tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVic-Tori-a's Secret Ch. 01

Vic-Tori-a's Secret Ch. 01


I have never been the kind of person who likes to be told what to do and be controlled but not so long ago I met a man who would change that and introduce me to a world that now I just can't get enough of I have become the slave of this man.

You could say I have now become a submissive, but the thing is this man I've met wasn't my lover he was someone who I never knew until one shocking night but he has opened me up to his world and now I just can't get enough of it.

I'll tell you a little bit about myself first just so you can understand the kind of woman I was before: My name is Victoria but prefer to be called "Tori" I'm 5'5" I have brown hair that just comes to above my pert breasts, blue eyes and I have a tattoo on my side of a bible verse.

It all started one evening when I planned to go out with a few of the girls from the street for dinner and few drinks at a local bar, it was my time where I can just be young and be one of the girls.

I wasn't a big drinker I just like to go out and be social, have a dance, chat and a good gossip with my favourite gals. I used to get a lot of attention from guys because I am very attractive even if I do say so myself but I would never flirt back because I have a loving husband whom I love to pieces at home.

There was this one guy who caught my attention and he came over to talk to me, I am always polite enough to let guys know that I am unavailable from the moment they try talking to me just to be honest and true not only myself but also my partner.

We got chatting and he explained to me that he was ok with me being in a relationship, he appeared to be a gentleman and said he would never want to step on anyone's toes and if I was happy he would just like to chat with me and pass time which to me didn't sound like a problem it was just nice to chat to someone without any awkward chat up lines and knowing that there wasn't going to be any sex at the end of the night, this Is what nights out to me were all about having fun and just enjoying your night.

He was a funny intellectually stimulating guy and made me laugh sharing some of his embarrassing stories and I in return shared mine with him.

As the evening continued and we got chatting more about our personal lives we found out that we had lots in common and thought to myself that he and my partner would get on really well.

The girls were having just as much fun as me they were on the dance floor, flirting with other guys and drinking cocktails checking on me every so often to ensure I was safe.

He offered to buy me a drink and I accepted.

As we sat there drinking our drinks laughing and sharing our stories I quickly made my excuses and popped to the restroom and returned back to the bar and the friendly company I had met that evening.

I continued to drink my drink and even paid for another round, after getting through about half of my next drink I started to become dizzy and feeling like I was getting drunk but the problem was I wasn't drinking any alcohol.

I tried to make my excuses and leave but as I started to get off of my chair I stumbled to the ground, my new friend then jumped from his chair to come to my aid and help me up telling me that I needed to get some fresh air and he would call a taxi for me to ensure that I got home safely.

I heard a distinct voice asking me if I was ok it was the barman and my drinking companion replied by saying he was going to take me to get some air and call a cab to get me home to which the barman agreed was the best course of action.

As I feel myself staggering to the front door with a hand at the side of me holding me up I begin to feel myself starting to lose consciousness drifting in and out.

I reach the door and someone held it open for us,

I tried to say thank you but my speech had become slurred and unrecognisable, I started panicking wondering what was happening to me, was I having a stroke or a seizure? I was unsure but it wasn't a good feeling I was having.

I barely remember much after that, only little bits and pieces but i do remember being helped into a car and i thought it was a taxi, but it must have been my new friend's car.

As i lie there in the back seat trying to figure out where i was i felt myself unable to move.

I was completely aware of what was happening but it was if i was paralysed in some way.

We pulled up somewhere and all i could see were trees all around me and then a shadow of someone just outside the car window they were getting closer to me.

The door opens and there is stood this guy from the bar he grabs me by my underarms and drags me along my feet just deadweight dragging along behind me causing one of my shoes to fall off.

I was then proceeded to be dragged up a few stairs which looked like that of a porch and was taken inside this mysterious house.

He threw me onto a bed in a cold and damp room, the windows were boarded up there was no carpeting on the floor, no sheet on the bed, just a mattress, bedframe and a very dim light hanging above.

