It was just another day for him. The Sun was clouded by rain clouds threatening to spill everywhere. But like always it just threatened, never actually pored.

He was on his way to work, walking the same sidewalks day by day, the same path, the same scene. He was dressed as usual. A black suit and a red tie. A briefcase in one hand, the other shoved in his pocket. His hair was styled neatly with just a day's growth of beard on his face, having forgotten to shave that morning.

It was borderline boring. Doing the same thing every day. Nothing ever seems interesting. It wasn't until he crossed the intersection about a few blocks from his apartment, past a few industrial buildings that he saw something out of the ordinary.

The mansion that was there, near the courthouse and some high end neighborhoods was having a yard sale. Usually, He hears, the owner does this from time to time for the high end buyers. Not open to the public. But today, the gates were opened and there were people spilling inside the yard to see what had been concealed behind the gates.

The Man who lived there, lived alone. He was a collector of rare artifacts, or so the newspapers said. Looking at his watch, he knew he would arrive to his work precisely 45 minutes early to get paperwork ready, so since his routine hasn't changed in the past five years, he decided since the town did something different, why shouldn't he.

Turning from his path he headed to the gates with the crowd of people already there, milling around and looking at items sitting on tables lined with a deep red cloth. He didn't see many things that caught his eye and he went to table to table looking.

Sitting on the last table was a bright blue, green and purple Vase. Along the neck of the bottle lay a matching pair of cuffs with a piece of pink string wrapped around one of the cuffs. Something drew him to it, like it was begging him to take it home. Hurrying to it, he reached out a picked it up carefully, right as someone else was reaching for it. Holding it to his chest, he went to a man at the gate, taking the payments for the items that people had collected for their collections. Something from a mysterious man who rarely leaves his house.

Showing the man what he picked up, the guard frowned.

"I don't recall that being on the list of items for sale.. but then again, there was another item that was not listed either so.. no problem. How much you willing to pay?"

He thought bout it. "$200. If that sounds reasonable. For the vase and the cuffs."

The guard eyed it and nodded. "Deal. I don't think the master of the house would notice it's gone anyway. looks too plain for a vase, not like the others he has. And your name?" The guard wrote down the vase and the cuffs on a notepad and waited.


The guard nodded the jotted the name down and took the money that Ben offered to him. He still clutched the vase tightly to him and didn't quite feel at ease until he was safely in his office a few blocks later. Setting it carefully on the desk, he set out to work. Paperwork after paperwork. Putting data into the computer. It was a menial task but he hoped for the promotion they were always talking bout.

When the time came he set out to go back home. Taking the vase with him, he started the same walk back home. The night had come in quickly this night. The streets seemed empty and the gates to the mansion that were open were now closed, though a few people still lingered around. The tables that seemed to overtake the lawn were now gone as if nothing out of the ordinary happened that day.

Benjamin lived alone on the fifth floor of a moderate apartment. Unlocking the door, he was greeted by the sight of a lamp in the corner, turned on and his cat that was rubbing itself along his leg.

"Hello, Minx. How are you?" He asked, reaching down to scratch at the cat's ear. The Cat mewed to him and moved to the kitchen. Turning some of the lights on, he set the vase onto his kitchen table, which until that moment was bare.

Loosening his tie, he slipped his jacket off his shoulders and draped it along the backside of the chair. Turning around he began to get undressed out of the suit, wearing nothing but his boxers and a small thin shirt. For someone who lived behind a desk at work, he was still in good shape. His muscles were fine tuned and though he had a bit of a belly, it wasn't anything that didn't look out of place. Running his hand through his hair and mussing it up, he smiled at the cat, waiting for him by the food bowl.

"Well, I do suppose it is supper time." Doing his same routine of feeding Minx and fixing dinner for himself, he settled down for a bit of TV while he ate his dinner.

Minx, being curious couldn't help but to explore and check out the new item, sniffed around the vase. Nudging it with her nose a bit, it toppled over. as it rolled off the table, thankfully not shattering, it startled Benjamin enough to get his attention. The cuffs were laying on the table but the vase seemed to be leaking something onto his floor.

"Minx! Really? you could of broke it, you silly cat."

