tagErotic CouplingsVicar of Chigwell Ch. 04

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 04


Jenny Jones, the filthiest, randiest woman David Rutter, vicar of Chigwell had ever experienced had drained him dry until he was shooting dust. So much so, he had been forced to sleep in and forego his morning blow job from Mrs. McNab, his housekeeper and general factotum. In fact it was two days later before his cock lost sufficient soreness to be handled. Marcia McNab had lovingly rubbed some sort of cream into it twice a day and miraculously it had swiftly returned to normal.

Jenny Jones had returned home somewhere in the wee hours and her mother saw instantly that she had been shagged senseless and had packed her off to distant relatives, and that, David reflected, was a sad waste of female. Her carnality matched his and she had vowed to come back to him as soon as she was able. And he would welcome her with open arms, even if hers had a baby in them.

David was munching toast in the big country style kitchen and contemplating the large arse of Mrs. McNab when the phone rang.

She answered it. "Vicarage, Marcia here." She listened and then looked over at the vicar, her eyes narrowing. "I'll ask." She held the flat of her hand against the receiver and said, "Are you available to visit Quimby Stud. It's Mrs. Shalders. She has a problem she wishes to discuss with you."

Rutter peered at her. "You don't seem too enthusiastic, Marcia. Say yes and we'll discuss it."

"He'll be there about 10. Is that alright?"

Marcia hung the phone up and came and sat opposite the vicar, picking up her tea cup and contemplating him over the rim.

"Well, tell me."

"Sonia Shalders is extremely rich."


"Well, she has buried three husbands and that's how she got so rich, according to folks around here. All three were much older than her and even though the deaths were ruled legitimate, there is still a lot of suspicion about."

"Maybe she shagged them to death?"

Marcia McNab, former prude, did not even blink. "Possibly. They all died of heart attacks." She took a sip of the tea and looked pensively into the distance. "The last one, Bill McMahon was a big hefty sort of fellow and he passed away a year ago and left her and her daughter by her first marriage the finest horse stud in the country. The daughter runs it and has been very successful. The only thing that Sonia does well is get through a lot of gin bottles."

"So why does she want to see me?"

"She contributes heavily to the parish and she may be contemplating not doing so from now on. I really don't know. Perhaps she wants to confess her sins, mmmh??" Her eyes twinkled at the thought and David wished he had seen her in her prime. She was bloody attractive for an old tart of sixty or so.

Marcia recognised the gleam in the vicar's eye and regretfully told him to be on his way if he was to make the appointed time.

"I'm going to fuck you, Marcia, and soon. You deserve it. You're a girl in a million and I don't know what I'd do without you. Blush all you like, it's the truth. No promises but I'm going to climb between those stout thighs of yours real soon."

The deepened colour of her cheeks signalled her acquiescence more directly than words. Nodding to himself, David strode out and left her with a distinctly aroused vagina. Thrusting a hand up under her skirt, she rapidly flicked her aching clitoris and achieved an orgasm in record time. "Promises, promises, the bastard," she sighed getting up to go and change her panties.

Driving through the gates of an obviously successful stud, the vicar of Chigwell approached the palatial Edwardian mansion along the gravelled tree lined drive. Shown into a sitting room overlooking an Olympic sized pool, he noticed a blonde and quite voluptuous woman of about fifty or more, dressed to the nines wearing a very expensive apricot coloured silk blouse teamed with a beige knee high skirt. Sheer stockings and a pair of expensive shoes completed the picture. She was sipping a glass of clear liquid that gave off the aroma of sloe berries – definitely gin. She took one look at the tall, handsome vicar and her nipples suddenly bulged to points beneath her blouse. That was not missed by the vicar whose eyes narrowed as he saw her physical reaction to him.

"Please be seated. I am Sonia Shalders and my friend Sheila Simmons was not lying when she described you, vicar." He sat and waved away the offer of a drink. "I'll come straight to the point. My daughter by my first marriage, Soraya, is a problem to me. She is now 32 and unwed. She shows no interest in men but I am convinced she is not a lesbian – no little female friends, if you know what I mean. I want you to find out what her problem is. A little of the counselling you gave Sheila might do the trick. In return, I will continue to support the parish and donate a hefty sum for the private use of the vicar. What do you say?"

