tagRomanceVenus School of Sex Ch. 21

Venus School of Sex Ch. 21


Author's Note: There's a lot of story here, partly because I wanted to give everyone a little bit of something. For those of you who have been cheering for certain characters if you think you don't like where the story is going, keep reading, I promise eventually you'll change your mind ;)

I've had so much fun with this story and I hope you've enjoyed it!


Jessica looked around her room, feeling so strange. Only one bed. Clothes in the closet. Not very many attractive clothes either, she realized. She'd always worried so much about looking slutty that none of her clothes were really sexy at all. Dumpy was the more operative word. But she'd gotten used to a short skirt with no panties under it, and a silky see through blouse. Of course she couldn't actually wear that here, but she could certainly get some clothes that would be more flattering. Sighing heavily, she unpacked the few items that she'd brought to the Venus School, putting them away her closet and the light colored wood dresser that she'd had since she was a kid.

Hearing the door to the apartment slam, Jessica grinned, knowing that her best friend and housemate Hilary was finally home. While Hilary had been able to take her to the airport on the outgoing journey, she'd been unavailable for the return trip.

"JESSICA!" Hilary's voice was a high excited shriek. "I know you're here, get out here!"

Before Hilary was even done talking, Jessica was already bursting from her room and heading down the hallway to the apartment's living room. The girls slammed into each other, in the kind of hugging, jumping, crying, shrieking embrace that only best friends can manage without toppling over or causing each other permanent injury. Seeing Hilary was the best part of Jessica's homecoming so far, after a lonely ride home in a taxi cab from the air port, the empty apartment where nothing had changed, while Jessica knew that she was a completely different person inside.

"OH, I've missed you so much!" Hilary said, squeezing Jessica tightly. The two girls clung to each other, sniffling a little as they did a clingy little happy dance of relief that they were back together. Jessica knew it had been much harder for Hilary than for herself; Hilary had probably been lonely in the apartment, where she was used to having Jessica's company, whereas Jessica had been inundated with new experiences and meeting new people, with plenty to distract her. "Tell me everything... wait, let's order some food and break out the wine and then you can tell me everything!"

Jessica had to laugh. Hilary hadn't changed at all. So the girls quickly ordered their standard Chinese dinners and brought out a cheap bottle of Riesling to share, and collapsed on the couch. Telling Hilary everything was a relief, and it also made Jessica sad as she had to admit that she'd kind of fallen for two of her Instructors. Hilary being Hilary, she thought it was wonderfully romantic. The pretty blonde loved movies where everything turned out all right in the end, and even though she hadn't managed to find that happy ending with any guy, that didn't stop her from hoping that one day Prince Charming would come along.

She firmly believed that if Jessica was meant to be with Flood or Fire that at some point in her life they would show up again. And, if not, that Jessica would find another guy who would fulfill her even more than either of them had.

"Besides," Hilary said, over her plate of steaming moo shoo pork, "you'd have to choose between the two of them if they were here, and you don't seem to know which one you like better."

"Well that's true," said Jessica. They were so different and yet so similar... ack. Not any point in even thinking about it right now.

"So, was all the kinky stuff everything you ever imagined?" Hilary asked, with a glint of interest in her eye.

Jessica laughed. "Have you been reading more on my Kindle while I was away?"

Flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder, Hilary pulled a mock appalled face that Jessica would accuse her of such a thing.

"I mean... it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility, I suppose," Hilary said, a little snobbishly. Both girls giggled and Jessica rolled her eyes at her friend's silliness. "I didn't think it would be something I'd be into but... I don't know. There's something exciting about the stories that you read."

Grinning Jessica winked at her friend. "It's even more exciting in person."

"Oooo, tell me, tell me."

Chewing on her sweet and sour chicken, Jessica tried to think of how to describe it. "It's like... you're totally out of control of what's going to happen, but at the same time you trust the guy to make sure that what happens is going to be good for you. And being out of control, to me, is really hot. Not knowing where he's going to touch next, what he's going to do, and being completely vulnerable, unable to stop it. He could do anything that he wants."

Hilary shivered a little. "That sounds kind of scary."

