tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 7

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 7


I hired a small car and we took the Pacific Highway north as far as Maryborough, where we turned off and headed to the coast. Having found a secure place to leave the car near to the picturesque little marina, we boarded the ferry for the short trip to Fraser Island.

Our ‘unit’ was in fact a self-contained chalet, set up high so that it overlooked the whole resort complex and the seascape back to the mainland. No wonder it was one of the most expensive they had. Kingfisher Bay was designed primarily for “blobbing out” although it did have tennis courts and swimming pools if your really needed to be active, and quality shopping if you were really determined to spend money. The prime attraction on land was the island’s wildlife, its freshwater lakes, and its unique scenery. And one could take day and night-time field trips to explore both. We also found out in short order that, at 75 miles long by 22 mile wide, and nearly 800 feet high, Fraser Island is both a World Heritage Park and the biggest and tallest sand island in the whole world. Also, in the nearby seas, in Hervey Bay, one could go to see Humpback Whales really close-up.

Kate flopped, spread-eagled onto the bed with a dreamy smile on her lips, “I think Kingfisher Bay is just heaven!”

I kissed her mound through her shorts, “Hmmm, it’s not bad. But my idea of heaven is tucked away under all these clothes.”

“Oh, Greg! You are insatiable! And ‘all these clothes’? All I have on are shorts and panties, and my top of course. Not even a bra – see?” She pulled her top up to reveal her perky bare breasts.

“Grrrrr!” I growled, transferring my attentions to her lovely pink aureoles and was rewarded as they suddenly blossomed.

Kate pushed me off laughing, “Get away! They are very tender right now. And I’ve got to have a shower before we do anything like that. I’ve only got one pill left before I start my period and I usually start smelling really “strong” until it arrives!”

“All the more delicious!” I murmured kissing my way down her belly whilst swiftly undoing the button at the waistband of her shorts.

She pushed me away again, “Besides, I want to look around the resort properly before dinner and get some Panadol from the store in case I start feeling rotten with PMT.”

“Do you suffer badly with your periods?”

“Sometimes I’m a monster! But, I’ve never had one like this one before - after having lots of sex… any sex, I mean. So who knows what’ll happen. You don’t mind do you? Would you still have brought me here if I’d told you that we wouldn’t be able to fuck?”

“Kate, I can’t lie to you…” But I could see by her resigned look that my pathetic attempt at humour was falling flat, so, “Sweetheart, yes, I would still have asked you to come here with me. I love making love with you. But how many days have we had together as lovers? Four-and-a-half? For over ten years now, the single most important thing in my life, for me, has been to be with you. And nothing will ever alter that.”

The young female assistant in the pharmacy section spent a lot of time with Kate talking “women stuff” and I wandered elsewhere in the shop and left them to it. “She recommended these.” Kate showed me a colourful bottle later, “Evening Primrose Oil. I’ve never heard of it before. It’s supposed to help with water retention during PMT. I sometimes feel so tender and bloated; I’ll try anything once. But she did warn me that I’ll be wanting to pee every five minutes!”

In bed later that night, Kate was very restless. Eventually she got up to sit in a chair by the ranch-slider, naked, staring out into the night. The curtains were pulled right back and she was illuminated by the light of a full moon - a silver goddess with black nipples and shadowed eyes. After a while, I joined her, sitting at her feet with my chin resting on my forearm that was across her knees. After gazing at the sharp, moonlight-etched planes of her face and body for a few minutes. I murmured softly, “How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter!”

“What’s that?”

“The start of the most over-used, and now corniest seduction line of all,” I replied, “The Song of Solomon.”

“It doesn’t sound corny. How does it go?”

‘How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter! The joints of thy thighs are like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman. Thy navel is like a round goblet which wanteth not liquor. Thy belly is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies. Thy two breasts are like two roes that are twins. Thy neck is as a tower of ivory; thine eyes like the fishpools in Heshbon…’

“And I’m afraid I can’t remember how it goes from there, it’s so long since I used it to seduce an innocent young virgin. But, as I recall, it later talks of your breasts being like clusters of grapes and your breath smelling like apples.”

“Greg, It’s beautiful. When we get home, we’ll have to get out the Bible and look it up.” She stroked my hair and the side of my face, “Will you stand up for me please?” Kate got me to stand astride her thighs with my crotch level with her face. Cupping my dangling “crown jewels” gently, she whispered, “You are so trusting…

“Thy balls are like two small birds nesting in my palm – so delicate, so fragile.” She bent her head and kissed each one, and my member surged erect.

“Thy phallus is beautiful, hot, living marble, shot through with purple veins.” She traced the ridged veins with her fingertips and then swooped them swiftly up the sensitive underside, making my cock leap

“Thy cap is a luscious purple forest mushroom, lush and warm and satin smooth.” She kissed my tip, caressing me with her tongue

“And thy pre-come is the finest wine, the taste of which is only surpassed by the full flood of your sperm as it floods my mouth in gushing streams.”

