tagFetishVicar of Chigwell Ch. 03

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 03


For the South African couple...the nice thing about Literotica is the international community of writers and readers, especially appreciative ones.

David Rutter, newly appointed vicar of Chigwell contemplated his diary. Mrs. McNab, his housekeeper and general factotum (and provider of his morning blow job) had noted an appointment with a Mrs. Jones and her daughter at 10am for "counselling for waywardness". Fascinating. Waywardness, now what did that mean? Perhaps the daughter dressed wantonly, perhaps she shagged anything that moved, perhaps it wasn't her but her mother?

Marcia entered after knocking. "Excuse me vicar, Mrs. Jones and her daughter Jennifer are here to see you. Shall I show them in?" David regarded her and wondered if the Joneses could see the sensual woman below the prim and proper exterior she showed the world, could see that she had been on her knees less than an hour before, slurping on his hot cock. As if reading his thoughts, Marcia McNab's cheeks reddened.

"Show them in." A very short, dark haired woman built like a bowling ball entered. What followed was the complete opposite. Taller, about five five, she was blonde and voluptuous, stacked with lovely curving hips and shapely legs. She had classical features and beautiful blue eyes that were almost violet in colour. The dress she had on did little to disguise the figure but was drawn tight across a slightly bulging tummy. She was pregnant, about five months or so. But still very, very desirable. His cock lurched into sudden tumescence.

She took in the tall well built vicar who looked almost byronesque with his dark colouring and wild dark hair and her eyes narrowed with interest. Clearly the sexiest man in this parish by a long way. Her pussy jerked into life with a vengeance, her clitoris suddenly erecting. Jenny had been preparing herself for a lecture from the prissy old former vicar. This was likely to be much more interesting.

"I'm Pamela Jones and this is my daughter, Jennifer. We have had two previous interviews with the former vicar but they didn't do much good. I'm afraid Jennifer has continued with her wayward life. Far too many boyfriends, staying out late at night, and so on. I even caught her in bed with one of my nephews, if you can imagine. Will you tell her that this sort of life can only end in a bad way."

Rutter studied the mother and wondered where the hell the gorgeous daughter had come from. At best the mother was homely, and David who would fuck the dead given the chance, could find nothing remotely sexual about her. He looked suddenly at the daughter and caught her licking her full sexy lips. Further, it was clear that there was a small damp patch on her dress that bulged over her large perfect breasts, almost but not quite hidden by the pattern. He looked into her eyes and they stared back at him with a patent defiance. They said: "I'm dead sexy and so are you. What are you going to do about it?" The air crackled with electric lust.

David's dark eyes shifted back to Mrs. Jones. "I think this will go better if you left her here with me. I may have to say things that you would not like to hear. Sometimes the strong and forceful nature of my language can be somewhat distressing for ladies of your upbringing."

"Of course, vicar. If you think that is best." Pamela looked at her daughter and sighed. "She really is a good big hearted girl and I think that is half her problem." She waddled out of the study and shut the door behind her.

"You delicious bitch! Does your mother know you're pregnant? I bet she doesn't and I'll bet you don't know who the father is, do you."

"You would be right on all counts. I can't help it if guys find me attractive. I have no idea how I got pregnant cos I was on the bloody pill. I think that bastard uncle of mine switched them. He looks like my mother and I gave him just one mercy fuck and refused him after that. His dick was no bigger than my little finger. The bastard! I just thought that I'd stuffed up the dose and missed a couple of periods. Now it's too bloody late."

"So, I guess you don't want a lecture on how your licentious behaviour will see you consigned to hell and damnation."

"Not bloody likely. I'd rather have a lecture on how you're going to fuck me rigid. You don't look like the sort of man who'd mind giving a length to a girl with a bun in the oven."

"And you'd be right. You are one horny woman. Stand up and lose that dress. Let the ferret see the rabbit."

"More like the cock see the pussy!!" And she laughed out loud at her own sally. Standing, Jenny swayed around the desk and stood right in front of the vicar. He had been nursing a horn from the moment she had entered the room. She licked her lips and slowly undid the buttons down the front of her dress. He licked his lips as her marvellously white body was revealed. She pulled the dress off her shoulders and it puddled around her feet. The bulge of her pregnancy detracted nothing. If anything, it made her even sexier, if that was possible. She was wearing a gauzy purple coloured bra that strained to hold her big white jugs. David could plainly see the big dark areolae because the area around them was wet from breast milk. She leaned forward and his eyes locked on the incredible length of her full firm and luscious cleavage as she bent down and pulled her shoes off. His hard on became steel.

