"Who's there?" said Veronica, peering into the woods from the sandbar.

I ducked behind a bush.

"I know you're there, Sam!" she said. "Stop spying on me or I'll tell Mom!"

It was a ridiculous thing for her to say. I was 18 years old and my mother had long since refrained from intervening in our disputes. But Veronica was 4 years older than me and still thought of me as her bratty little brother. In some ways I still fit the part.

"I wasn't spying," I lied, emerging from the bush.

"I can't believe you followed me here," she said. She regarded me with suspicion, but did not seem angry.

"I found this place years ago," I said truthfully. I'd discovered the pristine swimming hole when I was 13.

I thought I detected a mischievous smile on her face.

"I know," she said, "I've followed you here a few times…"

I started at this, though it merely confirmed my suspicions. I had had a distinct feeling of being watched during my last few visits to this spot. Still, when Veronica announced that morning at breakfast that she was going for a hike, I dismissed the notion that my secret swimming hole was to be her destination. I decided to follow her anyway.

When her trail led here, I rationalized that it was possible she had discovered it by herself. But her confession erased all doubt. I pondered the ramifications.

How many times had I come here in search of privacy? How many times had I gone skinny-dipping? How many times had I laid naked in the hot sand at the water's edge? How many times had I--

"You seem surprised," she said at last after waiting for the news to sink in.

"Wuh--I mean, no…"

She laid her blanket out on the white sand and sat down, then began removing her shoes.

I sat on a rock at the head of the sandbar and stared at the waterfall as it emptied into the deep swimming hole, feeling a mixture of disappointment and dread. Disappointment that I had missed an opportunity to see her naked--the one consolation to the breech of my private haven--and dread at wondering just what she had seen when she followed me here.

"Well, are you going swimming or what?" she said.

I turned to see her unbuttoning her cut-off jeans. She pulled them down to reveal the bottom of her yellow one-piece bathing suit.

I didn't answer. Instead, I grabbed a fistful of small pebbles and began pecking them into the water.

"Aww--don't start sulking on me, little brother!" she said in a patronizing tone I'd come to hate. She still talked to me like I was a child. Couldn't she see that I was a man now?

At 6'1", I was at least 3 inches taller than her, with a muscular, athletic build and not an ounce of fat. I had a mop of sandy-blond hair I was constantly brushing out of my face, and bright-green eyes that all the girls at my high school ogled at. But by all appearances, Veronica still saw me as her annoying little brother.

I stood up abruptly and removed my sneakers and tee-shirt. I tossed them in the sand and made my way up the steep rock face beside the waterfall.

"Where are you going?" Veronica called after me. I ignored her and continued my climb until I reached a perch about 20 feet up that extended over the swimming hole. I stood at the edge and looked down at her.

"You're not going to jump, are you?" she yelled over the roar of the waterfall. "Sam! That doesn't look very safe! I really don't think you should--SAM!!"

I dove off the edge in a swan dive, tucking my head at the last moment as my body sliced into the seemingly bottomless pool. The cold water felt exhilarating.

I decided to have a little fun with Veronica. Rather than coming up right away, I swam upstream a little and surfaced behind a rock on the opposite side. Veronica was calling my name.

"Sam! Sam! This isn't funny!" she yelled in a voice of genuine concern that immediately made me feel guilty. I swam out from behind the rock, smiling sheepishly at her.

Her expression changed from worry to relief, but she wasn't about to indulge my recklessness by seeming impressed. She sat back down on her blanket and removed a tube of sunscreen from her bag, then removed her tee-shirt and began applying it to her arms and legs.

I swam over to the sandbar and stepped out of the water. Standing at the foot of Veronica's blanket, I leaned my head over her and sprinkled her with a few drops of water that ran off my drenched body.

"Don't even think about it," she warned, expecting me to shake the water out of my hair and shower her. This had been my intention, but I obeyed her and took a step back. I continued to stand in front of my sister, however, with the pretense of rubbing the water out of my eyes but with the dual purpose of presenting her with a close-up view of my body.

I was keenly aware of my flimsy white running shorts clinging to me in their drenched state. I rarely wore underwear during the summer and knew that they were now essentially transparent. And though the icy water had its usual shrinking effect, my penis created a significant bulge nonetheless.

