tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 3

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 3


For the next several hours Kate and I explored each other, whispering comments of delight at each new discovery, and raising each other to higher and ever higher plateaux of ecstasy. Kate was an instinctive lover who, from her starting point of almost total innocence, grew rapidly to teach us both to communicate our needs and desires more openly and honestly than in any other relationship I had ever experienced beforehand. Eventually though, pleasure took its toll and we fell asleep, tangled in each other’s arms and legs and our complete trust in each other.

We woke late. Kate stretched luxuriously, her dark eyes glittering at me wickedly, “I’m the cat that licked up all the cream!”

I gazed in awe at her beautiful body, as though I was seeing her for the very first time, and I wanted her instantly.

“Oh no you don’t!” Kate squealed, noting my sudden tumescence and guessing my lascivious intentions. “I’ll wet the bed if I don’t have a pee right now!” And she scampered off to the en-suite, from whence I heard her splashing torrent as she emptied her bladder. The sound acted as a trigger for me and I had to run to one of the spare bathrooms to do the same. When I returned, Kate was sat cross-legged on the bed waiting for me, wearing one of my T-shirts and her panties. I must have looked more than a little crestfallen, because she asked me what was wrong.

“Well, I thought we might…”

“Ah! But we will!” She lay back on the bed and posed for me invitingly. “I just like the feel of you undressing me!”

Why is it that morning orgasms are so much more intense than others are?

We had been in the shower for a few minutes, cleansing each other, soapy fingers caressing, sliding over smooth planes, around swelling curves and into intimate crevasses. I soon had another raging erection. When I soaped her between the legs, Kate flinched slightly. “Something wrong?” I asked.

She put on a fake country yokel accent, “Thee ‘ave abused me sorely zur! Things am just a moite tender down there!” Then she leaned forward and circled my nipple with the tip of her tongue, “But never fear, the equipment will be back in full working order by tonight…!

“In fact, on second thoughts, if you lean me back against this wall and are very gentle with me… I think I might just be able to accommodate that lovely looking… Oh! Greg! I wish you could share the wonderful feeling I get when your heat fills me up like that!"

“No more wonderful than your warmth clinging to me and welcoming me inside you does, I’ll bet!”

“Greg! You’ll have to go slow!”

And we did go slow, luxuriously slow and gentle under the warm cascade from the shower. I had one of those on-demand gas water heaters, so it could never run cold. Kate’s orgasm, when it arrived, was long and quiet. I thought that she might be crying as I watched her face while her contractions swept through her. But, there again, it was probably only water droplets from the shower. When I finally exploded into her depths it felt so fine I wished it would never stop.

We towelled each other down lovingly, depositing gentle kisses on those special places we had so recently discovered.

”You’re coming back tonight?”

“I’m not going anywhere today – except home to get some clean underwear and things”

“I know you’ll be late, but what about school?”

“Mid-term break… you are out of touch!”

“Your parents?”

“Daddy is probably camped on your front doorstep with his shotgun right now! But Mom’s cool. She saw the way we looked at each other when you stayed for dinner. And she said the smell of sex in the lounge when she brought Kevin home almost knocked her out.”

“And she didn’t mind?”

“At first she was upset. Then I told her that we’d not had sex, just “made out”, and that I’d started it anyway. I also suggested that here wasn’t much point in making a big fuss only two weeks before my eighteenth birthday. And she agreed. Now I am eighteen I am utterly free choose what I do and with whom. We could have started when I was sixteen, but I thought you might find me a bit empty-headed at that age…”


“Anyway, It’s my body, and I just love what you’ve been doing with it!”

“And I’m impossibly in love with the person who owns it.”

Kate placed her fingertips on my lips, “I really believe you mean that… but tell me in two weeks time.”

“In the supermarket…?”

“On a rainy afternoon!”