Kate looked up at me and smiled. And I fell into her Vertigo Eyes yet again.

“That’s not from the Bible,” I managed to croak.

“No. Kate O’Donnell, 1999,” She smiled again, “I have to go to the bathroom. Make love to me when I come back.”

When Kate returned I was laid in the centre of the bed, holding my erection vertical with my fingers. “Ah, good!” She sighed, and knelt beside me on the bed and took my rampant tool deep in her mouth. She wet me thoroughly with her saliva, then, in one swift movement, swung her leg astride me and thrust her pussy down hard, enclosing me to the hilt. She sat on me with her head thrown back and eyes closed. She sucked air frantically, her breasts shaking and quivering in the moonlight, “Oh! Oh! Oh, Greg! That feels soooo good! And so right! Your cock was made just for my pussy!”

I reached up to kiss her bulging nipples, but she pushed me back down again. “Oh God! No! My breasts are so tender I’ll explode! Please, just hold my bottom and don’t touch me anywhere else. Please, let me do everything.”

Then Kate started undulating on my tool, rotating her pelvis, clenching and releasing her stomach muscles and driving me deeper, ever deeper into her hot, clinging insides. The velvet walls of her pussy gripped and freed my shaft as she flexed the muscles of her ass, massaging my whole length like an all-encompassing hand and taking me closer and closer to orgasm. Kate sensed I was near to climax and backed away until she held only my mushroom cap in her entrance. She worked her muscles again, clamping my glans rhythmically, holding me on a nerve-screaming edge for nearly minute. And when she sensed the first tick-tick-tick of my orgasmic spasms, she thrust herself down hard on me again, the sudden rush of her velvety warmth pushing me over the brink in a wild, pulsing spray of sperm against her womb.

The instant Kate felt my hot flood burst inside her, she too orgasmed violently, biting her lower lip to suppress the wild scream she knew would waken the whole resort complex. Then she collapsed on me, sobbing my name and begging me to stay hard with her until her convulsions ceased.

By the time I finally softened and slipped out of her, releasing a flood of my sperm and other juices to join those that had flowed out of her around my cock while we fucked, Kate was fast asleep. I pulled the light bedcovers over us without disturbing her and drifted away myself, wondering how much longer this miraculous relationship could last.

Kate got up a couple of times in the night to take a leak, but each time she returned to lay on top of me with her lips pressed to the side of my throat. When she returned for a third time, at about dawn, she sleepily reached down between us and stroked my member back to hardness. Then, with a happy sigh of contentment, she slipped it back into her warm channel and promptly fell asleep again. I gently, very gently moved my cock in her until, with Kate still sound asleep, I felt her pussy walls flutter in a soft, rolling come that didn’t disturb her slumber one little bit. She told me later, when she woke, that she’d had a very erotic dream, but wasn’t prepared to admit who had figured in it except to say, “And it wasn’t Stavros either.”

We spent the next two days doing all the tourist things: tripping around the island admiring the lakes and the rain forests and the bird life. One night we went on a safari to see the dingoes, probably the only purebred native wild dogs left in Australia. And we also went to see the whales. The digital camera got put to more conventional uses throughout.

Kate kept her PMT tensions to herself, but displayed the occasional flash of irritation whenever I became particularly foolish. Her sense of humour was on a very short leash during that time. On our last day at Kingfisher Bay, after we had got over the trauma of packing up with the realisation that our idyll was almost over, Kate’s mood suddenly changed. In some inexplicable way she became “kittenish” almost to the extent of winding herself around and rubbing against me like a cat demanding attention. It was all very nice, but very perplexing to a mere male.

We retrieved our rental car in the mid-afternoon and set off back to Brisbane. Kate was very restless, shifting in her seat and fiddling with the radio trying to find music stations that she liked. The tension in the car was rising exponentially and things finally came to a head when, just north of Gympie, we came to a grinding halt in a massive traffic jam. Word filtered back to us that a huge truck and trailer unit had jack-knifed and rolled, spilling tons of vegetables all over both the South and North carriageways. Other vehicles had skidded and collided while trying to avoid the mess, totally blocking the highway. We’d be held up for hours.

“Fuck!” I exploded, “We’re going to miss our flight!”

To my surprise, Kate smiled beatifically, “Oh good! Can we turn back and find a motel? We can re-book our flight for tomorrow, can’t we?”

“Okay, if you want.”

“Oh! I really want!” Kate gripped my upper thigh really hard. “You wouldn’t believe how much I want!”

Checking into the motel was a mad scramble. Kate seemed almost demented to get us alone. Somewhat bewildered, I closed the unit door behind us and she was all over me like a rash. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked, trying to extricate myself.

“I’ve never felt like this before, but I’ve read about it and totally disbelieved it. Bloody hell, Greg, my period’s going to start at any minute and I feel so fucking horny I could eat you alive!”

