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Very Merry Mistletoe Menage


Annadel looked down at the party invitation as she closed the door to her mailbox. Leave it to Simon and Saxon to wait until the last minute to send out their invitations. No way could she find a date by the end of the week. Probably couldn't find one even if I had more time. The last thing she wanted was to attend another Christmas party sans her plus one, but she couldn't miss their party. They threw the best one of the year. The thought of their specialty cocktails alone was enough to make her mouth water. She shook her head and considered tossing the invitation down right there in the lobby of her building.


Lucia came in the front door of the building. She shook the snow from her long, ebony braids, stomped the ice off her black boots, and smiled at Annadel.

"Hey," Annadel replied. Her cheeks warmed as Lucia undid the buttons on her old, worn wool coat. Beneath, Lucia wore her standard uniform of short, pleated skirt and black wifebeater. Her breasts pushed against the thin fabric of the shirt. Today she'd included black ribbed tights, laden with holes. Annadel looked back down at the invitation.

"What you got there?" Lucia pushed up beside her, and the front door swung shut with a loud thunk. Heat radiated off Lucia along with the smell of cocoa butter and peppermint. Annadel wanted to lean into the warmth. The lobby didn't have a radiator.

Annadel took a deep breath. She didn't know why Lucia's proximity always made her nervous. They'd been neighbors for years, and had even spent a few evenings devouring pints of ice cream and large pizzas together while watching chick flicks. On those occasions, Annadel made sure she sat on the far side of the couch from Lucia. Sitting too close did funny things to her insides.

"It's a party invitation," she replied, still staring at the buxom cartoon elf on the top left hand corner. The elf was a girl, with huge tits, big blonde hair, and a short skirt not unlike Lucia's. Something like a Dallas cheerleader with pointy ears. Simon and Saxon always went in for the campy stuff.

Lucia pointed with a mitten-bound finger. "It says 'and guest.' You got a guest yet?"

Annadel shook her head slightly. "I just got the invitation."

"I can come?" Lucia made questions sometimes like statements, Annadel figured because she was from the South.

Annadel nodded. "Sure. It's a great party."

"I'm sure any party you're at is great." Lucia flashed Annadel the biggest, most genuine smile Annadel had ever seen, and patted her cheek with her wool-covered hand. Annadel's knees went weak. "I haven't gone to any parties this season. It will be fun!" Lucia leaned over and read the card. "Friday night. No problem. Get me at seven, okay?"

Annadel nodded again and tried to swallow the lump of happy nervousness in her throat.

And just like that, the warm, enticing presence of Lucia was gone, traipsing up the stairs to her flat, and Annadel slumped against the bank of mailboxes.

* * * *

Annadel's phone chirped as she sat at her desk, the mini Christmas tree plugged into the USB of her computer blinking merrily and Christmas music playing over the office's PA system. She looked down at the screen. Theodore had texted her? She hadn't heard from him in weeks. Her heart gave a little flutter.

C U at S and S's?

Annadel's eyes went wide. Of course he'd be at their party too. He worked with Saxon at his firm. Hell, she'd met Theodore when they'd all gone out together.

She thought back to the few awkward dates they'd had before he'd stopped texting her or returning her calls. She couldn't blame him for sort of fading out. She'd always been too quiet around him, too scared. She chastised herself for her lack of guts. Theodore was hot, talented, had a nice place in a co-op with a park view, but she'd never even worked up the guts to fuck him. God knows she wanted to.

Her fingers shook slightly as she paused over the screen of her smartphone and began punching in a reply. Yes. C U Fri. Hugs. She thought for a moment about the Hugs part, considered deleting it. It was so not like her.

But before she could change her mind, she hit Send, closing her eyes tightly as she did.

She tried to focus on her work, but her gaze kept drifting back to the phone, wanting desperately for Theodore to reply.

Just as she'd given up hope and managed to focus, her phone chirped again.


Wow. He'd actually used an exclamation point. Warmth bloomed low in her belly. Lucky thing she hadn't found a date and was only taking Lucia. Maybe she and Theodore would...

She smiled to herself. Maybe this year she'd find the guts to do something naughty at a holiday party.

