tagMatureVicar of Chigwell Ch. 07

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 07


Marcia McNab, housekeeper, verger and general factotum to the vicar of Chigwell was seriously pissed off. The vicar, David Rutter had brought the Lady Mayoress, Daphne Hightower bloody hyphen Jennings home the night before and had proceeded to fuck her senseless. Marcia had heard the moans and screams from her downstairs bedroom and had been forced to frot her clit for over two hours before sleep finally claimed her. On top of that, he had dismissed Marcia’s usual morning position – tits out, mouth open, dentures removed with an airy wave muttering “no time” as he raced out the door for a benediction day at the local convent of the Order of our Lady of Succour. He was treating her like a dog, and an ignored dog at that.

To top it off, Daphne Hightower bloody hyphen Jennings had staggered into the kitchen an hour later, and, having demanded a cup of tea in her hoity toity voice, had proceeded to give a blow by blow account of her night of depravity with the indefatigable vicar. Marcia’s friend, the Reverend Fran Jessop had done the same a week before and that had been equally frustrating.

“On top of that,” whined the Lady Mayoress, “I’ve lost my knickers. Look, I’ve got to get home dripping like an effing faucet.” She had thrown up the hem of her dress and showed the awed Marcia a puffy swollen vagina that oozed spunk dribbling down to a reddened arse hole that also showed signs of whitish emission. “That bastard pumped gallons of the stuff into me. Not that I minded at the time, but it’s been effing oozing out of me for ages. And look at what he did to my breasts!” She had then proceeded to pull a pair of awesome breasts out of her blouse. Large dark nipples still stood to attention but it was the 3 inch diameter areolae that showed teeth marks that were causing her angst. Scaled across them and up to her throat were crusted remains of even more spunk. “I will have to hide these from the Mayor and he’ll be home by lunch time from that Local Government conference he was at. Damn and blast the vicar! The Mayor does like a bit of breast play with oneself after he’s been away. How on earth am I going to explain teeth marks all over one’s titties?” she moaned.

Marcia restrained herself, lent Daphne a towel and recommended an anti wrinkle cream as she showed the woman out the door. As she hurried out to climb behind the wheel of her car, Marcia’s younger sister, Olivia passed her carrying an overnight bag. She wrinkled her nose as she passed the Lady Mayoress.

“Marcia, darling!” she exclaimed rushing forward to hug her sister. “I say, that woman smelt like she’d been shagged by a tribe of Hottentots!”

“Come in Livvie and I’ll explain all. So nice to see you. You look tanned and very healthy.”

“After Allen died, I took a fair amount of his money and treated myself to a Mediterranean holiday. Sun, sea and sex. Those Greek beach boys certainly know how to treat an old lady – as long as she has money.”

Once upon a time, Marcia would have been shocked at such a revelation but her recent months with the demon vicar had inured her against news of sexual excess. This was noticed by her sister. “Marcia, old girl, you don’t look shocked. I was sure that last bit would shock you being the old prude that you are!”

“Was, Livvie, was. Come and have some tea and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Tea made, they settled down in the cosy kitchen to gossip.

“Livvie, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve done in the last couple of months. I have had a veritable river of spunk hosed across my breasts and down my throat. Close your mouth dear, it will bring flies. Further more, I’ve spent hours on my knees having my cleavage or my mouth fucked.”

“I just don’t believe it!! Fucked!?! Even your vocabulary has changed!”

“Believe it Livvie, believe it. Wait til you meet the vicar. He’s tall, dark and devastatingly handsome with one of the most arrogant cocks you’ve ever seen. I know you’ve seen your fair share but this one is special. The only one I ever saw, and that was a glimpse, was that of my late and quite unlamented husband.”

“So, you’re finally getting the shagging you missed out on all those years.”

Marcia wept a few tears and hung her head in sorrow. “No Livvie. He keeps promising, or threatening, to do it but he hasn’t. He shags anything remotely female that moves. And he seems to have absolute reservoirs of spunk. He has shagged women all night and still had enough left to pour half a pint down my throat first thing in the morning!” she sobbed. “Once he finds you here, you can bet he’ll have your knickers down and his dick up your hairy twat within seconds.”