When I opened my eyes at last I could see that Veronica was taking notice. She quickly glanced away.

"How's the water?" she asked.

"Perfect," I answered, "are you going swimming?"

"Maybe later," she said. She put the cap back on the lotion and put it back in her bag, then lay back on her blanket. She placed the back of her hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun and I took this opportunity to examine her body.

Her facial features were strikingly similar to my own and nowadays we were often mistaken for twins. She had long blonde hair and bright green eyes, a cute little button nose and full, sensuous lips.

She was tall and thin with an exceptional athletic body. She was an avid swimmer with the toned arms and shoulders to prove it; long, gorgeous legs and an ass that barely yielded to the tight elastic hem of her bathing suit; perfectly round, medium-sized breasts whose nipples, perhaps responding to the cool breeze in the river valley, had become erect.

This was the body that had kindled my awareness of the female form. When we were kids, bathing suits were unheard when we swam off the dock in front of my family's secluded lakeside summer cabin--my younger brothers and sisters still shunned them.

I distinctly remember the summer I turned 14. I had entered puberty a good year before and by then my transformation to manhood was well underway. My voice had begun to change and my boyish fat melted away to reveal the already-impressive musculature of my arms and abdomen. Hair sprouted from my armpits and pubic area. My penis, while not yet as big as it would get, was no longer merely a tiny mark of my gender but the perpetually swollen appendage of a teenager on the cusp of manhood.

However, I had not yet acquired modesty. The first day my brothers and sisters and I ran down to the lake upon our arrival at camp that summer, I shed my clothes along with the rest of them and plunged into the water, naked as the day I was born. Veronica had trailed behind us and I found myself peering back as she descended the stairs to the dock.

Though her transformation into womanhood had taken place a few years before, she had continued to swim in the nude. I had been utterly indifferent before; now I found myself staring at her with eager anticipation. It seemed that at that moment I became aware of a woman's charms.

My attention was riveted to Veronica's long legs, her perky breasts which jiggled beneath her tee-shirt, and her behind, whose contours were visible through her tight-fitting shorts. When she quickly shed her clothes and stood completely naked for a moment on the edge of the dock, I felt a fire in my loins I had never felt before and despite the cold water of the lake on that day in early June, my cock was fully erect by the time she dove in the water.

That was the last time I saw her naked. She must have noticed my rapt attention and from then on she wore a bathing suit. And given my own propensity for spontaneous erections, I began to wear one too.

I sat down in the sand next to Veronica and dug my feet and hands into the sand as the hot sun began to dry me off.

"Decided to keep your shorts on this time, huh?" said Veronica suddenly.

"Huh?" I replied. I had no idea how much she'd seen, so I decided to call her bluff for as long as possible.

She just smiled coyly and went on sunning herself. Eventually she spoke again.

"Don't feel like you have to wear them on my account," she said.

"What are you talking about, Veronica?" I replied, trying to sound miffed.

"Well, I know you probably expected to have this place all to yourself. I feel bad…"

"Then why don't you just scram," I said, "I found this place first!"

She sat up suddenly, looking slightly hurt.

"That's not very nice, Sam!" she said in a pouty voice.

"Yeah, you're right…" I mumbled, "…I guess you can stay."

"Thanks!" she said.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, staring blankly across the water. Soon I started feeling hot again and considered taking another dip.

"You hot?" I asked.

"Yeah, I am getting hot. Want to take a swim with me?" she said.


I got up and started walking toward the water.

"I thought you were gonna take your shorts off," she called after me.

"I never said that!" I replied, looking at her with a confused expression.

"It's just that I feel guilty," she said, "I mean, I will admit that I've seen you swimming naked here once or twice before."

"What?! You spied on me?" I blurted out.

"Please don't be mad at me, Sam! I didn't mean to! It's just that…" She seemed upset and stared down at the ground.

It was hard for me to be really angry at her. After all, I'd been prepared to spy on her that very afternoon.

"Aww, don't worry about it," I said, "It's no big deal. We used to swim naked all the time anyway," I went on, trying to console her.

Her expression brightened.

"Exactly!" she declared. "I kind of miss it, actually. I have to admit I felt kind of jealous seeing you skinny-dipping here. It's such an amazing spot…" she said, gazing up at the waterfall and the towering fir trees at the river's edge.