* * * *

Annadel shuffled in front of Lucia's door, waiting for the other woman to answer it. She glanced down at herself for the umpeenth time, debating whether she'd chosen the right outfit for the party. She wanted sexy, but very few garments in her closet met that definition. She'd settled for one of the black skirts she usually wore to work, a silk tank top trimmed in lace, and a red velvet shrug. The cut of the shrug made her breasts look a little bigger, she had to admit, but would it be enough to impress Theodore?

Finally Lucia's door swung open, and Annadel gasped. Lucia had recreated the costume the slutty elf on the invitation had worn, right down to the sparkly red stockings held up by garters, and the short, red, fur-trimmed skirt.

"Oh, my," Annadel said breathily.

"I had this from a couple of years ago. Is it too much?" Lucia swept her gaze up and down Annadel's body. "You look...classy."

Annadel's heart dropped. "It's not hot enough, is it?"

"Not hot," Lucia agreed. "We have some time? Come on."

Lucia pulled her in to the apartment and through the living room to her bedroom.

"Take off your skirt," she demanded as she released Annadel's hand and threw open the door of her closet.


"Get undressed, girl."

Annadel blinked. She'd never actually been in Lucia's bedroom before. The place exuded Lucia with its white twinkle lights draped across the iron headboard; rich, dark colors; and clothes everywhere.

Annadel swallowed. "I don't--"

"Here!" Lucia pulled something out of her closet. She held it up, and Annadel swallowed again.

The short, stretchy, black velvet dress seemed no longer than a shirt.

"Put it on."

Annadel remembered the promise she'd made to herself. Something naughty.

She took a deep breath and unzipped her skirt, let it fall to floor, and then took off her shrug and camisole.

A slow, sultry smile grew across Lucia's face. "You've been hiding that from me all these years?" She took a step forward and ran her empty hand down Annadel's side and across her hip. "Damn, girl." She held out the dress. "You better put this on before I do something I won't regret."

Annadel snatched the dress, shrugged it on over her shoulders, and then put the shrug back on to keep her shoulders warm.

Lucia stepped back. "Better," she said appraisingly, but then she came forward and did something completely unexpected.

She reached down into Annadel's bra, and hefted first one breast, then the other, up toward the top. Annadel gasped. Lucia's hands had been cold against her nipples.

"There," Lucia said.

Annadel looked down. She had to admit her cleavage looked far more impressive.

"Ready?" Lucia asked.

Annadel nodded, and the two women went out into the night.

* * * *

Lucia kept her eye on Annadel. She'd never seen her neighbor look hotter, and she could no longer deny the desire growing inside. She'd spent years avoiding those feelings, knowing Annadel generally dated men.

But tonight, something about her had changed, and Lucia wondered if one of her Christmas wishes would be fulfilled.

Lucia also watched the man, Theo, that Annadel had told her about. Lucia'd met him, once, in the lobby of the apartment building. He definitely was sexy, in that boxes-but-knows-difference-between-IPO-and-ISP sort of way. She didn't date men generally, but she never denied herself some fun here and there, and Theo looked like he could be some fun.

She sipped her spiked eggnog as she leaned against the dining room wall of Simon and Saxon's large apartment. Annadel and Theo stood not far off, talking. Theo leaned in and whispered something in Annadel's ear. Then his gaze landed on Lucia, and he raised his eyebrows.

She couldn't see Annadel's reaction to Theo's words, but a red flush crept up the back of her neck.

Sexy as fuck. Lucia smiled as she met Theo's gaze, but then Annadel shook her head and stepped away from Theo.

He gazed down at her. Lucia could tell by the tension that had entered Annadel's body the other woman wasn't happy. Theo reached out to touch her shoulder, but she moved farther back. He pursed his lips, glanced at Lucia again, and then turned and walked across the room.

A surge of protectiveness shot through Lucia, and she reached an arm out to wrap Annadel in a protective embrace.

"What did he say to you?" Lucia asked.

"He...wants me to go home with him."

"Isn't that what you want?"

"I...Oh, God, Lucia, it's been so long since I've..." Annadel shrugged in Lucia's embrace.

Lucia pushed her away, thinking tough love would be the best. "So? Who cares how long it's been? He wants you now, girl."

Annadel stepped back again, but Lucia kept pushing, knowing she had to make her friend see what she was doing to herself.

"You deny yourself, your sexuality. You wrap yourself up in oversized sweaters, in baggy pants. You turn all timid and fearful when confronted with anything that might make you hot."

Annadel kept retreating.

