tagIncest/TabooVeronica My Cousin

Veronica My Cousin


This is my first story I've written so I welcome comments and feedbacks on how to better improve the stories. This story in particular is written in first person and the actual events are true with changes just to names. Hope you enjoy.

Growing up in New York was never an easy thing. Luckily though, since I was a small child I always had my cousin Veronica to watch over me and babysit me growing up. Me and her were always close growing up. Ever since we were kids we would play together and after school she would come over to spend time with me. My cousin is 4 years older than me so naturally as I grew up she was the first girl I noticed physically and crushed on. My cousin was a natural beauty. Even more so as we grew up and went from kids to adults.

As years passed we didn't see each other as often. We were lucky to see one another once a year. She got married to a really good guy and had a few kids, while I just grew up and became very career oriented. It wasn't until I hit my 26th birthday that things got really interesting. I hear my phone ringing and I go to pick it up and noticed it's my cousin.

"Hey Cuz, what's going on? How's everything stranger?" I answered.

"It's good, Happy Birthday. I just wanted to call wish you a Happy Birthday and see if you wanted to come out for drinks on me tonight to celebrate." She replied.

Seeing how I had no plans for my birthday and pushed all my birthday celebrations with friends for the weekend I was definitely game for drinks.

"Yea no problem I'll pick you up around 10 tonight" I answered.

"See you later Adam." She answered. Yes Adam is my name and I admit a weird one for a Hispanic kid from New York. Some more quick tidbits about myself so you know how I look. I'm 5'10, 195lbs., with an athletic build and light skin. I used to play football growing up so I've been able to maintain my body rather healthy even after I no longer play anymore because of injuries. But anyway back to the story.

I was looking forward to going out for drinks. Not only for the drinks but because I haven't seen my cousin in some time. Last time I saw her I had "accidentally" walked in on her changing and got a pretty good look of how she looks like in lingerie. Very sexy I might add. Once I got home from work I relaxed a little bit and took a quick nap. Once I got up I decided it was time to get showered and get ready to go pick up my cousin. Even though I was just going out with my cousin I still wanted to dress to impress not only for my cousin but just in case any of her beautiful friends would be at the bar. Once dressed though I headed out to pick up my cousin had her home. Now she lives about 20 minutes from me but being were from New York, traffic is always a bitch to deal with.

I arrived in the front of her home and beeped the horn for her to come out. As the door opens she comes right out and walks towards the car. And boy did she come out looking good. My cousin even after having a few kids didn't lose anything at all. She was just as beautiful as the last time I saw her. Long brown curly hair, light skin, beautiful smile, with a tight brown shirt that showed off the shape of her lovely 38D breast, and tight blue jeans that showed the curve of her ass. My cousin was sexy no denying it. She managed to keep her body looking great and still managed to give me a hard on just by looking at her. As she opens the door and sits herself down she looks over to me with her smile and pulls me in for a birthday kiss on the cheek and a tight hug. A hug I never wanted to stop since I could feel her big tits just pressing against my chest.

"Hey Adam! I missed you so much, it's been too long. Your looking good little cuz, you got someone you trying to impress dressed like that?" she said giggling.

"Was sup cuz and yea as a matter of fact I do, she sitting down next to me now and we going out for drinks." I answered back with a smile. She looked over and smiled and then slapped me on the shoulder laughing.

"Stupid" as she said laughing. "Well let's go because we have a lot to catch up on and I want to get twisted tonight. The kids are with their father so it's just you and me so let's get going." She said.

"Just us no one meeting us at the bar?" I asked as sad as I could seem to hide my enthusiasm.

"What disappointed? I'm not enough for you?" she replied with a smirk.

"Nah of course I just thought you would invite people, but I'm good just us, it's been too long that me and you actually spent time together." I told her.

"Good. Let's go because I have a lot on my mind and I need to tell you something before we get to the bar" she said.

I won't bore anyone with the specifics about the car riding as nothing happened. The conversation though was a surprising one. She told me how she kicked out her husband because she found pictures of him with another woman on his cell phone. They were now in the process of getting a divorce and the kids were with him for a few days as she needed some alone time to clear her head. I figured this night was a celebration of my birthday but it turned out she really needed company to talk things out. Once at the bar we had a few drinks and she told me everything and got a bit emotional as she felt her life was wasted on him.