As i try to force myself to make some movement and try and run away i felt myself unable to do so feeling like i was just too drunk to move.

He leaves the room and i hear him in the adjoining room running the taps to which i assumed to be a kitchen or bathroom i wasn't sure, all i could see was the door and the living room across the way.

When he returned he had his jeans unbuttoned and was wiping his crotch with what appeared to be a towel, and in his other hand a glass with clear liquid inside, my mind began to think the worst, what was he going to do to me? Was he going to kill me and torture me for his own pleasure?

Whatever was about to happen i knew it wasn't going to be good! He sat me up and gave me a glass of water to keep me hydrated or so i thought.

He then proceeded to keep my head close to his chest and while holding it there he began to undo my dress from the back and once he had fully undone my zipper he layed me back down resting my head on the mattress gently.

He took off his shirt and removed his boots, climbed on top of me and started to kiss my mouth all i could do was just look at him in terror but that just made him more excited.

He worked his way down my neck reaching the top of my dress and stopped and pulled my dress down exposing my bra undid that with the clasp at the front exposing perky 32 C breasts.

He licked his index fingers and thumbs and began to tweak both of my nipples at the same time making me whimper just a bit out loud.

As i started whimpering he put his hand over my mouth and told me to shut my mouth because if i didn't id get more than what was already coming to me.

He continued to tweak one nipple why his head went down and using his wet tongue licking and flicking the other.

He seemed to like my perky breasts because as well as wanting to tweak on them and flicking the nipple with his tongue, he would grope them between his fingers and squash them under his hands.

Once he got bored of them he stood up and removed his jeans exposing a massive 11" long 6" round monster of a cock, he then climbed up on top of my chest held my mouth open and he proceeded to fuck my mouth.

I started choking on it but he still continued to force my mouth around it stretching my mouth as wide as it would go, i could hear him groaning as he just thrust in and out of my mouth.

My lips started to feel numb where they were being stretched so far and i was starting to asphyxiate on his cock, i began to feel like this was the end he was going to choke me to death my final thought would be my death certificate reading "death my dick".

As i began to start losing consciousness he suddenly retracted his monster cock and i make a big gasp for air not knowing if he was going to do it again.

I start to cough as my lungs then begin to fill back up with air; he looked at me as if he was waiting to see me gasp for air like he was enjoying seeing me in pain and suffering.

Once i got my breathing under control he stepped onto the mattress spreading my legs apart ripping the dress from around my things, exposing my panties to him but he just had a quick glace moved forward and pressed his cock up against the fabric of my panties the only thing stopping him from being inside me was a thin piece of fabric.

He lent forward grabbing my dress and pulled it all the way past my tattoo on my side which was of a bible verse with flowers around it, down past my hips and he shuffled down so he could get them past my legs and completely remove it.

He started to lick across my breasts and down towards my sides licking every inch of my petite framed body, and licking down towards my navel and started kissing my bellybutton and working his way down over my panties, my clitoris being stimulated from feeling his breath through the fabric.

As he slowly started to rip off my panties i began to hear him starting to pant harder and faster his body getting more excited as he starts to undress me and exposing me fully.

I then feel him starting to lick my clitoris and take it fully into his mouth sucking on it and flicking it with his tongue simultaneously. My legs begin to twitch not from excitement but from me trying to force him away, this was the first time that anyone has touched me except for my husband.

I feel him work his way down and using his fingers he pulls apart my labia exposing my bright pink, tight gash and he proceeds to start to perform cunnilingus on me getting his tongue deep inside my pussy making me get wet.

I start to struggle and trying my hardest efforts to release myself from his touch but it was no use, he was onto me and was aware that the drug effects were wearing off me.

He tied me up with some rope my hands above my head tied to the headboard and placed a sock in my mouth to keep me from screaming and then proceeded to continue making my pussy wet.