"You don't think I see it?" Lucia had warmed up now, but she kept her voice low, just loud enough for Annadel to hear. "You don't think I feel how your skin jumps when I touch you, even by accident? How you shy away from me, but at the same time want to touch me?" She thrust her chin toward Theo, who'd stopped in the archway to the living room, watching them. "How you did the same to him?"

Annadel stumbled back again and landed right in Theo's arms. Her face burned red as she turned to push herself away.

But Lucia wouldn't let her. She stalked up and used her own body to block her escape.

"Look," Lucia pointed.

Theo and Annadel both glanced up at the archway under which they stood. A large bunch of mistletoe hung above them, tied with a bright red ribbon.

Lucia didn't bother checking to see if anyone else would witness what she was about to do. She took the last step, closing the distance between her and Annadel. She reached out, grabbing the shoulders of Theo's shirt, trapping Annadel between her arms, and pulled them toward her.

Then she looked down into Annadel's bright blue eyes, and kissed her.

Annadel lost herself in the kiss; Lucia knew that, knew that had finally broken down the last wall that stood between them. Theo kept Annadel up, holding her against Lucia. Annadel tasted of Irish coffee, and her lips were full and pliable beneath Lucia's. She pushed past the seam of Annadel's lips with her tongue, and her heart leapt when Annadel's tongue, so shyly, touched hers.

Theo reached around and placed his hands on Lucia's shoulders. He ran them up and down her back, and his breath became ragged as he watched.

"My turn," he said. He turned Annadel in his arms and lifted her toward him.

Lucia ran her hands along Annadel's sides as the other two discovered each other. Her kiss alone had been enough to get Lucia wet, but watching the staid, shy Annadel getting ravaged by Theo only added heat to the fire. Desire bloomed in her belly.

"I don't know how much I can take of this," she told them. "We need to get out of here."

She grabbed Annadel's hand and pulled her toward the apartment door. Theo held tightly to the other one, and the three left without a word to guests or host.

* * * *

They went straight to Lucia's apartment. Annadel balked, standing in the hall, holding herself tightly.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I have a king-size bed and you sleep on a fucking cot." Lucia still had hold of Annadel's hand and dragged her toward the apartment. "So come on."

Theo stood with his hands in his pockets, a dreamy look on his face. Annadel huffed, brushed her bangs out of her eyes, and realized she'd feel just as safe in Lucia's big bed as she would in her own.

"Okay," she whispered, still not quite believing she was doing to this or even, really, what this was.

She glanced at Theo and reached her hand toward him.

He took it as Lucia nearly skipped to her door and started undoing the locks. She flung open the door and motioned Annadel and Theo to enter.

Annadel, feeling bolder, led him into the apartment. Lucia followed and shut the door behind them.

Immediately she started stripping, first dropping her red skirt to the ground, then pulling off her tight sweater and leaving that on the ground as well.

Annadel's body reacted in unexpected ways to her friend's display of flesh; it compelled her to answer in kind. Before she could think or argue with herself, she had taken off everything but her own bra and panties.

Feeling even more brazen, she turned to Theo. "Your turn," she said, and for the first time that night she managed to get her voice above a whisper.

She knew Theo would not disappoint her. He'd wanted this as long as she had (she could admit that now) and his clothes fell away as if made from tissue.

Lucia whistled her appreciation from her place by the door, and pride filled Annadel. Sure, she hadn't seen Theo in weeks, but she knew he was her man, and nothing could change that.

She let her gaze drift to Lucia. Lucia was...so many things to Annadel.

She closed the distance between them, wanting again to feel her friend's hot lips on her own. If anything, this second kiss was so much more. She held Lucia to her, no clothing between them, heated flesh to heated flesh. Their breasts pressed together, covered only by the thin triangles of their bras.

Theo groaned behind them, and Annadel broke the kiss to turn and look at him.

In the dim light of Lucia's apartment, Theo's cock stood long, pale, and hard.

Annadel's mouth watered; Lucia's heat burned at her back. Suddenly, Annadel knew exactly what she wanted -- to be trapped between these two people, loved and worshipped by both of them.

"Ah, fuck," she whispered.

Theo crossed the room toward her, and from behind Lucia wrapped her arms around Annadel, holding her steady.

Trapped. This was it then... Annadel drew a deep breath and tried to still the shaking of her body.

