tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 6

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 6


It was very difficult to struggle out of bed early the next morning. Not just because I was suffering from the effects of our sexual athletics the night before, but Kate was doing her best to tempt me into a “quickie”. In the end I wriggled out of her clasp and, after planting a lascivious kiss on her lusciously fragrant pussy lips with the promise an extended performance that evening, I took a quick shower and headed off to work. I paused briefly in the hotel coffee shop for a croissant and a shot of caffeine and detected that I was the centre of considerable covert attention. Obviously, Kate’s terrorisation of Jeffrey and Nigel last evening was “front page news” among the day shift staff. Or, maybe, somebody had spotted us on the balcony? I was sorely tempted to shout, “Thirteen!” as I headed out of the door.

When I arrived at the IT Centre I found my liaison manager fretting over some output anomalies that had appeared out of the blue. After an hour we tracked the problem down to some unauthorised and inadvertent changes made to fixed constants data by an internal someone that had cracked their security and had a poke around in the new routines. I breathed a private sigh of relief that the fault was not caused by my work. Database security was their problem.

The rest of the day was “full-on” with training and, before I knew it, it was nearly 6.00pm. I called Kate on the mobile to tell her that I wouldn’t be back at the hotel until after seven. “That’s okay.” She sounded really bright and bubbly. “Stavros and I still have plenty to do.”


“Yes, Stavros, my taxi driver. See you!” And she cut the call off.

I knew Kate was only winding me up - or at least, I hoped she was – but I felt the “little green monster” touch me lightly. Stavros, if he was who I thought he was, was out of the Greek God mould – and a good fifteen years younger than me. But, there was no way I could finish my work for at least another half-hour. And I would have to be back at the Centre the next day, until midday at a minimum.

Kate was freshly showered and positively glowing when I reached our room. After giving me a reassuringly loving greeting, she hurried me into the shower, telling me to be quick because she was starving. Insidious doubts crawled into my mind again like poisonous worms – Kate’s immediate need following multiple orgasms, I had learned, was lots of food.

She insisted that we go out to eat that night, she felt like something exotic. After some searching, we ended up in a small back street Vietnamese restaurant. We were tempted to try that one because it was very busy and all the other clientele were Oriental – two very good signs. The owners made a big fuss of us, we suspected that they didn’t have too many white Australians as customers, and, since they had very meagre English, half the restaurant was soon involved in explaining dishes to us and recommending things to try. We had a great time, great people and great food, and our total bill, including wine, was less than we paid for our entrees at the hotel the night before.

I wanted to stroll the city centre for a while when we left The Mekong, but Kate was keen to get back to the hotel. “Thee and me are goin’ to have a heap of fun my foine young fellow!”

It shouldn’t have, but it slipped out: “I thought you’d be worn out after your day with Stavros.”

She pinched the skin at my waist fiercely, “It sounds like my lovely man is jealous! And I should be VERY angry that he doesn’t trust me!”

“Well, quote, Stavros and I still have lots to do, unquote.”

“It was true. In fact I was glad you were working later than planned, because we were behind schedule.”

“Behind schedule?”

“Yes, he had to take me right out in the suburbs… you’ll find out why when we get back “home”. But, I must confess I had a lot of trouble getting him to accept payment for all the tripping around we did. And I did give in, in the end, when he pressured me to join him for lunch. But I didn’t give in when he tried to get to go to a motel with him afterwards. And we became good mates when I admitted that you are my lover, not my father, and I told him that if I wasn’t so crazy-mad in love with you, and determined to live with you forever, I would most likely have gone to bed with him. I wouldn’t have done really, but saying it massaged his ego a bit.”

“And he didn’t crash the taxi?”

“No. But, and you mustn’t be jealous, he did give me a gift – a little silver Orthodox crucifix that he kept as a good luck charm in his cab. And he said that he hoped that God would smile on us both.”

“Sorry Stavros!” I called to the night sky.

“You should be apologising to me, you untrusting beast! In fact I’m now in two minds about sleeping with you tonight!”

“Oh! Woe! Woe!” I wailed, wringing my hands. “Not only have I shot myself in the foot, I’ve blown the bloody thing right off! If I kiss My Lady’s toes will she forgive me?”

“What here?”

“Where else?”

“You wouldn’t!”

I dropped to my knees in the middle of the footpath, in the busy centre of Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, removed each of her shoes in turn, and planted a kiss on each toe. I got a few jeers and catcalls from the buskers, but what the hell. And one female voice called out to Kate, “Good on yer, sweetheart, that’s the way to treat ‘em!”

When I regained my feet, Kate was looking at me with Vertigo Eyes. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the mouth. When she released me she grinned, “You are so delightfully, fucking, mad! That’s why I love you so much! How fast can you run with only one foot?” Then she hoiked her skirt high up around her thighs and started dragging me, at pace, back to the hotel.

