Some of my stories inspire readers to recount their own experiences with old women. John from Australia wrote me with details of an ongoing debauchery of an old woman he met at a party. It's quite remarkable and the details are true. Here's how it all started. Let me know if you like it and I'll tell you the rest of the story – atkins


Elsie pointed to the elderly woman sipping a drink by the fence and nodded at me, then smiled.

"That's her," she said. "That Vera."

It was late afternoon and already growing a little dark so I had to squint to get a good look at Vera. She was not what I would have expected, based on Elsie's earlier explanations.

"You wouldn't believe it to look at her," Elsie had told me a few days earlier after a number of double scotches. She was still hoping I would fuck her again but that relationship was over. She was mid-40ish, like me. Not bad looking, but she was a gossip. "Vera is to the manor born. Rich husband. Dead over 20 years now."

"How old is she?" I had asked.

"I guess she must be about 80 now. Maybe even older. She doesn't look it, though. She takes pretty good care of herself, or at least of her hair. She's getting a bit paunchy and doesn't eat right. I think she had hip replacement a few years back and she doesn't drive anymore. Nice hands and not unattractive, really."

"For an 80-year old woman, you mean," I had interrupted.

"I guess. Here's the thing," Elsie had continued. "She told me this once after she had come over to console me when you dumped me the last time."

"Sorry," I had said (I wasn't). "Go on."

"She told me she masturbates 3 or 4 times a day. Amazing! She told me she pretends she's being used and wishes it could happen in real life. Honest to god, that's what she said." Elsie had paused in relating the story. "Naturally I thought of you..."

And that's why I was here now, at this party. Elsie, being the wicked bitch she is, put this party together so I could "hook up" (her term) with Vera. I had to admit I was intrigued if not turned on.

I looked over at Vera like I was sizing up a side of beef. She was a bit taller than average and moved with a certain grace even though it was clear she was hobbled a bit, probably from the hip replacement or some other affliction of the old. She looked a little bored and seemed perfectly content to nurse the drink. Nice hair and slender fingers. Her legs were a little thick for my tastes but she had a real waist sandwiched between a generous ass and plump little belly. She wore a plain green and white skirt just over her knees and a blouse that seemed rather modest for her purported predilections.

A little bit about me . . . I'm mid 40s and while I'm no athlete, I work out a few times a week and have managed to keep my own little paunch under control. Women tell me I have a nice smile but I'm no matinee idol. One young 18-year old I was banging over a weekend told me I have more stamina than any high school boy and, based on her expertise, she probably knew a lot of them.

I was feeling a little light headed myself. Dark and dirties – you may know them as rum and cokes – are my drink of choice and I had kicked back a few already. I grinned to myself. I was going to take a spin at old Vera and to hell with the consequences.

I looked back at Elsie and she was grinning evilly, enjoying this. What a bitch.

I moved close enough for her to see me but not so close as to engage in conversation. She remained off to the side of the garden but seemed a bit agitated and aware of my gaze.

I made no attempt to disguise my glances. Whether she was looking at me or not, I eyed her up and down and started to like the way she looked. God help me, I did.

Finally, Vera walked over to me. Her face looked a little red and she had the righteous anger of someone familiar with chastising her lesser.

"Why are you looking at me?" she asked. Vera had a pleasant, almost melodious voice. "I want you to stop it right now."

I smiled at her. In for a penny, in for a pound. It was time to go for broke. "I was admiring you," I said plainly. "I was thinking that you had an incredibly sensual body."

Vera seemed stunned and for the first time I noticed her tiny mouth, heavily painted in red lipstick.

"And," I said, "I was wondering what it would be like to see you naked."

This was the make or break moment. We've all been here. How is the lady going to react? Is she going to slap me, turn and walk away, scream "masher!" or smile? Vera, always surprising, did none of these things.

After a pause, she finally looked down and simply said, "Oh, this old body? I'm fat and . . ."

"It would be a shame if those wonderful tits were not explored by someone who could appreciate them. I was thinking how delightful it would be to suck one of those wonderful boobs into my mouth while I massaged your big ass and fingered your cunt." I looked right into Vera's eyes as I said this quietly. I wanted to look earnest and I was. There was no smiling.

She took a step back and flushed a little. "I don't understand . . ."

"First I would like to strip you naked and run my fingers from your hair, over your lips, your nipples, your pudgy belly, your hot, liquid cunt, your legs and your toes. . ."

"Oh, my," Vera said, looking around to see if anyone had heard me or saw them. We were in the semi—darkness now. This old woman was turning me on. I loved the way she was casually running her fingers over her navel.

"What are you wearing under that skirt?" I asked boldly. "I hope you're not wearing pantyhose."

Vera shook her head no but looked around, nervous.

"Those legs are worth admiring. Come on, there's no one around. Lift up your skirt and let me see those gorgeous legs."