After a couple of drinks she was feeling a bit better and I could tell had gotten a bit tipsy. Me on the other hand I have a high tolerance for liquor so it takes longer for me to feel the effects. That's when the conversation got interesting.

"So Adam I'm really proud you've done so much and all but tell me why are you still single? Why no girlfriend and don't give me you don't have time bullshit or you don't look good because you're a sexy fuck. If I was younger I'd be on you, you have a great body your cute and you can make women smile so what's the problem?" she told me as she went from giggling to a devious smile.

"Um honestly, it's a mixture of things. Time is one because of my work schedule but not the main reason. I was kind of talking with someone but she ended it because she couldn't deal with me" I answered.

"Deal with you?? You're not impossible Adam, you're just a pain in the ass sometimes" she said as she was laughing.

I smiled and corrected her though, "No not deal with me personality wise. I mean deal with me sexually". Her eyebrows raised a bit as she gave me a sly smile. "I ain't small if that's what you're thinking Veronica. It's that I can't find a girl who can deal with my size being bigger than normal guys and no girl has been able to take it all. And if they managed to get it all in they complain and think I'ma kill them with my dick and just say it's best not to keep on" I said in one of my more infamous whatever type tone of voices. Now you may think it was pretty ballsy for me to be straight forward with my cousin, but that's one of the things I always was able to do with her, be honest and not hide anything. We've always been close but figured why should I lie, plus I didn't think she would believe me anyway and thought it was an excuse because I work so much.

As she started to smile and laugh, I caught a glimpse of her staring down at my crotch while taking a sip of her drink and said, "Well that's good not all guys are blessed down there. And I always could tell you were packing especially that even know I see the outline through your jeans hehehe". Fuck. That's the only thing that went through my mind. Fuck. I didn't realize that talking to my cousin about my "problem" was actually making me think about those times I would fuck other girls and they couldn't handle it.

"Sorry I didn't realize" I said while adjusting myself in my sleep.

"Don't worry about it, it's normal and not too bad to look at" she said to my surprise as she put a hand on my knee. "Well your blessed you just been looking at the wrong girls and need a woman to handle that problem for you" she said as she kept rubbing my knee a bit. I felt a little awkward at first but really didn't want her to stop so I pretended not to notice. "I wish I was having your problem daily because my now ex-husband hasn't had sex with me in months and obviously I know why now but he was lacking in the size department so I never got any pleasure"

"That's sucks, as sexy as you are I would have thought he would have been hitting it every day. Well it's his lost I doubt the person he's with looks better than you so you have nothing to worry about. Half the guys in here can't stop staring at you so looks like you have your choice of guys for tonight" I said as I took another shot of Patron.

"Well too bad they can't, you're the one taking me home tonight so I'm your problem cuz" she laughed as she said started to get up. She almost tipped over as she rose but I quickly managed to help straighten her out. 'Looks like your good for the night on drinks so I'll take you home now it's late anyway" I told her.

"You right let's get out of here I work tomorrow and I don't want to go in with a major hangover" she said.

As we walked out the bar and got to the car we started on our way back to her home. It seemed as though her curiosity or the liquor was getting the best of her. "So Adam, about your "problem", you have any proof of this. It just seems like its too good to be true and the women I know would love to have a piece of your problem" she asked.

"Not really, I don't talk to any of the ex's or girls I would talk to so you just have to take my word" I replied.

"What about your cell? You're telling me you never took any pics on that or have them in your phone?" she asked.

The question surprised me as it seemed that my cousin was kind of coming on to me. It looks like she really wanted to see how big I was. The reaction on my face didn't help as I started to turn a bit red at the question. "You do don't you I can tell your blushing!" she said. "Well show me a pic big boy let's see what most girls been missing by not being able to handle it"

"I don't know Veronica, we cool and all but we are cousins and I'm thinking you're asking because you had one too many drinks" I answered back a bit nervous.

"No I'm asking because I want to see if you're talking shit or being honest. I'll even show you a pic of me on my cell to make us even. And anyway it seems like your friend down there wouldn't mind." She said.