Thank goodness it wasn’t far to the hotel or I’d have been too knackered to do anything when I got there. Hand in hand, we swept through the lobby like a whirlwind and just caught an elevator as the doors were closing. Still holding hands and puffing like steam trains, we found we were sharing the cabin with a staid-looking middle aged couple. The woman stared at Kate’s flushed face and heaving bosoms with clear distaste and made a disapproving sniff. Kate squeezed my hand and smiled at her winningly, “He only gets one once a month. I’ve got to get him to our room quickly or he’ll lose it.”

The startled look of outrage on the woman’ face was a picture, but when we stopped at their floor and the doors opened to let them out, her husband shot us a surreptitious smile and gave us the “thumbs up” as he followed behind. “Poor sod!” I murmured as the doors closed again, “Promise me you’ll never turn out like her.”

Just then we reached our floor and exited the elevator. Kate pinned me to the corridor wall with her arms around me. “Oh, we’re not going to last that long.”

“That’s a depressing notion!”

She slipped a hand down and cupped my testicles, and grinned up at me wickedly, “I have a clever, sinister plan! I’m going to get you to make out a new will leaving everything to me and then I’m going to fuck you to death!”

“Aaaaaagh! What a way to go!”

“You betcha! Come on… we have work to do!” Work? Now I was confused!

Kate sat me on a chair near to the bed and then she pulled back the covers on her side. It looked like there was half a photography-cum-electronics shop laid out on the mattress. “What on earth is all that?”

“Well, this is the latest Olympus digital camera, and this is a battery operated portable disk drive for downloading stuff from the camera, which has a pretty limited capacity at high resolution. And that’s a box of disks for the portable drive. And this, of course, is a tripod. And that box contains editing software that we’re going to have to load onto one of your computers when we get home.”

“Geez, this lot must have cost a fortune!”

“Quite a lot, but not as much as it would have done if Stavros hadn’t known of a discount place way out of Town on the main highway north. Actually, I think it was run by one of his cousins and the huge discounts I got were part of Stavros’ evil plan to get into my knickers. If the poor guy had only known the use I intended to put the camera to…!”

“But, where did you get the money?”

“It was my birthday ten days ago, remember? And I put some of mine in too.”

“Oh, right. Okay, so I’m now being a bit thick. What’s the point?”

Kate sat in my lap and started unbuttoning my shirt. “Well, after you left this morning, I lay in bed for a while feeling horny as hell and resisting the need to “help myself out”. I was thinking about our conversation last night, about you and Daddy surfing The Web, and made a resolution that, when we get home, you and I are going to surf together and find some of those porn pictures and, maybe, emulate them there and then. Then I thought: Why don’t Greg and I make our own sexy pictures? Then if we’re ever apart for a while we can look at them and imagine we’re together and “relieve” ourselves.

“But you can’t do that with normal photography, not unless you have your own gear for developing and printing. Otherwise, the processing company would have a fit! But with this new technology it’s really easy. And the editing software allows you to make the pictures look really nice. And you can print them off or keep them on your computer, whatever suits.

“So now, my lovely man, we are going to take some pictures of each other – the first in our own personal porn library!”

I nuzzled her ear and slipped my hand up her skirt to caress her crotch, “And if they’re really good, I can distribute them on The Web.”

“Do that my friend and you’re a dead man! But, that feels awfully nice. Carry on for a couple more minutes and you’ll be able to take a really juicy picture of my pussy!”

We started off “simple”. The camera was easy to operate, with automatic focus and a zoom lens. A really great feature was that you could view the shot immediately after taking it. Seeing as it was Kate’s camera, although she continually referred to it as ‘our camera’, she had the first go, taking great pictures of my erect organ and other parts of my body. We downloaded her efforts to disk. Then it was my turn.

Of course, my first port of call was her wonderful sex. It was when I was experimenting with shot angles and seeing how close I could really get without losing focus, camera focus that is, that I realised that up until now I’d never really looked at that part of her anatomy. I had touched her there, and tasted her, and pushed my rampant shaft past her portal. But I had never really seen her. And her beauty awed me.

Being blond, Kate’s pubic hair masked nothing. The entire length of the crease formed by her engorged outer lips was open my eyes. I photographed this delightful vista and then I asked Kate to spread her legs wide. Her crease became a small crevasse and the glory of her hood and the shining, softer pink of her inner lips was revealed - and the merest hint of her inner secret opening.

I took several shots, but the sight and scent of her was driving me crazy and it was all I could do to resist throwing the camera to one side to worship her with my tongue. However, Kate sensed my distress and suggested that I move and photograph another part of her body. But, for one final shot, she pulled herself wide apart with her fingers to display her reddish-pink erect clitoris and the now gaping entrance to her vagina. I nearly creamed myself with desire as I watched a crystal clear droplet – evidence of Kate’s arousal - slipping slowly from that inviting, coral-pink opening. I caught it on my fingertip and brought it to my mouth.