"It is, but good scary. Sexy scary. As long as you trust him. And there were other things too. I liked the spankings and the clamps... I definitely like a little bit of pain with my sex." Jessica laughed as Hilary gave a bigger shiver, more like a shudder.

"I don't think I would."

"Well, it's not for everyone," Jessica said. "There's more too it though. Like... Mr. Flood was definitely more dominant than Mr. Fire a lot of the time. Mr. Fire would be more playful, but I loved seeing Mr. Flood crack out of being dominant because it was such a surprise when he did it. And I liked the way he kind of man handled me. Mr. Fire did that too but it was... I don't know, somehow gentler. Sweeter. The two of them together were pretty incredible. And Mr. Flood was always doing things like making sure that I was taken care of, with Gatorade or having someone check in on me so I didn't miss dinner... that kind of thing."

Now Hilary looked a little wistful. "That sounds nice."

"Very nice," Jessica said, although 'nice' didn't even begin to cover how cared for it made her feel, how pampered that Mr. Flood had done those little things. Or how much fun it had been to be playful with Mr. Fire.

Studying her best friend carefully, Hilary could see how despondent Jessica was about coming back home from the school. Obviously it was because of the two instructors. Well, Hilary couldn't do anything about that, but maybe she could make the transition a little bit easier for Jessica if she distracted her.

"Want to go out dancing tomorrow night?"

"Yeah," said Jessica, smiling. "That sounds awesome." Dancing was always such a release for her, that sounded exactly like what she needed. Plus if they were out with a bunch of incredibly good looking guys, then maybe she'd be able to forget about Fire and Flood. Or find someone even better.

Maybe Hilary's optimism was spreading.


Jessica took advantage of her Saturday to start getting her mindset back into being at home. She checked her email, her Facebook, called her parents and chatted with them for a bit, texted a few of her other friends who had only known that she'd been on vacation, and tried not to be too antsy about the lack of sex.

That afternoon she and Hilary went shopping, so that she could update her wardrobe a little. Even though she didn't have a ton of spending money, there were enough sales going on for her to get some basic pieces which would flatter her body more than the loose clothing that she had in her closet, none of which was form fitting. Mostly she got tops in different colors, good for day to evening wear so that she could get as much use out of them as possible. Eventually she'd add more 'going out' clothing, although she did pick up a dress to wear out that evening. It was a simple little black dress, but much shorter than any she'd bought before, it came down to a few inches under her ass, and the scoop neckline showed a generous amount of cleavage. Sexy, but classy.

The strangest part of being home was that it almost felt like the past two weeks hadn't happened. Settling back into her old life, her old persona was far too easy. Buying new clothes helped her keep the newer identity that she'd discovered, keeping her from becoming boring and unattractive again. She'd never felt sexier than when she was at the school, wearing clothes that were designed to show off her body. Of course she didn't want to go that far here at home, but she didn't want to go back to being the person she had been before she left either.

That night she and Hilary primped and giggled together in their shared bathroom. It was obvious that Hilary was happy that Jessica was feeling so confident and excited about going out. Normally Jessica was happy to go out, but she didn't go all out in getting herself presentable - although that had partly been because she'd had a boyfriend for almost a whole year, and so who cared what she looked like when she went out?

But now Jessica wanted to look good for herself. She had to admit that she wasn't too excited about meeting any guys while she was out, mostly she just wanted to go out with Hilary and have some fun.

They hopped on the Metro and took the fifteen minute ride from the suburbs into the nation's capital and its thriving nightlife. It was only a ten minute walk to Hilary's favorite club to go dancing at, filled with flashing lights, lots of people and a throbbing bass beat. Jessica could feel the rhythm pounding through the soles of her feet, and her hips swayed back and forth as they stood at the back of the crowd at the bar, waiting to push through.

"Hi, would you like some Jell-O shots?" said a bubbly voice to Jessica's right. There was a female server with a tray of lime green shots wobbling in their little cups. At the moment the crowd of people between Hilary and the bar was three people deep, so she tapped Hilary on the shoulder, catching her attention.

"How much?" asked Hilary, as soon as she turned. She was looking hot in a deep royal halter top and short black skirt that swayed and flowed around her nicely tanned legs. As her blonde hair swung around, the guy standing next to her glanced over and looked her up and down appreciatively.

