tagRomanceVery Friendly Advice Ch. 02

Very Friendly Advice Ch. 02


I would like to thank "the-apocalypse" for proofreading my story. He has been of great help.

My name is John; and I am a retired widower. I live in a very rural area in the Northern part of the United States.

When my granddaughter, Mary, and my son-in-law Jim, were just married I had taken it upon myself to teach them the joys of variety in their private sexual lives. It has been five years now since that time. I have kept in contact with them for this time, and our relationship has become very close.

They have visited me several times every year. Because of their growing family and because they have brought a friend, Susan, along with them, I have had to enlarge my house. I've added two more bedrooms, to be on the safe side. You see, Mary and Jim had fraternal twins for children. Eventually the boy and girl would need rooms of their own. Besides that, Susan had sort of become family. She was almost old enough to be Mary's grandmother, but she was lively and a lot of fun to be around. She also provided very competent babysitting that allowed Mary and Jim to enjoy life without the constant concern of what to do to keep the kids happy and safe.

This last August, my daughter, Mary's mother, was killed in a car crash. A drunk driver had crossed the center line and hit her almost head on. She was driving a small, fuel efficient car, and the drunk was driving a half ton pickup truck. It wasn't pretty, but she did at least die instantly. Since my daughter had been a widow for several years that left Mary with no family except her husband, her children, and me. Since Mary and Jim had waited three years to try for a family, their children were both under two years old. They were at that wonderful age where when they went to sleep they were out for the night. They, apparently, slept like I did; extremely soundly.

When Mary and Jim had married I had not spent much time talking to Jim about finances. The only understanding I had was that he had a very good job and would be able to take care of Mary very nicely. It wasn't until a year or so later that I had found out that he had very much understated his position. As it turned out, his father had inherited a small, but very lucrative engineering firm. The solar energy firm that he worked for grossed just a bit over a billion (a thousand million for those in Europe) dollars a year. His job was as the CEO of the firm. He could, under most circumstances take a long vacation if he wanted to. However, he normally just saved his vacation for some future time. After the death of his mother-in-law he decided to take a long vacation. He arranged for several of the company vice-presidents to assume his job. He chose carefully and indicated that he wanted individual weekly reports from each of them.

It was mid November when Mary, Jim, Susan, and the twins arrived for a long stay at my house. The plan was that they would stay with me until after New Year's Day. This was going to be both a wonderful and terrible time! Wonderful because I would have my dearest family here; terrible because I would be able to hear them making love and not be able to do the same, except to my own hand....... At least that is what I thought.

Just before Thanksgiving I had baked some pumpkin and apple pies. I also baked mince tarts, a real favorite of mine! Thanksgiving day I cooked turkey with all of the trimmings. I love to cook, and am relatively good at it.

Then we had a few days of very bad weather. The roads were covered in deep, wet snow. It was going to be several days before the road crews got out to clear my rural road. That was fine with us.

On the day after the roads were closed, and after the children went to sleep Mary and Jim wanted to do some serious talking with me. I had no idea what was about to be discussed. They asked Susan to go elsewhere in the house because they had some private things to discuss with me.

Mary stated the conversation: "We want to talk to you about a touchy subject. We don't want to embarrass you or make you feel uneasy. I know that you remember the time you sat us down and taught us that variety in sex was wonderful. We have enjoyed your gentle teaching and gifts more than you will ever know. We, however, are very concerned about something."

Jim took over at this point. "In the last year we have realized something that now concerns us deeply. What we are concerned about is that while we are having a wonderful sex life, you appear to be without any release except that which you can provide for yourself. We would like to, at least temporarily, fix that situation. But, we don't want to embarrass you or tempt you into something that you would not want. We also don't want to break in on any relationship that you have that we don't know about. Are you in a relationship that can provide a release for your frustrations?"

I must have had a red face by this point. Giving advice and help to others is one thing. Being the one who is to be helped is another. I paused a moment and responded: "No, I don't have any such relationship. Out here, in our rural area there is an extremely small pool of eligible women, and I am not about to go and "rent" some companionship."

"We thought that was the case, grandpa. We have a suggestion to make. Are you willing to listen?"

"Yes, Mary, I will listen."

"What would you say if I told you that there is someone you like, who knows you and has been fantasizing about going to bed with you? Would that be of interest to you?"

"Absolutely, but at the same time it concerns me. As a Christian I wouldn't feel free to have intercourse with such a woman unless I was married to her. Call me old fashioned but I still truly believe that 'going all the way' is for the marriage bed only."

Jim spoke up: "Would you be interested if the woman was into wild sex like grandma wasn't and had the same reservations that you have about pre-marital sex?"

"God, yes! And I'm not using His name in vain. I have prayed for such a woman."

"Hold on a minute, grandpa." Mary got up and went to the bedroom. She came back with Sharon. Sharon looked lovely in her slacks and tight sweater. When they had both sat down she started to talk with Sharon.

"Sharon, I need to tell you that it will be safe to answer totally honestly with the four of us here. My grandpa is very understanding. Just try to pretend that he isn't here, as impossible as that may be. Do you remember the conversations we have had regarding your search for a partner to play sex games with?"

