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Version 3.0


"It is truly amazing Herr Doktor," the assistant said as he looked at the dissected frog on the stainless steel tray," Yes truly amazing."

The doctor examining the frog looked up with piercingly blue eyes beneath his green cap. Those eyes blazed with anger and he threw the frog into the nearest bin.

"Amazing, no it would have been amazing had the creature lived for more than half an hour. Still it shows promise. Clean up this mess," the man said as he released his long blond hair from the cap.

He stalked from the theatre and threw a lab coat over his long form as he made his way to the laboratory he was using. As he walked along the passage he thought that though the frog had died after only a short time it had given him a success that he could dangle before the university board who had been threatening to cut his funding and his resources. Could they not see that what he was doing here was worth so much for human destiny.

After closing the door behind him and locking it he opened the hidden door to the inner laboratory and he smiled. Had the board known of this place and what he was doing he would have been closed down and hounded from the country. There were some long memories and if they thought he was practising the old experiments he would have been lucky to get away with his life.

He stepped over to the blue lit tank and watched the slow movement through the opaque glass. Touching the humming glass he smiled again and studied the digital readouts with contentment. Soon he thought, soon he turned at the sound behind him and saw the assistant he had only been talking to a bare ten minutes before.

"Add a 100ccs of the buffer mixture we will try tonight," the doctor said tonelessly.

"Of course Herr Doktor but what of the mind?" the man said.

"Something that I will deal with. The frog showed that the imprinting can work but it requires exact timing but this requires only activating the experiment," leaving before the other man could speak.

As he walked to his apartment he considered what needed to be done. He had no trouble that the activation would be successful but he needed suitable subject for the imprinting. Suddenly something collided into his chest, a something that apologised. The doctor now looked into the plain face of a girl who seemed to sad.

"Nonsense it was my fault I should have been focused on what was around me. I am Viktor," he said softly.

"Thank-you I am so clumsy. I am Mathilde," the girl said as she blushed.

The man before her had pale gold hair, so pale that it seemed to be white. He must have been in his twenties she thought and then seeing the fine lines about his mouth decided that he was more likely in his late thirties. He seemed almost skeletal but enormously strong. She naturally recognised him who had not heard of the brilliant and haughty Dr Franklin.

"What do you study? You are a student here?" he inquired though he had meant to be kind it sounded as though it had been bleated out as an order.

"Yes I am a student. I am studying medical science," she gushed.

There was something about her that interested him perhaps she was what he was looking for he thought. Usually he refused company or intimacy but this time he decided he might find something of interest behind those scared brown eyes and plain face.

"Ah well I am a medical researcher perhaps we can talk, can I interest you in a coffee?" he smiled engagingly which seemed to be sinister beneath the eagles beak that was his nose.

The young woman unused to the attention accepted and followed Viktor back to his spartan but well-appointed flat. Slowly and with a mixture of alcohol and listening discovered that she was without any family and painfully shy. So shy she had no friends on the university campus. She had come from one of the new Balkan States and was not expected to return once she had gained her qualification. Each statement stirred Viktor's interest and made her very desirable to him and his plans.

"Let me tell you my young lady I would love to have your help on my project," Viktor said with false bonhomie.

"Project? Herr Doktor," the woman murmured her befuddled with drink.

"Yes Mathilde the greatest project imaginable. The creation of life! Of human life itself," he spoke earnestly.

The woman watched him and remained silent as he continued.

"Tonight we are to instill life into an artificial human being, not a clone my dear but an artificial being created to be stronger than ordinary mortals, to shrug off illness and hardship with ease. It will be the vehicle where our conscious will reside leaving these fragile vehicles that we inhabit now," his voice had taken a fanatic edge.

"Tonight we create history. Join us and be part of this thing," he pleaded to her.

"B-b-but isn't that against the law," she whispered.

"Pshaw we obey a higher law, the law of science," he declaimed to her.