Lucia played her fingers over the fabric of Annadel's bra, then pushed the fabric aside. She ran her fingers over Annadel's bare nipples, and they pebbled. Annadel gasped and arched her back, thrusting her breasts toward Theo.

Theo cupped Annadel's breasts, trapping Lucia's smaller, darker hands beneath his own.

He bent and licked.

Annedel shivered, and she couldn't contain the mewl of pleasure the lick incited.

Theo stepped back.

Lucia lowered Annadel to her knees and gently held her head. "I want to watch you suck him."

Annadel nodded within the confines of Lucia's hands.

Theo's cock bobbed inches from Annadel's lips.

"Lick it," Lucia commanded.

Annadel took a few breaths through her nose, and then opened her mouth.

Theo held himself at the base, tipping his cock down ever-so-slightly to align with Annadel's parted lips.

There's nothing to be afraid of. Annadel resisted no longer and took Theo's cock as deep as she could.

She closed her lips and sucked. The cock's ridges branded hot lines inside Annadel's mouth, and she knew she'd been made to do this very thing for this man. Giving a blowjob had never felt this good, this right. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head. Lucia tangled her fingers in Annadel's hair, guiding and supporting her, making everything just right.

"I can't help myself," Theo murmured.

His hands joined Lucia's in Annadel's hair, and the pace of his thrusting increased, but Annadel didn't mind. She welcomed it, wanting to prove to him what she could take, what pleasure she could give him.

He stilled suddenly, and a roar sounded as if it ripped right from his chest as he came, filling Annadel's mouth with salty ropes of cum.

She gagged, then swallowed, realizing she could take anything he could give her.

When the twitching of his cock finally subsided, he pulled out. Annadel opened her eyes and looked up at him.

Love was painted across his face, completely open and clear.

Lucia pulled Annadel to her feet, spun her, and kissed her, deep and tender. Her tongue invaded Annadel's mouth, seeming to want a taste of Theo for itself.

"Bed," Lucia said breathily, and Annadel could barely move.

Theo wrapped his arms around her and lifted her. He carried her into Lucia's bedroom and laid her gently down on the rumpled, unmade surface.

Before Annadel could respond, Lucia had stripped her of her panties and bra, and she lay naked before her two lovers.

"I want to watch you two together," Theo told them.

Lucia parted Annadel's legs and kneeled between them.

"I've never..." Annadel couldn't finish her thought, because Lucia had leaned down and run her tongue along Annadel's slit.

She spread Annadel's pussy lips and sucked on her clit. Annadel had never experienced such pleasure.

"Beautiful," Theo breathed from his position next to the bed.

Annadel glanced at him. He had his cock in hand as he watched Lucia between Annadel's legs. He stroked its length, already hard again, and Annadel couldn't believe how lucky she was to have these two beautiful people in her life.

She lifted a hand -- it must have weighed a hundred pounds -- and motioned him to the bed.

With that, he took control, turning her and raising her to her hands and knees.

"Condom," he choked out, stroking her ass. She shivered, wanting so badly what he would do. Lucia opened the drawer of her bedside table and pulled one out.

"For special occasions," she explained.

Annadel turned her head to watch as Lucia sheathed Theo.

Then she slid between their legs, her face inches from Annadel's pussy again, her feet against the headboard.

"Best view in the house," Lucia said.

But it wasn't, because Annadel walked her hands over and just like that she hovered over Lucia's cunt.

She went down on her elbows, burying her face in Lucia's pussy as Theo drove his cock deep into Anandel's own.

This was paradise.

The three found a rhythm: Lucia running her fingers over Annadel's clit, Theo fucking her from behind, and Annadel lapping at Lucia's clit.

From somewhere, through the thin walls of the apartment, floated the strains of "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and Annadel came, her cries melding with the music.

Lucia's followed shortly after, adding another layer to the symphony forming in the air around them.

The next morning, Annadel woke to the smell of peppermint mochas and her own insecurity, but that was quickly put to rest. As soon as the three had finished their coffees, and another round of lovemaking, they snuggled back into Lucia's big bed

Annadel knew Christmas still lay a few days away, but she had already gotten her gift.

She smiled as Theo held her and Lucia surfed her small television for some animated Christmas special dimly remembered from her youth.

Annadel thought every holiday should be just like this.

It didn't feel naughty. It felt...nice.

And perfect.

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