tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 9

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 9


Kuala Lumpur was hot and humid and seemed to be in permanent gridlock from a huge, slow-moving traffic jam. Thankfully, the "haze season" from the annual forest fires over in Sumatra was almost over. At its worst, visibility in KL could go down to less than 500 metres, making normal life hell, and it was advisable to wear a face-mask when walking on the streets. My serviced apartment, rent free, was palatial and I had a chauffeur driven Lexus at my disposal 24 hours a day. Too bad I had nowhere to go and no one to see outside of work. Life wasn’t totally bad though. The range and quality of the restaurants in the city was astounding and at incredibly cheap prices too if one did not want to drink alcohol. Which wasn’t a problem for me, seeing as I was a light drinker anyway. And I have never seen so many beautiful women in one place – I resolved to find out where the factory was hidden before I left, because they surely had to have one!

My team of systems engineers and programmers was an eclectic bunch of guys and girls, mainly Indian and Chinese male with a very thin seasoning of Australians and Kiwis. It didn’t take me long to work out that most of the problems stemmed from the fact that they were all "stars" and were simply not working as a team. I quickly learned to ignore the petty insults, bitchiness and backbiting that seemed to be endemic around the place and tempered my reactions to people in terms of their effectiveness or lack of it. Once these ground rules were recognised by all concerned, we began to make progress.

I only needed a simple machine to use for communication with Kate so I purchased an iMac locally, once again, incredibly cheaply. The iMac was also a refreshing change from the Unix world I normally lived in! Setting up ICQ was a dream and we "talked" regularly as promised. I hoped the Malaysian Government didn’t have a policy of monitoring Internet traffic, because some of those conversations were exceptionally "hot", as were some of the pictures Kate took of herself masturbating and then downloaded to me!

After I’d been in KL for six weeks, Kate "dipped her toes in the water" and started going out on dates. She kept me informed on who she was going with and what they did, even sending me the occasional photograph of her latest "hunk". None of them lasted very long, probably because she wouldn’t let them into her pants. One name cropped up quite often, however, a guy called Mark who she met whilst he was on vacation from university. She seemed to be quite taken with him, even to the extent of weekend visits with his family.

It was some time before I got a look at Mark. He was a stocky blond guy with a big Roman nose - a young fighter pilot studying aeronautical engineering under the sponsorship of the RAAF. He looked to have that "arrogant" aura of self-confidence that men in his profession seem to wear naturally. Corinne was quite taken with Mark too. It was she who sent me Mark’s picture by "snail mail" – one of him and Kate together and very much at ease with each other. A sexy young guy in a sexy job and I was thousands of miles away. If he was bedding her it was partially of my own making. And there was stuff-all that I could do about it. If Kate’s relationship with Mark meant the end of her and me, no doubt Kate would tell me in her own good time. In the meantime, I threw myself into my work and corresponded with her normally without getting any indications that there was anything deeper than a warm friendship between them. And I got more "hunk" pictures from Kate, of other guys she was dating. That could only be positive, I reckoned.

Seven months went by and the health system project was progressing excellently. So well in fact I expected to be on a ‘plane home a month early.

And then the brown stuff hit the rotating object. There was another project, this time for the police. It would last about two years and pay a hell of a lot more than what I was getting now, which, less tax, was virtually all cash in hand thanks to the "perks" that came with the territory and my ridiculously low cost of living.

The simple mention that I was seriously considering the offer resulted in dead silence from Australia. After ten days of nil response to any e-mails and no ICQ contact, I telephoned. I got Jim, who rather gleefully told me that Kate didn’t want to speak to me and that I was in deep, deep shit. Then he hung up on me. I was stuck in limbo. My current contract terms meant I couldn’t drop everything and get a flight home to try and sort things out and every time I tried to telephone again I couldn’t get through. Except once, when I spoke to Corinne who told me very wearily that Kate never, ever wanted to speak to me again.

"I’m so sorry, Greg. It looks like it’s over. Don’t worry about your house, we’ll make sure it’s securely locked up and checked out every day."

I accepted the new contract. If I was going to be lonely and miserable for the rest of my life I may as well be very rich!