Jumping onto the floor and dashing into his room to hide from him, the cat quickly left the room. Searching through some drawers for a paper towel, he turned his back on the vase and it's contents leaking out onto the floor.

Turning back around he nearly dropped the towel in shock. Sitting before the vase was a girl. Or it seemed to be like a girl, only she was see through, and a mix of something solid and liquid, pale Purple in color. She seemed to have long hair, draping over her shoulders, outlining her breasts instead of covering them. Opening her eyes to look at him, she gasped and scooted back against the wall, huddling her knees to her chest. "Please don't hurt me." She whispered. It was funny. For an unearthly creature, she sounded sweet and innocent, like a child. But she didn't look like a child. even being hidden behind her knees, he could see the swell of her breasts.

"W..what are you?" He asked, taking a step towards her. "Who are you?" she seemed to get smaller the closer he got, a small puddle of goo laying under her. "Don't hurt me. Don't put me back in the bottle. I swear ill be good this time." She begged.

Blinking, he paused. "I wont. I promise.." He said in a low voice. much like he would use on Minx when she was stuck on the top cabanits. Able to get up there but unable to get down. Reaching down, he picked up the vase and set it back on the table, picking up the cuffs, he glanced back to the.. thing.

Upon seeing the cuffs, the creature perked up some. "Are you wanting to be my master at last?" She seemed to be a bit excited.

"What?" he asked, holding the cuffs in front of him loosely. "Your master?"

"You're holding my Binding spells." She stood up. Strangely with each step she took towards him, there wasn't a trace of the slime left behind. She looked like jello, Squishy but strangely solid as well. And he was right, Looking at her body, her breasts were heavy and thick, her nipples small points. Her belly was slightly flat and she looked smooth all other. He felt himself twitch in wanting and she stepped back, much like she did when he began to approach her.

She held out her arm towards him. "Be my master?" She asked, eyeing him and then the Cuffs he held in his hand.

"Uhm.." He stood there for just a moment, to assess the reason why she should want him to be her master. But if this was weirder than the fact there was a supernatural creature in his kitchen, the he was seriously messed up. "Sure." He replied. Still slightly uncertain as he slipped the cuff up her arm to rest on her upper arm. Though she looked like she was a pile of melted liquid, or rather melted wax, she felt exactly like a human would. Only smoother and softer to the touch. Slipping the other cuff onto her arm, she looked like a naked goddess.

"How old are you..?" He asked in wonder as he traced the softness of her arm.

"Many many years old.." She replied. Smiling as the cold metal folded itself onto her arm, she closed her eyes as the magic surrounded her.

Then she shimmered slightly. Blinking his eyes, he tried to focus on her, but after a few minutes she came back into view. This time she did look like a human. Her skin wasn't clear or see through, and it didn't look like melting wax anymore. "Amazing.." He replied. Unable to stop staring at her breasts, he coughed and looked away. "What is your name..?" He managed to ask.

"They call me Kenzie." She replied. Looking at him. "Thank you for saving me."

Benjamin nodded and grabbed a nearby asprin. "Here, put this on. Since This is obviously the weirdest day in history, I think ill go along with it. Well.. I guess I could use the company. It's been the same routine for the past five years." He sighed.

Holding the Asprin up to her, she blinked a little and put it on, tying the string around herself. The cloth covered her front, though it seemed to emphasize the outline of her breasts. Not the mention it left her back naked and bare. Somehow the scene seemed to turn him on even more.

She smiled and tilted her head. "Well, I can cook, and clean. and basically do whatever it is that You wish. You are my master. You free'd me. I will be eternally grateful and therefore am Your servant." She tilted her head down to him in a small bow.

"Well.. uhm. Thank you Kenzie." He chuckled a little, bringing his hand up to push my hair back out of nervousness. "Well, since we are just meeting, call Me Ben. Not 'master'. It's too weird."

"Yes, Ben. Sir. What would you like me to do first?"

He blinked. Looking at the clock, it was nearing 11 at night. "Well, why won't we relax for the evening and we will go over chores and whatnot tomorrow?"