“But we can’t make love. You’re out of pills. You’re not safe!”

“Have you ever had anal sex?”

“Goddam!” I exploded.

“What’s wrong?”

“There goes my fantasy!”

“No, Greg! Here it comes! I saw a pharmacy just along the street. Run down and get some lubricating jelly, K-Y or something.”

I was back in a flash. When I re-entered the unit, Kate was already kneeling, bare-assed on the bed. Hot for fucking she might have been, but the very practical girl had spread one of our beach towels beneath her in case we started her menstrual flow with the feverish activity that was to come. “Hurry, Greg! Hurry! I want you so badly!” She moaned, lifting her ass higher and reaching behind with both hands to spread her cheeks.

I spread the K-Y liberally over both of us, working some into her butt-hole with my finger, and nearly coming myself in the process. I positioned myself behind her and placed the head of my dick against her puckered opening. Kate shoved something down the bed at me – the digital camera. I took a rapid shot and then started pushing my throbbing tool into her, opening up her ass with its head

“Oh God! It burns!” She moaned, “But don’t stop! I want to feel it all!”

After a minute or so of “gentle persuasion”, Kate’s sphincter relaxed and the head of my cock slipped into her anal canal. “Aaaaah! That’s better,” she sighed, “It still hurts a bit, but push it right in. I want to feel every inch of your lovely hot shaft.” Moving very carefully, and taking pictures all the while, I worked my prick in deeper, mindful of the fact that Kate was not designed for fucking in there and not wishing to do any damage to the thin lining of her rectum. When I could go no further, I rested for a moment. Kate sighed hotly, “Ooooh! That feels fantastic! Is it good for you too?”

“It’s different… a lot different from your pussy - drier, somehow, and if at all possible, hotter. And, yes, fantastic!”

“I’ll bet this is different too!” Kate must have flexed her abdominal muscles because her whole insides seemed to clamp themselves around me fiercely. “Did you like that?”

“Jesus, yes! But don’t try it if I’m moving inside you. I might tear something.”

‘Oh Greg, stroke that lovely cock of yours in my ass and make me come! That’s what I want more than anything in the world!”

Throwing the camera to one side, I fucked her tentatively at first, but as Kate’s hole seemed to get more lubricated, I was able to move relentlessly faster and faster. Kate moaned and gasped her desperate pleas for me to give it her deep and hard, to take her to the limit, as deep and as hot as I could. I grasped her hips in my hands and pounded into her and she responded in kind, writhing and pushing back against me, begging me for more and more of my cock.

Without any build-up or other warning I simply exploded into her, filling her ass with my boiling come and growling savagely in my lust. “Oh God! Oh God! That’s…Aaaaargh!” Kate howled at the top of her lungs and I felt her ass squeezing and releasing my prick to the same manic beat that always hit me whenever I ejaculated. But hers went on and on, for a much longer time than my spasms ever did.

Eventually her massive tremors slowed to a halt and I gently withdrew from her now come-slippery back passage. Kate collapsed onto the towel, breathing heavily. “Stay there love,” I murmured, “I’ll get some warm water and clean you up.” When I returned Kate was almost asleep. I spread her legs again and saw with concern that there was blood on her thighs. But, to my relief, when cleaning her, I saw that we had started her period off.

I gently shook her awake, “What do you want to do about this?” Kate waved a groggy arm in the direction of her overnight bag, “There’s some tampons my bag, at the far end.”

I found the thin “pencils” where she indicated and brought them to her. Kate spread her legs wide and told me to, “Put one in me.”

“But, I don’t know how.”

“Humph, Miracle Man knows how to put his big fat cock in there, but can’t handle a teeny tampon! Come here, I’ll show you.” And Kate took my hand and showed me how to insert the column of absorbent material. Then I was to find her panties, wherever she had thrown them in her haste to get ready for me, and put them back on her. That task accomplished, she grinned at me impishly and pulled me down to lay with her, “You’re pretty good, young man, I might keep you on!”

“Cheeky cow!” I stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of her nose, “If your weren’t in such a delicate state, I’d give you a good spanking.”

“Ooooo! That SM thing again! Super! Now why did you feel you had to wait until we were much better acquainted before letting me know that anal sex was your fantasy with me?”

“Well, I thought you might freak, that’s all. You might have thought me “weird”.”

“I told you I want to try everything with you, didn’t I? Well, I meant absolutely EVERYTHING. Now, why was it your particular fantasy?”

“I had never done it before and neither had you. We were both virgins and I wanted us to lose our ‘virginity’ together.”

“And I wanted that too. Sorry I stole your dream.”

“That’s fine, I have a backup. And you’re not going to find out about that one until the right moment. So, no more mind reading!”

“You’re such a lovely man.” Kate sighed drowsily as she dropped off to sleep, “Such a beautiful…”

To Be Continued...

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