tagGroup SexVery Good Samaritans Ch. 02

Very Good Samaritans Ch. 02


John broke the kiss with Duke, though he continued to stroke his hard cock through his pants. He looked around at the RV with amazement. "Yup," Duke said, "I told you my wife was a screamer. Your wife must be pretty good to be getting her that loud so quick."

John was momentarily dazed by the sheer improbability of that statement. This morning, he and Liz were a fairly ordinary if open-minded couple. A snowstorm had led to a car accident and a rescue by Duke and his wife Cindy. A rescue which was turning into a night that the couple would never forget.

Duke turned John's face back around to his. "Do you want to go inside and watch the fireworks, or do you want a little privacy first?" John thought about it for a moment. "Privacy," he replied. "I want to have you to myself for a little while first. And, I think the girls might appreciate it, too."

Duke just smiled that arrogant smile of his. He was entirely too good looking, and knew it entirely too well. John wasn't used to leaning his head back to look another person in the eye. He also wasn't used to feeling like the weak one. But Duke was a mountain of a man, and in phenomenal shape. In ways that he couldn't really put words to, John was straining at the bit to fuck, or be fucked by, this man.

Without breaking the gaze that held John pinned, Duke reached out and carefully opened the injured man's jeans. John rarely wore underwear, and his cock sprang out into the frigid night air. It wasn't uncovered long, though, as Duke wrapped his big mitt around it. He didn't stroke it, just held it tightly. Somehow, John understood that the next move was his, and opened the larger man's pants in turn. The penis that filled his hand matched its owner, long and strong.

John kissed Duke again, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. He began stroking that meaty cock. The angle was awkward, though, and his wrist quickly began to complain. Well, there was always one good solution to that.

The smaller man sank to his knees, bringing his face level with his partner's pelvis. He breathed deeply of the musk coming from the open jeans. He watched the head of the cock swell and turn purple each time he stroked it. The rest of the world faded away, until the only thing of importance was that steely rod.

John's tongue slipped out of his mouth and caressed the underside of the head of the penis. It was musky and salty and so soft. He was vaguely aware of a groan above him, and a hand resting on the back of his head. He slowly ran his tongue over the slit, tasting the first drop of precum. He lowered his head, feeling the cock enter and fill his mouth. He leaned back again, feeling his lips drag over the smooth skin. He began licking the shaft, pressing his tongue into every crevice.

At the gentle push from the hand on his head, John took the cock back into his mouth. He used short suckling motions to just give Duke a hint of what was coming. He pushed forward, feeling the length of the dick push against the back of his throat. He sucked hard, and pulled back. He stopped with just the head between his lips, and ran his tongue over it again.

He leaned forward again, using his tongue to press that cock against the roof of his mouth. He moved in and out. His motions were slow and sensual at first, doing more to explore the cock with his mouth than actually give pleasure. Soon, though, his motions grew faster and more rhythmic. His head bobbed up and down on that shaft, sucking greedily at it. Saliva ran down the sides of the cock, and down the sides of his chin.

Duke held out as long as he could. He was getting a hell of a good blowjob. But, between the mouth on his cock and the sounds coming from his wife inside, he just couldn't stop himself. He grunted, "I'm coming. Soon. Oh, God. I'm coming. Suck it. Good. Soon. Here it comes." Then, he felt the tipping point pass, and the orgasm exploded in his mind.

John was ready for it, and held the cock in his mouth. The salty cream shot out, and he swallowed as fast as he could. John had never liked the taste of cum, but he had always been really turned on by that feeling of sperm blasting against the back of his throat. As the orgasm subsided, he sucked gently on the end of the dick, sparking another spasm in Duke. He then tucked the shrinking penis back into his pants, and stood up.

Duke chuckled at him. "That was one hell of blowjob! But, it looks like you need the attention, now." He nodded down at John's cock, which was still waving from his open zipper. "Let's take this inside, though. It's getting too damned cold out here."

The boys opened the door, and walked in to one amazing sight. Liz was lying back on the couch. She had her ankles in her hands, holding her legs as far apart as she could get them. Her eyes were screwed shut, and John recognized the husky panting that meant she was well on her way to a tremendous orgasm.