Laughing companionably together, we made our way back to the bedroom. Kate was the first one dressed and she headed downstairs while I straightened the bed. I was halfway down the stairs myself when I heard her shout, “Gregory! You are a total fucking disaster!”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

She met me at the kitchen doorway, “There’s not a bloody skirret of food in this house! Even the carton of orange juice in the ‘fridge is three months past its ‘use by’ date! “And no!” placing herself between me and the telephone, “You are not going to ‘phone out for a pizza! We’re going into town to do some food shopping!”

“Ummm, bit of a problem there.”

“Now what?”

“Car’s got a flattie… and the spare’s shot too. Haven’t had time to get them fixed.”

“Ooooah!” Kate literally stamped her foot. “What now then?”

“Well, we could shoot down to the city… I know of a fantastic café for brunch.”

“And, Mr Miracle Man, how are we going to get there?”

I took hold of both her hands in mine and hung my head, not looking at her. “Princess, I told you a teeny weeny lie last night.” I could sense she was giving me a frosty stare. My lovely Kate was showing signs of some steel in her personality. I liked that - I needed her to be a companion, an equal, as well as a lover.

“How ‘teeny’? And how ‘weeny’?”

“Trust me. Close your eyes, and promise not to open them until I say, and all will be revealed.” I led her to the garage and faced her in the right direction. Standing behind her with my hands on her shoulders, I murmured in her ear, “I lied a bit last night when I said I only had one extravagance. You can look now.”

Kate squeaked and clapped her hands when she saw the bike standing there, with the two helmets dangling from the handlebars. It was very dusty from the drive home, but it still glittered in the dim light. A techno-monster crouched ready to leap into action.

“A Harley! Oh Greg, it’s beautiful! Can you drive it?”

“Well, I drove it home from Sydney three weeks ago. I used to have an old Matchless 500 single when I was at Uni. You never forget how to ride.”

“From Sydney?”

“Yeah. On the Sunday morning after I had dinner with you guys, I ‘phoned around all the dealers in Melbourne but they had nothing suitable in my price range. Then I tracked this one down on the Net at a dealer in Sydney, called them to confirm it was still available, and flew down that evening. I was sat on their doorstep when they opened up at 8.00am the next day, bought it, and drove it straight back here. It’s second-hand. But the guy who owned it before only put four thousand on the clock before he decided it was too much bike for him, so it’s near-as-dammit new.

“C’mon, get over home and put on some pants – I don’t want you to catch a cold in your “you know what” - and put on a wind-proof top as well. And tell your Mom where we’re going. Then we’ll head on down.”

“Yes Sir!” She threw me a US Army style salute and set of at a run, her lovely thighs flashing in the sunlight.

The ride down to Melbourne with Kate clasped to my back and that big bike thumping between our legs was sheer magic. The café I knew had changed hands, but they still did a fair brunch. Anyway, by that time we were so hungry, just about anything would have tasted brilliant! Leaning back in my chair, replete and savouring my third coffee refill, I warned Kate that I would have to contact my client in Brisbane on our arrival home and make arrangements to go up and install the software I had just written. “It sounds like they’re desperate for it, so I’ll probably have to fly up tomorrow morning.”

“Can I come with you?”

“Yes please! But, surely your parents won’t allow that?”

“They will! Or I’ll roll on the floor and scream and kick my heels and be a thoroughly horrible little beast until they give in!”

“I can imagine what a ghastly performance you could put on! What if I was there when you asked them?”

“That may just do the trick, Miracle Man! C’mon, let’s ride!”

When we go out on the sidewalk, I grasped Kate’s arm and turned her towards me, “Kate, there’s something I have to ask you…”

“Don’t sweat it! Mom put me on The Pill as soon as I had my first period. It’s only been insurance up ‘til now, but a good idea all the same.”

“I thought your family were RC?”

“We are, but Mom thinks the Vatican are way out of touch on contraception. She had a “near miss” when she was eleven – the guy who ambushed her on the way home from school came all over her thighs and tummy before he could get it inside. So, she’s paranoid about me getting raped by some sick bastard and me ending up having to have his baby just because the Church is against contraception and abortion.”

“I can understand that, but how on earth did you know I was going to ask you about…?”