The new project was being put together in Penang. I was glad to get out of KL, especially to such a beautiful place. In addition, I negotiated fairly liberal leave terms and resolved to take a few weeks off in Europe when I felt that the work was on the right track. My principals accommodated me in a villa on the coast south of the city and, because it wasn’t serviced like the apartment in KL, I hired a young Malaysian-Chinese "houseboy" to come in every other day to tidy up. Leeong was a computer science student at the local university – a very sharp young kid who had a great future if he could afford to finish his studies. As a consequence, and because I’d "been there" myself, I overpaid him. What the hell, it was only money! A brand new Mercedes also went with the job, but I had to drive it myself.

After three months in Penang I settled into a fairly dull routine, only really coming alive at work when wrestling with technical or people problems. And that was routinely 14-15 hours a day, every day except Sunday. If I had been a drinker I could have quickly become an alcoholic, but instead, I set myself to learning the local Malay language, something I started in KL, and I surfed the Net. I gave up looking at Kate and me on the compact discs shortly after my arrival in Penang - the memories were too painful.

I was playing chess over the Net with a boy genius in Milwaukee, who was as usual beating the pants off me, when a message popped up in my ICQ chat room that just blew me away: "Greg, it’s me. Can we talk?"


Joey in Milwaukee got the fastest chess win of his life.

"Yes, I’m here."

"I’m in the house. It feels so empty and cold. I’ve been looking at us on the computer. I need to see you. Badly."

"How badly?"

"Absolutely the worst way."

"How’s your passport? Current?"


"Stay there a minute."

I got back to Kate seven minutes later.

"There’s a QANTAS flight from Melbourne to Singapore at midday tomorrow and a connection on EVA Air from Singapore to Penang. Pick up your tickets at the airport. I’ll meet you on arrival."

"Are you sure?"

"No more talk until we’re face-to-face. Be there!"

One thing my sojourn in Malaysia had given me was a ruthless streak I’d never had before. I’d had to use it several times to sort stupid inter-personal conflicts out and get resources to complete the health department contract, and had probably ruined a few people’s careers in the process. If Kate really wanted to see me, she’d be in Penang the day after tomorrow.

She was. My heart lurched and I didn’t feel so tough as I watched Kate exiting immigration. She was going to be meeting a vastly different Greg to the slightly reclusive programmer she’d known a year ago and I guessed I would be meeting a very different Kate. But, as soon as I saw her I fell in love with her all over again.

Our greeting wasn’t the Hollywood "sweeping violins and near-sex in the air terminal" version. We simply stood about a metre apart and gazed at each other silently for almost two minutes. Jesus! Those Vertigo Eyes! Everything was going to be all right!

"I’m so glad you’re here," I said quietly, reaching for her hand with one of mine and taking her carryall from her with the other. "Is this all your luggage? You’ve travelled light!"

"I didn’t have much time to get suitable clothes, it’s mostly underwear." Kate sounded nervous.

"No matter. It’s probably better if we shop here for you. Come on, let’s go home."

Kate smiled for the first time and gripped my fingers tightly. "You wouldn’t believe how often I’ve prayed to hear you say that!"

I raised my eyebrows questioningly, seeking confirmation.

"Let’s go home…"

"It sounds pretty good when you say it too. Let’s go!"

We didn’t talk much on the way to the villa. Kate had been travelling for over twenty hours and she was pretty tired, even though I’d bought her Business Class tickets. Besides, we still had a lot of learning about each other to do before we could even approach our previous intimacy. And then there were the events that had thrust us apart to overcome.

Thankfully, it was Leeong’s day off, so I was able to show Kate around the villa personally. I really loved that house. In fact I loved it so much I had started negotiations to buy it – thanks to my huge salary and some very timely investments in Singapore, I was a US Dollar millionaire now and could afford such things. It was a gracious, polished-teak-floor colonial-era residence in immaculate condition, in a beautiful setting on a high bluff. The villa overlooked the sea in one direction and was surrounded by ancient rain forest on the other three sides. Its nineteenth-century builders had positioned it so well to catch the prevailing breeze it was naturally cool and I hardly ever found it necessary to use the recently added air-conditioning.

Not being entirely sure of Kate’s intentions I’d got Leeong to make up a bed for her in one of the spare rooms. But when I showed her where my room was she asked if she could sleep there. "If you don’t mind?"