“Marcia, darling, surely I’m too old for him.”

“You’re a year younger than me and that woman you passed, Daphne Hightower bloody hyphen Jennings, is older than me. I know he fucked old Widow Briggs three weeks ago and she’s at least 80. He also had her granddaughter straight after and although she claims to be 18, I’m not too sure! Besides which, you’re just how he likes them – plump and busty. He’ll be rogering you within seconds, I tell you.”

“Hhmmmh! Sounds like fun. Where is the lad,” she said looking around.

“He’s at the local convent giving benediction. Or at least, that’s what he calls it. More like dicking if you ask me.”

“Well, what’s his routine?”

“He’ll come back about three, have a shower and a nap and then he will either go out, have some woman come in, or on odd occasions he’ll even have a quiet night.”

Olivia stroked her chin pensively. “Hhmmmh. We need a plan. Tell him your sister is here for a visit and demand that he have dinner with the pair of us. We’ll get dressed up in a pair of dresses I bought in Paris on the way home. Our figures are similar after all. If it’s a shagging you want, then it’s a shagging you’ll get, Marcia, darling. Here’s the rest of the plan........”

That evening David Rutter, recently appointed vicar of the parish of Chigwell walked into dining ante room and stopped dead in his tracks. “My oath, what do we have here. Marcia, old girl, you look positively stunning. And that voluptuous creature next to you must be your sister. Phew! What a pair! In fact, two pair.”

Marcia’s dress was emerald green with a deep décolletage that plunged to the navel showing an indecent length of cleavage and clearly no brassiere. Olivia’s dress was the same design but a deep ruby red. Both women had taken pains with their makeup and although Marcia had not previously done more than used a touch of lippy, she looked extremely attractive after the efforts of her sister to bring out and highlight her quite attractive features..

“Vicar, this is my sister, Livvie. Livvie, David Rutter, disgusting and lecherous vicar of this parish.”

“Very, very pleased to meet you, Livvie,” responded the vicar unfazed by Marcia’s description of him. He bent over and kissed her hand. “I can see good looks run in the family, not to mention extremely large milky white breasts,” he murmured closely scrutinising her abundant cleavage.

“And I’m pleased to meet you, David. I’ve heard quite a deal about you from Marcia, but I can’t say that all I have heard was necessarily nice. In fact, I will have words with you after we’ve enjoyed this marvellous dinner that she and I have prepared. Have some of this fine red wine.”

The meal was indeed marvellous and David sat back replete sipping more of the red wine. The conversation had been dominated by Livvie reciting facts about her extended holiday in the Greek islands.

“Yes, yes, I can see how fascinating the ruins would be. But tell me, did you get any shagging while you were there?” he asked licking his full saturnine lips.

“Marcia told me you were disgusting,” she said mildly. “However, as it happens, I did score my fair share of cock. Some good, some bloody awful, and the occasional very bloody good.”

“I can see you’re a red blooded woman. How about coming up to my bedroom for some of the very bloody good.”

“Oh I’d love to but there is a condition.”

“What condition? Surely you’re past the age of having periods.”

“Not that sort of condition, you indecent swine.” Olivia leaned towards him allowing her cleavage to deepen as the masses of breast flesh bulged outward threatening to fall out of her dress. “The condition is that you fuck us both, Marcia and I. She has been listening to your promises long enough and is well overdue.”

“Oh?” said the vicar, somewhat chagrined. “I was saving her up for a special occasion, but I guess this may be that occasion. You’re on. Let’s go girls.” He leapt to his feet and manoeuvred the two older women out the door, running his hands over their respective arse cheeks. Olivia giggled and Marcia trembled in anticipation.

