tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 1

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 1


“Greg, what are you doing?” The familiar voice on the other end of the telephone belonged to my next door neighbours’ daughter, Kate.

“Hi Princess! Not very much at the moment.” Which, despite my pleasure at hearing from her, was kind of depressing. I was a contract database programmer working from home and I liked to be busy. I had just finished one job and was waiting for the specification for the next one to arrive. It was due in two weeks time. “Why? What’s up?”

“Oh, I’m bored. Mom’s taken Kevin to in-line hockey and then she’s going to the hairdresser and the supermarket. She’ll be gone for hours. Do you want to come round and play Monopoly with me?”

My spirits lifted. Kate and I had been great buddies ever since I bought the house next door to her parents ten years before. In the early days I had “baby-sat” her and her brother on many, many occasions. Most often together, but sometimes Kate on her own. As a seven-going-on-eight-year-old she treated me like some kind of big live teddy bear that she could climb all over, and bounce on, and occasionally cuddle.

Then, about eighteen months after I moved in, both her maternal grandparents, who had lived in our town, died within months of each other. From that point on Kate noticeably became more affectionate towards me. Not that I was Grandfather material mind - I was only twenty-seven at the time - but I guess I seemed pretty ancient to an eight-year-old! Then, when puberty arrived our relationship changed again, as she became “grown up” and more conscious of her body.

“Yeah, Ok. I’ll be around in a couple of minutes.” I shouldn’t really have gone. Even though I wasn’t working, I still had things to do around the house, like washing-up and ironing and vacuuming. I had lived alone ever since my divorce and things around the house tended to slide while I had a contract. But Kate was Kate and I was more than a little bit enamoured with her. So, when Kate beckoned, I usually ran.

She was waiting for me and opened the front door immediately when I arrived. I didn’t even have to knock. Kate shut the door behind me and, smiling shyly took my hand and led me into their lounge where the Monopoly board and things were already set out on the floor. “You sit there, Greg, and I’ll be over here.”

I looked across the board as we settled into our positions opposite each other. She looked delightful in a simple tight-fitting white top with a scooped neckline that just showed the very top of her swelling young breasts and a loose, pale blue cotton skirt that clung to her legs and came halfway up her slim thighs. My, you look good enough to eat! I thought to myself as she modestly arranged her skirt.

Kate was becoming a truly lovely young woman. When she was younger she had usually let her long blond hair hang loose. But recently, she had taken to wearing it up, showing off the fragile-looking column of her neck, her shell-like ears and the perfect line of her jaw. She was also smart enough to know that she didn’t need to plaster heaps of makeup on to enhance her appearance like so many of her contemporaries seemed to do. As a consequence her skin was exquisite. Kate had never been plagued by puppy fat either, always having a dainty figure – now with high, small breasts, a slim waist and a tight rounded bum, and long, shapely legs. Imagine Anna Kournikova with finer, more aquiline features and a trimmer bust line and you’re almost there. But, unlike Kournikova, Kate’s eyes are so dark a brown they are almost black.

I must have been looking at her silently for quite a while. “Is something wrong?” Kate’s eyes searched mine with concern, a slight frown creasing her brow.

“Oh no! I was just thinking how beautiful you are.” She blushed pinkly and looked down at the Monopoly board. “Hey, Kate! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It’s Okay… “ Kate looked back up at me and smiled that shy smile again. “It’s just that no-one’s ever said that to me before.”

“Well I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world to think so. I’m just lucky enough to feel I can say something like that to you without causing offence. Besides, all young women should be told that they’re beautiful – every one has something. Not many of you are ever told how lovely you are when it counts the most.”

Kate smiled once more, and blushed an even deeper pink, “Thank you… Greg, can I ask you something? It’s very personal, but don’t be upset…”

“Ask away.”

“Well, since you are such a nice, charming person… “

“Wow! Thank you Princess! But not good looking as well?”

“Shut up a minute and let me finish!”


“You are such a nice, charming person… and handsome too! How come your marriage broke up like it did?”

This was the one question I certainly hadn’t expected! It really set me back on my heels. My wife and I - my ex-wife and I - had only been married two years when she left me. Up to that point our marriage had seemed to be good. Okay, we’d had the usual problems with money and stuff that most people starting out on a new life together have. And the sex wasn’t all that great. Leah had been a virgin when we wed and she seemed to “suffer” sex rather than participate wholeheartedly. But, apart from that, everything else was fine.