Cindy looked up from between Liz' legs. Her eyes locked on John's cock. John could see that her face was covered with Liz' juices. She was also thrusting a glass dildo in and out of his wife. Then, with a bit of a start, John realized that the dildo was in Liz' ass. Liz didn't normally go for ass play. But, apparently tonight was the night for anything but normal.

Duke leaned over and spoke to John. "I think my wife likes the look of your cock. You see how her ass is sticking in the air at the end of the couch? I bet her pussy is wide open and wet, just waiting for you. Why don't you take those clothes off, and go stick your cock in that hungry cunt? I really want to see if you fuck as well as you suck."

Not needing even that much encouragement, John stripped down in a hurry. He noticed that his wife had opened her eyes by now, and was watching him. Cindy had glued her mouth to Liz' pussy again. John walked around to line his cock up with Cindy's beautiful bald slit. He ran a finger over it to check if it was ready, and was amazed at how wet it was. Cindy gave a high-pitched growl without stopping what she was doing. John got the hint.

He looked up and locked eyes with his wife. She mouthed, "I love you." He smiled, and blew her a kiss. Without breaking the gaze, he took his dick in his hand, and guided it into Cindy's waiting cunt. The blonde squealed. Liz grunted, and her mouth opened. John watched as an orgasm flowed through her, locking her muscles.

John was so incredibly turned on watching his wife come. He had to simply stand still, his cock buried to the hilt, in order to avoid coming himself. He wanted to enjoy this ride a little longer than that. Soon, though, Cindy began twitching her ass and mewling. She was still lapping at Liz' clit, but clearly wasn't in the mood to wait. John looked down at where his body was pressed up against that perfect heart-shaped ass. He pulled out slowly, and began to fuck her.

Cindy was a sexual dynamo; there was no doubt about it. She might not have incredible technique, but she had no lack of energy. She also had no sense of shame, and would ask for what she wanted without hesitation. At her urging, John plowed into her, feeling her vagina sucking on his cock. He watched her head bob up and down, pushed into his wife's cunt over and over. Duke came over, now nude as the rest of them, and began sucking Liz' tits. She started coming again, this time shouting a largely incoherent stream of profanities.

The foursome moved together, their rhythms gradually falling into sync. John couldn't keep his eyes still. He looked down at his own penis penetrating the gorgeous blonde. His glance caught Duke's penis as well, which was starting to bob back to life. Liz' grunts and cries got his attention, and he watched his wife lost in a string of orgasms. And, of course, he couldn't help but watch Cindy's face get pushed between those thighs over and over. Before long, the action of Cindy's cunt muscles overwhelmed his control. His thrusts grew more frantic and erratic. He heard the cries of the two women mingle. Finally, he could hold out no longer, and his own shout of ecstasy was added to the chorus. He felt like his entire body was turned inside out, ejected through his dick and into his lover. He slumped forward, totally spent, at least for the moment.

Liz watched her husband come, feeling both joy at his pleasure and, she had to admit, some jealousy that it came at the hand (or, well, cunt) of another woman. But, feeling Duke's lips and stubble rubbing across her breasts, she certainly couldn't complain. She could, however, stifle those unpleasant feelings and throw herself into the party.

She pulled herself out from under Cindy and rolled off the couch. She pushed her host over onto his back on the floor, and dived onto his cock. She sucked it into her mouth with one swift motion. It was definitely longer than John's, and she found it pressing against the back of her throat before she was ready for it. She backed off again, running her tongue across the top of the shaft. Taking a little more care this time, she opened her throat and swallowed that long rod. Deep throating was a talent she had worked to perfect years ago, and she still had it. She could feel the head enter her gullet, and moaned around it. The vibrations clearly did the same for Duke that they did for most guys, and he groaned in appreciation.