Taking her arm he raised her and though unsure of what he wanted to do she allowed him to take her to the laboratory. Opening again the secret door he ushered her into the white tiled room, the air electric as the assistance prepared the machinery for use. Where it was not blindingly white it was the mirrored reflection of stainless steel except for the blue glow of the opaque glass bath in the centre.

"Come we must prepare," he said as he steered her to the changing cabinet and took out a set of medical paper overalls and a white coat for her. Quickly he stripped naked exposing his lanky body to her it was cleanly shaved except for the hair on his head and eyebrows. She looked with fascination at his cock it was so long and wide, it couldn't have been real it was too perfect. He watched where her eyes went and smiled touching the member that was not covered with clothes or even hair.

"Yes this is artificial but can do everything the other thing could do. No it does more, it pleases me and my partner more, the nerves can be controlled so that I can last hours. When I first made the transplant and was healed I took twenty women over two days and pleased them all, my orgasms were true perfection, my balls can spill cum or hold it in, this is what I can give every man and woman should she want such a thing. But come my dear you must be prepared, we are scientists and there can be no inhibitions in that pursuit," as he spoke he pulled her jumper over her head.

Dazed she felt him strip each piece of clothing from her until she was naked, then she felt him put the coat on her but instead of it facing forward he made it go the way a surgical gown went leaving her completely bare from behind and only going a few inches below her hairy cunt. Satisfied he dressed himself and took her again into the laboratory and signalled the assistant who had entered the laboratory silently. She noticed he moved with a slight limp.

"To make sure that we don't have contamination this man will take a few measurements from your body," swiftly he turned from her and began the sequence to warm the machines up.

While he was doing that Mathilde was poked and prodded as the assistant tested blood samples and used other instruments to obtain other items of interest. Finally he released her when Viktor was ready to commence the experiment. The doctor took her by the hand and looked into her frightened eyes with his own that seemed to burn with blue fire. Taking her to the control console he studied the readouts and waited for her to gain some courage.

"Do not worry Mathilde you wont be harmed," he said in a low voice that cut through the humming of instruments," But I need you for my creature to work."

She shuddered as he said this but even as she shuddered she felt a sharp prick and when she looked she saw the assistant withdrawing a needle from her skin. She felt so woozy and both men stood her up taking her to a stainless steel bench that they had screened from her. She felt them remove her gown and left her naked as she was lain on the cold metal. Her skin broke out in goosebumps but she could not move. She felt more than saw the assistant shave her cunt bare and then she felt the electrodes being attached to her head, to her nipples with rubberized clamps and a small clamp and electrode was attached to her clit.

"You shall be my new Eve, better than the first. It will be easy to give the creature life, version 3.0 of those that have been but it is the mind that we need. It's brain will be completely without the higher functions ready to take the mind and personality of the one that it will replace. Once alive she, yes a she since it is easier to make a female will be filled by your thoughts and needs plus a few subroutines from the programmes I have written to keep you submissive. Those last versions seemed to develop unnatural rages perhaps it was due to the need to use heightened amounts of testosterone that we need in the solutions. That will heighten your sexual desires since it has made mine vast but you will have a body that will be able to accept them easily and that will give you great joy. I envy you my dear the first explorer in the greatest journey in life," the man spoke as he adjusted the straps tying her body down and then sliding a helmet until it covered her entire face so that she was left in the dark and silence.

"We are ready Herr Doktor for the activation," the assistant said and then remarked further," When the girl is transferred may I have the body since her mind will no longer be there."

Victor looked at the man next to him with contempt. Still this man came from a family that had served his for over two hundred years and such loyalty deserved some reward. So he gave a curt nod of his head and then threw a red toggle that lit the tank with red light.

"Commence primary ignition on ten," he ordered.

As the countdown commenced he thought of his great-grandfather and the others of his family who had given their lives in the quest to create the new Adams and Eves to drive the Human race forward. The air became charged with electricity as the capacitors built up the charge to release into the body behind the glass. As the count reached five the liquid inside the tank drained as the body was raised into the air until it was between the capacitors held on a metal rack.


