tagGroup SexVenus School of Sex Ch. 20

Venus School of Sex Ch. 20


Jessica roused to her roommate's voice.

"Come on Jess, time to get up and eat something... dinner time. Wake up Jess," said Charity, shaking the other girl gently. Jessica groaned and stretched, wincing a little at her sore muscles. The last thing she remembered was cuddling with Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood after some seriously intense orgasm. She must have fallen asleep... but how did she get back to her room?

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhh," she said, rolling onto her back. She felt sore and sticky and probably smelled like sweat and sex. And she felt like she could sleep for a year. "When did you get here?"

Charity's face peered down at her curiously, before spreading in an impish smile that made the redhead look like a pixie. A malicious one. "Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire sent me to make sure that you got up for dinner. Now I can see why. Enjoy your menage class?"

A sleepy, satisfied smile curved Jessica's lips immediately. Then she moaned again, this time with impatience, as she pushed herself up. Her muscles felt weak and watery. Definitely time for food. And water.

"Here," said Charity, handing her a bottle of orange Gatorade. "Mr. Flood said you'd need this." And remembered that she'd liked orange, just like him. She wondered why he and Fire hadn't come themselves. Or stayed... she wouldn't have minded waking up in between them.

Feeling slightly abandoned, Jessica accepted Charity's help in getting dressed as the other girl babbled on about her day. Apparently Nick and Vanessa had made up, to the point where things were no longer awkward at least. And Paul had hinted that he wanted her phone number and email, which made Charity flush with pleasure. By that time they were heading towards the dining hall and, thanks to the Gatorade, Jessica wasn't feeling quite as weak and shaky. That was good.

That night Nick joined her again, which Jessica was grateful for. It was the last night at the school. The dance last week had been the big social event, tomorrow after dinner everyone would leave. It just didn't seem possible that the real world was so close. When she found herself crying, not even knowing why, Nick held her. Despite knowing that he was excited about going home, she was glad that he was there for her. Charity was in his and Paul's room of course. Once at dinner the two of them had gotten less cheerful and more desperate, the reality of this being their last night at the school hitting them hard.

Eventually she drifted off to an uneasy sleep, held securely in Nick's arms.


Friday morning Nick found a note slipped under Jessica's door informing her that her schedule for the day had been changed to accommodate her last class of the day. Originally she was supposed to be going to Basic Intercourse and then Anal Play, but the school was worried that it would be too much for her body, so she now had a Fellatio class followed by Study Hall before her afternoon classes of Yoga and Menage Trois. Jessica didn't know whether to feel relieved or disappointed. Of course, the main reason she'd signed up for those classes was with Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood in mind. If they weren't going to be her Instructors, like they hadn't been on Wednesday, then she didn't mind missing those classes.

Especially if it meant that they could thoroughly use her in the Menage class.

In Fellatio she had Mr. Winter, which she enjoyed. It was nice to be able to see him again before the school week ended. She'd liked Mr. Winter a lot, even if he didn't throw up quite the same kind of sparks that Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood had, she felt like she definitely had an affinity with him. At the end of the class she hugged him, hard, and he'd chuckled as he hugged her back.

Study Hall had, for once, not been filled with people having sex. Instead everyone there was hanging out, talking about their experiences and what they were going to do with them back home. Jessica thought about her best friend Hilary, and realized how much she missed Hilary's sweetness and innocence. The things that Jessica had done at the school were probably going to blow poor Hilary's mind. Hilary and her other friends, and especially her ex Sean had seemed so far away these past two weeks, it was like living on a different planet or in a different reality. Now she was going to be going back to her old life soon. Changed on the inside, but would anything show on the outside?

She felt a little jealous of the people around her. Unlike them, the men that she wanted to attract were here at this school. For a moment she entertained a little fantasy of going home and getting together with Sean for a night, just to show him what he'd been missing out on, since he'd appreciate the difference... but her heart wasn't in it. And when they'd broken up he'd said some harsh words about her "freak" tendencies, as if wanted to be spanked a little made her unusual. After having experienced this school, Jessica knew that she wasn't unusual at all. Just different from him.

