tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVicar of Chigwell Ch. 02

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 02


At 1pm, Mrs. McNab showed the Simmons into vicar David Rutter's study. Mrs. Simmons was a very big woman in her late forties, fierce blue eyes, grey blonde hair and thin, pursed lips. Disapproval radiated from her. She was easily six feet tall with enormous, melon-like breasts that the huge woolly jumper failed to hide. She had on jeans and work boots. Behind her and completely dwarfed was a short skinny bald man. David ruminated that it was a strange phenomena often seen that big women somehow contrived to wed short skinny guys.

She strode forward and put out her hand. "I'm Sheila Simmons and that miserable piece of manhood is my husband, Ben. He has announced that he wishes to divorce me for some mouse in the next village. Can you imagine?"

David stood and towered over her, took her hand and felt the calloused strength and returned it with double the strength and stared with his dark eyes into hers, noting the sudden withdrawal of the fierceness and the replacement by a quizzical expression. He motioned her to a seat in front of the desk. He shook hands with Mr. Simmons and gestured him to the other seat.

Returning to sit behind the desk, he steepled his hands under his chin and regarded the small man. "And what exactly is the problem, Mr. Simmons?"

The man opened his mouth but his wife butted in. "It's all his fault. He..."

"Shut up, woman! I asked him, not you. Be quiet until I want you to speak! Go on, man."

"I've fallen in love with a widow from the next town. We've been seeing each other for a number of years now. She is very different from, er, um, er my wife." He looked down nervously.

"We'll get to that in a moment. When was the last time you had marital relations with your wife? Shagged her, fucked her?" Ignoring the startled gasp from Mrs. Simmons, he glared at her husband. "Well?"

"Er, that is to say, well, um, might have been quite a few years ago. I can't remember."

"Are you enjoying sexual relations with this widow you're seeing?"

Simmons glanced nervously at his wife who was bristling with rigid anger. He looked back at the vicar. "Yes, yes I am. She is wonderful. We can't keep our hands off each other. I asked Sheila for a divorce but she refused. She kept me locked up for a week and refused me food. I'm very unhappy and I need to be with Nora. I'm not getting any younger and I want my remaining years to be happy."

"They shall be. Leave us, go home and pack and move in with the widow. Your divorce will proceed." Ben scampered from the room without a backward glance.

"How dare you," Mrs. Simmons shrieked, half rising from the chair. "The previous vicar would not have dared to..."

"Shut up and sit down, woman! I am in control here, and I suspect this may be the first time in your life that somebody other than yourself has been in that situation."

Sheila settled back into the chair, clasping her hands nervously. She had never been spoken to like that, ever. Exceedingly handsome and well set up, he had an air of absolute authority. His dark eyes riveted her to the chair and she licked her lips nervously. She remained silent.

"Now we understand each other, let's get down to your little problem. Are you undersexed? Didn't the little guy turn you on? Getting it from anybody else? Well??!!"

"He's the only man I've been with," she mumbled, looking down. "He wanted to have the light on and for me to be totally naked, and I couldn't allow that. My mother would have turned in her grave. It was messy and uncomfortable." She looked up at him with angry eyes. "Unfortunately, he got me pregnant first time, and of course he was not allowed near me until after I had our son. Actually, years later. And, it was just the same - ugly, messy but fortunately brief. I had my tubes tied after the birth as I didn't want to go through that horrible birth thing again! All those people looking at my private parts. Disgusting!" She shuddered and went on. "I just can't understand why he had to go to that bitch. I fed him, ran the farm for him and allowed him his stamp collecting hobby. Every couple of years, I allowed him to rut me, with the usual result. I find the whole thing absolutely disgusting!" Her voice had become angry and defiant and she glared at the new vicar.

"Christ on a stick, woman! You have got absolutely no idea of your role in life. You are on this planet to serve men. While you are no beauty, you do have a certain sexual attractiveness so long as your attitude changes. And it will, my girl, it will!"

"It won't! I'm happy as I am. I'm leaving now and you can be sure the bishop will hear about this," she exclaimed defiantly.

Rutter stood and strode round the desk. He bent and grabbed the startled woman by neck and bodily lifted her upright as if she weighed nothing. "Like hell, you will, you nasty bitch. It's time to teach you a lesson." He dragged her to a nearby upright chair, sat and pulled her down over his knees. He spanked her hard across her big firm buttocks ten times and then pulled her upright to stand in front of him.

Tears ran down her cheeks. "You bastard," she muttered, as she rubbed her arse.

"Get rid of those jeans. Now, bitch, or it will be worse for you!" She glared at him, but reached up under the bottom of her big pullover and undid the top bottom. She nervously undid the zip and with some difficulty, pushed them down over her large womanly hips until they reached her knees. Her thighs were large but firm, and milky white.