Reaching the bedroom, the women opted to help him out of his clothes and bade him lie back on the bed dick in hand and watch them get out of their clinging dresses. The sisters stood side by side, and at a motion from Olivia, they both slipped their dresses from their shoulders to fall to their waists. Rutter practically panted as the sisters’ massive blue veined tits were revealed in all their glory, nipples piercing the night air and chests rising and falling as they peered at his burgeoning cock. They bent over together and David was mesmerised by the elongation of their breast flesh as they removed the gowns from around their feet and stood back up thrusting out their torpedo-like tits as they did so. Olivia placed her hand over her sister’s hairy pubic mound and Marcia did the same to Livvie’s. Each sister then commenced a gentle stroking and within seconds the vicar could hear the slurping noise associated with fingers buried in rapidly juicing cunts.

He groaned and gripped his red hot cock and waved it at them. “Alright, already! Who’s first? Come on, don’t let a starving man lose his load just looking.”

“Marcia, remember what I told you,” said Livvie sternly.

Marcia strode over to the bed, her majestic melons quivering and swaying. “David, given the amount of times I have sucked your cock, I absolutely insist you return the favour!” She flung one of her meaty thighs over his chest and he caught a glimpse of a glistening snatch as she settled down. “Lick me! Lick me to death, you gorgeous man!” She knelt forward and presented her obviously aroused pussy to his mouth.

“Gladly darling Marcia, gladly,” he murmured and glued his full sensuous lips over her pouting labia. He reached up and grabbed great handfuls of her overflowing breasts and mauled them ensuring he also tweaked her prominent nipples. He slid his abnormally long snake-like tongue into her juiced up vagina and after several plunges slid it up her lips and lashed her bulging clit. Marcia screamed like a banshee and wailed as a huge orgasm ripped through her.

Meanwhile, Olivia had wrapped her monster tits around Rutter’s stiff standing prick and was gently moving them up and down while pausing occasionally to lick the copious pre-cum oozing from his pee slit. Once Marcia’s wailing had dropped to a low keening sound, she reached forward and grabbed her sister’s hips and pulled her off the vicar’s tongue. “Now for some cock, Marcia,” she growled, and, grabbing the rigid fleshy rod speared the head into her sister’s dripping cunt lips. She grabbed her waist and forced her onto the prick. “Now fuck him, Marcia, fuck him, or I bloody will.”

Marcia had felt the hot pulsing length of the vicar’s majestic cock as it was driven into her dank steamy depths all the way to her still vibrating cervix, a place no cock had been before. Immediately she climaxed, and as it withdrew and rocketed back up, she came again. Gushing girly juices fell out her and down over his big balls to puddle on the sheet. “OOooooooooooHHHHhhhhhaaarrrrrrgghhh!!! You bastard, David Rutter, you kept me waiting for this. I’ll never forgive you. Now fuck me hard, I want it hard, damn you!” She hunched forward and her magnificent tits fell onto his face hiding his glittering glare. He sped up, faster and faster until she felt his cock head expand and his steaming hot spunk shoot into roiling depths. It was a feeling like no other and she fainted dead away while he was still spasming within her.

Olivia pushed her sister off to one side, grabbed the still throbbing penis and swooped on it, sucking the reducing vestiges of his salty emission. Finally it stopped and she looked up at him in awe as he lay with one arm around her sister. “That’s what I call well and truly fucked! Oh my, it’s still hard. My turn, you beast, my turn.” She scuttled up his legs and pushing her bulging pussy lips apart, grabbed his steely prick and forced half of hit into her slimy channel. She grabbed his shoulders forcing her mammoth breasts to hit him in the face and then commenced to wriggle her hips from side to side as she drove his length up her tight twat. The sideways wriggling had the effect of dragging her heavy heaving hooters across his face and he pleasurably played the catch a nipple and suck game as she commenced riding him frantically.

Next morning, the two sisters were sitting in the kitchen having a much needed cup of tea. Their eyes were bleary from lack of sleep but they both had contented smiles. The vicar bounded in full of fire and energy. “Tits out girls, who’s first for the morning blow job?”

Marcia resignedly started undoing her cardigan holding her bulging behemoths. “I told you, Livvie, I told you. Now do you believe me?”

Much as I enjoyed the vicar and his vicariousness, it is time to move on.

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