Then, one Friday evening after work, she went out to “cruise” the gay bars for fun with a bunch of girls from the office. I never found out the exact details, but, according to one of her friends, some apparition in leathers persuaded Leah onto the dance floor in one of the bars and, just like that, my wife discovered that she was lesbian. Two weeks later she took off with a bull dyke who weighed forty pounds more than I did and who drove a Harley Davidson chopper. I filed for a divorce shortly afterwards, which was uncontested, and shifted cities to where I lived now.

I gave Kate a brief resume, leaving out the bit about the so-so sex.

“That sucks! You must have been really upset!”

“Yes and no. It was one hell of a shock. But Leah finding out about her sexuality like that must have saved a lot more heartache for both of us later, especially if we’d have had children. There was one good thing that came out of it though.”

“What was that?”

Uncertain of her likely reaction, I didn’t look at her, “Well, I’d never have got to know you… and, of course, your Mom and Dad and Kevin. ”

“Hmmmm.” Kate was silent for a moment. Then she asked, “But weren’t you terribly jealous?”

“What? Of the Butch who “took my Leah away” from me?” I grinned at her wryly, “Nah! But I was pissed about the Harley though!”

Kate shrieked with laughter and rolled onto her back, showing off a quite entrancing sweep of upper thigh in the process. I gazed at her lithe young form as she lay there shaking with mirth and felt my cock start to harden. “Come on,” I said, pushing away the lecherous thoughts that were beginning to crowd into my brain, “let’s play Monopoly.”

Kate sat up again and straightened her face and her skirt. “But what did you do then? Didn’t you try to find another girlfriend? I’ve never seen you with anyone else.”

“Oh, I went a bit wild at first… that was before I came here. I went on the grog big time. Thrashed all the singles bars and screwed anything in skirts that showed an interest in me… all that stuff.”

“Well, I had a bit of a scare. One of the girls that I’d been with called me and told me she’d learned that one of her other sex partners had tested HIV positive. We’d had safe sex – like we’d used a condom – but it was still a hell of a worrying time until my test results came back negative some weeks later.”


“Anyway, since then, I’ve sort of “retired” from that kind of thing until I meet the right person. Come along, that’s enough ancient history. Let’s play.”

I wasn’t about to mention the “professional sex” I purchased out of necessity from time to time. Or the fact that I had already met the ‘right person’ - the lovely creature sitting right opposite me. But, to this thirty-seven year old man, she seemed an impossible dream!

“Thanks Greg. I hope you didn’t mind me asking, but I’ve always wondered.”

We played the game. As usual, Kate handled the bank and, as usual, I let her get away with murder. And, as usual, after about ninety minutes, I was bankrupt and Kate declared herself the winner. She pushed the game board over to one side and crawled over to me. Resting on her knees and heels before me she said, “Give me your hand, I want to tell you your fortune.”

I extended my hand out to her, palm up. She took it in both of hers and placed it on the tops of her thighs. The shock of her warmth radiating through the material of her skirt coursed through me and I felt my manhood stir into life again. And then, when her finger gently began tracing the lines on my palm, it surged to a full-blown, aching erection. The next few minutes were a blur. My entire consciousness was so consumed by HER I hardly registered a word Kate said. Except for, “And there’s me,” as she pressed her fingertip lightly on a spot near the base of my right hand index finger.

Saved by the bell! The sound of the automatic garage door opening as Kate’s mother, Corinne, returned from the store burst through the sexual tension growing between us. Kate jumped, startled by the sound, and then a look of deep disappointment crossed her face. “Damn! Mom’s home early!” Then she smiled mischievously and took hold of my fingers and pressed the backs of them firmly into the fork at the top of her thighs and held them there. We gazed deeply into each other’s eyes. Time seemed to stand still. Kate’s pupils were hugely dilated black pools of emotion. I felt that any moment I would fall into them…and fall forever. Vertigo Eyes!

Somehow I managed to croak, “We should go and help your Mom bring the shopping in.”

Kate released my hand with a rueful look, “I suppose… “

“Kate…” My mind struggled, but I couldn’t think of anything sensible to say in the face of such an incredible revelation. Instead, I brought my fingers, which had been so recently pressed against her most intimate area, to my lips and kissed them. Kate leaned towards me and swiftly kissed me on the cheek and then got smoothly to her feet and left the room. I took a few moments to make my rampant pole less obvious to a casual onlooker and followed her.