David laughed as he saw her plain white old lady panties. They were moistened a little at the bottom. "Lady, sexy they ain't. Drop them, now!" Reacting to the no nonsense tone of his voice, the voice of absolute authority, Mrs. Simmons pushed and pulled until they slid down her thighs to puddle on top of her jeans at her knees. The vicar gasped as he saw what was revealed. Her snatch was covered in thick curly hair that grew on the tops of her thighs and disappeared up under the jumper. It was the hairiest cunt he'd ever seen. He couldn't see the slightest sign of pussy lips. He pulled her back over his knees. Her milky white arse was slightly reddened and he proceeded to redden both cheeks some more, using a random pattern of both hits and pauses. She moaned and squirmed, suddenly aware that there was something hard pressing into her belly.

Finally, he stopped and started stroking her arse cheeks, soothing the hurt to some degree. Holding her firmly on his lap, he reached down and got rid of the boots, socks, jeans and pants. He ran his hand down her thighs and onward down to her well shaped calves. He ignored her gasping and continued to fondle her while slowly pushing her legs apart. Delving his long middle finger between her arse cheeks, he located her thin outer lips and discovered a slimy residue. He stroked up and down a few times before easing into her tight vaginal canal and then began to finger fuck her while ignoring her gasps and moans.

"That, Mrs Simmons, is a virtually unused cunt. It's time it got used for what it was designed for. Stand up and stop whining." She stood before him, one hand rubbing her arse, the other trying to cover her pudenda. "Take off that stupid jumper, now!" he ordered. She hesitated only momentarily and then raised the hem up over her head and dropped the garment on the floor. Her mammoth melons were encased in an old woman boulder holder that covered them completely. "Now get rid of that thing hiding your tits. I've never met a woman who tried to hide so much." His eyes widened as she shrugged out of the bra and let it drop. "Keerist! What a set! And that poor bastard of a husband never got to see them. Fucken idiot! What a pair of beauties and completely wasted on a nasty bitch like you. Straighten your shoulders, woman, and let's see them in all their glory."

Sheila straightened her shoulders and the slightly drooping torpedo-shaped breasts thrust out from her chest; milky white with a prominent tracery of blue veins, big crinkled areolae and magnificent bullet-like nipples. Rutter reached up and worshipped them, caressing, stroking, thumbing the nipples, twisting, pulling, hefting and gently slapping them together. He dropped one hand and slid a finger through her hairy bush until he located her mucous filmed pussy lips which he then commenced to stroke. Mrs. Simmons shuddered as a completely new feeling swept over her. Shamed as she felt, she couldn't stop the wave of erotic sensation that was being caused by this evil man's hands roaming her body in places that no man had touched before. Her knees began to buckle and her breathing became rapid and shallow. She clutched at his shoulder to keep her balance. "Please, please stop. This is terrible."

"Absolute crap! You're loving every minute of it." He rose and pushed her back to the desk until she lay sprawled upon it. He pulled the chair over and positioned her feet wide apart on the desk top. "Lay still woman. I am about to give you your first ever orgasm. Next time, I expect you will have trimmed this hairy beard before I do this." He located her thin lips and pulled them apart to expose the glistening pink interior. Slowly he ran his tongue up from the bottom to the top and then repeated the dose. Suddenly a little white pearl blossomed at the top of the slit, a clit no less, but tiny. He laved her some more, and on every second or third pass, he pressed his hot mouth to her cunt and drove his rigid tongue into her depths. He reached up and pinched both her big nipples while he gently bit down on little white bump. Her whole lower abdomen undulated wildly as she orgasmed for the first time in her life. She didn't cum in buckets but he felt the sudden flush of female joy juice bathe his tongue. She moaned loudly, an arm over her eyes while a hand clutched at the top of his head.

David stood and dropped his pants. "I think that cunt of yours is slick enough to take this now," he said with a smirk, fisting his monster cock to greater rigidity.

Sheila slid her arm away from her eyes and gasped out loud. "Good grief!! What is that, that thing?! It won't fit, it won't! Please don't. I'll do anything but have that monstrosity put inside me."

"You will anyway, bitch, and love it. Stand by for the best experience of your miserable life." Using one hand, he rubbed the flaring, angry head up and down her cunt lips while firmly holding her down with the other. Having achieved the right position, he drove it all the way up her relentlessly until his pubes meshed with hers and his sensitive glans met and beat aside her cervix. "Holy bejesus, what a tight, tight pussy. I think I'll leave my dick to soak for a bit while I get better acquainted with these whopping great tits of yours. I look forward to giving them a great tit fuck next time, baby."

She whimpered and screwed her eyes shut as she felt herself cumming all over his deeply entrenched fuck rod. He was sucking one nipple and pinching the other then vice versa and it seemed that an electric current passed between them and her clutching pussy walls, driving her to an ecstatic plateau she never dreamed existed. Then he started to fuck his monster tool in and out of her milking pussy and that drove all sane thoughts from her addled brain. She moaned, she shrieked, she didn't care who heard her. She came and came and came again. He sped up and her world absolutely shattered feeling him fucking her hard, clutching great hand fulls of wildly wobbling tit flesh until she felt the undeniable spurting of his semen deep inside her and that sensation sent her spinning into a deep faint.

The vicar of Chigwell left his cock in the hot steamy depths of his victim and felt her body unconsciously trying to keep it there and knew that she would be back for more. She still had some pleasures to go: a tit fuck, a blow job and an arse fuck or two. He was sure she would prove to be worth his time now that she understood her role in life.

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