Okay, they weren't gorgeous at all but seeing her slowly, tentatively hike her skirt first to her knees and then to mid-thigh was incredibly intoxicating. Her breath picked up and I moved closer both to shield her and to take the next step. Finally, she had her skirt all the way up to her waist and I could see the heavy-duty old lady underwear and hear her rapid breathing. She leaned against the fence as though she would fall over if she didn't.

Looking Vera right in the eyes, I placed my entire hand over her panty-covered cunt, then stroked her smooth, chubby leg with the other and finally worked a finger under the panties and massaged her cunt which was lubricated and dripping like any 20-year old.

But Vera got nervous and started to close her legs. I scowled and slapped her sharply on the thigh and her legs reopened in an instant. There was never to be any more disobedience from Vera.

There was a slight floral scent in the air and the undeniable scent of an aroused woman as well. She was breathing more heavily now and she threw her head back as I fingered her clit. With each pluck she inhaled sharply and now began moaning and rolling her head from side to side. In the dark corners where we were doing our business she reached up and began pinching her nipples with her long, delicate fingers.

As I jammed first one, then two and finally three fingers into her soaking twat she began humping against my hand and I could feel the glorious mound of wet, aroused cunt hair against the back of my fingers.

I slowly removed my pussy-juice-soaked fingers from her old twat and pushed them toward her mouth where she sucked them like a hungry baby at the teat. God, this was one hot, old broad! I thought I was going to cum without even dropping my pants but I took control and pulled back. I looked at her face and even in the dim light she looked already wanton and ravished and wanting more. Her lipstick was smeared and her eyes rolled as she began fingering herself and I wanted more than anything to fuck her right there until she screamed for mercy.

But self-control, I've always said, is the mark of the true gentleman.

I stared at her, gauging her reaction and she looked at me expectantly. I was in control.

"Get your bag," I said simply, wiping my fingers on her chest. "Did you drive here?"

She swallowed, caught her breath. "No, " she said and I realized I hadn't heard her say much since I took over her body. A sweet voice, actually, and nicely scented breath. A little boozy, but, hey, what do you expect? "I came in a taxi."

"Good," I said. "You're going home with me – or, rather, I'm going home with you. Understand?"

Vera understood all right. She didn't even respond but rushed off to get her things. I said good-bye to Elsie who had a big smirk on her face and a touch of regret too, I thought. Lucky me, I was off to bang an 80-year-old woman.

When we got in the car, Vera smoothed her dress in a very ladylike fashion that really turned me on. Okay, on second thought, I didn't need to be turned on. I needed to be, well, sated.

As we drove through the streets to her home, I told her my name and she told me hers. Okay. Enough of the introductions. I reached over with my free hand and slid her skirt up and placed my open palm on her crotch, warm and wet.

I couldn't see her face in the darkness but I could hear her just fine. I was surprised now that she seemed calm while my own breathing was growing faster.

"You're going to use me, aren't you?" she asked, fearfully or hopefully, I couldn't tell. And I didn't care. "You're going to make me serve you, aren't you?"

She spread her fat old legs apart even more and I took a whole-hand squeeze of her panty-covered cunt before I answered. I forced myself to sound calm. "I'm going to strip you naked before me. Then I'm going to look you over. All over. Then I'm going to fuck you and you will suck my cock clean when I'm finished." I turned to her. I could see her great old breasts heaving in the semi-darkness of the car. "I'm going to use you any way I see fit. If you've got a problem with that, you better let me know now."

Vera was quiet and dignified when she responded, and quite matter-of-fact, actually: "When Frank was alive he always treated me as his slave. He showed me how to suck him and really enjoyed bum fucking me." It was incongruous to hear this dignified old woman say these words as casually as if she were ordering up acorn squash in the grocery produce section.

"If you would like, you can bum fuck me as often as you like. Frank had a big cock and I could take all of it down my throat but I might have to be used a lot before I'll be able to take you without gagging."

I couldn't believe my ears. I casually reached up and squeezed her big tit. I could even feel the hardening nipple beneath the old-lady bra. Still, I managed to laugh.

"You certainly aren't shy, are you?" I said.

"I'm too old to be shy," she said evenly. "I just want you to use me in every way you want, as often as you want. You can just come to my house and have me. I'll be whatever you want."

Was I hearing right? Where was this woman all my life?

"You knew from the start that I was hungry for cock, didn't you? You just walked up to me and told me you were going to strip me naked and look at me . . . you have no idea what that did to me. I was almost cumming when you had your fingers in me. Please take me and use me . . ."

I wasn't to her home yet but I steered off the road in a dark, little-traveled area. I pulled her to me and tongue-fucked her old, wet mouth and she responded like no woman I have ever known. I rubbed her pussy, her belly and bit her breasts though her blouse and Vera moaned and pressed her hand over mine, hard against her cunt. I wanted to grab her ass, her tits, her legs. I wanted to fuck her in every conceivable way and watch her old lady eyes roll back into their sockets like a shark feasting on warm flesh.