Fuck me again. Second time I didn't notice the bulge in my jeans getting a bit bigger. But the temptation of seeing my cousin naked was turning me on and I really wanted to see. "Fine but once we pull up to the house I'll show you a pic" I answered. "Good I'll stay quiet like a good girl until then" she said.

Sure enough she was. When we got to her home I parked in the front and she broke the silence. "Ok big boy, I'll go first so you could feel more at ease" she said. She goes through her pictures and turns the phone towards me on perhaps the sexiest picture I've ever seen of my cousin. She took it of herself in just a tank top and a black thong with her ass towards the camera. Not a nude pic but still it was worth seeing. I loved how curvy her ass looked. So smooth and she had a nice big ass and slim waist. Instantly felt my cock getting a bit hard as I started to adjust in my seat slightly, but as I looked at my cousin's grin I could tell she knew the picture was turning me on. "Ok show me your pic now and then we're even" she stated.

I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at my private folder. She had me at a disadvantage because I only had pics of my dick as the girls I've talked to love to see pics of it. So I selected a pic that I had taken a few days ago where you could see it all in length and thickness. I turn the phone her way and just stared at her reaction. Her eyes grew a bit more and she started to smile. "Damn kid, that's a fucking huge cock. Look at that shit, its fucking fat as fuck and long. No wonder no girl could handle it you'll destroy her pussy. How long is it?" she asked. 'It's about 9 inches when it's hard and 3 of my fingers thick" I answered. Her mouth was still open in shock as she said, "Damn I wish I had something like that to toy with" That comment alone made me go from my previous turned on level to my dick just wanted to spring out of my jeans because I was so hard.

"Well let me get in because it just got hot here Adam. You want some water to pour down your pants to calm yourself down" she told me as she smiled staring at my bulge. We both laughed at that but I wasn't going to pass up a chance to go in.

"Sure I'll take water but to drink I'll settle myself down" I replied.

"Too bad about settling him down but you could still have water" she answered.

We got out the car and walked in to her place. She put the keys down on the table and closed the door behind us. "Look in the refrigerator for a bottled water Adam, I'll be right back I have to go use the restroom." She said. "No problem take your time" I responded. She was taking her time I figured she must have been taking a crap in there because 5 minutes had passed with her nowhere in sight. My hard on settled on its own as I sat down on the couch relaxing. When all of a sudden I hear the bathroom door open and her calling me, "Adam I completely forgot about your birthday gift so I hope this makes up for it" she said. As I turned towards the bathroom door my cousin is there standing in nothing but a black see thru bra and black matching thong against the door. I nearly dropped the water and my voice escaped me. She started to walk over to me slowly and said "Happy Birthday Adam, do you like your gift?"

"Wow umm wow Veronica." I couldn't form a sentence. She was now standing directly over me as I sat down and pulled me up by the shirt to stand up. "I want you and that big fat cock of yours. I know you've wanted me since we were kids. So here's your chance, I'm your gift, and you can do anything you want to me" she said as she started to kiss my neck softly and slip her hand under my jeans to grab and caress my cock. I couldn't believe that the girl I always crushed on growing up, my own cousin wanted me to fuck her. "Mmmmmm that big dick of yours feels so good Adam, I want you. I always wanted you. More so now after seeing that picture. God it made my pussy so wet seeing how big you are. Feel my pussy and see how wet it is. Please" she said almost in a begging tone.

I couldn't help but give in. I started to kiss her lips and feel the softest lips I've ever felt. Her tongue moving slowly against mine. My hand grabbing and squeezing her breast while my other hand went and explored her pussy. Her pussy was soaked. I kept rubbing her pussy and when I brought my hand up it was soaked in her wetness. She grabbed my hand and licked my fingers one by one to lick off the pussy juice off them. Sexiest thing I've ever seen any girl do. That just made me go crazy with aggressiveness. I lifted her up and walked over to her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. As I quickly undressed she stopped me when I was ready to take my boxers off.