Blue white light shot between the cathode and anode travelling through the body in between them. Once, twice, three times it charged the body and then finally exhausted it stopped. Now the body was being lowered to the stainless steel table. The body itself seemed undamaged by the charge and the doctor placed his stethoscope over the heaving breast and listened to the regular beat of a heart.

"IT'S ALIVE!!!......." Viktor said his eyes filled with tears.

Everything had gone so well now all the tests being run showed a live functioning body. The body itself was perfect, hair that was blond, breasts firm and perfectly formed, its limbs and features regular and the only thing missing was the mind and the light of reason in its soft grey eyes. Swiftly he wired the creature up to the mainframe and through that to the woman he had drugged. Her form waiting for this last stage.

It had taken years of frustration indeed this was the culmination of over a hundred and fifty years of experimentation with the creation of life from that very first Prometheus that had been such a disaster in the end. Each generation had tried until he was here and now he was going to succeed. Typing in the password and then the code to commence strings of numbers started to form in one screen as it catalogued and removed memories and routines from Mathilde to transfer to his own creature. Each string represented something in her mind as it was resolved the memory was organised and sometimes augmented by the other routines the doctor had created for his own safety.

Satisfied that the programme was running properly he left the console and advised the assistant to clean up and prepare the reception room since it would be more than twenty four hours before the process was complete. Tired from his work he went back to his unit and passed into a restful sleep. He knew there was little that could go wrong until he fully brought his creature to full awareness.

So he fell into a deep restful sleep only to wake with a joyful sense of anticipation when he rose. Quickly moving through his ablutions he sped to laboratory and was greeted by the reassuring hum of the computer uploading the subroutines from Mathilde and the computer to his creature. Even he admitted that the body was truly magnificent and that he would enjoy her as he rammed his cock in that virgin cunt. She would be his perfect lover and the start of the new race he would create, a true race of masterful beings.

"Herr Doktor the transfer has completed earlier than thought. I have began to verify the information passed," the assistant said.

Viktor nodded pleased that his success would be all that sooner. He now touched a small dial and turned it to the right starting the process of giving the muscles of her body small electric shocks to start her body functioning at the use of her will. As she slowly convulsed and contracted he saw the meters tell him that all the systems were operating in the optimal stage.

"It is ready, Herr Doktor," the assistant whispered.

Walking to the table he tilted it so that she was now vertical and ready for the final stage. He vaguely heard the assistant leave wheeling out the gurney holding Mathilde's now mindless form as he left Viktor with his creation. With almost agonizing slowness he injected the mixture of adrenaline and sugar into her bloodstream that would finally wake her.

Suddenly her eyelids opened and her grey eyes locked onto his blue orbs.

"Mathilde, do you remember me?" Viktor said softly.

Opening her mouth she moistened her full red lips and softly croaked a response," Yes."

"How do you feel," he asked watching as her body strained against the restraints on her body. She was thrusting her hips forward so provocatively without any conscious thought. Her shaved cunt so prominent and he knew that her lips were engorged with blood as was her clit. She was excited and her cunt was wet with sweet juice. He remembered when he had woken with his new cock how he had raged with lust taking woman after woman in an attempt to meet his needs.

"Hot, need you," she said with a slow seductive smile on her face.

He felt his cock stirring, firmly he tried to squash his need. He was a scientist damn it and there was so much for him to learn from her. Before he could speak he heard a sharp rip and then a hand at his crotch. Another ripping sound meant that her other hand was free and that she was truly stronger than most men and women.

"Herr Doktor I want that wonderful cock of yours fucking me soon," she said huskily as she cradled the rapidly hardening instrument after she had ripped away the cloth covering it. She seemed to radiate sexual desire and he was responding to it. With little effort she snapped the remaining restraints and stepped towards him. She was clumsy at first but with each step improved.