In a lot of ways she was going to be leaving here much more confident a person, in herself. And a little heartbroken too. Breaking up with Sean had sucked, especially since it had made her question her own proclivities, but she hadn't really missed him that much after he was gone. Somehow she already knew that she was going to miss Flood and Fire. Of course, maybe it was just the excitement that she'd miss, but part of her thought she'd miss their personalities too. The small glimpse that she'd gotten last weekend.

This whole week had felt a little weird, not having more time outside of class with them. As if they were holding back after the weekend. Just like her.

Charity and Paul didn't show up for lunch. Probably in one of their bedrooms getting some more time alone before they had to leave. Jessica could feel the tension winding up inside of her, and she got more and more quiet as she talked to the friends she'd made. All of them were looking forward to going home, especially Nick. And she just wanted to stay here. Although not really. Fire and Flood would be going home too. There was only one session of school a month and not all of the instructors came to each session.

So staying didn't really solve her problems either.

Yoga was a relief. Not only did she get away from everyone else, but she was actually able to relax and just get in touch with her body and inner calm. Tension flowed out of her, and she needed that right now. Of course, as soon as she left the class and headed to the Menage room, that lack of unhappy tension meant an arousing anticipation at seeing Flood and Fire started to kick in.

This was her last time with either of them, and her first time ever being double penetrated. Something she hadn't ever considered before attending this school. Something she may not have considered if they hadn't been the ones doing the demonstration at the beginning of last week that lit her imagination and body on fire. Jessica took a deep breath, brushing suddenly damp hands across the short fabric of her skirt.

It was amazing how many ways she'd opened up in the past week. It was so easy for her to forget now how short her skirt was, the fact that her nipples were always visible through the sheer fabric, she'd even gotten used to the way it rubbed over her nipples, teasing them. Tomorrow she'd be back in normal clothes, normal underwear, and she wouldn't be having sex.

Just that thought made her yearn for her men even more, and her steps quickened as she hurried towards the classroom, heart pounding. They had to be there of course... they wouldn't let her down. She hoped.

When she walked into the classroom, it was like they'd been waiting for her, on either side of the doorway. The second she walked in they pressed in on either side of her, their body heat surrounding her as they moved her away from the door. Mr. Fire's lips pressed down on hers as Mr. Flood guided them, and then he passed her off to Mr. Flood who kissed her deep, hard, his tongue swirling around her mouth. If she'd had a moment to think she would have felt silly for always doubting them, it was all anxiety, not real fear because deep down she could feel the connection between them.

But she didn't have a moment to think. They passed her back and forth between them, dizzying her with kisses. She felt drunk from the heady feeling of their lips, their hands, touching her, taking away her breath. Her knees trembled and they held her up between them, whichever one wasn't kissing her rubbing his hands all over her body. There was no way she could adequately respond, although she touched both of them as much as she was able, but they overwhelmed her. The desperation in their kisses matched her own.

Her nipples hardened as fingers rubbed them, squeezed her breasts, and the swollen heat between her legs started to ache. They hadn't even undressed her yet.

"Jessica," Mr. Flood said, his voice a mere murmur of desperate need for her, and she had time for a whimper before Mr. Fire's lips came down hard on hers, demanding her attention as his tongue pressed inside of her. Fingers stroked at her sides, Mr. Flood's teeth bit at her neck. Flesh swelled in his mouth as he sucked at her shoulder, and she felt each sucking motion like a pulse in her clit, as if he was tugging at the lower part of her body.

Then they started to undress her. Leather covered erections pressed into her front and back as they stood next to the mattress, rocking into her, showing her what they were going to be doing. Wetness flooded between her legs, she was so ready for them. Wanted them inside of her, front and back, to be completely filled by them. It was as if her entire time at the school was all leading up to this experience.

"So beautiful, Jessica," Mr. Fire said, his face burying itself in her breasts. She moaned as he cupped them with his hands, his teeth and lips and tongue tormenting the aching, swollen mounds, and every movement he made sent a hot flash of need to her pussy.

"Pretty, pretty Jessica," said Mr. Flood behind her, and she suddenly realized that he'd taken off his pants, as his swollen cock pressed lengthwise along her ass crack, rubbing up and down between the firm cheeks of her ass. His hands splayed across her hips, pulling her back against him and she tilted her head back and to the side so that they could kiss.

