tagMatureVeronica Ch. 01

Veronica Ch. 01


Veronica sat on her bed and cried her eyes out. It was the worst day of her life and she just wanted to curl into a ball and die. She had been kicked out of her prestigious college for not getting high enough grades. Her Dad, instead of being supportive and wondering what had happened, was furious and had spent the last 45 minutes yelling at her; telling her she was a failure and had cost him so much money. She had started off by pouting, trying to get him to change his mind. In the past it had always worked, but not this time. Her dad stormed out of her room, slamming the door so hard she could hear her pictures rattle on the walls. Before she had a chance to do anything, he returned with the expensive luggage.

"Here. You are going to work off the money you have wasted by drinking and doing drugs. I'm calling Matthew and he's going to take you in for a few months. He owes me a favor."

"What Daddy? Oh please no."

"Shhh Veronica. It's for your own good. Your mother spent her whole life spoiling you and now you have turned into a spoiled little brat. A few months at the farm with Matthew will make you realize that money does not grow on trees and wasting your education was the worst decision you could ever make."

Veronica's lip quivered as she tried to get a reaction from her father. When he just stared back at her, his face void of emotion, she knew who was to blame. A year ago, when her mother had passed away from cancer, he had immediately started dating Jennifer. Jennifer was around his age, but was loud and annoying and seemed to think that she had free rein to do whatever she wanted in their house. Veronica was thankful that she was in residence at college, but hated coming home for holidays and summer break.

Veronica heard her dad on the phone in the next room. She had known Matthew since she was little. Matthew and her dad had known each other since high school and even though their lives had taken different paths, they had stayed in touch. Veronica's dad had been accepted to college and had earned a business degree. He had worked hard and become one of the youngest CEO's in the business at a well-known advertising company. Veronica's mom had been his first secretary and they had truly fallen in love. They had married quickly and had three girls in four years. Veronica's life was full of privilege and luxury. She had been excited to go off to college yet it was just so hard to please her professors and earn the marks that her father expected.

Veronica wiped away the tears and started packing up her things. She had most of the things in her car already, but was smart enough to take her outdoor clothing along with some of her pictures and her diary.

Three hours later, she arrived at Matthew's farm. She hadn't been there in over five years and she realized things hadn't really changed that much. The white two-story house was still on the hill surrounded by lush green grass. The red barn was off to the side and the gravel driveway snaked its way from the dirt road up to the house. Veronica stepped out of her car and grabbed her belongings. She noticed Matthew's pick up truck as well as a small silver sports car. Veronica assumed the sports car was Matthew's answer to his mid life crisis. She knocked once and then entered the house. Stepping into the living room her eyes went wide. Sitting on the couch was Matthew, completely naked as a red head was kneeling between his legs sucking him off. Veronica just stared, unable to move as her brain processed what she was seeing. The redhead was wearing a tiny jean skirt with a shiny silver top and from the slurping and gagging sounds she heard she was either not very experienced at sucking cock or was doing it for Matthew's benefit.


Matthew cried out as he pushed the redhead away and grabbed a blanket to cover himself up.

"You were supposed to arrive tomorrow. Fuck. I'm sorry."

By this time the redhead had stood up and was wiping her mouth. She was looking down at the ground, but didn't look too amused. Veronica finally got her voice back.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry. I'm just going to get unpacked. I'm sorry."

Veronica stumbled towards the stairs and practically ran up them to the guest room she always used. She heard Matthew and the redhead chatting and then heard her leave. The motor in her car making racecar sounds. The creak of the second step signaled that Matthew was walking up the stairs. He knocked lightly and entered the room.

"I am very sorry you had to see that. Your father told me you were coming and I had totally forgotten that I had invited Stacey over."

"No, I'm sorry. This is your house. You have every right to do that."

Matthew started to chuckle as he realized how embarrassed Veronica was.

"You didn't think that old guys still had sex did you?"

"No, it's just that, well yeah."

Veronica giggled nervously and then realized that Matthew was laughing as well.

"O.K., so the ice is broken. Let's move on. This is your room, breakfast is at 7am and then we work all day. Your dad told me his side of the story and, after you get settled, I'd love to hear your side of the story."

A few hours later Veronica had finished unpacking and had changed into yoga pants and a school sweatshirt. She walked downstairs and saw Matthew sitting on the couch reading a novel. Matthew was quite tall, over six and a half feet, with dark brown hair and eyes. She knew he was 39 years old since he was 6 months younger then her dad, who had just celebrated his 40th birthday.

"So are you going to tell me your side of the story?"

"Dad wanted me to get straight A's since that's what Molly and Betty are getting in school. I was only getting B's and C's and my program requires an A average. He and Jennifer were gone for the weekend, for his birthday, and so I thought I had a few days until he got the letter. The registrar called him personally, before he left, and told him so by the time I got home he was furious and I had ruined his weekend."

"I don't approve of what your father wants you to do, but I do need help around the farm and it will be nice to have some company."

Veronica opened up the novel she was reading and the two of them spent the rest of the evening reading in silence. Around the same time they both got ready for bed. Veronica lay in bed thinking of the last time she had been here. It was the summer between her freshman and sophomore year and it was the last time her whole family had been together and happy. It was that October that her mom found out she had cancer and things had gone downhill from there. Even though she was the youngest she had gotten a room to herself. That was because Molly and Betty were so close in age that they had become best friends. Veronica was the baby of the family and had always been somewhat of an outcast.

Veronica fell asleep with eyes full of tears, sobbing quietly as she fully understood how much of a disappointment she was to her family. She vowed to help Matthew out as much as possible and earn back the money she had wasted.

Matthew stood in his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing only boxers and his hand was stroking his cock. It had been throbbing ever since Veronica had walked in the door. He hadn't seen her in five years and she had gone from being a geeky teenager to a gorgeous young woman. He squeezed the tip of his cock and moaned softly. He wanted her so badly, but knew how wrong it was. He started to stroke his cock harder and faster. Shutting his eyes as he imagined her naked body, lying in bed asleep. He had always felt sorry for her since she had never really been part of the family. Matthew imagined in his head that it was her hands on his cock. He wanted her hands massaging his balls. He wished desperately to cum inside her. As he thought of all these bad thoughts he came hard into the sink, watching as his white cum spurted against the sides of the porcelain. He had cried out her name and hoped she hadn't heard him. Cleaning himself up, he walked into his bedroom and fell asleep. He hoped he would be able to control himself around her.

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