. Fire ate me out... I liked that."

"Good girl," Mr. Flood said, and he kissed the side of her neck as his fingers released her swollen nipples, rubbing the tender buds, and not soothing her at all. She wanted him to pinch her again, and hold them tightly. Arching her back, Jessica let out a small cry of disappointment as his hands left her breasts. Then she realized that he was unbuttoning her shirt and she shivered in anticipation.

"Is there anything you didn't like, little one?" Mr. Fire asked, taking over the questioning as Mr. Flood kissed down her neck, his nimble fingers almost as the bottom of your blouse.

"I wanted you inside me," Jessica said, and then moaned in embarrassment and arousal as Mr. Fire grinned at her, spreading her thighs as his fingers worked their way up her muscles. He scooted closer on the mattress, never breaking the connection of their eyes.

"I wanted to be inside you too," he murmured, and he leaned over and kissed her.

Now she truly was trapped between them. Mr. Fire pulling off her shirt and kissing her neck and shoulders, her lips caught by Mr. Fire's kiss, their tongues dancing. Mr. Flood got her bra off and then his hands were cradling her breasts as he pulled her against his hard chest. Somehow they'd shifted position and now she was leaning back against him, his legs on either side of her. Mr. Fire took her hands and put them on Mr. Flood's thighs.

"Keep your hands here, little one," he said, before kissing her again.

Automatically, unthinkingly, Jessica obeyed his order, her hands tightening on Mr. Flood's thighs as Mr. Fire spread her legs. His fingers stroked against her wet, open pussy, underneath the skirt. God bless school uniforms which require no panties. Having his fingers touching her pussy, while there were two hands on her breasts, was so hot. Her body was falling into what was becoming a familiar overwhelming mass of sensation, turning her into a quivering pool of female pleasure, sensual putty in their hands. And mouths.

Mr. Fire turned her over and Jessica found herself facing Mr. Flood's cock, jutting out of his leather pants, which he had undone. Hands pushed her skirt up and caressed her bare ass as she automatically leaned over, her lips reaching for Mr. Flood's dick, wanting him inside her mouth. Her tongue flicked out and licked the tip, making him moan. She thrilled at the sound, and licked all around the head, then cried out as two fingers pushed inside of her pussy, pushing her forward, rocking into her and sending pleasure coursing through her.

"Open up, little one, I want to see your pretty mouth sucking my cock," Mr. Flood said, reaching under her torso to grip her breasts as Mr. Fire continued to finger fuck her from behind. Jessica moaned and opened her mouth, stifling the hot sounds with Mr. Flood's dick, a gag of thick meat that appreciated the vibrations of her voice humming over it.

Between them... she was between them... not quite how she'd wanted to be, but they were both going to be inside of her, Jessica could sense it. She sucked hard on Mr. Flood's cock, grabbing at his hips with both of her hands, wanting to touch him, feeling him, get as much of him inside her as she could. Mr. Fire teased her from behind, making her wiggle her hips at him. God she wanted both of them, and right now she didn't care if that was slutty or wrong or perverse... they completed something inside of her and she wanted to be between them, feeling them thrusting into her.

Something cool and wet prodded her anus, and Jessica groaned as Mr. Fire slid a butt plug into her. Not thick enough to irritate the sensitive tissues of her ass after the Anal Play class this morning, but enough to tease her nerves, tighten her insides. When he rubbed the head of his cock along her wet slit, getting it wet and ready to enter her, Jessica groaned around Mr. Flood's cock and wagged her hips, sucking enthusiastically.

"Fuck Fire..." Mr. Flood groaned. "Whatever you're doing, don't stop. She's driving me wild."

Mr. Fire pushed into her, teasing her with just an inch of him, before pulling out, and Jessica practically wailed, making Mr. Flood groan and pinch her nipples. Her mouth was hot, wet, and providing continuous suction, not to mention multitudes of little vibrations as she panted and moaned around his meat. She was feeling far too wild to remember any of her lessons, but the practice she'd had meant that her body automatically reacted with muscle memory, sucking and licking at Mr. Flood's cock, pulling him into her throat as she sank her lips to the base of him. Here, at least, she had control and could swallow as much of him as she wanted to, taking him all the way in while Mr. Fire teased and tantalized her from behind.

Her ass clenched over the butt plug, her insides expanding as Mr. Fire pushed deeper into wet sheathe, made even tighter by the plug he'd inserted into her other hole. Oh god... was this what it would feel like when they both took her? No. Mr. Flood was bigger than that plug, it'd be fuller... better... Jessica's pussy flowed with cream as the men began to establish a rhythm, their cocks forcing her to rock between them, hips pumping at either end. Every thrust of Mr. Fire's pushed at the plug in her ass, shoved her throat down on Mr. Flood's meat, and every thrust of Mr. Flood's sent her jetting back to the pleasure of Mr. Fire's cock and the bouncing of the plug inside of her.

Jessica's body quivered in orgasm between them, her soft cries not going unnoticed. Mr. Flood tugged on her nipples as Mr. Fire reached underneath her and began rubbing her clit, extending the pleasure as she rocked between them. The spongy walls of her insides convulsed around him, sucking at his cock and encouraging him to cum in her... but neither he or Flood were ready for that yet. They fucked her through the orgasm, keeping the heat in her body flowing. Jessica's orgasm subsided and almost immediately another one started to build, making her want to beg, plead with them for a moment... but all she could do was making mewling noises around Mr. Flood's cock, pleasuring him further.

She gave herself up to the rhythm, to the force of their bodies, letting go of her control and allowing them to take over, to move her, to pleasure her. Both men felt her mental release, her complete involvement. She wasn't fighting her incoming orgasm anymore, she was going to take herself and them over the edge.

Mr. Fire pounded into her hard from behind, forcing cries of ecstasy from Jessica's throat as her body tightened, her nails digging into Mr. Flood's hips as she clung to him. Her world had dissolved to meat, sex, pleasure, FUCK... Mr. Flood's cock thrust deeply into her mouth, into her throat, cutting off her air, and she swallowed automatically as he expanded inside of her, cum gushing down into her stomach. The lack of hair as she drank him down made her feel dizzy, enhancing all the sensations that Mr. Fire was creating her in pussy, and her throat convulsed around Mr. Flood's spurting erection as she began to cum.

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