She loved hearing them say her name, as if it was something beautiful, something to be treasured.

When Mr. Flood ended the kiss she couldn't stop looking at him, drinking him in with her eyes. Trying, desperately, to picture the face behind the mask.

He smiled at her, a gorgeous smile, as if he knew that she was trying to memorize the lines of his face that she could see. "It's time Jessica, get on Fire."

For a moment she didn't understand what he was saying, and then his hand fisted in her hair, the sensation sending a shiver through her body, as he manipulated her head down, forcing her gaze away from him and to the mattress. His fingers stroked over her mound as she looked down, her mouth suddenly going dry as Mr. Fire smiled up at her. Laying on his back on the mattress, his cock fisted in his hand, he stroked himself as he watched her and Mr. Flood, his eyes roaming her naked body. Drinking in the sight of her as much as she was of them.

Even though Mr. Flood had told her to get on top of Fire, he was still holding her pressed against him, grinding his dick into her ass, one hand rubbing her hips, the other her breast, more teasing with her fingers than anything else. Her pussy burned, feeling hot and swollen, even though neither of them had touched her there. She wanted to climb on top of Mr. Fire, but Mr. Flood was still holding her.

"You're going to straddle him and ride him hard," Mr. Flood whispered into her ear as she stared at Mr. Fire, who was masturbating his cock. The combination of Mr. Flood's words, the incredibly sexy sight of Mr. Fire, and the hands and cock on her without actually touching her where she most wanted it, made Jessica feel like her insides were burning with heat. "And then I'm going to take this sweet, beautiful ass, and we're going to fill you up like you've never been filled before."

Jessica moaned as the cock behind her rocked against her backside, her insides clenching automatically as heat and need washed over her. They were teasing her with their bodies, with their words, riling her up until she was focused on nothing but them. As if she'd needed any help with that.

Then Mr. Flood released her and she wobbled forward, his hands on her waist, guiding her movements as she put on foot on either side of Mr. Fire's body and dropped to her knees on the mattress. Running her fingers over his chest, she just enjoyed touching him for a moment, teasing his nipples to little nubs of hardness. Beneath her his cock bumped against the insides of her thighs, against the slick juices of her pussy lips and she shuddered.

Hands on her waist pushed her down and she gasped as Mr. Fire's dick spread her open, sliding into the wonderful tightness of her body. They both moaned, and his hips thrust upwards, forcing even more of him inside of her. Mr. Flood's hands were relentless with their pressure, pushing her down completely onto Mr. Fire.

Her hips started to rock as the wonderful sensation of being filled, of his hard body against hers, between her thighs, sent her spinning. Mr. Flood's hand slid up her back to the back of her neck. Then he pushed her forward, until Mr. Fire took over the pressure, bringing her down to him for a passionate kiss.

As their lips met, he nibbled on her lower lip, his tongue licking and then pushing into her mouth, swirling against hers. A finger pushed into her backside, lubing her up, staying with the rhythm of her and Mr. Fire's thrusts. Then it was gone and she shuddered, in anticipation, in excitement, in fear... knowing what was coming next.

Mr. Fire stopped moving beneath her, letting all of Jessica's focus go to the velvety head of the cock that was rubbing against her anus. The nerve endings seemed to light up as Mr. Flood teased her back door, and Jessica cried out, the sound muffled by Mr. Fire's lips. He pinched her nipple, distracting her, as Mr. Flood began to push in.

Oh god... too much... too full... Jessica twitched between them, her body clamping down as the head of Mr. Flood's cock pushed into her ass. High pitched whimpers escaped her, and Mr. Fire drank them in.

A shudder rippled through her body, almost like a small orgasm, as Mr. Flood pushed further deeper inside of her. The sensation of his cock rubbing against the length of Mr. Fire's, through the thin lining of her body, was exquisite. Painful. Sensational. With every inch of cock that entered her ass, Jessica convulsed, slowing the intrusion even further as her body tightened and released, massaging both of the men.

All three of them groaned when Mr. Flood's body finally came to rest against her ass cheeks, his dick fully buried in her ass.