She kissed the tip of my nose, “I can read your mind, Miracle Man.”

“Not all of it I hope!”

“I’m working on it! Let’s go!”

I really gunned the Harley and we were back at my place in forty-five minutes. And, yes, my clients needed that module as soon as tonight if possible. I told them it would be first thing in the morning if I could get a flight. Somewhat reluctantly, they said, “Okay”. I made provisional bookings for two on the 6.30am flight. The next step was Kate’s folks.

Kate’s father had taken the afternoon off and was working off his worries about his absent daughter by attacking the burgeoning undergrowth at the far end of their section. Kate went down to make her peace with him, leaving me with Corinne. She was in the kitchen preparing vegetables for their evening meal. I stood leaning my back against the bench close by.

“Greg, I have to tell you that I’m not one hundred percent rapt with what’s happened in the last 24 hours.”

“I understand that.”

She dried her hands off and moved to stand close in front of me, her dark eyes boring into mine. She was a really attractive woman. Slowly, sexily, she started to unbutton her shirt and then pulled it to one side revealing the succulent curve of a truly beautiful, olive-skinned breast cupped enticingly in a low-cut bra. My member surged to attention. She reached for my hand and slipped it inside. Her nipple swelled instantly at my touch. “If you want sex I am sure I could be much more satisfying for you than Kate.”

At that moment I couldn’t think of anything to say. I was only conscious of that erect nipple and her heartbeat pounding through her breast.

“When you were here for dinner the other week I was going to ask you to take me back to your house and make love to me when Kate and Kevin had gone to bed. Then Jim came home. If he hadn’t have done, would you have…?”

“Corinne!” My thumb moved involuntarily, brushing lightly across that delicious nipple. She shivered and pressed her breast harder against my palm. “Corinne, if you had given me the slightest hint that you felt that way about me at any time up until that night, I would have been all over you like a rash.” To prove a point, I took her hand and pressed it on the taut erection that was trying to burst out of my pants, “You can feel that I want you right now. But, I’ve always adored Kate. I’d always believed myself to be some kind of “Uncle” until she started becoming a woman. And then she became an impossible dream. The other night she moved the goal posts… I’m sorry.”

Corinne removed my hand from her breast and kissed my palm. “I’ve always thought of you as a gentle man, Greg. Now I know that you are a gentleman. You will look after Kate well for the time you are together. And you have my blessing. You are also going to learn that she’s not as perfect as you think she is now. Please don’t overreact when she reveals her other side – she doesn’t mean the things she says.” She embraced me, hugging me close, “Don’t worry, I’ll sort Jim out!”

Just then we heard Kate and Jim coming into the house. Corinne pulled back from me hurriedly and I gestured towards her shirt buttons. She smiled wickedly as she did them up again, “Ooops! That could have caused a bit of consternation!”

“What do you think of this!” Jim was almost shouting as he stomped into the kitchen. He was obviously as mad as hell. “Not only does our daughter spend the night with this, this…child molester!” He pointed a shaking finger in my direction. “But, she wants to go away to Brisbane with him!”

“Shhhh, Jim. She’s eighteen now, and according to the law she has been able do what she likes sexually ever since she was sixteen. Whether it’s desirable or not for her to sleep with Greg is another issue, especially as he is, how shall I put it, so much more “mature” than she is? Anyway, I think it’s a good idea. It’ll do her good to get out of the house for a few days during the holidays. And Kate’s never been to Queensland.”

Jim stopped dead in his tracks. If it had been at all possible, he would have broken his jaw as it hit the floor! “But, Corinne! She’s still a kid!” Corinne went over to her husband and, putting her arms around him and pressing her full breasts into his chest whispered something in his ear. Jim instantly went very still and very red in the face. And then there was another swift whispered exchange. “Oh, Okay then,” he muttered reluctantly.

“Gee, thanks Daddy! And you Mom!” Kate threw her arms around her parents and kissed them both.

“Don’t you get over-excited young lady!” Corinne warned her, “You’re going to stay home tonight and pack properly. Besides, you and I, and your father, have one or two things to talk about. Say “Cheerio” to Greg now. I’m sure he too has a lot to do before the morning.”