I nodded my acquiescence. "You must feel very grubby. There’s a bathroom and shower through there with lots of clean towels. Make yourself at home. I’ll be in the lounge when you’re finished and, if you want, we can talk."

I was sitting in a big wing rattan chair watching a massive container ship making its way towards Penang port when I caught the familiar perfume of Kate’s deodorant, long before I heard her bare feet padding across the boards behind me. She came into view, totally, beautifully, naked and sat astride me in the chair and started to undo my trouser belt and zipper.

"If you don’t want me, say so now," she said in a small voice. The full-blooded erection springing out of my opened pants gave her my answer with more eloquence than I could muster. Kate speared herself on it, grinding herself down hard, sucking my hot length deep into her velvet tunnel.

"Ohhhh Greg! I’ve missed you so!" she wailed lashing her pelvis against mine and writhing as if she was trying to get my whole body into her lovely cunt. "God! It’s been such a long time! You feel so good! Soooo beautiful! Ohhh, Greg! Come with me please! Let me feel your orgasm along with mine! Come now! Please, Greg, come noooooow!"

Kate’s pussy clamped and fluttered on my shaft as several months of total celibacy boiled out of me in body-wracking spasms, pounding against her cervix and driving her to a second wild climax inside a minute. She collapsed onto me shuddering with ecstasy, floods of tears soaking the collar of my shirt. I held her close, stroking the smooth, supple skin of her back until she calmed down.

Eventually, she raised herself so that I could see her face. Her eyes glittered with that familiar fire. "Believe me, you are the only man who has ever made me feel that way."

"I can believe you, because you give me feelings I’ve never experienced with any other woman."

"You’re still hard?"

"As a rock."

"Can we go to the bedroom?"

"I’ll probably lose it if I leave you. Help me get these pants off and I’ll carry you."

"Carry me?"

"I’ve been working out for the last year. Not much else to do if you’re not into the expat. social scene, except eat."

"I thought you looked bigger."

"Still the same size down there."


It was as though that long waited for orgasm had anaesthetised my nervous system, leaving my cock rampantly erect, but with no desire to ejaculate. I made love to Kate for more than two hours taking her from shuddering, rolling orgasm to shuddering, rolling orgasm, staring into her Vertigo Eyes until, eventually, she cried "Enough!" But then, immediately took my throbbing tool in her mouth and worked on me until I finally let go, flooding her in ecstatic waves until my balls were completely emptied.

"I feel as though we’ve said a million things to each other, beautiful, beautiful things. Yet we’ve hardly said a word." Kate was nestled beside me, softly stroking my bare chest. "I have other things to say to you though, Greg. Things that will hurt."


Kate nodded, "Yes, Mark. Is now the right time?"

"I love you so much right now, I feel pretty fireproof!"

"I never stopped loving you Greg. But I went to bed with Mark. Nine times in all, over two weeks. He was the only one."

"I could tell from the pictures that the others weren’t exactly "your type"!"

"Oh, the guy who taught me how to ride motorbikes and helped me get my licence to ride the Harley wasn’t as dumb as he looked in his picture, but then I found out he was married."

"You’ve been riding the Harley?"

"Yep! You’ve got a real biker for a girlfriend! Kevin and I wheeled it over to our garage just after you left. I cleaned it and polished it for hours, thinking of you. Then I decided to learn how to ride it. It’s amazing how attractive I suddenly became – to both men and women. I handle that bike pretty well too, for a mere girl!"


"Greg… Mark is simply the sexiest man I have ever met in my life. And that’s all he is to me – a very, very sexy man. I was only one of his women, but I didn’t care. And neither did any of his others care that he was taking me to bed. I even met some of them when I went to visit his parents with him. Sussan, is a gorgeous divorcee in her late thirties with amazingly lovely teenage twin daughters, and a two-year-old son. The boy is Mark’s. I’m also sure he is having an ongoing relationship with the daughters as well, and Sussan knows all about it. Then there was Jessica and Sam - Samantha - they room with Mark at the university and all three of them are lovers. They were visiting Mark’s sister Ella - The Goddess, Mark’s very beautiful and hugely pregnant sister.