"Yeah, it's the best!" I said, feeling a sudden kinship with her when I saw her appreciation of my little haven.

"So, what do you say?" she said.

I just grinned at her and whipped off my still-soggy shorts. I tossed them at her, then turned and dove into the water.

I swam upstream toward the waterfall, then turned back to see if Veronica was following me. She was standing at the water's edge with her arms crossed over her chest. She tucked her thumbs under the shoulder straps of her bathing suit and seemed to hesitate for a moment. Then she pulled them off her shoulders and slid the suit over her chest, baring her pale breasts and belly.

She peeled the suit down to her waist, then bent over and pulled it off her legs. She stepped out of it and tossed it on her blanket, then plunged into the water.

"Woo!" she said, sputtering as she surfaced next to me, "Cold!"

"Follow me," I said, "I want to show you something."

I led her to a small gap in the rocks near the base of the waterfall. I climbed out of the water up onto the narrow ledge, then turned and took her hand to help her up. I scooted up to a wider ledge about 4 feet up, then turned again to help Veronica up.

"We can walk right under the waterfall!" she cried when she saw where I was leading her.

I let her go first, but she hesitated. The thunderous boom of the waterfall, a testament to its immense energy, roared in the narrow corridor.

"It's okay," I said, placing my hand on her shoulder and leading her in.

When we reached the center of the passage, I indicated a smoothed outcropping of rock for us to sit on. We sat down and stared at the wall of water and were greeted with a spectacular sight.

The afternoon sun shone directly up the river valley and pierced the waterfall with its golden rays. It was as if we were looking at a shower of light.

"Oh my God!" was all Veronica could say.

We stared in awe for a long while until I noticed Veronica shivering. I stood up and took her hand, then led her out. We returned to the sandbar.

"That was amazing," she said, lying down on her blanket. She did not put her bathing suit back on.

During our innocent exploration of the swimming hole I had barely taken notice of her nudity. But kneeling next to her in the hot sun was another matter. Her midsection, normally covered by her one-piece bathing suit, was completely pale, making her somehow seem more naked. Faint blue blood vessels were visible on her breasts, and her stomach was dotted with tiny little freckles. I started getting an erection.

However, I chose not to conceal it from her. Granted, I had begun to enjoy her company that afternoon, but my resentment at her patronizing attitude toward me lingered. I wanted her to see that I was a man. But I was hardly prepared for her brazen reaction.

"Do you need to…you know…?" she said, gazing down at my 8-inch cock, now fully erect.

"Wuh?" I said, taken aback.

"You know, do you have to…I mean, you can--"

"Veronica, what the heck are you talking about?!" I said indignantly, sitting down in the sand.

She sat up and gazed at the river. We were silent for a few minutes, then she spoke again.

"Sam, I have another confession to make. Once or twice, I watched you masturbate down here."

"What?! Veronica! I can't believe you--I mean, why did you--"

"I'm really sorry, Sam. I shouldn't have watched."

We sat for a long while in silence as I fumed at this disclosure. At the same time, I felt myself oddly turned on by the thought of her watching me.

Meanwhile, it seemed that she had become transfixed by my cock, which stood at full mast.

"It's not really fair…" she began, still staring at my cock.

"What's not really fair?"

"I don't know…I mean, when guys are hor--I mean, when guys get excited, they…you can't really…" She seemed genuinely flustered.

"I don't know what you me--"

"I was just gonna say, it doesn't seem fair that when you get horny, you can't really hide it. Because with girls--"

"Veronica, have you lost your mind?! I don't know what you--"

"Sam, I can see you have an erection. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal!"

I felt like I was being consoled by my guidance counselor.

"Anyway, with women it's easier to hide. I mean, sometimes my--our--nipples get erect…"

She paused as if she expected another interruption, but I was speechless. Her blunt acknowledgement of my erection was shocking. And an immense turn-on.

"…sometimes our nipples get erect," she went on, "but that doesn't necessarily mean we're turned on. It might just mean we're cold or something."

She paused again and stared down at the sand between us. Then she sat up straight and gazed down at her breasts, clasping one in her hand.

"My nipples are hard," she observed.