"Yes, you know I do. My frustration level is almost off the chart."

"And, you remember that in our discussions you even suggested some other, rather kinky, ways that Jim and I could spice up our lovemaking?"

Sharon blushed and said: "yes!"

At this point I had a very red face and a fierce erection.

"You also said that you couldn't have intercourse outside of marriage, right?"

"Yes. That's true. That is one firm belief that I cannot change."

"Well, Sharon, what would you say if I told you that there are two people in this room with the same desires and limitations?"

At that Sharon looked over at me. Her face was as red as mine must have been. I saw her eyes move down my body to the very visible tent in my pants. As her eyes rested there, a large smile appeared on her face.

"Grandpa, we know that Sharon has wanted to get closer to you for the last year. She just didn't know how to bring it about. Now, we don't want to force you two into anything that you wouldn't feel comfortable doing, but we do want to indicate that there may some mutually adventageous circumstances here. Now, Jim and I are going to go to bed early tonight. I doubt we will be up and about until morning. Let us wish you a good night."

With that, they got up and left the room. For several minutes Sharon and I just looked at each other. Sharon was the one who found something to say first. "John, why don't you come over and sit next to me on the sofa?"

I got up from my chair and the tent in my pants was exceedingly noticeable.

"Is that wonderful bulge because of me?" she said with a naughty grin.

"You bet!" I said, "I have enjoyed looking at you every time Mary and Jim have brought you along with them. You have no idea how many times I have masturbated to images of your face and imagining what you must look like with no clothes on."

At this point Sharon's smile grew bigger and she responded. "Don't think you are alone in that situation. I've been wishing to get to know you very intimately for the last couple of years."

I sat down on the sofa with about a foot of room between us. I had just fully sat down when Sharon moved over so that her left leg was up against my right leg. You couldn't have slipped a piece of paper between us. Then she lifted my right arm, and leaned against my chest. She pulled my arm over her left shoulder and placed my hand on her right breast.

"That's better; don't you think?"

I had to agree as I started to gently rub her breast. "Do you have any idea how long it has been since I have felt a woman's breast?"

"Too long, I would wager. It has probably been about as long as I have waited to get close to a man I could trust."

"What shall we co about this situation?"

"Well, John, why don't we get to know each other better?" With that she got up and knelt down, with her legs on either side of mine. She was essentially sitting on my lap facing me. She moved her lips to mine and started to give me one of the hottest kisses I have ever received. Obviously I returned in kind and upped the ante as I started to caress her breasts. That kiss seemed to last only seconds, and forever, at the same time.

"Sharon, what types of games do you like to play in the bedroom?"

She smiled and responded; "I was able to give several suggestions to Mary and Jim about how to spice up their sex life. My wonderful, deceased, husband and I enjoyed playing in all sorts of inventive ways. Did you have something in mind?"

"Yes, I'm a bit stiff and think I would enjoy a nice hot whirlpool bath. How does that sound to you?"

"It sounds wonderful. I didn't know that you had a whirlpool bathtub."

"Yup, I have my own heated whirlpool bath just off my bedroom. Would you like to join me in the tub, realizing that it is a clothing prohibited zone?"

Sharon grinned widely, "I can't think of anyplace I would rather be."

We moved rapidly to my bedroom. When we got there I started to fill the tub, and I turned up the heat so that my bedroom would soon be close to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. I love to have multiple heating zones in the house. It is so easy to do when you use hot water for heat.

I had to ask Sharon a question. "I have to ask you a question that I hope I already know the answer to. I don't want you to be mad at me for asking this. You don't have any STDs do you?"

"No, and I was trying to think of a polite way to ask you the same question."

"Rest assured I am also free of any STDs as well."

As we waited for the tub to fill we started to undress each other. I helped her out of her sweater. She had on a very revealing bra. I was amazed at her beautiful breasts. I buried my face in her cleavage and just sighed. She undid my fly and then my belt as I was enjoying her breasts. My pants fell to my ankles as the belt was undone. She immediately, after the pants dropped, started to rub my cock and balls through my undershorts.

I undid the side zipper on her slacks and let them fall to the floor. My hand was busily exploring her ass. I removed my face from her cleavage and all but tore the rest of my clothes off. Sharon was busy doing the same thing with her clothes. When we were both nude I took her in my arms and hugged her while kissing her. It was wonderful to feel this way again.

We moved into the bathroom and settled into the tub. I turned the jets on. We made out like a couple of teenagers for the next, I don't know how long.

"Sharon, please get out of the tub and sit on the very edge, right over here, with your feet dangling into the water."

"I hope I know what you're getting ready to do!"

As soon as she was seated there, with her pussy hanging over the edge of the tub I moved between her legs and started to kiss and lick her perfectly shaved pussy lips. As I was doing this, Sharon was making happy moaning and sighing sounds.

"You have no idea how long it has been since I have had someone eat me out. It feels better than I ever remember it to be. Thank you!"

I couldn't say much since my mouth was very busy. I took her through several orgasms before she said that she wanted to go into the other room and get into bed. I was more than happy to follow her to bed.

