tagGroup SexVey Wet Cunts - A Friend's Birthday

Vey Wet Cunts - A Friend's Birthday


Writer's Note: The story you are about to read did not happen in truth. It did happen all right, partially, up to the last section. Regrettably, I never went through with the final part, which is now, just an illusion (and perhaps a reflection of the real ending I had wished for). Nonetheless, I hope it wets a lot of very hot and sexy panties...and ye, a hard knob or two – enjoy.

Very Wet Cunts - A Friend's Birthday

When I was in my mid 20's I traveled to the U.K. and Europe for a sabbatical. I planned to have a few months in London followed by a few months back packing through Europe.

I had always, since I discovered the joy (yes joy!) of pornography, had a very strong sex drive. I was rather unsuccessful with the girls, by and large (more successful with the larger ones actually). And that proved only to provoke my intense lust. Simply put, I wanted to get laid as much as possible.

I had been staying in a suburban part of London and taking the usual buses and underground transport into town regularly. On one such journey I met her. We had both been waiting for the same bus, had shot glances at one another, had looked away and back again at various intervals...and finally greeted on the bus.

Her name was Carrie (real name changed) and she was sexy.

Try as I did, I could not get her to give me her number or to agree to a coffee, let alone a date. The bus stopped. We parted.

Man she was lovely, and how much I desired her. But she was also a bit classy, too classy to give it up so easy, and I was left only think about her, what she would smell and feel like deep down south. I trudged on through dreary old London town thinking that was it.

I was wrong.

A couple of weeks later, we bumped into each other - in the bus again. Again I tried, again she declined. But again, there was that strange and alluring moment in which our eyes met and sized each other up. Carrie's lips wryly smiled, belying her coyness and suggesting nothing less than a fervent interest.

"I'm having a party Saturday, why don't you come?"

It's not easy arriving solo at the hostess' party, finding her engaged with all her other friends, wandering what to do, how not to look spare... I met her sister. We spoke and spoke and my lack of attention to, and apparent lack of interest in Carrie, meant that although she had won the battle, she had not yet won the war.

It's curios, the more you ignore some folks, the more interested they become in you. So it was with Carrie. Had I been wiser, I would have realised this and used it to my advantage. As it happened, fate was to play this card on my behalf anyway.

About a month later, having abandoned my attempts at Carrie, I was out on a date with a very large, very sexy, very foreign girl I had met on a sojourn to Scotland. En passant, I must add that for me, Scotland proved to be the most unpretentious, sexually charged and downright fantastic place in Europe. Of all the places I've seen, Scotland ranks the most unassuming and un-arrogant, number 1 for lovers of fucking. And it's a pretty damn cool spot too.

So this date and I had met in Scotland, snogged there (I learned that word in Glasgow) and arranged to meet at a future date, for a London session.

We were on the last night-train, in the city center, snogging, when the train pulled up at a station and three loud and bubbling ladies entered. Not to be too brazen, we stopped going at each other and sat side by side, my hands lovingly clinging on to the ample flesh of my partner.

And that's when I saw Carrie again. She appeared rather taken aback at seeing me scoring. Carrie's friends hushed down to a whisper, perhaps sensing that something fun was going on between my partner and me, and also imagining that they might have liked to be going home for a good snog, or finger or fuck with a guy they liked.

Courage was with me however, and I looked straight and clear at Carrie. Upon noticing me, she had turned away. But at the next stop she looked up at me.

"Hi" I said.

"Oh hey, how are you?" said she.

"Great, how you been?" replied I.

"Oh good, real good." she said bravely, her voice and her manner belying an inner feeling of jealousy?

"Oh well this is my stop. Take care." said she, preparing to alight.

"You too, cheers." said I, rather blaze, rather nonchalant. I had rarely before been so cool, but with another lady on one's arm, a guy becomes empowered.

Well, thought I, if that ain't just strange.

The night that my date and I spent was a good one initially, but deteriorated somewhat from that point. It wasn't a lack of will on either her or my part, but looking back, that incident had dented our connexion. She was a smart enough girl, perhaps noticed my interest in Carrie, perhaps realised I wasn't a keeper. We spent the night together but parted, both feeling somewhat deflated.

If I could go back, and meet the women I had let down in my life, I would do it, to lessen their hurt, and mine. I would tell them how much I truly appreciate everything they gave me, every kiss, every grip, every finger. Even those that frustrated me so. But there are too many, and life just doesn't look back, no matter how much we do.

Well the Carrie war was once again at arms. She had won the first few battles, and I the last. As a result, Carrie called me and invited me to her birthday bash. It was to be a London pub-crawl. I accepted happily, knowing that I wouldn't be totally spare, as I knew some of her friends by now and I wouldn't be hanging on to her for attention.

The pub-crawl began somewhere and progressed somewhere else, all rather boring. At about the 3rd pub I exchanged glances with a pretty hot chic (she was a "chic" – only way to describe her) and we began dancing. I looked over at Carrie and she was doing her best to avoid eye contact and interest in me. But that was difficult as our entire group was taken aback at how one of us had seemingly defected.

Second battle won...now to the rest of the war, the final part.

Among the pub-crawlers was an Irish girl. She was very possessive over Carrie and this made me wonder, did Carrie go with girls? I watched them interact, looked for signs, but the more the night progressed the more it appeared that the interest was one-way, and something of an obsession.

I'm not one to knock obsession, as I have succumbed to infatuation on several occasions. But Irish girl was a bad export. She was coarse, had matching levels of testosterone, and made no secret of her dislike for me and her own lust for Carrie.

So... a war within a war...fuck.