"No I want to take that off myself' she said as she pulled me by the boxers closer and kissed my stomach down. Her hands sliding down from my side to the boxers and she slipped them off. My dick jumped out of the boxers as she looked at it with a face that said she needed that dick. My dick was so hard it was throbbing of how erect it was. She grabbed the dick and started to kiss it and lick the shaft and head slowly. "Mmm god Adam, your dick is so big and juicy. Mmmm I love how it tastes. Do you like how your dirty cousin kisses and licks your dick?" she asked.

"Hell yea I do. I think my slutty cousin should suck on it now" I replied.

With that said she looked up and shook her head yes and opened her mouth wide to take my dick in her mouth. Her mouth felt like heaven. My dick was inside my cousin's mouth as she sucked on it and jerked my dick. She tried to deep throat it and almost did but had to come up for air. She didn't give up though. She would jerk my dick faster and suck on it more and more. Her wet mouth swallowing my dick whole until finally she managed to deep throat it. She took it out of her mouth and gasped for air as she coughed a bit. "God Adam your fucking cock is huge. Gimme that dick now" she begged as she lay on her back with her legs spread waiting for my dick and her hand rubbing her pussy.

"Not just yet Veronica, I want to taste every inch of you." I told her. I started to unhook her bran and saw her beautiful tits come freely out begging to have been released. Her nipples erect and I just had to go and kiss her nipples. I started to lick her nipples back and forth slowly and then faster as I noticed it was making her moan and squirm. "God Adam suck my tits. Please pull them baby. You're driving me crazy" she said. I started to pull them with my mouth and flick my tongue over them faster and faster. Her tits tasted magical as I could see how horny she was becoming. "Please fuck me now Adam, I need that big dick" she said.

"Hmmm I think I have to do one more thing Veronica before you get to have this dick inside you." I replied back.

I went and grabbed her legs and kissed her inner thighs slowly as my hands slid her thong off. That's when I saw the most beautiful shaved pussy I have ever seen. Not a hair in sight, perfect puffy pussy lips as I could tell she hasn't been fucked in a long time. Her aroma was hypnotizing. I just went and licked her pussy up and down and didn't realize how sensitive her pussy was. She squirmed and moaned with every lick of her pussy. I started to suck her clit and tongue fuck her and that sent her overboard. She wrapped her legs around my neck and moaned out, "OH fuck yea Adam. Eat my pussy baby. Ughhhhh fuck you're going make me cummmmmm!!" she squealed out as she climax for the first time in months. I couldn't describe how good her pussy juice tasted when she came. I looked up at her and noticed her breathing heavily.

'God that felt so good. Make me cum again babe but please gimme that cock. I need that cock in my tight pussy." She begged of me.

"Of course now you can have this dick all you want cuz" I answered.

She spread her legs wide apart as I stood over her wet soaking pussy. I grabbed my hard dick and slapped it on her pussy a few times. This drove her crazy as I could see her clit throbbing every time I slapped my dick on it as she let out soft moans. Then I took my dick and slid it in her pussy. The head slowly going in and her pussy just welcoming my cock inside her. Her pussy was so wet and hot inside I swore I almost came from her heat alone. With the head of my dick inside her I looked at her and she looked at me and said in a whisper, "Please shove it all in. I want you to fuck this pussy. Please shove it in hard and take my pussy" she said. Happy to oblige I grabbed her by the shoulders and thrust my dick as hard and deep as I could inside her tight pussy.


I just kept on going in and out of her tight pussy. Grabbing her shoulders and thrusting deeper and deeper inside her as she moaned louder. "Fuck your pussy feels so good Veronica. Tell me how much you like my cock." I told her.

"Fuckkkkk, I love that big dick, I love that big dick daddy" she cried out.

"Whose pussy is this baby" I told her as I kept pounding away on her pussy as I could see tears coming down her eyes.

"This is your pussyyyy. It's your pussyyyyy baby" she yelled out as I felt her pussy tighten as she came all over my dick. She came so hard that she made my dick pop out of her pussy. After her pussy came and her legs were trembling I turned her over to her stomach and told her, "I'm not done with your pussy yet."

I stuck my dick back inside her pussy and felt her pussy accept my dick more easily this time with less resistance. I grabbed her ass and just started to fuck her pussy more again. This time I could feel her pussy tightening even more this time as I was sure she was doing it on purpose.

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