"If there is one woman on this planet that Mark loves it is Ella. And she adores him - they just devour each other with their eyes. Her baby allegedly belongs to a guy who deserted her when he found out she was going to have a child, but I’d wager all of your money and Daddy’s as well that the baby is really Mark’s.

"But, even knowing all of that, and knowing that I wasn’t in love Mark like all the others so obviously were, I still had sex with him. He didn’t push me for it in the least. I went out with him several times over a couple of months...no pressure. I went up to the university and stayed in the flat…no pressure. I even slept with him in his bed and he still didn’t make a pass at me. Then you told me you were thinking of staying up here for another year and I just flipped.

"Don’t think for one second that I’m trying to imply it was all your fault. I rationalised it that way at first, but eventually I realised that that was only an excuse. I had sex with Mark because I wanted to. I wanted sex with him and I got it.

"It’s hurting time again, Greg. How much pain do you want to feel?"

"Better to get it all at once. As long as it is all of it."

"It will be…

"Mark was a marvellous lover and he was marvellously equipped – almost as big as that dildo Mom used on herself. And I did everything with him – absolutely everything. Believe me, it hurts me to have to tell you that. I was frightened at the size of him at first, but when I felt him inside me I couldn’t get enough. I wanted him everywhere, in every orifice, again and again and again.

"But it isn’t just the size of his cock that makes him so amazing. Mark has superhuman self-control. He can fuck for hours and hours and stay hard. He told me that he started to learn when he was fifteen. An older woman took him to bed and made love to him for several hours. Every time he was about to come she pressed her fingers hard into his perineum, on his Million Dollar Spot as he calls it, and stopped him – more than twenty times. He subsequently learned to do that in his mind, imagining her fingers pressing him there.

"Then he came across two books. One was a novel called The God of the Labyrinth by an Englishman called Colin Wilson. From that book he learned about brain control and going into an alpha state mentally during the sex act to help gain absolute mastery of his body. The other book, which he found later, taught him that orgasms actually happen in the brain and that ejaculation is only a "by product". Therefore, with sufficient self-control, it’s possible for any man to have multiple orgasms and still stay erect.

"With Mark’s already well developed abilities it was easy for him to take this new idea on board and make it work. Greg… Mark had an orgasm every time I did - at the same instant, but without coming. And on the rare occasion he did release his sperm it was as though he was giving me a very precious gift. That’s what made having sex with him so special. That’s what kept me going back to him.

"But, even with all the fantastic orgasms he gave me, and there were ever so many, I never, ever "soared" with him like I do with you. And eventually when I was fucking him, I found that your face was in my mind, and your body. Mark was fucking me, but I was fucking you.

"When that realisation finally hit home, and I gave it every chance to go away, believe me, I told Mark it was over between us. He accepted it without question, but when we said goodbye for the last time he told me to find my man and put things right with him. I’d not said a thing about you, neither had Mom and Daddy, but he knew all the same.

"And that’s why all those other women love him so much – he is so "in tune" with them. But unlike me, they have no Greg. No skinny little Miracle Man who will get on his knees and kiss their toes in the middle of a busy shopping mall or recite the Song of Solomon in the moonlight to them. But, if they ever find one, and I shall keep them away from you if you will let me, Mark will release them with his love and they’ll stay loving friends forever.

"Mark’s advice was all very well, but I had betrayed you my lovely Miracle Man. I was so ashamed. Not because I betrayed you with Mark - I regret going to bed with him, but I’m not ashamed that I did. I was ashamed that I’d cut you off, deserted you when you needed my support. You were up here all alone and crying out for help and I wasn’t there for you.

"I agonised about calling you for weeks. I was so scared you would reject me, even though I knew I deserved it. I tried to telephone, but I only had the number of the apartment in KL and I got a Malaysian guy who spoke hardly any English and who’d never heard of you. My e-mails got bounced back from the health department in KL. They had obviously deleted you from their server. I had lost all trace of you. That sent me into a deep depression. And then I did something I’d not done for many years, ever since I was a little girl – I went to confession. I told the priest what I’d done, leaving out the sordid sexual details, and his advice, along with several hundred Hail Mary’s and a couple of Novenas as a penance, was exactly the same as Mark’s – find your man and put things right with him.

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