"Mmmmh, if she looks like you that might not be such a hardship."

Sonia stared at him. The impertinence of the man! "We have been mistaken for sisters but action rather than flattery will find me very grateful indeed. That is, if you can get her to change her ways."

"The flattery was intended, Mrs. Shalders. Tell me what Soraya's interests are then."

"Ever since she was given control of the stud, she has spent every waking moment fully involved from selecting the mares to overseeing the mating with the stallions. I'm not complaining about the results, mind you. Last year, one of our yearlings topped the four million mark and has gone on to double that in prize money. It's just that it has become an obsession with her. She is my only child and I want grandchildren, and soon, as I'm getting older by the minute."

"Okay, I'll give it a shot. However, there is one thing that I want if I am successful."


"Yes. I want a piece of your prime arse."

"How dare you, young man!"

"Oh, I dare. Is it a deal? It might take your mind off boozing for a while." Ignoring the shocked look on her face, he went on. "In fact, lay off it now because I'll want to fuck you as soon as I finish with her, and I can't stand the smell of gin."

"You utter bastard!"

"Yep. Now where can I find Soraya."

"At the stables, I suppose."

Rutter rose and strode over to her and reaching down clasped a handful of bulging breast and sharply tweaked the distended nipple.

Delighted with her outraged gasp, he left and found his way to the stables. It was very large with room for about thirty stalls. At the end he could see a jeans clad feminine arse topped by a thick woollen jumper leaning against a wooden wall. The blonde was shouting instructions to somebody inside.

"Get her tail out of the way, Jem. Billy's so stupid that he would fuck thin air if you didn't put his cock in for him."

David walked up behind her just in time to see a huge black stallion rear up on to the hind quarters of a tethered grey thoroughbred mare, his massive black and pink horse cock waving about in mid air. A jockey sized gnome grabbed it and nimbly slotted it to the mare's vagina. Big Billy drove it home and sunk his teeth into the mare's shoulder and began to pump in and out. The woman was side on to the action and could clearly see the massive shaft fucking in and out of the mare. Even though he was standing next to her, her eyes were riveted to the action and David could see her cheeks becoming redder and her breathing becoming shorter. Her derriere waved about as if she was the one getting penetrated and not the squealing mare. Her hands were gripping the railing so tightly the knuckles were white.

Abruptly, Billy's haunches gave one last heave and then he pushed himself off the mare, his great tool shrinking as it exited the steamy vagina trailing a viscous spume of sperm. The woman shuddered and closed her eyes tightly. Jem led the stallion out one gate while a young female strapper led the mare out another.

It was only after that door closed that she spoke. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Ever since the big bastard socked his cock into the mare."

"Oh, how embarrassing."

"Not for me. Strange way to get your jollies, perving at stallions servicing mares."

The blush was rapid and she averted her green eyes. "Now you know my secret, vicar."

David raised quizzical eyebrows.

"Apart from the dog collar, even I have heard about you. Mainly from Jenny Jones before she was sent into exile. Ah, here's Jem." Jem was in his mid thirties and had soft brown eyes and a pronounced limp.

"Jem is my stable manager and I couldn't do without him, isn't that right, Jem? This is the vicar, David Rutter." The men shook hands. Jem had large hands for a small man and a grip of steel.

"So, did you see the action?"

"Yes, Billy was most impressive."

"His name is not really Billy but he does come from the Nijinsky line. He has a weird Arab name but we call him Billy. He does alright but he's a bit stupid when it comes to the mating game. Needs a guiding hand, does Billy." He looked at Soraya and his soft eyes hardened. "Will that be all, ma'am?" he asked.

Soraya Shalders straightened and glared down at him and the answer was terse. "Yes, good day to you." She turned and strode down the alley way between the stalls leaving the vicar behind.

Jem stared after her and shook his head. "So much woman, so little love." He turned and walked away. Soraya turned in time to see David catch up with him and have a small conversation. Jem looked at her and nodded. David strode up to her, tucked one arm under his and they strolled up to the house.

"I gather you're not immune to men, then?"

"Certainly not! I keep telling mother that. I'm just too busy with the stud to go catting for a fuck any time I want. Jenny had plenty of opportunity plus she is far sexier than I."