"Umm…yeah," I croaked in response.

"But we just went swimming," she said.

"Right…" I answered.

She released her breast and I waited for her to go on with her lesson.

"Anyway, the point is I might be horny right now or I might not be horny--it's hard to tell. There just aren't as many outward signs…" she said in a raspy voice.

I didn't know what to say, but at this point I couldn't tear my eyes away from her.

"But there are some signs," she went on finally. "When I--when we get turned on, there are definitely some signs. Mainly in our vaginas. When I'm horny, my vagina gets really wet."

She looked up at me again as she said this, as if to see my reaction. I nodded dumbly.

She swiveled around until her body was facing me and extended her long legs over the edge of the blanket so that her feet were near my thigh. She rested her hands on her knees, which were pressed together.

"So if you wanted to know if I was horny, you would probably have to look at my vag--at my pussy…"

She placed her hand on her belly as she said this, then gazed down at the faint wisp of blond hair between her legs, which were still pressed tightly together.

When I followed her gaze, she looked up at me.

"I mean, you couldn't really tell right now," she smiled, "you have to…you would have to…" her voice trailed off.

She dropped her head again and peered down at her crotch, then extended her arms behind her back and leaned back. She drew her legs up until they were slightly bent at the knee, keeping them pressed together.

"You would have to look between my legs, right at my pussy, and you would have to try to tell if it was wet…"

She drew her legs up further, this time parting them slightly. She looked at me again.

"Can you see my pussy now?" she said in a husky voice.

I gazed at the gap in her legs and nodded. I could just make out the puffy folds of her vagina in the shadowy chasm between her legs. She spread them a little further until a sliver of sun made its way in.

"Does it look wet?" she said. She was now leaning back on her elbows. As I leaned toward her for a closer look, she spread her legs wide open, presenting me with an unobstructed view of her pussy whose puffy pink lips glistened with moisture.

"It does," I croaked.

"I thought so," she said. "Sam?" she went on, "could you check to make sure it's wet?"

"I--umm, what do you--"

"I mean, just see if it's wet? Just to make sure I'm horny? Could you touch my pussy?"

I tentatively reached my hand between her legs and stopped just short of her vagina.

"See if it's wet," she whispered, her eyes glued to my hand.

I brought my fingers to her pussy and rubbed them along her slit. It was the first time I had touched a woman's vagina. I gasped in surprise when my fingers quickly broke the surface and plunged inside her hot, wet interior.

"Uuuhhnnnnnn…" she sighed. But she quickly reached down and removed my hand, sitting back up to face me. She was breathing hard and her cheeks were flushed.

"Could you tell if I'm horny?" she said, trying to regain her clinical tone.

"I think so," I said faintly, feeling quite flushed myself.

"I am horny," she said bluntly.

We were both silent for a while, as if considering the boundaries we had just breeched; wondering perhaps where things would go from there. Veronica spoke at last.

"When I saw you masturbating here, I felt a little jealous," she began. "I mean, there is no privacy at all in our cabin!"

I chuckled in agreement.

"You're lucky to have this place…" she went on.

"It's not like I own it," I said.

"Really?" she beamed, "you're not mad at me for coming here?"

"As long as you promise not to tell anyone," I said.

"I promise. Let's shake."

We shook hands. There was a moment of awkward silence, then Veronica spoke up.

"Can I check to see if you're horny?"

I shot her a puzzled expression--my rock-hard cock was still in plain view. But I indulged her by kneeling in front of her until my cock was at her eye level.

"It looks like you're horny," she said, startling me as she clasped my cock in her hand and held it. I froze as she gently stroked it a few times, then released it.

"Sam?" she said.

"Yeah?" I gasped.

"Do you think we should masturbate…?"

"Ummm…" I said.

"It's no big deal, Sam. Just because we're brother and sister shouldn't mean we can't masturbate together," she said, as if trying to convince herself as well as me. "I mean, brothers do it together all the time, right?"

"How should I know?" I said. In fact, I did have a buddy who had once confessed to jacking off with his brother when they were teenagers. It never struck me as the least bit odd.

"C'mon Sam. It's not like we'd be fucking--" she said.

I shot her another surprised glance. She smiled at me wickedly.

"What?" she said. "Don't look so horrified!"

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