Vice Angel


Classy Kris Monroe sat listening intently to the vice squad shift commander. Kris was a twenty-six year old knockout buxom blonde with sparkling blue eyes and the face on an angel. She only stood 5'4" but was built to perfection. Around the police station she had some nicknames such as, Undercover Angel, Vice Angel, Kris the Dish, and Queen of the Scene. She was a detective and possessed much more then her stunning good looks. Kris had an uncanny knack for finding perpetrators. She looked forward to being transfered out of the vice squad and into the homicide division. Kris had been on the force for three years and figured that she could apply for the homicide squad in another year or two.

Kris and her husband Duane had no children yet. They were waiting for a latter time. She was assigned to breaking up illegal gambling operations and had excelled at her work. Kris was shocked when the commander announced, "Kris Monroe will be reassigned to catching the hookers and Johns around Vine street. We've been overwhelmed with complaints and our little Angel will be perfect for the job."

After the meeting she was briefed on her new duties. She was instructed to dress sexy and wear more lipstick and make up. She was advised to befriend and identify the working girls on the street. She would be wired and when she was picked up by a John help would be mere minutes away. Two male detectives were assigned to monitor her and be only a block away so they could respond quickly and arrest the Johns. She was introduced to her partners Joe Kinney and Mark Stone. Both were tall black men in their late thirties. Kris thought to herself that they looked like football players and felt she would be safe with them.

That night she shared her new assignment with Duane and he was understandably concerned for her safety. He went with her to purchase some new clothes for work. When they got back home she modeled a micro-mini-skirt that was bright red, a black halter top that did not contain her ample breasts, black-high-heels and her lipstick was applied very thick as was her makeup. As she moved Duane noticed that she did not wear panties. He became so aroused that he ravished her on the spot. After a fantastic fuck Kris exclaimed, "Wow! That was the best you have fucked me in a long time. Guess I'll have to dress like a whore more often huh?"

Duane responded, "I love the sweet innocent wife that you are but I must admit that you looked so fucking sexy that it really turned me on. You are going to wear panties on the job aren't you?"

His wife blushed and replied, "I'm afraid not. The whole idea is to make me sexy and appealing to the perverts. So for awhile you are going to have a trashy tart for a wife so learn to accept it for now. Judging from your reaction this could be fun!" Duane couldn't get over the transformation that a change of wardrobe had made. He loved the virgin that he married five years ago but lusted over the new Kris.

Kris's new working hours were from 6pm-2am. She turned crimson at the reaction she received at the precinct. There were whistles and all sort of comments. Most of them were rather lewd. She was embarrassed but also enjoyed all of the attention and the lust in the eyes of her co-workers, both male and female alike. The yearning looks of the females turned her on the most. She often wondered what it would be like to be with another woman but never acted on her thoughts about it.

She was dropped of a block away from Vine street and had to walk the rest of the way. She was assured that help would be close by. The street was filled with bars, porno shops, and strip joints but most noticeable was infested with whores of all shapes, sizes, and colors. She kept walking as the hookers yelled at her that this was their street and to get the fuck out of here before they kicked her ass. A little way down the street a car pulled over and a huge black man spoke out of the window, "Hey sweet thing. How much do you want?"

Kris was nervous but sashayed to the car and stated, "Depends on what you want big boy. What would you like to do?

The man laughed and said, "Everything but I'll settle for a blow job and a good fuck."

Kris said, "Two hundred."

The John exclaimed, "That's a bit high don't you think? I can get the same thing for fifty."

Kris leaned in closer and purred, "Yes but you won't get anything this fine for fifty bucks. Take it or leave it."

He replied, "You are all that for sure. Get in the car." The man drove into one of the many alleys in the area and started to feel the Vice Angel up. She told him she wanted the money first. He handed her two-hundred and mauled her breast. Then he started fingering her wet pussy and placed her hand on his lap. She was shocked as her hand could not wrap around the thick black cock. The man was strong and forced her head down to his throbbing manhood. She wondered where the help was and couldn't understand why she was so damn aroused. She had no choice but to lick and suck the big black snake. As she mouthed his cock he finger fucked her with fervor and commanded, "Deep throat it bitch. Get the whole motherfucker in your sweet mouth. That's it slut. Yes." Much to her astonishment she was reaching a rousing orgasm and loved sucking the big monster dick.

Her partners finally arrived and cuffed the man. She was so ashamed of herself and couldn't help but notice the judgmental looks from her partners. All she could say was, "What took you so long?"