"Three dollars."

Well it was a lot faster than getting through to the bar. Both Jessica and Hilary got two of them, quickly sliding their pinkies around the edges of the cup and sucking the Jell-O down.

"Whoo-hoo!" cheered Hilary as they finished the second one.

The guy that had checked her out laughed, he'd obviously been watching their enthusiastic drinking.

"What do you ladies want to drink?" he asked, leaning over so that they could hear him over the music.

Immediately Hilary smiled at him and lowered her eyelashes, looking both demure and flirtatious. Jessica envied her friend's self confidence. It had been so much easier at the school when there was no flirting necessary.

"Vodka and cranberry for me please," said Hilary.

The guy turned to Jessica, his eyes sweeping over her appreciatively as well. Unused to the attention, she flushed a little, feeling pleased that her new dress had garnered an approving reaction. The guy was tall, blonde and handsome, and obviously appreciated the charms of both of the ladies.

"Rum and Diet Coke please," said Jessica.

The two girls handed over some bills, which he passed to a guy in front of them along with their drink order.

"I'm Bryan," said the guy, turning back to them. Hilary introduced herself and Jessica, giving him a million watt smile that said he was her hero. Definitely giving him their drink order turned out to be a lot more efficient. Bryan's friend, who gave his name as Greg, passed their drinks back to them, handing another drink to Bryan and holding onto his own before the four of them managed to disengage from the crowd.

"Wow," said Jessica. "Thanks for helping us out, we'd probably end up dying of thirst if we were on our own."

"I doubt that," said Greg smoothly, giving her a wink as he sidled over to her. Also very cute, he looked to be in his late twenties with light brown hair, and he seemed to like the way she looked in her black dress. Unfortunately, despite his attractiveness, she didn't actually feel any attraction to him. Gratitude, sure. "Don't you know the bar rules? Pretty girls always get served." He winked at her.

Okay, well sometimes a spark doesn't happen right away. And Hilary was already flirting with Bryan, so she wouldn't want to ditch the guys. Jessica would try a little flirting of her own, and if nothing else then she'd play wingman for Hilary tonight. Bryan was just Hilary's type, another blonde like her, lean, cute, and very preppy looking. It wasn't Greg's fault that Jessica wanted tall and dark and wearing leathers.

"Thanks," she said to Greg, laughing. "It's nice to have handsome men taking care of us."

The gleam in his eye told her that he appreciated the compliment. The guys steered them away from the bar to where there would be less people knocking into them.


Justin had seen Jessica enter the bar, with the pretty blonde she was always hanging out with. He'd kept himself from approaching her by sheer force of will, because he and Chris had agreed that they would do it together, so that neither of them got a leg up on the other. They liked to play fair. Of course, once the two yuppies moved in on her and her friend, he immediately texted Chris to get his ass down to the club.

The next fifteen minutes were pure torture, sitting at the bar and nursing his gin and tonic, making sure that Jessica and her friend never left his sight. There was obviously a lot of flirting going on, although he was relieved to see that Jessica's expression didn't look truly engaged. Not like when she was with him and Chris.

When preppy ran his hand down her arm, Justin bared his teeth.

Then the foursome started heading towards the dance floor and Justin followed, keeping his distance and staying in the shadows. Kind of melodramatic, but he didn't want to draw attention to himself.

Watching Jessica dance with that idiot was even worse. Not only did he not know how to dance other than to bump at her ineffectively with his hips, he was handsy. The smile on her face was starting to get stilted as she continuously maneuvered her body away from his groping fingers. For a moment she managed to get both of her hands on his, separating them a little bit, but the guy almost immediately pulled her in close to him, gyrating his hips into her body. From the way she was leaning herself away from him, she didn't appreciate it.

Justin growled under his breath and checked his watch. Where the hell was Chris so that they could end this farce?

When he looked up again Jessica's pretty face was flushed and angry, and she was pulling the guy's hand off of her breast. That did it. Justin was plowing through the crowd, as the guy tried to pull her in for a kiss and she was trying to fend him off. Her blonde friend had clued into what was happening and was moving towards them just as Justin reached the couple, pulling preppy away from Jessica and inserting his body as a barrier between them.