"Oh, I don't believe that to be entirely true." He stopped and stood in front of her and gave her a thorough eyeballing. "You are a bit on the bulky side but you've got great tits just like your mother and an arse that cries out for a good, hard riding. Of course, you do smell a bit and your hair could do with some work. Let's trot up to your room and get you freshened up. What do you say?"

"Jenny told me you were a cocky so and so." Soraya laughed, showing even white teeth. "Okay, you're on. I guess I can spare a half hour or so."

David Rutter, recently appointed Vicar of Chigwell watched the hour glass figure of Soraya Shalders while she dried her hair in the adjoining bathroom of her bedroom. He had shed his clothes and was idly stroking his phallus as he took in her bounty. She was not tall and the curves made her look like an earth mother goddess. She had bountiful hips below a nipped in waist and strong looking thighs that had benefited from years of gripping the withers of many a horse. Surprisingly the hair that covered her mons had been trimmed into a V pointing to a bulging hairless mound with big thick outer lips that rolled inwards to a barely visible slit. Fascinating though that was, her large brown-nippled breasts were even more fascinating. They lifted and swung together like bells with the motion of her arms as they wielded a hairdryer in one hand and a brush in the other. She faced him and watched as his cock grew to alarming proportions.

"That's enough wench. Get over hear and let me at that horny body."

She put the implements down and sashayed out of the bathroom to stand over him. The smell of horse had gone to be replaced by a sweet scent. "Do you think I'm sexy then? As good as Jenny?"

"I'm here to fuck, not stroke your ego. You'll do until something better comes along. Get down and wrap those gorgeous tits around this." He sat on the end of the bed and pushed her down to kneel between his legs. Soraya lifted her melons to surround his rigid prong and began to massage it in an up and down motion. "Lick it, baby, lick that pre-cum up. Get a taste of things to come."

"It's an ugly bugger isn't it? Even Billy's got a better looking one, and bigger. But, I suppose it will do until something better comes along," she said smiling impishly up at him.

Rutter rose and pulled her up and pushed her down flat on the bed. He straddled her upper belly and grabbing her lolling breasts, jerked his dick into the cleavage and started fucking them, hunching in and out like a demented dog. She reached forward and sucked the angry looking head every time it came within reach.

Suddenly, her eyes widened. "There's somebody tonguing my slit!! Who the hell is it, you bastard."

"Keep sucking, woman. I did invite a friend to join us. I figure you're woman enough. Mind you, it could be your mother, or, it could be Jem. Who do you think?"

She groaned. "My mother? You evil bastard. You didn't! And it couldn't be Jem. He doesn't even know I'm a woman."

"Suck, woman, suck – you're about to become the proud owner of a holy collar, courtesy of your vicar. Here, take this, you wonderful tit fucker," he gasped, as he fisted strings of pearls around her straining neck, her tits flattened as he sat on them to deposit his load. The cum finished with a dribble and the vicar slid sideways admiring his handiwork. Her eyes flew to the person voraciously eating her out.

"Jem! Oh no, it can't be you. You don't even know I exist as a woman."

Jem looked up over her heaving belly and between her splayed tits. "Oh, I know you're a woman, the sexiest woman on the planet. And with the sweetest tasting cunt. I've wanted you since the day you got here but I may as well have been a broom for all your interest in me. Maybe this will get me noticed!" Stark naked, he stood. Though small in stature, there was not a spare ounce of fat on him. His chest and stomach were all muscle. The most surprising muscle was the one that reared majestically from his groin. It was bigger even that the vicar's. He pushed Soraya's knees up and wide, rubbed his cock head between her now slimy vaginal lips and shoved his cock in to the hilt.

"Arrgh, you're tight. Fuck, you're gorgeous, my girl. I've waited so long and I'm going to fuck you 'til you can't walk for a week. Turn over, I'm now going give to you doggy, or rather horsey," he panted as he pulled his iron hard cock now decorated with streaks of white female ejaculate from her. She had cum the minute his bulbous cock head had breached her. He rose on tip toe as she knelt low for him, positioned his prick and drove it back into her. As he fucked her, he reached under and grabbed her swinging breasts and used them like reins. She was moaning continuously and nearly bucked him off as he leant forward and bit into the join of her neck and shoulder, just as Billy had done to the mare an hour ago.