As we were about to get into bed Sharon asked me if I had a toy box. I smiled, reached under the bed, and retrieved a plywood box that I had made many years before. I put it on top of the cedar chest and opened it. There was a large assortment of toys in the box. I had purchased these in the hope that my wife would eventually change her mind about how far she was willing to experiment. Sharon came over and grabbed a blindfold and some soft arm and leg restraints. She grinned at me and directed me to the bed.

"Now, I don't want you to say a thing while I am busy with you! Is that o.k.?"

I said "You bet it is." and then shut my mouth.

When I was lying on the bed she proceeded to tie me spread eagle. She kissed me before she put the blindfold on me. I could tell she had moved away from the bed for a minute. I then felt her return and climb on the bed with me. The first thing she did was to tie a cord above my balls so that they couldn't try to retract if I became very excited. This felt so good. Having someone else doing this was a real turn on.

Then the fun started. I felt the feather tickler move up the inside of my left leg. It was twisting and rubbing on the leg as it slowly moved up toward my crotch. It was a delicious and maddening progression of feelings. Before she reached my balls she started to do the same thing to my right leg. By this point my erection was becoming almost painful.

Then it stopped.

The next thing I felt was the tickler just barely brushing against the underside of my balls and then on the corona of my cock. Slowly back and forth, back and forth until I couldn't stand it much longer. Suddenly, the tickler went away and I felt Sharon licking and sucking on my balls. God, that was a wonderful feeling! (And I mean this in a very reverent manner. This was an answer to prayer.)

As she worked on my balls she reached up a hand and started to gently run her hand around my cock up and down, up and down. She had no lubrication, and was just barely touching me. It was maddeningly delicious.

Then it stopped and I could hear her doing something off the bed. When she got back on the bed she kissed me, deeply. As I returned the kiss, I felt the vibrator as it started to massage the back side of my balls. I was in heaven. I had not felt this good in years. After several minutes of this, she moved her mouth down to my cock and started to give me a blow job. I cannot tell you how good the feeling was! It wasn't long before I had one of the most violent orgasms in my life. I'm afraid that everyone in the house probably heard me.

As I came down of the extreme pleasure of the orgasm, Sharon removed the restraints from my arms and legs. She got up on the bed, removed my blindfold and kissed me deeply.

I could still taste myself as our tongues were duelling. Then we hugged each other and went to sleep in each other's arms.

When I woke up in the morning, Sharon wasn't there. I got up, shaved, and put a bathrobe on to go to the kitchen to make some coffee. Before I even got to the kitchen I could smell the freshly brewed coffee. Someone had beaten me to it!

When I reached the kitchen Jane was sitting at the table with her cup of coffee. She smiled at me and said: "The corn muffins will be done in about another five minutes. I hope you like them with butter."

"I love corn muffins. What made you decide to make them? "

:"Well, I like corn muffins a lot, and I saw that your cookbook had a marker on that page. On top of that, there were marks and grease stains on and around that recipe. It wasn't hard to figure out that you liked them."

I walked over, knelt down next to Sharon and hugged her while I kissed her. It was so good to have her there.

Five minutes from then saw us sitting together, side by side, enjoying coffee and buttered corn muffins. It was wonderful.

I had to speak!

"Sharon, I can't tell you how much last night means to me. I have been more desperate for a good woman to be around than I had even admitted to myself. I don't know how I will be able to stand losing you when you leave with the kids. Do you think that we can work on a much more permanent arrangement? After all, we have known each other for a while, and we know that we are compatible in many ways."

Sharon smiled at me. "If I properly understand your question, I would love to make our arrangement permanent. I'm not sure I could go back to being alone after the joy of last night. I haven't felt that good or slept that well since my husband died. What kind of arrangement did you have in mind?"

I told her to wait a moment. I raced to my room and got something from my top dresser drawer. I hurried back to the kitchen.

"I hope I'm not making a fool of myself, but, here goes!"

I knelt down on the floor next to Sharon and said: "Would you marry me?"

Her reaction was a yes followed by her hugging me to her breasts. When I broke free, and I didn't try hard to break free, I offered her the engagement ring that I had bought for my wife.

She had tears in her eyes as she held out her left hand to me. I slipped the ring onto her ring finger and then we kissed deeply. We didn't even notice that Jim and Mary had walked into the room.

"Well, how are the two lovebirds this morning" Mary asked.

Sharon looked up and said "engaged" as she held up her hand showing the ring.


As soon as the roads were free Sharon and I went to the county seat to get a marriage license. Three days later we were married.

We had continued to sleep, and play, together every night until we were married. Then we continued to do so, but with nothing off limits.

It was only after the marriage that Mary and Jim told the two of us that marriage was what they had hoped would be the result of this trip.

This time, I didn't mind my granddaughter and her husband leaving to go back home. They were leaving me with a wonderful woman and wife who was as adventurous in bed as I had always wanted to be.

I can't say that we lived happily ever after, because we haven't lived that long yet. However, our marriage and love grow stronger every day. Both of our lives have been enriched because of a very caring granddaughter.

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