Jessica had never been more relieved than when Greg was pulled away from her. Obviously more than a little drunk, he'd been getting more and more handsy, and Hilary had been too involved in what looked like actual fun dancing with Bryan to notice immediately. And Jessica hadn't wanted to ruin the good connection for her friend, so she'd been trying to keep it quiet.

As she looked up at the broad shoulders in front of her, the dark wavy hair of the man who had come to her rescue, Hilary was suddenly standing at her side, babbling apologies for not noticing sooner what was happening.

"Back off," she heard her rescuer say, and Jessica froze. That silhouette... that voice... When he turned and looked down at her with those commanding dark eyes, she knew for sure.

"Flood," she whispered. Although it was far too loud for him to have heard her over the music, it was obvious that he knew what she had just said, that she recognized him.

Her entire world turned over in a series of flip flops, sizzling in her stomach. Not only did she recognize him as Mr. Flood, but she realized that he worked with her too. She'd seen him and another devastatingly handsome guy hanging out with her work crowd at happy hours before... oh my god, that must have been Fire. The first instinct was to look around for Fire, wondering if he was here too... he couldn't be far away, the two of them were such a team. Surely if Mr. Flood was here than Mr. Fire was as well.

"Justin," he said. Greg and Bryan had melted away into the crowd, unwilling to stick around when the girl's had such a muscular and intimidating protector. He smiled at Hilary. "And you are?"

"Hilary," said her friend. Jessica just stood there frozen, her eyes darting back and forth between his face and the crowd, still looking for fire. There!

Another tall, dark and handsome man pushed his way through the crowd, looking confused. When he reached them, his eyes were on Jessica, as Flood - Justin - leaned over and said something in his ear. The confusion was wiped away by something that looked a lot like anger, and his eyes got hot as they swept over Jessica's body and then he looked around the room. Justin glanced around too and then caught Fire's eye and shook his head.

Finally they both looked back at her.

"And what's you're real name?" Jessica asked Fire.

"Chris." He nodded at Hilary. "Hi."

Chris and Justin. Fire and Flood. Here. In her town. Both of them looking incredibly good without their masks on. But seeing them had confirmed something for her. As drawn as she was to Justin's dominance, his caring for her, and his love of the outdoors, when she'd seen him, she'd instinctively started looking for Fire. That kind of said it all didn't it?

But they were friends, she didn't want to come between them.


Chris could tell the moment that Jessica began to withdraw from them. She'd lit up when she'd seen him, thrilled, and now she was pulling away, her expression becoming more cold and distant. Why? He didn't think that Justin had misjudged the situation and chased away a guy that she was actually interested in.

Seeing her here, looking gorgeously sexy in that little black dress, with her tousled curls and the glowing sweaty flush on her face... she was real. Beautiful. He wanted her. Not a big surprise.

"Will you dance with me?" he asked her.

For a moment her eyes lit up, excited, and then shuttered again as she shot a look at Justin. Did she want him? No, that was more of a wary look, as if she was afraid of... oh.

Chris reached out and pulled her into him, so that he could talk into her ear rather than shouting it out in front of her friend.

"We both want you, but it's up to you. We're friends, and nothing's going to change that, either of us is willing to bow out. We just want to make you happy."

She pulled away for a moment, looking at him for sincerity. When she glanced over at Justin, he was already dancing with Hilary. Chris smiled. Justin had always been better at reading body language than he had, he'd already known which way the wind was blowing. Glancing over at them, Justin smiled and gave an approving head nod.

Although Chris knew that Justin might be envious, he wouldn't let it come between them. That's just not who either of them were.

Jessica turned back to look up at Chris at the same time he looked down at her. She felt so right in his arms, swaying gently against him, not at all in time with the music. They were moving to their own beat.


Even though it was insane, Jessica let Chris take her back to his house. They'd spent another hour at the bar, dancing, while Justin had watched over Hilary. She'd had a quick word with Bryan, under Justin's watchful eye, but it was obvious that Hilary's interest in him had wanted after the way his friend had treated Jessica, and the fact that Bryan hadn't done anything to help stop it.

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