Her focus on the blowjob was broken by the sound of Cindy's laughter, quickly joined by John. She opened her eyes and looked around, to see them looking at her. She released the tasty cock and asked, "What? What's so funny?" Cindy couldn't even stop laughing long enough to say anything, and pointed helplessly at Liz' ass. The brunette suddenly realized that she could still feel the dildo that Cindy had stuck in her out door. She blushed furiously at the sight it must have made, bobbing in time with her head. But, much like she had squashed the jealousy, she was determined not to be stopped by this. She looked straight at John, and said, "If you think it's so funny, maybe you ought to come over here and keep it jiggling!"

John quit laughing suddenly, and looked somewhat taken aback. But, he wasn't going to let a challenge like that go by. He came over towards his wife. "I think Duke's had enough of your mouth. I think you ought to sit on that cock, instead. But, I do like to see that new tail of yours jiggling. You'd better keep it in. Here, let me help." John reached down, and pushed on the end of the glass shaft. Liz felt it push open her rectum again, and probe her innards. She moaned in response, her eyelids lowering in pleasure.

There was still a wonderful cock in front of her. She leaned down and took another taste of it before moving to straddle his hips. John held the dildo firmly in her ass, and reached down to guide that shaft into her slit. She felt John's hand, and he gave her clit a quick tweak as he pulled it away. As she bottomed out on Duke's hips, she could definitely feel him probing spots that her husband's dick didn't reach. In fairness, though, this cock was not as thick, and didn't stretch her the way she liked. Fortunately, the toy in her back door more than made up the difference. She'd never felt quite so full before.

As she sat there getting used to the sensations, John clearly got impatient. He wrapped his arm around her body from behind, taking one of her tits in his hand. His other hand reached and began twitching the dildo with tiny strokes. Liz could feel her muscles jumping in response, clutching the penis inside her. She looked down, and Duke smiled lazily up at her. "Are you ready?" he said, putting his big hands on her hips. Not trusting her own voice, she just nodded.

The rhythm was slow and luxurious at first. She let the big man guide her motions, losing herself in the feelings. He husband's hands were roaming all over. He tweaked her nipples, stroked her belly, ran his fingers through her pubic hair, and played with the glass phallus. Even more amazing than the feeling of being with two men at once was the feeling that she was being both thoroughly fucked and tenderly made love to simultaneously. She twisted her neck around and caught John's mouth in a desperate kiss.

As their mouths separated, she looked him in the eye. "Stand up," she asked. "I want to feel your cock in me, too. I want you to come in my mouth while Duke fucks me. Please." Her husband quickly obeyed, standing spread-eagled above her lover. She pulled him close, kissing his thighs. He'd always kept his balls shaved for her, and she gently took one in her mouth. But, with the movement down below, she didn't feel comfortable holding that for long. She ran her tongue up the length of his rod. With a faint smile, she realized she could taste Cindy's cum on it. She lapped at it, covering it with her saliva. Almost unconsciously, the speed and strength of her strokes on Duke's cock increased.

John looked down at his wife in amazement. Her brain was clearly turned off, and she was a fucking machine. Her mouth descended on his cock with a hunger that he rarely saw anymore. She and Duke were slamming their hips together, filling the inside of the RV with the sound of slapping flesh.

Then John heard another noise, and looked up. Cindy was lying back on the couch, her thighs spread wide. She had produced a shiny metallic vibrator from somewhere, and was running the buzzing toy across her nipples. Her eyes met his, and she smiled wickedly. She ran the vibrator down her body, holding it against her clit. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she let out another of her strange trilling moans. Then she stared at him again, and slid the silver bullet into her slit. She was plainly putting on a show for him, and he was happy to watch. She pulled the vibrator out, and sucked it into her mouth. She repeated this process several times, wetting it with her pussy and cleaning it with tongue.

Then, she brought it over to the threesome, and placed the metal cock into John's mouth. He sucked it clean. Cindy squatted behind the writhing form of Liz, and reached around her. She placed the toy between the other woman's thighs, rubbing it up and down her husband's dick as well. The blonde gave John a wink, and turned the vibrator on. The brunette's head flew back, and she screamed in a sudden storm of sensations. Duke, too, was gripped by orgasm, thrusting hard into Liz' body and trapping the vibrator between them.

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