His hips made a slow, small circle, grinding himself against her, bobbing his thick meat inside of her. Jessica cried out at the sensation, arching her back and pulling her head away from Mr. Fire's mouth as she shivered between them, her holes stretched so full to accommodate them.

"How do you feel Jessica?" asked Mr. Flood, his hands firm on her hips, holding her in place between them.

"Fuck me... oh please fuck me..."

The feeling of fullness had her almost delirious, the words dropping from her lips before she could contemplate whether or not she needed another minute to adjust. But then their hips started to move, taking turns. Mr. Fire's cock dragged out of her as Mr. Flood's pushed in, inflaming her passion. There was never a moment when she wasn't filled with cock, taking her, rocking the foundations of her body.

Her clit swelled against Mr. Fire's hard body, pressed against him by the weight of Mr. Flood, the force of Mr. Fire's cock pushing up inside of her. She pushed back against them as best she could, the overwhelming sensation of being filled slowly receding behind the overpowering need to cum.

It felt like her entire body was coming together, her pulse pounding with the rhythm of her cocks, her breathing changing to the same rhythm, as if they forced air in and out of her with their movements. Jessica cried out between them, the muscles in her body tensing.

"You may not cum," Mr. Flood growled in her ear. Jessica wanted to scream at him, but suddenly their rhythm changed. Mr. Flood paused, buried deep in her ass, and then matched his next stroke with Mr. Fire's, so that they pulled in and out of her at the same time.

Oh god... that one small change, that small difference in the rhythm, kept her from orgasming, set her on the edge and no further as her body adjusted to the new sensations. They dragged out of her, inflaming her swollen tissues with need, desperation filling her. She pushed away her orgasm, wanting to follow Mr. Flood's direction, squirming between them and screaming with passion as they pushed back in together, filling her completely. "Hold on baby, just hold on," Mr. Flood said, as they pumped their hips again, matching each other's actions.

Jessica writhed. The intense heat inside of her was becoming overwhelming, being kept just on the edge of cumming was almost painful. Her pussy contracted, her ass gripping down hard, squeezing both of them. Their answering groans only turned her on more, let her know how close they were.

Another thrust, and her nails dug into Mr. Fire's shoulders. She felt like screaming in frustration.

"Now sweetheart," Mr. Flood said, and their cocks pulled out partially and then shoved in. Mr. Flood's hands pushed down on her hips as she was impaled, forcing her onto the full measure of their dicks, taking both of them all the way to the base. Her body exploded at Mr. Flood's command, a screaming, toe-curling orgasm that encompassed her entire body, taking her frustration and neediness and exponentially exceeding it with pleasure.

They pushed in and out of her to their own rhythms, not giving her one second of rest. Heat and pleasure sizzled over her body, even their fingers touching her skin seemed to be setting off small explosions of ecstasy as she climaxed again and again between them, their thrusts sending her rolling on waves of rapture.

Swelling inside of her at almost exactly the same time, they burst forth, one after the other, and she couldn't tell which was first, she was so lost in the maelstrom of shuddering, screaming, orgasm.

Their bodies rocked together, slowing, dragging the last quivers of pleasure from each other with increasingly gentle strokes as the two men started to soften inside of her. Jessica lay limply on top of Mr. Fire, moaning, her limbs feeling too weak to allow her to participate. She felt like a rag doll. A sexed up, satiated, completely satisfied rag doll. The shudders, the quivering, was all involuntary as little bursts of pleasure trickled over her, from the inside, from the outside... lips kissed her skin and she gasped, fingers stroked her back and sides and she moaned. Every touch was a revelation in sensation.

"Good girl," Mr. Flood said.

"Beautiful girl," Mr. Fire said, right on top of him.

Yes, no doubt who was more dominant and who was more sweet. And she loved them both. In a moment of utter clarity she knew it, recognized the swell of emotion inside of her and the repercussions of her state. Her lips tightened before she could say the words. Spill her guts out in the aftermath of blissful orgasm. Instead, she just let them turn her on her side, snuggling her between them, as the three of them shared slow caresses and drugging kisses for the rest of the class.

At the end of it they both walked her back to her room, mostly guiding her along on shaky steps.

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