Kenzie nodded and reached out to hug his arm. Through the asprin, he could feel the swell of her breasts, the fullness and the weight of them. Twitching he pulled back slightly. "Let me get the bed ready. I can sleep on the couch until We get you some things."

Ben made to move to the bedroom, but she dashed in front of him. "No, no! Mas-Ben, I can sleep on this Couch. or..I can sleep with you in here..? I won't leak or stain your sheets.." She whispered, looking down at herself. "I am quite solid." She sounded slightly sad.

Blushing. He blinked. "Would you prefer to sleep with me..?" He asked. For some reason, seeing her look so down and depressed pulled on his heart strings. He realized he didn't like that look on her and enjoyed seeing her quite happy.

"I would.. You don't know what it is like being alone in that Vase.. I have been in there for so long I lost track of how long I've been in there. You're the first person I've seen in years." She looked up at him, a little droplets of pale purple liquid pooling at the bottom edge of her eyes.

"Then lets get ready for bed." He took her hand and lead her into the room, after turning out the lights and making sure the door was locked. Reaching into a drawer, he handed her a pair of his boxers and a thin shirt. "Here." And turned away to get ready for bed himself.

Taking off the aprin, she slipped the shorts on and pulled the shirt over her head. Turning down the sheets to his bed, she slipped in and smiled as he turned the lights off and slipped in next to her.

Perhaps it's a dream. He thought to himself as he settled in beside her. Turning over onto his side, he reached over her to turn off the lamp, plunging them into darkness. Perhaps this is a dream. And he would wake up and everything would be back to it's normal normalness. Settling down and feeling her firm body curled up against him, he willed himself to sleep. To not get any ideas.

He gasped. In his dream, he pictured Kenzie on top of him, grinding her kitten against his throbbing shaft. He could feel his pre leaking out and onto the fabric of his boxers. He dreamed that her thighs were on either side of his hips and her soft hands.. they encircled his cock and stroked with those soft hands, adding pressure that seemed to enclose around him.

Opening his eyes, he had to blink to make sure that he still wasn't dreaming. There she was, just like she had been, his hard and throbbing manhood standing proudly erect in her hands. Only.. She didn't look like a human as she did when they went to bed. She was in her normal state, see through with a purple hue. She smiled broadly at him.

"Good morning, Ben~" she Coo'd, her hand worked slowly up and down on him and he could see himself through her hand, but it felt firm like nothing out of the normal was happening. Last night wasn't a dream at all but some real reality. It didn't make sense to him. But he didn't fight her, instead she looped her thumbs under the elastic of his boxers and pulled them down and off his legs.

Leaning up he looked at her. The shirt he had lent her was loose, and opened at the neck, so he could see her breasts hanging loose, nipples erect in a darker purple hue. The shorts seeming to be damp from where she was grinding herself against him. She crawled up between his legs, her fingers stroking his legs, thighs.. her cool touch seeming to make him harder as he groaned. "Kenzie.." He whispered.

"Shh.. let me wake you up, Ben. You seem to be in need of.. attention."

Leaning down, she traced the lip of her tongue on the inside of his thigh, licking down til she reached his balls. Suckling on the soft thin flesh, her finger circled the tip of his manhood, spreading the liquid there around the head, before closing her hand lightly once more around his manhood. Moving her hand up and down around his manhood, she stroke him as she licked up his shaft.

He could feel his heart beating wildly. Her mouth worked him and her tongue was amazing. and What blew his mind was that he could see himself in her grasp, but feel the friction and his upcoming climax. But he wouldn't let himself come just yet. It wasn't until he could feel himself in a hot, wet enclosure did he let a deep moan escape. Looking down she suckled on his cock deeply, like she was trying to get the last bit of cream out of a bottle, her tongue working madly around the sensitive tip of his cock.

Putting a hand on the back of her head, he pushed her down to where she took his entire length. he could feel her throat enclose tightly around him, squeezing massaging and her breath was hot on his tender flesh. He could see her throat open for him and he pushed himself deep. He could see his flesh being squeezed. Fascinated, pulled her head back to where just the tip was in her mouth, and she suckled madly, moaning around him as she nipped and pulled back to lick under him, her tongue tracing each ridge and vein pulsating with his increased need to come.

