tagRomanceVery Friendly Advice Ch. 01

Very Friendly Advice Ch. 01


I would like to thank "the-apocalypse" for proofreading my story. He has been of great help.

My name is John. I am retired and live in a very rural area. My story is a bit on the strange side.

My granddaughter and her new husband have been my guests for the last month. They are still on their honeymoon. Now, this may seem strange, and it probably is.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

My wife and I were married thirty years before she died. It was a traumatic loss. In almost all ways our marriage was perfect. In one area, we had a significant miss-match. She had grown up with very strict understandings of what sex play was allowed and what sex play was off limits. That is, she only considered "plain vanilla" sex to be acceptable. I, on the other hand, have always wanted to be more "exploratory" when it came to sex. I've always had slight tendencies to be a submissive. Not the type that is truly tortured by the mistress, or required to address her as mistress. There is something erotic about being totally in the other person's control so that they control when and how you will reach an orgasm. Such is what I had missed. Even so, being married to her made it worth missing out on the more adventurous sex! I am now living alone.

Our daughter, who now lived three states away, was brought up to see sexual activity as fun; but only within the bounds of my wife's strict ideas about what was acceptable. I wasn't prepared to disagree at that point. My wife was already battling the sickness that would eventually kill her. I wasn't about to add any stress that wasn't absolutely necessary.

My story starts about a year ago. My granddaughter, Mary, asked if she could come and visit me for a few days. Of course I said yes. She asked if I still had two guest rooms. When I said yes, she asked if she could bring a friend with her. Again, I said yes.

When they arrived, I saw the reason for the question about my guest rooms. Her friend was male. After my granddaughter's initial hug and kiss, she showed me a beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring. She then introduced me to her fiancée, Jim. He was an engineer for a firm that was developing solar energy systems. The first day we just started to get used to each other. The second evening they were there I offered them a choice of soft drinks, beer, Irish coffee, or a mixed drink. They, like me, chose a good mixed drink. We sat in the living room and started to talk about what they planned to do after their marriage.

I gathered my inner strength and spoke to them:

"I don't want to embarrass either of you, but I need to ask you some questions and ask you to talk about the answers between the two of you. I will break the ice by telling you that there was only one area where my long and happy marriage wasn't perfect. We disagreed about what limits we would place on our sexual activities. I'm more than sure that Mary has heard my wife's view, as told by her mother. I tended to want a wider variety of things than my wife did. Can I talk to you, strictly between us, about your future sex life?"

My granddaughter's face went a lovely shade of red. Jim looked directly at me and said: "I would welcome your input. We haven't spent a lot of time on specifics. I'm not even sure what variations we should both consider; except for the fact that we will be absolutely monogamous."

My granddaughter's red face became a little less red as Jim spoke.

"Good", I said, "I want to tell you some of my own fantasies and that will tell you about the limits I believe are reasonable for a married couple. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying my limits will be your limits; I'm merely telling you that these are things I like and/or would believe I would like very much. Is this o.k. with you two?"

They replied "Yes" almost in unison.

"Good, now, I hope you will realize that this is not a subject that I have discussed with anyone for at least the last thirty-five years. If I say something confusing, or seem to leave something out, please tell me and I will try to explain."

They both nodded their consent.

"O.K. Let me start by saying that good sex, like a good athletic event, requires warm-up and warm-down periods. The warm-up period is called foreplay, as I am sure you already know. Many people think that foreplay is just a few simple mechanical things that are done before getting down to the sex act itself. This is absolutely wrong!"

"Now, I am going to talk about the best way, for me, to have sex other than when I want to try to create a child. This is strictly the time for fun sex."

"Effectively foreplay is part and parcel about how you treat each other all day, and night long. I can't expect good sex at night if I haven't been consistently showing my wife that I love her, and care about her needs. For example, it could be making sure to help with the cleaning, taking the garbage out or doing dishes; all without having to be asked or nagged. It involves lovingly patting or grabbing your loved one as you pass them in the hall. It involves constantly telling the other person how much you appreciate them; and meaning it. Without this, most foreplay is more like a cold ritual to be done to get what you want. In real loving sex you are more concerned about your partner's needs than your needs. Note, I am not saying that you should ignore your needs. I'm saying that you should be more concerned about meeting your partner's needs than your own."

"Are you with me, so far?"

Again, they both nodded yes. They were holding hands and sitting closer together than they had been at this point.

"Well then, we come to the point of really getting ready for a good time in bed. There is nothing like washing each other in a shower or bath tub before things move along. Before this and throughout the evening all wired phones should be off the hook and all cell phones turned off. Interruptions during the following are not good! Also, turn up the room heat for the bathroom and bedroom so that it gets to about eighty degrees Fahrenheit. That is the general temperature that feels good for a nude body."

At this point, Jim and Mary were shyly smiling.

