tagMatureVicar of Chigwell Ch. 01

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 01


The newly appointed vicar of Chigwell was a dangerous looking sod, reflected Marcia McNab, church warden and general factotum of the vicar's manse. He looked more like a gypsy than a man of God. Longer than normal black hair curled untidily around his head seeming to indicate that it was as unruly as him. David Rutter also had dark penetrating eyes that were mesmeric in their intensity. He was big, well over six feet in height with broad shoulders and an athletic, slim hipped build. His fingers were broad and spatulate and were now steepled beneath his chin as he contemplated the woman in front of his desk. Marcia felt like she was riven in stone and her knees began to shake.

David suppressed a grin and continued to stare at the old woman in front of him. Dressed conservatively, she looked like any other grandmother, white haired and proper. She wasn't entirely shapeless nor all that unattractive really. Stupid bitch had actually had the temerity to try to tell him the rules of the parish and of the house until he had sternly told her to be quiet. Of course, his weak kneed predecessor would have wanted a strong woman. All David wanted was a cook and housekeeper, and the occasional head job. Not that much to ask really. She had dentures and it had been a while since he'd had a nice gum job. He'd had a beaut set up in the last parish until some lesbian mother had gone to the bishop and complained that he had devirginised her under age daughter. And, fuck, had she been a nympho or what!

"Get around here and on your knees, woman," he commanded, his voice low and threatening. Marcia knew she had met her match. She had ruled the roost here for over 24 years since her husband had died. At 67 her life was wrapped in the church, the parish and the vicarage. Now a man, a real man, was ordering her to her knees. Astounded by her lack of fight, she went meekly behind the desk and got to her knees in front of him.

"Undo that cardigan and remove it. I like to see some tit when I'm being sucked off."

Inwardly shocked by his bald statement that she was about to do something she had never done before, Marcia fumbled with the buttons and eased the grey cardigan off over her shoulders, thrusting her very large breasts outward, firmly encased in the long line bra she wore.

"Never wear a bra in my presence again, Marcia. Now, remove that as well. There's something about an old woman's tits hanging like that. Very erotic. I like to see them move in blouses and sweaters."

Marcia fumbled behind her and found the five hooks holding the wide band of her bra strap and pulled the cups away from her extremely large white breasts and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts fell down onto her rounded stomach as she looked down demurely. No man had seen her naked breasts for more than a quarter of a century. She had never had a strong libido but she suddenly felt the strange sensation of her dormant clitoris lurching within the confines of her vaginal lips and the moistening of the interior. She felt a strong finger under her chin and looked up to see a simply enormous penis in front of her face. It was dark and purple, suffused with blood. It was the angriest, most aggressive member she had ever seen in her life. And big, very big.

"Grab it and suck it, woman," David demanded. "Do a good job and I might keep you on. Do a lousy job and I'll get somebody in that's better looking and more accommodating."

Marcia wrapped her wrinkled fingers around the rigid shaft and pulled it down from the vertical. She contemplated the cock head for a moment. It was the size of a large plum and she feared she would not get it in her mouth. The large pee slit was slightly frothing and she had a momentary flash that she had caused that. Tentatively, she licked the froth off and tasted it. Slightly salty but not too bad. She'd never performed fellatio in her life but some force within compelled her to keep going. Yesterday, she would have said that in such a situation, she would have run out the door and rung the bishop. Today, she was on her knees in front of a man she had only just met, his velvet covered rigidity gripped in one hand while her tongue hungrily swiped more of the juice from his dick.

"Suck it, I say!"

She eased the head of the cock between her lips. It was shaped like a battering ram, the glans curving up; forced up by the size of the flange. Without getting it all the way in, she started sucking while licking the man gruel easing from his pee slit.

"Take your teeth out, Mrs. McNab and you'll get more in that way. I can see you've never done this too often but you will get better.......aah, that is better." He grabbed her by the side of her head and started fucking her mouth. It was warm and moist on his super sensitive cock head and the gums made it all that much better.

"Hoist your tits up and wrap them around my dick. Aaahh, much, much better. I haven't had a woman for over a day so I'm not going to last much longer. That's it, Mrs. McNab, suck away. Swirl your tongue just under the ridge. Oh, you are getting good. Those tits of yours are so soft. Go on, rub them up and down. Ooh, lovely. Get ready woman, you're about to be anointed by the Vicar of Chigwell. Open wide and stick your tongue out, here it comes!!"

Marcia watched his eyes darken with lust absolutely mesmerised as the vicar's pee slit opened and a jet of thick creamy white fluid shot from the end straight to the back of her throat that she automatically shut. Another jet landed on her tongue before he moved it down to spray all over her neck and upper breasts that she still held up like an offering. Nearly gagging she forced the globule of sperm from the back of her throat and on to her tongue. She swirled it around her mouth and tasted the rich musky taste before swallowing it. Surprisingly good! She felt him push the cock head back between her lips once more and she went to work sucking the remaining flow from him. Marcia heard him moan aloud as the exquisite agony of her roughened tongue over his highly sensitive glans almost drove him to his knees.

"Hmmmh. I do believe you may be worth keeping after all. Up you get and put your cardigan on. If I keep looking at those lovelies with their big bulging nipples, I might get the urge to fuck you. I might still, unless I get a better offer this afternoon."

Marcia struggled to her feet feeling her juices trickle from her unwanted cunt down her between her thighs and commenced hoisting her blue veined white breasts back into her cardigan.

"Vicar, the first appointment is a marriage counselling session with Mr. and Mrs. Simmons, at 1pm. Shall I make lunch?" Her voice sounded strange and her tongue kept slipping out to lick at the residue of his copious cum that had semi dried on her lips.

"Fine." He watched her retreat, her big arse roiling as she squirmed her thighs together to prevent her vaginal discharge from falling onto the carpet. David grinned because he knew what she was doing.

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