Her powerful hands again ripped his clothing from his body as she pressed her lips to his, her tongue darted into his mouth as she rubbed her nipples over his. She pulled him to the table and pushed him against the hard metal surface. The cold against his back was a shock but his lusts fired his soul and strengthened his cock. He responded now to her desire and he felt the last of his clothes ripped from his body.

Naked the both of them tussled and he lifted her firm breasts to his lips as she stroked his cock and fondled his balls gently as though she wished to squeeze out an extra inch from the erect flesh. Her breasts tasted of sweetness as he lapped the rising flesh of her nipples. He smelt her musky scent and knew that she burnt with the need of him as much as he burnt for her body. Pinned beneath her she turned her body so that her mouth could take his cock and he could lick the swollen naked lips of her cunt . Lips coated with the sweet juices spilling from her cunt.

As he sucked and licked at her cunt and marvelled at the marvellous clit that was over two inches in length that he licked and nibbled at Mathilde was taking his cock deep between her lips. He felt her tongue slip along the length of his cock and over the bulbous head at the end of it. Slowly she took it deep into her throat until she felt the meat deep in her throat.

Now as he pleasurably assaulted her cunt she had his cock thrust in and out of her mouth. The trickle of juice from her grew and pulsed as the muscles of her cunt released a stream of cum into his waiting mouth. As she came she groaned and thrashed her body, trying if possible to take more of his cunt into her throat. As she surrendered to the pleasure that her body felt Viktor began to take a firmer control and slowly pulled his cock from her mouth though she mewed.

"Nein, no my creature, I will fuck you as you scream with the pleasure," Viktor said as he slipped from the table and pulled the compliant woman to her feet.

Spinning her he pushed her so that her upper body rested on the metal table and then opened her legs exposing her cunt dripping still with her cum and his saliva. Spitting on his hand he made sure that he was well-lubricated as he pushed his cock into her ready cunt. As he did so he knew that the impulses he had planted were strengthened. Impulses to serve him in all ways.

She came as he thrust into her and using his cock he ravaged her feeling the tightness of her previously untaken cunt. He felt the pulsing of her muscles as they constricted and dilated about his cock. While he took her she groaned and spluttered calling him master as she became truly his. Taking her hair in his hand he pulled her face to his as he kissed her mouth and using his other hand pinched at one of her magnificent nipples.

Then as he felt her body shake with the pleasure of her orgasm he felt his cock shoot cum deep into her cunt. Pulling his cock from her he now shot his cream over her back and well rounded ass. Yet though he slowed and stopped spraying her body with his cum he was still hard. Just as her body had been made to better than that she was born with so his enhanced cock was capable of so much more than what was natural so his cock remained hard and ready for his inflamed lusts.

Dipping his fingers into the cum dripping from her body he smeared it over her sphincter and around her asshole. Then he pushed a finger into the hole as he played with her erect clit causing her to moan with pleasure again as he flicked his fingers back and forth over the quivering flesh. As she came he pushed a second finger into the opening hole and then finally a third finger so that she would be prepared for his cock that almost glowed purple with the blood that was in the head of hard rod of flesh.

As he pushed the head at her loosened asshole he still felt resistance and so pushed ever harder. Slowly he felt the hole open and his flesh push into her tight bowel. She squealed with a mixture of pleasure and pain as he took her and caressed her clit with clever fingers. Then his head was firmly within her bowel and with a firm breath he pushed the cock deep into her and began to fuck the ass with firm strokes that excited her.

Now Mathilde's pleasure came from her ass as well as her cunt and she screamed with the pleasure as orgasms ripped through her body and she begged for more from his cock. More that he wanted to give her. More as he thrust his cock harder and faster into her body. Now he controlled his orgasm tied her with the bonds of her own pleasure and orgasm until knowing he had her he released his cock to cum shooting again his seed deep into her body.

Released and spent it softened and slipped from her body which though exhausted still craved his attention.

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