Time for another download to disk, then I carried on to take a truly lovely profile of one perfect breast and some experimental long range and close-ups of other parts of her. Then we set up the tripod and, after much experiment and laughter captured a quite good example of Kate massaging the head of my erection with the tip of her tongue. And another of her taking me so deep in her throat that her nose was pressed into my pubic thatch. Pictures of me going down on her didn’t come out so well – we needed a lot more practice to get those right

Kate suggested that perhaps we should use a helper to take those: “I’m sure Stavros wouldn’t mind.” I ducked down and blew a loud raspberry against her lower lips to let her know what I thought of that idea.

It was Kate who set up the gem of the series: A truly beautiful profile shot of the tip of my erect cock, with just a tiny drop of my pre-come emerging from it, “kissing” the tip of her equally erect nipple. Cropped and with the hotel room background masked out, that picture would better anything in Playboy or Penthouse.

Kate wanted to stop then and make love, but I asked her, seeing as it was our last night in the hotel, if we could try to recapture “on film” some of my mental images of our lovemaking out on the terrace. She agreed enthusiastically saying, “Oh, Greg, that’s a wonderful idea. And I’d love a repeat performance!”

We started off with Kate in her nightdress. I took several shots of her from different perspectives, stood up as well as leaning on the railing. There was a slightly stronger breeze tonight and the silk clung to all of her body, revealing every curve. She was a goddess! Then I captured her naked, her back arched and her thighs spread, begging to be taken. I took an angle down my body showing the head of my shaft just nestled in her entrance and then another - of my pubic hairs pressed tightly against her bottom I was so hard up inside her.

I left the photography for a while to concentrate fully on making love to her… with her… caressing her form as I did before. Kate surprised me by reaching a keening, arching climax very quickly, without me touching her most sensitive part. I followed shortly after, taking up the camera again to take the classic porn picture of my cock, slick with her juices, nestled on her tailbone as my sperm shot in streams over her lower back.

Muttering with a desperate hunger, Kate dragged me to our bed and pulled me on top of her to copulate with her again. Somehow, I had retained my erection and was able to enter her smoothly, powerfully. We bucked and strained against each other resolutely, heaving and panting and sweating profusely in spite of the air-conditioning working overtime. We were making love, but it was also sexual combat!

Kate succumbed first, pummelling my chest with her fists as she surfed the ecstatic waves and howled with pleasure. I showed her no mercy, continuing my thrusts, prolonging her orgasm and bringing her to a second, immediate, even more excruciating climax. This time her wild convulsions tipped me over the edge and I joined her in joyful defeat as the spasms in my balls ejected my sperm in a frenzied flood against her cervix.

“Jesus Christ! Greg, thank heavens I remembered to take my pill this morning, or I’d surely be pregnant now!” Kate stuttered as we clung together in a post-coitus glow. Her normally shining blond hair clung dark with sweat to her head and neck and she looked haggard, as though she had just finished running a marathon. I felt wonderful, but I must have looked much the same to her.

“A lovely idea, but not at this stage of our relationship!” I panted, drawing her closer to me. “Oh, I do love you!”

“And I too.” But she started pushing me, her hands hard on my chest. “Greg! Please! Let me go! Quickly! The bathroom calls!” A minute or so later I heard her call to me, “Oooooh! That’s better! Come on, we need a shower!”

I took a leak myself and then joined her under the warm spray. As we soaped each other lovingly and washed each other’s hair, I let her know that had to work in the morning and that, for the next few days I needed to be available in case of problems. “But, I can do that up here in Queensland just as well as at home. I’ve never been there, but there’s this magical island off the coast further north – Fraser Island. There’s a resort there called Kingfisher Bay. How about we spend a few days there?”

“Oh, Greg, I don’t want this to end either! Let’s go, please! I’ll call my parents in the morning and tell them.”

‘Hang on, we’ll gave to check to see if they’ve got a room first.”

Kate shoved me out of the shower, “Go and do it now!”

“But it’s after 1.00am!”

“If the resort’s any good there’ll be someone on duty!”

So dripping wet and naked I called Kingfisher Bay. “Yes, we do have one unit left Mr Monk. I’m afraid it’s one of our most expensive ones, it’ll cost you…”

“Never mind! We’ll take it. Two guests for four nights. We’ll get there late this afternoon.”

“That’s fine. Mr and Mrs Monk, for four nights from tonight. We look forward to seeing you.”

Having accomplished that task, I called a very grumpy clerk at Ansett and rearranged our flight bookings to the last one from Brisbane to Melbourne, five days later.

To Be Continued...

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