"Tits or pussy?"

"Tits, tits, tits, let me see those gorgeous tits, girl!"

Jenny unsnapped the front of her bra and quickly shrugged out of it. Her magnificent breasts stood straight out, hard as if filled with silicon. They weren't, they were filled with milk. The nipples were standing out of her darkened rosettes and were easily a half inch wide and the same again long. Viscous milky drops dripped steadily from them. Like a starving man, the vicar reached out and grabbed them and dragged her between his knees. His mouth descended on the right nipple and he sucked hard and was rewarded with a stream of slightly salty but sweet mothers milk. His grasping hand was clutching her left breast and milking it. He could feel a stream of milk bathing his face. Switching breasts he attacked it with religious fervour. Heaven on earth. She was moaning and swaying as the erotic tingling in her nipples forced her clitoris to pop even further from its protective sheath and begin throbbing.

"You could be there for hours but I need fucking, badly, very, very badly, you gorgeous man." Jenny pulled away from his strong grip and ripped her pants down her long lissom legs. She grabbed the vicar by the hair and pulled him upright and kissed him hard, thrusting her thirsty tongue into his mouth to duel with his. Her hand easily found his upright rigid cock and she grabbed it greedily. David had his hands on her big firm arse cheeks and was massaging them with glee.

"Ooooh, it's a big one. I want it now. Get it out and give it to me," she gasped as she wobbled backward onto the big divan under the window. She lay on her back and raised her knees and then widened them as she reached down and massaged her prominent clitoris with urgency. The vicar was virtually drooling as he shrugged out of his milk spattered dark coat, clerical vest and collar. Within seconds he was naked and strode over to her, his massive cock quivering like the nose of a hound drawn to her beautiful cunt like a homing missile.

"I'd love to give that honey pot a good going over, but I can't wait to plant this inside you. You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen and by god, I'm not waiting another second!" He dropped to his knees between her legs and fisting his dripping cock, directed the fierce helmet between her pouting pussy lips. With enormous relish, he drove it inexorably into her right to his balls and felt his huge glans brush past her cervix. She was tightish but when she felt that happen, her cunt spasmed and clutched at the fleshy intruder as if by some involuntary means it had decided that it would never let it go.

"Fuuuuuuuuccckkk!" she shrieked. "Oh my god, fuck me, fuck me you big cocked stud." She through her legs around his waist and started kicking his arse with her heels. "Come on, come on, fuck me, fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk me," she wailed as her super sensitive pussy gushed forth a boiling orgasm.

David drove his cock in and out of her spasming cunt. It was made for him. It took his whole length and gripped it lustily. He leaned up on his elbows and watched her delightful breasts wobbling around as he fucked her. He grabbed those breasts and squeezed, rewarded and delighted with the fountains of breast milk that squirted up at him. He suckled at one breast and milked the other feeling it squirt into the air to land warmly on his heaving back.

Jenny was going ballistic. She had never had a fuck like this. It was completely wanton and out of control. His magnificent dick was driving her demented, driving her to a plane she had never been to before.

"Cumming, oh Christ, cumming," he exclaimed as he plunged his big tongue into her mouth and pumped streams of thick spunk into wildly clutching depths of her hot, hot cunt. Her legs holding him firmly to her, Jenny gripped his cock with her hungry pussy walls and milked every drop out of him.

He stopped kissing her and fell heavily on top of her bulging, still squirting tits. As he gathered his breath, he leaned up and looked down into her passion-filled eyes. "I gather you've not got much on this afternoon?"

"Nope. Unless you can think of something?"

"I sure can. Let's make ourselves comfortable in my bedroom. I've got a few suggestions that will make your eyes water."

Mrs. McNab, his housekeeper and general factotum (and provider of his morning blow job) watched with some amusement as the naked vicar, his prodigious cock swinging, chased the squealing nude body of Jennifer Jones up the stairs to his bedroom. His cock was flinging seminal fluid in crazy arcs and her breast milk was flying from her big, blue veined breasts to daub the walls as they raced up the stairs. Within seconds, Marcia McNab heard Miss Jones wail "I want that big cock between my tits, you randy, randy bastard!!!" Then she heard "Suck, you cock happy whore, suck it!" She smiled and made her way to the kitchen. The vicar was fucking and all was right with the world.

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