Pushing her head back down, he thrust his hips into her face, pushing himself deeply into her throat, using her mouth like he would a sex toy, all the while stroking her hair and watching him as she swallowed every inch of him that he gave her.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and he let out a little yelp as he came, a tinted puff of white liquid shooting down her throat and into her belly, as she swallowed him, her throat muscles squeezing his twitching member as she drank down his seed.

Pulling back she licked her lips and grinned. "That was.. yummy, master." She leaned back, sitting on her feet. her hand still holding the base of his cock, still hard and twitching from his release.

"Since I am your master, I order you to get naked." He demanded. his tone taking on authority, and his earlier shyness melting away.

She lifted her top up and off, her breasts bouncing free. Her nipples were hard as rocks. Rubbing them and staring at him, he couldn't wait. He didn't want her to tease him more than she already have. Pouncing on her he pushed her onto the bed. Ripping the shorts off of her, he left her naked quickly. She squeaked in surprise of his sudden attack and opened her legs to him.

He captured her nipple with his mouth and suckled on the hard tip like he was starving. his tongue licked and stroked her and he held both of her wrists above her head. Knowing she could dissolve anyway, she still didn't fight him - much. She wiggled, but with her wiggling, the wetness between her legs taunted his already sensitive manhood, only making him want her more.

Nipping roughly on her nipple as punishment, he moved to her other breast, suckling and nipping as he did the other. Under him, she shivered against him and her breaths, once light became pants of need as she arched her hips and kitten up for him in a silent plea for him to take her. Reaching down her body, still suckling roughly at her breasts, his fingers slipped between her legs.

She was soaked and waiting for him. Her lips were swollen with need and he could hear her soft cry when he slipped a finger inside of her. It sucked the digit inside deeply like a suction cup. her body seemed to make a perfect fit for just a finger. She moaned to him, and her body moved in time to the soft thrust of his finger.

Lifting up, he shifted and spread his legs apart slightly, making her legs open more, wildly, so he could see her kitten clearly. Taking a tie that was resting against the headboard of his bed, he wrapped the cloth tightly around her wrists and trying it to the wooden frame above her.

"Thought you were a dream.. and what a beautiful dream you are. I haven't had this in such a long time, and since you called me master after I told you not to.. I will have to punish you. Do you understand?"

She smiled at him, her bonds secure, She tested them. "Yes, master.." She grinned, knowing he would have to really punish her now,. "I understand."

"You tease.." He growled.

slipping his hands under her knees, he lifted her slightly and positioned himself over her. Then with one clean and rough thrust, he pushed inside her. Like with her mouth, he could see him inside her and he could see her muscles flex around his cock. He almost came right then from the way she was so tight around him. Like she was manipulating her body around him to squeeze at different parts or his whole manhood at once. He felt like there were little tongues licking at him at all sides. and he pulled out, the suction of her kitten on him made it difficult and the throbbed for her.

"Kenzie, you really are a tease" He moaned and she laughed with him as he thrust into her roughly over and over. With each thrust the frame of the bed hit against the wall of his apartment and the sound of flesh meeting flesh became the primary sound.

Taking her breast into his mouth again, he worked at her nipple as he pushed in and out of her. She moaned and called out to him, her panting becoming more and more clear she was almost to her peak. Reaching down once more, not stopping his assault on her body, he stroked the little nub in between the lips of her kitten, causing her legs to tighten around his hips and her body to jerk as she came, a clear liquid squirting out from around him. Her cries of pleasure filled his ears and he nipped between her breasts.

He wanted to come then, but held off once more, and pulled out.

"Turn over." He ordered and helped her turn onto her belly, her arms still held out in front of her. Using his thighs to pull her legs closed, so he straddled her rear, he nipped at her shoulder. "You're absolutely beautiful, Kenzie.." He whispered, his hand massaging between her legs, at her kitten and she purred to him. "For you, master~" She giggled.

leaning over her, her laid himself over her back, his hands slipping to her front and groped her breasts, working them and squeezing her nipples in between his fingers. Still wet from her orgasm, he removed his hand from her kitten and guided himself to her rear. Pushing into the smaller hole, inch by maddening inch, she seemed tighter than before, if that was something.

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