“Oh. Hi Greg. You are here. Kate said she might ask you over.” Kate’s mother was as short and dark-haired, as her daughter was tall and fair. But it was plainly obvious from where Kate had got her dark eyes and terrific figure. And here’s the kicker – Corinne is a year younger than I am!

“Yeah. Well I haven’t got a lot going on right now.” I was sure I was blushing hotly. And I was very conscious of my member still stiffly erect in my pants. “Here, give me that, it looks heavy. I’ll take it through to the kitchen for you.” There was a lot of stuff to unload from the car and take into the house to be put away - Corinne did the bulk of their grocery shopping once a month. The activity took my mind away from sensuous thoughts about Kate and helped my erection to dissipate.

“Would you like to stop for dinner, Greg?” Corinne asked me when we were finished. “Jim, has to work late tonight, so he won’t be here, so his part of the casserole I’ve prepared will only go to waste otherwise. Besides, I’ll bet you could do with a break from your own cooking!”

“That’s very kind of you. Yes, I’d love to stay. But it’s a bit tough…Jim having to work and all. Let’s face it, it is Saturday.”

“Yes, I thought that being a chartered accountant was a nine-to-five, Monday through Friday, kind of job. But not in this day and age! Not any more! But, the truth of the matter is that Jim and his partners made a presentation to a major potential client down in Melbourne today and they are entertaining them this evening. It’s a “men only” affair – which is why I’m not there with him. No doubt there will be lots of booze and they’ll end up making fools of themselves in the strip clubs. God knows what time he’ll get home, if at all!

“And Kevin won’t be home either. He’s going straight on to his friend Justin’s house from hockey. He may even stay overnight.”

Oh Lord! I thought. Does this sound like a veiled invitation? No! You’re imagining it! You’re just all hyped up after that incident with Kate. Corinne has never made any kind of pass at you before, but then, neither has Kate. But I replied, “Well, Jim’s loss is my gain. Thanks very much. My stomach will appreciate a change from pizza and Chinese take-out! Casserole sounds great!”

‘Casserole’ turned out to be a marvellously rich Coq-au-Vin accompanied by Lyonnaise potatoes, freshly cut broccoli from their garden, green salad and a bottle of Californian pinot noir. The meal was made all the more enjoyable by the soft set of bare toes that pressed against my ankle from time to time. I didn’t dare look under the edge of the tablecloth to see whom they belonged to!

“That was simply delicious!” I beamed at Corinne when I had cleared my plate. “Boy! Jim really did miss out tonight!”

“Ah! But there’s more. Kate’s speciality, Crème Caramel!”

Like the main course, Kate’s dessert was perfect and I reached over and gently squeezed her wrist and told her so. She blushed radiantly and muttered quietly that “It was easy enough to do”. Corinne, I saw, was looking at us both appraisingly as I released her daughter and returned my hand to the table in front of me. “Do you guys eat like this all the time?” I asked, in an attempt to divert Corinne’s attention away from what she could construe as an inappropriate act of intimacy on my part. “It’s a wonder you’re not all as fat as pigs!”

“Oh, no. Sometimes it’s only pizza, just like you.”

“But home-made!” Kate interjected. “And we always have a salad with it.”

“Aha! Therein lies the secret!” I grinned.

When we had all cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, the three of us made our way into the lounge. “Kate! The Monopoly stuff is still all over the floor!” Corinne looked a little bit annoyed, “Come along, put it away before the movie starts!”

“Oooooah! Mummy!” Kate instantly became a cross little girl again. But, she quickly did as her mother asked her. Then I collapsed into an armchair, while the two females shared the sofa, and Corinne turned the TV on.

Part way through the movie, at about 9.30, the telephone rang. Corinne took the call in the hallway thinking it might be Jim calling to tell her he would be staying in the city for the night. But it was Kevin to say that he wouldn’t be staying at Justin’s and could Corinne come and pick him up? “Will you excuse me while I go and get him, Greg? I’ll only be gone about twenty minutes.”

“No, that’s fine. You’re okay to drive?”

“Oh, I’m sure I am. I made sure that you drank most of the wine!”

As soon as the sound of the car driving off died away, Kate jumped out of her seat and deposited herself in my lap. My left arm had been laid along the arm of the chair, so it was automatically around her waist. “You don’t mind do you?” she asked.

“The pleasure is all mine, Princess!”