"Horsey, horsey, Jem, my stud. Ride me baby. Fill me with your sperm. Make a mare out of me. Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!"

"What in the hell is going on in here?" demanded the strident voice of Sonia Shalders from the doorway. There was her stable manager, his impressive dick ploughing in and out as he rove up her daughter who was swearing like a ravaged whore. Rising from a position next to the head of the bed was the vicar, tall darkly handsome and naked.

He strode toward her and dragged her into the room. "Now for my reward, Mrs. Shalders. You are going to get the shagging of your life!"

"Leave me alone. You, a man of the cloth! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Cut it out, Sonia," intoned Jem authoritatively. "You've never refused the cock before, so don't start now."

"Mother!!" shrieked her daughter. "Don't tell me you and Jem, have, have..."

"Fucked and often," chortled Jem as he continued to ride Soraya. "With you more interested in mating horses than shagging, I let her have her beastly way with me. And vicar, she's a good 'un."

Rutter had by this time ripped the expensive blouse off Sonia and he salivated at the sight of her magnificent blue veined breasts barely held by the sheer bra. He ripped that off too and gawked as her bounteous, heavy nippled breasts exploded and settled heavily on her rounded tummy, swaying and rolling as David pulled her skirt down over her hips to puddle at her feet. Neatly trimmed pale hair glistened with female dew and her inner lips were splayed open over her outer pair like a butterfly. An acorn sized clitoris stood proud and angry pink.

"Who's been playing with herself then, you filthy old tart! Playing while Jem and I were doing the business on your daughter!" Bending swiftly, he plunged his rigid tongue straight into her juicy twat then rasped it up over her throbbing clit. She mewled then cried out as he sucked it then bit it gently. Her thighs shuddered as she gushed juices all over his chin. He rose and guided the now unresisting woman to the bed and arranged her on her hands and knees next to her daughter. Rapidly, he nosed his arrogant prick into the folds of her leaking pussy and, flexing his hips, plunged it powerfully until he bottomed out, his goose egg sized balls slapping against her slippery upper thighs.

The lascivious vicar looked over at Jem who was gripping Soraya's meaty hips as he pounded into her. "Ah, this is the life, eh Jem? What's she like? This one has got a cunt like velvet glove and boy, can she move it!"

"Davey, I've waited so long to get amongst this gorgeous woman, I've come off twice already. It was a bit tight early but it's turned into a right greedy kitty. You, want to try it?"

Rutter nodded, and despite protesting groans from the women, dismounted and within seconds were buried balls deep in mother and daughter and fucking them manfully.

"You're right, this one is different. How's that one, Jem?"

"Oh, I've been up this one plenty of times, and during two of her marriages as well. That's it woman, cum again. You are a horny slut, aren't you?" Sonia was biting her thumb of all things, and moaning constantly.

"Oh mother, why didn't you tell me what I'd been missing out on? This heavenly," bawled Soraya, as yet another orgasm overtook her.

"You were never interested. And certainly not in Jem," she panted as he pounded into her. "We've had many a good poke, but he's been rapt in you for years and you've treated him lower than horse dung. Marry him and give me grandchildren, and let him give me the odd poke and I would be the happiest woman on earth."

David felt Soraya's pussy walls clench on his dick and could hold off no longer. He fired volley after volley of potent baby making sperm right up into her womb.

"Oh mother, he's spunked me. Yes, yes and yes again. I'll marry Jem. I've actually loved him for years but he's never had eyes for me. Is he making you cum on that lovely tool of his?"

"God, yes, yes – yeeeesssssss! And he's spunked me too, the gorgeous boy. I just love it. Give me a kiss sweetie and make me happy." They exchanged a loving kiss then both rose and turned to leave the room arm in arm.

David and Jem were lying back on their elbows watching them leave, their pricks lolling on their slime slicked thighs. "Look at those two big beautiful arses, Jem. Did you ever see a hornier sight?" They could see trails of mixed male and female juices sliding down their opulent thighs.

"Don't you boys go anywhere. We'll be right back. I've got a lot of loving to catch up on, don't I mother?"

"You sure do, sweetie. How about we go sixty nine so we can see their cocks going in and out really close up. And then we'll..."

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