We 3 were the last 3 standing, and shared a cab ride home. It was late and we agreed to go to Carrie's place. I think that Irish girl had a prior arrangement to sleep over at Carrie but that's just conjecture. I think also that Carrie wanted me to sleep over in order to act as a decoy for Irish girl. Perhaps she just wanted me...in any event here we were.

Irish girl was desperately trying to nudge me out, taking every opportunity to hold hands with, hug, peck at Carrie, but never getting further. I on the other hand, whilst openly resenting Irish girl, didn't advance on Carrie at all. I simply had one plan – stay cool until at Carrie's place, then do whatever it takes to get into her bed...with or without Irish girl... promising to sleep and not touch...just get into the bed.

We got inside the apartment. It must have been around 5am. "Coffee?" asked Carrie. "I'm really whacked Carrie, let's turn in" said I. In the meantime Irish girl had gone to the loo. I looked at Carrie, she at me, I was about to ask, "What's up with Irish girl" but the bitch reappeared and snorted (in her Irish accent) "let's go to bed".

We went up the stairs to the bedroom and Irish girl jumps right in, clothes still on...I look at Carrie, she looks at me, I shrug my shoulders, Carrie erupts in laugher. "Well ok then" I continue, "Carrie, you're in the middle."

Carrie undresses. Down to knickers and brazier. Fucking hot. I undress, down to boxers. We get in. It's still dark, London in the late winter. Raining softly outside, dreamy, real nice.

Irish girl is on Carrie's left, I on her right. Irish girl advances on Carrie stealthily, snuggling up, trying to get busy. I lie...waiting...for what I know not...

And then I hear Carrie giggle. I bend my head left; she's looking at me and smiling, trying to contain her laugher. I notice Irish girl has snuck under the pillows, head on Carrie' chest, busy busy. I lean in and kiss Carrie on the mouth. She isn't expecting, it breaks her laughter.

Oh fuck, she didn't want that...but a moment later her laughter is gone, she is looking very seriously into my eyes, her mouth opens, her eyes close, I watch her as my tongue touches hers, enters her mouth, I begin to devour her. She sucks my tongue in, I press my lips full on hers, I close all breath for her now and begin an onslaught on her sex, through her mouth and lungs.

She responds, she sucks, moves her face left and right, breaths heavily through her nose...I close my eyes and lose myself...I feel her hand on my neck, on my chest.

I am aware that Irish girl is sucking Carrie' nipples, I move lower with my hand, I reach down, I feel her belly, I feel the frill of her panties, I slip in, I feel her hair, her mound, I let one finger slip further down, she is wet, and then I slip it in her pussy. We are still kissing deep, sucking each other. She has my cock in her hand, pre-cum oozing.

We begin to rock her pussy together, my finger grinding in and out, moving up-down to widen the area of tactile sensation. She breathes deeper, losing control, kissing me so deep, so sweet. My finger works deeper and faster, wet sounds start to emerge as I suction her cunt with my stroke. The sounds and our kissing become more intense, I'm on the verge of popping my load in her lightly rubbing palm...

"What's going on!" Irish girl interjects. She must have been unaware. Furious. Jealous. But we kiss on, ignoring her. "Carrie, Carrie!" she insists. Still we ignore her. "Fuck Carrie!" she now says loudly.

Carrie brakes off the kiss, "Shhhh!" she reprimands. "Don't wake my flat mates."

"But Carrie..." Irish girl implores, reaching down and pulling my hand away from Carrie's wet sex.

This was a crucial moment. Any backing off would have been surrender to the weaker and more vulnerable Irish girl. Without thinking too much, I pulled back the covers, and placed my very wet finger over Irish girl's lips, saying quite firmly "Shhhh, the flat mates!"

I threw the covers over Irish girl's head and began once again to finger Carrie. We started to kiss again and I sensed Irish girl moving lower. I picked up the finger-fuck pace and felt Irish girl begin to lap at Carrie' vulvae and clit, moving furiously over and around my digit.

The pressure was building to a crescendo and Carrie was breathing faster. I knew instinctively that the time was now, as I felt the cum build up in the shaft of my cock, Carrie still jerking me methodically, but quickening the pace as her orgasm approached.

And then she began to arch her back, she stopped kissing, she squeezed hard on my cock. The time was now. With my free hand I pulled back the covers, lifted Carrie' hand off my throbbing cock and directed my now spurting cum in the direction of her cunt.

I shot three clear loads, pumping each time and oozed a final effort. Upon opening my eyes I saw Carrie still plateauing, sweat forming on her upper lip, eyebrows frowning in hard concentration.

And then I looked down, Irish girl was still eating hard, all around my finger. Three long strains of cum saturated her thick black hair as she ate and ate. Eventually, once Carrie had cum, she had to push Irish girl off, the orgasm having passed.

In doing so Carrie inadvertently smeared some cum from Irish girl's hair into Irish girl's face. "Ohhhh argggghhh" was the angry response of Irish girl. Carrie quickly pushed her finger onto Irish girl's lips and hushed her down.

"You know what I want to see right now, don't you?" said Carrie...

I remained silent, Irish girl, still furious held back her anger and managed a "...What?!"

"I want to watch you do yourself for me." Oh Carrie, you darling.

"Not with him here." protested Irish girl.

"Do it" implored Carrie, "I want to see it."

"If I do, the you owe me, you owe me you realise." Irish girl's protested again, simultaneously compromising.

It wasn't pretty, but it was quite sexual. Irish girl practically ripped off her own panties, and began rubbing her very hairy snatch. A broad variety of colourful and brazenly foul language now erupted from the Gaelic minx, culminating in a rather wet and audible orgasm.

And, thus sated we all finally slept, Carrie with a smile on her face, I with a very busted nut, and Irish girl, with a dirty mouth and a scalp full of my cum.

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