"Please take me home," she managed to croak, her eyes closed, her breasts heaving. Even in the half light I could see a hard nipple beneath her bra.

Yes, I thought, this was one fruit I wanted to pick at my leisure and there were too many things that could go wrong. I put the car in gear and followed her panted directions to her home.

It was a lovely home, really. It was large with many rooms and beautiful gardens. It's true that I've always found my best fucks have been great gardeners and based on the size and beauty of these gardens, I was going to be in hog heaven real soon.

"Park your car in the garage and then I'm yours."

We pulled into her garage shut the door. She stepped out of the car and looked at me expectantly.

"Strip," I commanded coldly. "I want to see that old naked body right now."

Vera removed her clothes as calmly as if she were preparing to step into the bath. Her body was lumpy but ripe, just as I had hoped with two massive tits topped (or bottomed because they drooped considerably) by insistent nipples. I walked around her and directed her to stand still while I did so. She had more hair on her cunt than I expected and some of it was still black. A droopy ass but nice and full with a wide crack I could not wait to explore later. But now . . .

"On your knees, Vera." I unzipped my pants and pulled down my underpants so she was face to face, as it were, with my erect member. She stared at it excitedly and her droopy breasts heaved with excitement. "At me," I said. "Look at me."

Vera reluctantly turned her gaze from my one-eyed monster and stared in my face. As she did so, I forced my cock into her mouth and she almost gagged in surprise at the force of my movement. She started slobbering and was gagging and struggling a bit as I pushed the back of her old gray head onto my entire engorged penis but I wasn't releasing my hold. Soon she calmed down and I began a nice, slow mouth fuck as Vera looked into my face.

"You old cock sucker, you love eating my dick," I was pumping with increased energy and Vera's eyes would roll back and then she would open them again and look up at me, spittle dropping from her mouth onto her old tits that rocked ever so gently to and fro as I mouth fucked her.

"Eat me, eat me!" I said. "Get used to it Vera. I'm just getting started. I'm going to fuck you until your cunt is red and then I'm going to turn you over and fuck your ass until you can taste it. Do you hear me?"

This verbal assault inspired new enthusiasm from Vera who was now eagerly and expertly taking my entire cock into her mouth. I spread my legs further and pulled her closer, taking her head with both hands and forcing it on my member. It was glorious but I didn't want my first spend to happen here.

"Enough!" I said and even with that Vera took two or three more strokes before stopping and looking up at me for direction. "Up," I said. "Let's go inside."

I helped her up and saw that her knees were red from servicing me while kneeling on the concrete garage floor, but she wasn't complaining. She bent over – a little longer than absolutely necessary – to pick up her clothes from the floor and I slapped her ass with an open hand and she whelped, then her ass flesh shivered a little. I had never been with such a hot, responsive woman.

"Wait," I said, then walked up to her from behind and jammed three fingers into her squishy cunt hole and we walked inside toward her bedroom. Vera was walking straddle-legged around my arm. Even though it was difficult enough for her to walk this way, I noticed she had an awkward old-lady gait to her that further turned me on. I was hopeful that I would even make it to the bedroom.

I had pulled my clothes back on and after we got to the bedroom, I pulled my hand out of her twat and wiped it on her breasts as though I was using a guest towel. "Undress me," I said.

Vera was only too eager to comply and she pulled my shirt and pants off in a hurry and eagerly sought to suck on my cock once again, but I pulled away and picked her naked old body up in my arms and literally threw her onto the multi-covered comforter on her bed, not even bothering to pull back the sheets.

Her tits bounced and I suckled at them, biting, pulling and, at the same time, forcing my cock into her surprisingly tight cunt hole. "I'm fucking you, you old bitch," I screamed, surprising even myself. More surprising was the fact that Vera was in ecstasy and managed to cum before I even got started. Her head was flopping left and right as I plunged into her repeatedly, pulling on her tits, biting the nipples, kissing her old mouth and whispering obscenities into her ear that I'm even ashamed to write here.

She hissed, she screamed, she came again and again. "Do with me what you will," she managed to say and forced her crotch into my plunging cock. I turned her over so she was on top of me and I suckled on her hanging hooters without even lifting my head. I watched her paunch smash against my flat belly and could see her eyes close as she breathed hard through her mouth.

"Look at me," I managed to say, breathing hard myself, slapping her ass, forcing myself into her. "Look at me when I'm fucking you!"

Vera looked down with an expression of such wantonness that I have never seen but it drove me wilder. I pulled her old body onto mine but she still pumped at me, grinding her old pussy against my cock.

I grabbed her elderly ass cheeks and held her to me until I could feel the explosion coming. "I'm going to paint your cunt with my cum, old woman. And you're going to take it all." And with that I drove so much semen through my prick into that aging pussy that I nearly went unconscious. I saw myself as a cum faucet and my climax seemed to go on forever and I don't know if her screams or my own were louder and I punched seemingly quarts of jism into Vera's cunt until we finally collapsed and fell apart on the bed, my spend dripping obscenely from her....

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