He started to slip in a finger into my now wet vagina trying to make my hole big enough for him to what i can assume fuck me raw, when he tried to put in another i felt my body reacting to it as it began to get tighter.

Not getting the hint that i wasn't up for this he continued to force his fingers inside me battling against my body, fighting his way into my lady garden at any cost he slapped my around the face and told me that i was to relax or he would continue to force his way in and it will hurt more than if i just relax.

I tried to let myself relax but i did not want anyone else to fuck me, i had a husband at home who i loved and was the only man i had been with since we met at college.

He forced in a third finger and started to thrust them up against my clitoris and started to rub with the other hand frantically making my pussy become more moist and wet and bringing me closer to an orgasm.

I started to scream louder through my makeshift gag he was beginning to make me cum, how was this possible i wasn't enjoying it or so i thought. I felt him spit on my pussy lubricating it up.

He then licked his fingers and then spat into his hand and massaged his saliva into the head of his cock making it wet. As he lifted my legs up he put them over his shoulders and placed his cock at the opening to my vagina, i started to beg him to stop the gag muffling the sound desperately trying to come out.

This didn't stop him and he continued to insert his monster cock into my tight raw pussy, with every inch that he put in the more pain i began to experience, my eyes filling up and i begin to start crying trying to beg him to stop but he was enjoying it too much.

My pussy was getting so wide it had never been stretched so far or wide in all my life, i could feel it starting to stretch and tear me from the inside out he started to get more and more rough with me forcing it in faster and harder drilling me deeper and deeper.

He looked me in my eyes and could see the tears streaming down my face and without stopping he pulled out of me and turned me over onto my stomach lifted me up and took me from behind.

with one hand on my him and the other grabbing his cock he placed it back at the entrance and continued to fuck me, once he was in me he then pulled me back onto him further so that he was nearly balls deep inside me and with his other hand, started to rub my clit fast and hard as he started to pulsate i could feel blood starting to rush to my face.

I managed to force the gag from my mouth and begged him again to stop pleading for my life but he just continued and carried on, i start to feel myself beginning to get more wet between my legs the friction from him stimulating me was making me close to squirting and after a big flood of emotion hit me i began to squirt shooting my cum all over his cock just floods coming from my vagina.

He loved the feel of it because he continued in this position for a while continuing how he was before stimulating me and fucking me he was making me want to scream and squirt all over again, this time i wasn't going to fight it but i was going to enjoy it.

I feel myself about to squirt again and then i just gushed all over again letting out one big squeal with excitement, i was beginning to enjoy this what started off bad experience it was like nothing i had felt before.

As he came close to peaking he turned me back over and pulled out from me, he grabbed his dick still dripping with my we pussy juice hovered over my stomach and shot his thick juice all over my navel and it reaching over my pert breasts and giving me a pearl necklace in one big cum dump, i had never seen anybody shoot so much love juice as i have him before.

He agreed to let me go but the only way he would agree to it was that we would meet up on a regular basis behind my husband's back and from that moment on i would have to become his submissive.

As I lie there red raw and feeling sore, my pussy still weeping and the same with my eyes I began to wonder weither or not I could go through with it, lying to my husband on a regular basis, but the feeling I was starting to feel with something I had not felt before.

Yes I know I was in pain and that I was raped but in the end I began to enjoy the rough, hard sex that we just had and considered how much better it could be if I was made more aware of it and had a part in the planning of it.

I agreed to these terms and he drove me back home to the house that i shared with my husband, as i walked in the door there he was sat in the living room in just his underwear, i was feeling so overwhelmed i went into the bathroom dried myself up, went to the bedroom slipped into something more comfortable and then straddled him on the couch and made him fuck me hard just to see if his cock would make me scream and moan just like the other guy before me did.

My husband was no match for this other guy and if the only way i was ever going to feel that good and cum that hard was by agreeing to his terms and conditions then do you know what.


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