She nuzzled her nose against the side of my neck, “Did I shock you when I put your hand on me this afternoon?”

“Yes, it was something of a shock. But I can’t say that I was “shocked” as such.”

“Was it a big, big shock?”

“Not as shocks go… only a medium one.” I was starting to wonder where this conversation was heading!

“But you enjoyed it though. I could tell by the huge bulge in your pants.”

So Kate had noticed my erection. I tried to lighten the discussion up. “Not such a huge one! I think I might even be “less than average” in that department!” Christ! What was I doing talking so openly to this young woman about the size, or lack thereof of my sexual parts?

“Well it looked huge to me.” She was quiet for a moment, then asked, “Have you got an erection now?” I had to admit it. My man had leapt to attention the instant she had snuggled into my lap. I nodded without saying anything.

“Oooh good!” She pushed the tip of her nose against my neck again. “Seeing as I only gave you a medium-sized shock this afternoon, I think I might have to give you a bigger one now!” With that, Kate took hold of my right hand and carried it up under her skirt and pressed it against her panty-covered mound. Then she opened her legs slightly and moved my fingers down between her legs so that they were touching her sex lips through the thin cloth.

I was stunned into speechless immobility! If I’d thought I had an erection a few moments beforehand, I had a rock hard boner now! And my heart was thumping so wildly in my chest I thought that it was going to burst through my ribcage at any second! All my unbridled dreams had come true! Kate had been a fantasy object many, many times when the pressure of having no sexual relationships had become too much to bear and I’d had to help myself out. And now that fantasy had come to life!

Almost of their own accord, my fingertips began to caress the soft, warm satin of Kate’s inner thighs and her secret cleft through the thin, rapidly dampening panty material. And when her breathing deepened to harsh, ragged gasps, I slipped my hand up over her belly and under the waistband. I trailed my fingers back down over her smooth, palpitating skin, across her soft springy curls and down further into the warm, slick moistness that I knew would lie between her thighs. “Ohhh, Greg!” she gasped as the tip of my middle finger found the entrance to her vagina. And she opened her legs wide to welcome me inside.

My finger slid smoothly, easily into her hot, clinging depths. She was certainly very lubricious, but at the same time it was readily apparent to me that Kate was not a virgin. Fighting off a swift flash of disappointment at my discovery, I gently pumped my finger in her silken channel, slowly building and enjoying her excitement. “Oh Greg, that feels so beautiful!” she murmured hotly against my neck and lifting her pelvis to get me deeper inside. “So beautiful!”

After a few more minutes, I slowly withdrew my finger, ignoring her frantic muttered protests, and found her erect little clitoris with the very tip of it. Kate squeaked with astonishment and went rigid as I flicked my fingertip rapidly, lightly over her most sensitive part. Then, with a half-suppressed cry of ecstasy, she clamped my hand fiercely between her thighs and jerked her abdomen spasmodically as the waves of an orgasm crashed through her. I tried to take my hand away, but she wailed, “Oh no! Don’t move!” And she clasped my wrist with both her hands to keep me there. After about five minutes she released her hold on my hand, but I left it softly cupping her slippery warmth.

Kate opened her lovely eyes at last. They sparkled with feeling. She smiled at me shakily, “Oh Greg, that was the most wonderful, wonderful sensation I have ever felt. Not just the orgasm, but the whole thing – the lead up to it, and the lovely warmth afterwards.” Then she reached up and kissed me on the lips – a soft, inexpert, young girl’s kiss. “And it was my very first time.”

I leaned down and kissed her in return, “Princess, right now I don’t have enough words. But that was a most wonderful happening for me too.”

“I love you, Greg.”

I hushed her with another kiss, “Kate! Oh lovely Kate! Believe me, I am not rejecting what you have just told me - it’s the most breathtaking, amazing thing that anyone has ever said to me, ever…!”

Kate looked crushed and close to tears, “But, I do love you! I always have!”

“And I love you too. I never realised how much until I tasted your Crème Caramel.”

Despite her current emotions, Kate couldn’t help but giggle.

“Right now, Kate, we are “in love”, because of the wonderful thing we have just shared. It’s easy to say “I love you” in the aftermath of something beautiful like that. And it’s just as easy to come to regret saying it afterwards. Tell me you love me again when we bump into each other in the supermarket by chance on a cold, rainy afternoon in the middle of winter, and I’ll tap-dance all the way home, because I’ll be the happiest man alive!”

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