tagMatureVicar of Chigwell Ch. 06

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 06


David Rutter, vicar of Chigwell drove up to the mansion that housed the Sisters of Our Lady of Succour. In the car park were a fleet of black luxury cars – a Bentley with the number plate SUC01 and a succession of six others that included two Jaguars, a BMW, two Porsches and a Nissan 300zx, all with similar number plates with ascending numbers.

Mrs. Marcia McNab, his housekeeper and general factotum (and provider of his morning blow job) had noted that the order had apparently prospered under the new Mother Superior but that appeared to be one of the great understatements of all time. The grand house was immaculate and so were the grounds and gardens, testament to a large workforce. The door was answered by an ancient crone complete with nun's habit and wimple. She gestured for him to follow and led him into a modern office on the ground floor and pointed him to a plush chair in front of large desk that had one of those lairy Apple Macs to one side.

The door opened and a smartly dressed and coiffed woman entered. The elegant business suit did little to hide a patently voluptuous figure with the vee of the jacket deep enough to show a tightly packed cleavage. While her features were smooth and unblemished, the hazel eyes danced with mischief. She wouldn't see 50 again but she showed all the signs of a very healthy animal.

"So you're the vicar of Chigwell," she announced in a surprisingly firm and business like manner. She extended her hand as he rose and gave him a strong handshake. The nails were buffed and well tended. She took in the tall dark and handsome vicar and her eyes shone with pleasure. "I'm Maureen McKinnon, Mother Superior of the Sisters of Our Lady of Succour. And I am very, very pleased to meet you."

"And I you, dear lady." David eyed her large mobile bottom as she made her way around to the chair behind the desk. "How may I be of service to you?" he drawled as he took his seat and crossed his long legs.

"I'm sure an intelligent man such as yourself might have noticed that we don't appear to be the religious order you might have imagined. The old girl that answered the door is there for show. Old Antoinette belonged to the previous management when they were poor and destitute. We are now in business, and a fairly profitable one at that. As a religious order we do enjoy considerable tax advantages so we haven't changed our name, although our business name is Succour Enterprises."

"Fascinating. What is the nature of the business then?"

"We manufacture products for enjoyment in the home. We do a great line in dildos and vibrators and other items of a like nature. You must remember that nuns have been getting themselves off by themselves for centuries. You don't seem surprised to hear this."

"Not at all. I too provide a service that the traditional church might frown upon."

"Indeed. And that is why I gave you a call. We have a problem that you appear to be eminently qualified to provide."

Rutter frowned. "What? You want me to shag a bunch of old tarts or something?"

Maureen laughed out loud. "My dear vicar, certainly not. I'll explain. Up until a year or so ago, we had a defrocked Jesuit priest with us, a Brother Jonas. A bull of a man, he kept the girls happy but more importantly provided us with the model for our most popular line of dildo. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack and the sales of his dildo have declined rather rapidly in recent months. You see, we girls like to try different dicks, real or manufactured." She opened a drawer and drew out purple latex cock. It was quite large and with an appreciable diameter. The helmeted head however was unremarkable and the balls that were attached were relatively small for the size of the barrel.

"This is where you come in vicar, er David. We have a number of patronesses and we understand that while your – er organ is not of the overly large variety, it does have a certain character that would be perfect for our needs. Should you agree to participate, we will provide you with 10% of the royalties. What do you say?"

"You want to use my cock as a model for a new line of dildos? Hmm, apart from the money, what other inducements are there? Any company benefits at all?"

"Well, Brother Jonas was the order's father confessor. Many of our order spent some time on their knees in front of him. He gave benediction up until the day he died. In fact, he was performing such a duty when he died." She chortled at that. "Come. Let me show you our manufacturing plant."

Rutter followed her out of the room, down a hallway and into what was previously the ballroom of the mansion. An assembly line had been set up from raw materials to packaging. All about the room were women of various ages working and wearing light weight smocks. As they entered, a tall raw boned but striking blonde woman strode up to them. "Maureen, we have a problem. Our last mould of Jonas' dick is about to go cactus on us. You had better find a substitute and quick. Is this it?" She eyed the vicar up and down and two large bulges suddenly pushed against the material hiding a pair of largish and clearly unfettered breasts. "He looks good, but has he got the goods?"

"Joan here is head of production. Sister Joan, meet the vicar of Chigwell, David Rutter. I am reliably informed that he does indeed have the goods. Not the size of Jonas but apparently much more interesting. Just explain to him how we go about making the mould."