"You want to make sure to wash your pubic areas very well. In fact, for some people it is considered to be a turn on to carefully shave each other's pubic area so that you have no hair down there. You see, pubic hair can retain smells that aren't overly conducive to closeness."

"Do not; masturbate yourself or your partner at this point. You want to save that sexual energy for later. When you finish the shower or bath take the time to very carefully dry your partner off. It is amazingly sexy to have someone else, lovingly, dry you."

"Now, when you get to the bed I would suggest no less than ten or more minutes just kissing and feeling your partner. I loved to be kissing my wife and playing with her breasts, sucking her breasts, and stroking her hair. This is not wasted time. The idea is to nicely delay your activities so that you become more and more sexually excited."

"Before I go further, do either of you have a question or problem so far?"

The answer was an almost simultaneous "no!".

I need to preface the following with a clinical/emotional comment. Biologists have argued for years that humans do not use pheromones to communicate anything. For any emotionally normal, whole, person who had properly done oral sex they know that we do respond very much to the odors of the opposite sex. The smell of an excited woman is maddeningly good to a male. I have read that the opposite is less true, but still pleasurable."

"My preference is then to have my wife put her ass up on a pillow. Then I can get down between her legs more easily. I start kissing her inner thigh near the knee and slowly working my way up towards her pussy lips. Just before getting there I will do the other inner thigh. When the kissing has reached her pubic area the second time it is time to kiss and lick her pussy lips. This should not be hurried. You will know how long you should stay there by your partner's moans and sighs. When they become intense enough it is time to carefully spread the pussy lips and lick up the slit from the bottom to the top. Do this for a bit before moving onto her clit. You can transition over to her clit by eventually kissing it each time your lick reaches the top. When she can bear it no longer it is time to start licking her clit. In time you will take it into your lips and suck on it while your tongue is gently teasing it. This will probably lead her to her first significant orgasm. Note, that I said first. You can kiss your way up to her mouth and kiss her again, pet her again, and then kiss your way back down her body. Ignore kissing the inner thighs this time, go to kissing and then licking her pussy lips and then clit. She will tell you when she has taken all she can take."

"Now, not all women will 'go down on' a man. Most women will not even try to 'deep throat their man. But many greatly enjoy driving him up the wall by bringing him to a climax with her mouth and hands."

"My favorite approach requires the use of a long shoe lace. When a male gets very sexually excited, his testicles tend to try to pull up to try to pull back into his abdomen. That is not overly exciting for the male. The wife should gently pull on his balls until the scrotum has been pulled down to the point she could wrap her index finger and thumb around his scrotum just above his testicles. That is when she gently wraps the shoe lace around the narrowed section of his scrotum and ties it into a loose loop that neither testicle can pass up through but at the same time doesn't overly restrict his blood circulation."

"Once the balls are so contained she can lick the scrotum and one at a time take a testicle into her mouth, licking and sucking on it. This drives the guy wild! If she can then do it with both balls at the same time, so much the better. Then, start to kiss your way up his penis. Pay extra careful attention to the corona, or ridge around the head of his shaft. You can then lick the entire shaft to get it wet, or use some personal lubricant on your hand to start to stroke his cock. While you are doing this semi-handjob you can be licking and sucking on the head of the penis. If you are doing it right you will be rewarded with a massive eruption of cum. If you are doing it wrong, he will still like it."

"Either just before he ejaculates, or after, he should lick your pussy lips again to make sure that they are lubricated. Then he can insert his penis into your vagina. You can work out which of the many positions that feels best to the both of you. You know about the missionary position. Know also that there are other positions such as 'doggie', 'cowgirl', 'reverse cowgirl' and too many others to list. When you have both reached orgasm again, falling asleep in each other's loving arms is wonderful."

"Did I leave out anything important while we are considering basic sexual activities?"

Mary responded: "I've never heard about most of this before. I'm not sure I understand the mechanics of it; do you Jim?"

Jim looked a little embarrassed. "Yeah, I've heard of this and dreamed about it for years. It is one of my wildest fantasies."

Mary looked at me and said, "I wish I could see exactly how this works, but there is no way I can think of arranging that."

I told them to wait there while I refilled their glasses with another drink. When I came back I not only had the drinks, I had my DVD carrying folder with my "special" DVD's in it. I told them that they should never tell my daughter what I was going to show them because it would bother her. After their agreement, I put a porno flick in the DVD and cued it up to one particular band. My granddaughter saw exactly the type of things I had been telling her about.

After twenty minutes of the selected band I stopped the video.

"Do you have any questions so far?"

"Jim, are there other areas that you would like to have discussed?"

He looked nervous. "Yeah, there are; but I don't want to freak out Mary."

Mary looked at Jim. After several moments she spoke; "If we are going to be married, and I really want that, we need to learn to share all the things that we both desire. Let's clear the air. Maybe I will like the ideas that you bring up."