“I’ll confirm the flight and order a taxi for 5.00am.” I told Kate. She groaned theatrically.

“Welcome to the real world, kid!” Corinne told her and then turned to me. “Don’t worry about ordering a taxi. Jim will take you to the airport.”

“I’ll what?” her husband spluttered.

“You WILL take your daughter and Greg to the airport!”

“Can I walk Greg back to his house, Mom?”

“I’m sure he can find his own way! But, Okay. Just you come straight home!”

Kate looped her arm though mine and pressed her bosom invitingly against my elbow as we strolled slowly to my front door. “Perhaps it’s just as well I can’t stay with you tonight. The way I’m feeling, you’d be in no fit state to be installing software tomorrow!” I opened the door. “Can I come in for a minute?”

“Keep the faith, Kate. Just for a minute!”

She swung the door to behind us and, leaning her back to the wall, swiftly undid her jeans and pushed them and her panties down past her knees and spread her legs. “Kiss me please!” Pushing me down by the shoulders. “Just so as you don’t forget me.”

I did as she asked, nuzzling her fragrant bush and running my tongue along her cleft. Her juices sprang out liberally to greet me. Fighting off the temptation to stay there and drive her wild, I got back to my feet. “Forget you?” I slapped her bare bum gently. “Fat chance!”

“Ooooh! SM as well! You are an interesting fella!” She grabbed me by the crotch. “And there’s a big ‘fat chance’ in here too!”

“Get along you hussy!” I half-opened the door and gave her another playful smack, “And don’t forget to pull your knickers up before you get home!”

“Beast! You wait ‘til tomorrow night in Brisbane!”

Jim was very quiet on the way to the airport the next morning. At least he wasn’t having a “go” at me! He kissed Kate and told her to “Be careful!” but I got nothing from him. While we were waiting in the gate lounge to board the ‘plane, Kate put forward a likely explanation: “Mom and Daddy were “bouncing off the ceiling” most of the night. I’ve never heard her have so many noisy orgasms before! Probably her way of making up to Daddy for not supporting him against you.” And, I thought, making up for not getting me into the sack?

“She also told me last night that she’d set you a test and you passed with flying colours. What was all that about?”

“She wanted to know if I really cared about you, or whether I was only after your beautiful body.”


“I convinced her it was just the beautiful body.”

Kate punched me hard on my upper arm and hissed, “Well, I’m only interested in your cock! And your tongue… if it’s licking me in the right places!”

The little old lady sitting in the seat beside Kate gasped.

“Okay! Peace! Tell, me, you were standing close to them, what did Corinne whisper to your Dad to convince him to let you come away with me?”

“I couldn’t hear, so I asked Mom while we were packing my things. She told me she said: ‘Don’t forget that you were twenty and I was only fourteen when you put your hand in my knickers for the first time.’ And when Daddy tried to get out of it by saying that she’d told him she was sixteen, Mom came back with: ‘But you knew exactly how old I was when you did it again a week later, and then went down on me as well. And what did you get me to do to you afterwards? And I swallowed every drop!’”

It’s lucky the boarding call came at that moment or the little old lady beside Kate would have had a heart attack!

The taxi dropped me off at the Hospital IT Centre. I gave Kate my mobile ‘phone and she went on the check us in at the hotel. She already had some sightseeing plans whilst I was working and, of course, the shops!

The installation went to plan and we started the new system with the old one running in parallel in case of stuff-ups. Over the day, we had one or two hold-ups, but nothing major, plus the usual preliminary requests for minor operator screen changes. The next day would be more hours of operator training and then, it would simply be a case of being on standby in case something major fell over. Otherwise, the client would assemble a list of tweaks and minor glitches that I would come back and sort out in a month’s time.

I called Kate on the mobile to tell her I’d be at the hotel soon. She said she’d be waiting for me in our room, gave me the room number and the keypad code to open the door, and: “Please hurry up!” She sounded very tense.

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