"First we get you hard then you shove your penis into a box of setting plaster like this one. Once it's set, we cut you out, make a master then use that one to do a number of production moulds."

"That business of 'cutting me out' makes me a tad nervous."

"No, silly," she giggled. "We make it shrivel and it slips out."

"Usually only emptying the spigot, or shooting the spunk, or blasting the tonsils makes me shrivel."

"Trust me, if you're the man I think you are, we'll make it shrivel to baby size. No permanent damage of course."

David ruminated for a short while. After eyeing the variety of the 15 or so women in the room and remembering the requirement to provide benediction, he agreed. "Okay. Let's get on with it."

Both Maureen and Joan looked at him intently before Maureen said, "We do have to check the goods, of course. I doubt that we've been lied to but it is worth far too much to the order to go to the trouble sight unseen."

"Of course. Here you go." David unzipped and flopped out his only slightly tumescent cock. "I usually need a bit of stimulus to make me really hard. The sight of large nipples on huge breasts will usually do the trick, although oral stimulation would also help." He waved it around and it started to lengthen and thicken. All sounds of activity had ceased and the 15 or so women started to gather around.

"Tits out girls. Let's see that thing get hard."

David stood mesmerised, his eyes darting everywhere as the women peeled out of their smocks and dropped them. Tits to the right, tits to the left, a titman's paradise! They came in all varieties. They ranged from pert ones that pointed straight out to large bulging ones that had little sag to big torpedoes that pointed down and out. Body shapes were different. Some had hairy mottes, some were trimmed and some were clean shaven. The ranged in age from mid twenties to sixties. Two of the women had straps on that were holding dildos in place and a younger girl pulled a pair of ben wah balls out of a juicy looking cunt. Suddenly, the air reeked of female arousal. David let go of his dick and it rapidly hardened to its full menacing physique. Only the Mother Superior remained clothed.

Joan and Maureen leant in close for inspection. "Absolutely incredible flange on this one," opined Joan. "Brother Jonas didn't have a flange at all."

"It is a truly majestic specimen. Look at the pee hole. Fetch his balls out, Joan. Gosh, they're the size of goose eggs." Maureen straightened up. "Girls, stop all production on Brother Jonas. A complete waste of latex. Strip him off. We don't want to get any setting plaster on the vicar's suit."

Willing hands, most copping a surreptitious feel of his burgeoning cock, had him stripped in record time. One of the women shouted for the ones closest to step back so they could all have a look. The tall dark and handsome vicar stood straight and allowed them to perve at his perfect physique and they jostled each other as they fought to catch a glimpse of his erect cock that rose from his nest of pubes in all its majestic splendour. They oohed and aahed at the sight of his muscular back with its pronounced fucking muscles and the tight small buns of his arse.

"I'm afraid we have to shave you, vicar. Is that alright?" asked Joan. He nodded and within minutes his pubic hair was no more. Once depilated she led him by his cock to box that had been filled with setting plaster and, dragging it down from the vertical, got him to push it into the rapidly prepared mixture making sure that his balls were fully covered.

It was cold and he started to flag. "Brrr. This stuff is cold and my cock is going down. I need some stimulus. Gather round girls." Women crowded around him and a large teat was pressed into his sucking mouth while his hands got busy kneading breasts of all sizes and shapes. He hardened immediately and spent a pleasurable 15 minutes exploring and occasionally darting a finger or two into a pulsating pussy here, a clenching vagina there.

"Right girls, it's set. Leave off while we get him out of there," Joan ordered.

"I don't know how you're going to do that. This feels like the tightest twat I've ever been in now that it's warmed up," growled the vicar.

"Like this," said Joan and flashed a large picture of the horrible hairy arse of a man who was bent over showing hairy bollocks and a slack wimp of a dick.

"Oh yuck," said the vicar and detumesced in seconds. His slack cock fell from the grip of the setting mixture almost immediately. He looked down and exclaimed. "Hey, there's nothing from that stuff on me at all. I didn't need to get stripped at all!"

"Yes I know," giggled Maureen. "But I thought the girls would like to see your famous bod. Isn't that right girls?" Amid a chorus of ribald comments as they again crowded around him, David grinned his devilish grin.

"Okay girls, who's first for some benediction? I understand that's part of the deal and I'm in need of succour."

"We'll go by seniority and that would normally be me. However, I've got to get this mould fully set and copies made," said Joan. "Mary will take care of you and then Jeanette, probably both at the same given the way they are drooling. The rest of you get the production line ready."