Jim, still looking nervous, said: "Well, I probably shouldn't admit it but I have had some kinky thoughts for a long time. I would love to be put into bondage by the woman I love and have her decide to pleasure me in whatever way she wanted. I don't want to really get hurt, but I think that the loss of control might be a real turn on for me."

"You and me both, Jim. That has been one of my greatest wishes for most of my life. However, it was outside my wife's comfort zone. I've never had that pleasure."

Mary looked back and forth between Jim and me with a strange look on her face. "I've had dreams of doing that to a guy, but thought that they were sick. I've even had dreams of having a loving guy do the same for me. Does this make me some sort of sex pervert or something?"

Jim and I almost simultaneously said "No!".

I spoke up again. "In case your grandmother had ever changed her mind I purchased a few books that would have explained things to her. I want to give these books to you. However, I don't dare, until you are married and have your own place. If my daughter caught wind of it, she would have a major fit... Tell you what, after your initial honeymoon, come and stay here for a week or so. You won't have to pay for meals and you can read and we can discuss anything and everything you want. At that time I will give you my personal wedding gift. The gift your mom will see will be cash. The gift I want to give you two will be a ticket to incredible sex and happiness. Is that o.k. with you?"

Again, the answer from both of them was yes.

That is the background that leads to the first paragraph of this story. They are here with me, while on their honeymoon. We can now discuss what they are doing here.

The morning after they arrived I asked them to come into the living room so I could give them their presents. I had wrapped each present separately so that we could discuss each one as it was opened.

"O.K. Mary, you can start with the present that has your name on it, followed by the number one."

There was ripping of paper and she came to the books. The books were on beginning, gentle, BDSM techniques for a dominant woman and her male subject. Jim looked at the books and had a longing look on his face.

"I have read through those books. Where I think they are right I have written o.k. on the chapter. Where I think they have gone too far I have written NO on the chapter or section. Those are only my opinions; you will have to decide what you want to do between the two of you. O.K. Jim, open your first present."

Jim ripped the paper off the box and found several ticklers and a mattress type bondage system.

"I think you can see the possibilities of those right away, can't you/"

He had a semi-wicked grin on his face as he showed the toys to Mary. Her face turned a bit red.

"O.K. Mary, it's your turn again. Take the package with your name and the number two."

Again there was the sound of ripping paper. Inside there were two boxes. One contained a set of fur covered handcuffs and fur covered leg irons. She immediately opened the second box and found a strap-on with a one inch diameter, six inch dildo on it. Also in the box was a large bottle of personal lubricant. She looked confused.

"Well, Mary, that is called a strap-on. When you put it on you can lubricate your husband's anus and the dildo, and then stick it in him and have intercourse with his ass. If you look at the dildo carefully it has extensions so that your pussy and clit will be massaged every time you push in, or pull out of his ass. I think the restraints uses are obvious."

It was Mary's turn to have the semi-wicked grin. But this time both Jim and Mary had the wicked grins.

"Jim, is your face telling me that you might like me to do that to you?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what it means. That is a long buried wish of mine."

Both of them reached over and kissed each other.

"O.K. Jim, it's your turn to open your second present."

Jim rapidly opened the paper and found a book on the art of cunilingus as well as a wide assortment of vibrators, rabbits, and such. He smiled widely, as did my granddaughter.

"Grandpa, I have heard of such toys, but I've never seen them up close before. Are they all that they are cracked up to be?"

"You bet.! Some of them can also be used on your husband. Hint, hint, hint."

At this point Jim was grinning from ear to ear.

"O.K. Mary, open your last package"

The package was opened up very quickly and she found a book on the art of fellatio and a parachute ball stretcher and some weights. There was a warning on the stretcher. It said:

"This device, if used too long or with too heavy a set of weights can lead to difficulty in conceiving a child. Do not use heavy weights or for more than ten minutes at a time if you are planning to have children."

She looked at me with a quizzical look on her face.

"The problem, Mary, is that too great a weight can damage the vas deferens or other critical connections between the testicles and the body. Gentle use for up to ten minutes or so should be totally harmless as long as the circulation to his testicles is not cut off. If his scrotum feels cool, you have it too tight."

At this comment Jim was grinning.

"Do you really like this idea Jim?"

"You bet, sweetheart. This is another of my dreams."

"O.K. Jim, open your last present."

Jim's last present was large. When he opened it he found an assortment of condoms, blindfolds, gentle gags as opposed to ball gags, and a selection of XXX movies that would show the use of every one of the toys.

I said: "I hope you two are happy with your present."

In response Mary jumped up, ran over, and kissed me repeatedly. Thank you grandpa, these are the most useful, and thoughtful, presents we have received. We would like to stay here and try all of these out, in case we need input.

Well, they did stay. It was a glorious two weeks, but that is another story.

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