Mary was a woman in her sixties, plump with two big torpedo shaped breasts. She gripped him by the hand and started out of the room. She was joined by Jeanette, a small but voluptuous red head who flung her hands around his middle from behind and rubbed her big roundish breasts against his back and worried her prominent mound against his backside. She yelled out at the others who were donning their smocks, "I'll give you a report when we finish girls. I'm sure this one is going to give better benediction, or dick for that matter, than poor old Brother Jonas. Yum, yum, yummy yum yum!"

An hour later, and having enjoyed the lascivious fucking of the two gratefully eager nuns both of whom had been at the convent in the old days of garden toil and religious mumbo jumbo, the vicar of Chigwell, suitably content returned to the Mother Superior's office where she was working at her computer.

"A drink to celebrate, vicar?"

"Lovely. Yes, a Dom Perignon would be most suitable, and apt." They clinked glasses and toasted each other.

Maureen smiled warmly at him. "You've made the girls very happy and a replica of your cock is going to make them happier after work. Come and have a look. I've been preparing the promotional literature." She sat down and fiddled with the mouse. A picture of his cock and balls in fleshy tones occupied most of the screen. He leaned forward for a closer look and inhaled the fresh apple scent of her dark hair and then took the opportunity to look down the ravine of her breast cleavage.

He put his arm around her shoulders and turned her to look at him. "Does the Mother Superior of the Sisters of Our Lady of Succour receive benediction as well?"

"Surely, you jest. I saw you in action with Sisters Mary and Jeanette on the closed circuity security system. You can't possibly want to give more benediction." She moaned as David pulled her to her feet and kissed her hotly while running his hand up her skirt at the back and feeling the silky smoothness of her thigh.

He leaned back from the dazed Maureen. "Wanna bet, sweetheart. Having you will top off my day." Rutter put down both their wine glasses and proceeded to undo the buttons of her suit top. "Hhmm, what do we have here. A magnificent set of milky white, blue veined tits. With utterly delectable nipples as well. Worth more than a chew, I'd say. Let's have that off. Now down with the skirt. Absolutely beautiful. Lean back while I give your pussy a lovely tonguing. That's guaranteed to get me hard in no time."

Rutter ran his rigid tongue up and down her nicely juicing folds unsurprised by the sudden appearance of a rigid clitoris the size of a peanut. He suckled briefly while pushing a finger into her clammy depths. The other hand was busy fondling, kneading and pinching the large firm breasts heaving above his head. He stood and rapidly divested himself of his suit and, pulling her large meaty thighs apart, drove his lance halfway into her pulsing pussy. "Arrrgh, that's hot and juicy. Here's the rest." And drove his plundering cock in to the hilt to lodge against her rigid cervix.

She laid back and hugged his neck like she was afraid he would suddenly leave. Panting and moaning and crying out his name, she bathed his thrusting cock with gushing girly cum as she clung to his driving hips with her strong thighs. He reared up, plunged his cock head to depths of her steamy cunt and loosed a torrent of hot scalding sperm. "Aah take that, you horny nun, you. Jeez you're a great fuck. And that, and that." He climbed on the desk and sat on her heaving breasts. "Lick it clean, that's a good girl, I just love a mouth bath after a juicy fuck like that."

Finally, his cock cleaned and starting to shrivel, he pushed himself off her and stood by the desk surveying the voluptuous nude body of the Mother Superior, her heaving breasts and her glistening pouting pussy lips that leaked a combination of there juices down between her still spread thighs onto her polished desk top. "Did I pass the benediction test, sweetie?" he asked.

"Oooh yes, vicar. Yes oh yes. I must insist that I be bene... bene... oh fuck, dicked on a regular basis."

"My pleasure, absolutely my pleasure, dear lady."

Marcia McNab, housekeeper, verger and general factotum to the vicar of Chigwell was having a late coffee with the Reverend Fran Jessop who was staying another night in the hope that she would receive another porking from the vicar when the man in question strode into the room.

"Afternoon girls. I've had a fascinating day." And proceeded to tell them leaving nothing out. "Here, I've brought you both a present." He flipped two boxes at them and watched highly amused as they opened them to discover replicas of his rigid cock in flesh like tones. "They should keep you both on the boil until you get the real thing." He leaned over and gently gave Marcia a kiss. "And you're well overdue, old girl. I'm for a shower. Care to scrub my back, Rev?" He exited and laughed out loud as he heard the crashing of the chair as she eagerly leapt to comply.

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