Joe remarked, "We had to chase down a purse snatcher but got here as soon as we could. No harm done though; you seemed to be handling everything just fine (pun intended). Good to see that you are enjoying your work so much." Kris didn't answer because she knew he was right.

Three month went by and her partners responded in a more timely manner every time until she was picked up by an elderly couple. Unknown to Kris, Joe and Mark intentionally took their time so that they could watch the sexy blonde in action again. The Latin couple took her to a seedy motel room. The husband was fucking her from behind while the wife was on the bed with her legs spread wide. Joe and Mark got a room key from the desk so they could enter the room in stealth. They successfully invaded the room undetected. They both watched in total lust as Kris eagerly ate the woman's hairy pussy while the man fucked her from behind. When the man ejected his seed inside her Joe took his place. Kris knew that it was another man inside her steaming honey-pot but couldn't see who it was as the woman held her angel face tightly to her erupting hot volcano. Mark took his turn and then Kris was released from the smoldering pussy. Kris was in total shock when she saw her partners. Mark took command and instructed, "This got out of hand and no one outside this room will ever know what took place here." He told the couple that this was their lucky day and they were free to go but to be quiet or they would regret it.

Over the next three weeks Kris was a nervous wreck. She wanted to tell Duane but just couldn't muster the courage. Her partners keep hitting on her but she explained that it was a one time thing. She was pleased that Joe and Mark had responded quickly after the incident with the elderly couple. Her sex life with her husband had improved greatly as she was always horny. This was in strict contrast to the way she was before the hooker assignment. While strolling down the street looking so hot and slutty she was grabbed and pulled into an alley. Her wire was ripped off and she was led through a building and out the other side. Kris was then taken to another building down the street that was a run down apartment building and was ushered into the room of the three black hookers that abducted her. Once in the room she was slapped around, kicked, called a slut pig cop, and her clothing was ripped from her body. A jet black whore that stood 6' announced, "We noticed customers and working girls that you befriended disappearing so we figured out that it all started happening when your slutty ass self came on the scene. We did some checking and discovered that you are a vice squad detective. You have really hurt our business and now it is time for you to pay. My name is Martha but you will call me mistress from now on. I am a thirty-six year old whore and am proud of it. My two friends and roommates are Pearl and Minnie. Pearl is thirty-two and Minnie is nineteen. What we all have in common is that we are all hot whores that can't get enough sex. That's were you come in bitch. You are going to be our own little pussy slut and are going to keep us all satisfied. You will exist to serve us. I can't wait to get your sweet mouth on my wet and wanton cunt."

Kris was horrified and bolted for the door but was quickly and powerfully grabbed and tossed on the bed. She was handcuffed to the bed post but her legs were not tied. As she surveyed her surroundings she saw a filthy room in total disarray. Her main tormentor Martha had a thick black bush between her legs. Her tits and ass were huge. Pearl was short, stocky, had medium sized tits and her pubic hair was sparse. Minnie was skinny with small breasts and a shaved pussy.

She was forced to swallow some beer and tranquilizers. She tried to resist but her efforts were all in vain. Martha rubbed her way up Kris's body and straddled her head. Kris was astonished when the foul smelling pussy fumes ignited a carnal craving deep inside her. A drop of pussy juice fell on her lips and she was overwhelmed by the taste. She recalled the couple and how she ate the woman out for over an hour and loved it. This was the first time she admitted this to herself. As the hairy cunt was lowered to her waiting lips she attacked it like a wild animal. She couldn't get enough and wanted to please this nasty woman so much. Her desire and lust were out of control.

Kris was so enraptured with the cunt she was eating that she was unaware of the finger in her wet pussy until a second, third, and then a fourth was shoved up her sopping slit. Pearl stated, "I think this white slut loves eating black pussy. Her fuck hole is just oozing. We got ourselves a real cunt craving white pussy slut!'

Martha exclaimed, "I know she loves it. What a fucking mouth! Suck it baby. Eat the fucking shit out of my randy cunt. Suck, suck, yessssss. Drink my cum bitch. I know you love it. Don't stop now. Make me cum again. Oh hell yeah. Just like that." They took turns sitting on her face while fucking her pussy and ass with a big dildo. No one got any sleep that night. They took a nap in the morning until it was time to work the streets. One always stayed with their white captive even though she was drugged and probably wouldn't go anywhere anyway. The hookers brought their tricks back to the room and would let them fuck Kris for an extra charge. When the tricks declined and fucked the black whore instead Kris was made to eat out all of the trick's slimy cum from the black cunts. Everyone could clearly see that the white woman delighted in her nasty task. When she ate the cum out of the sloppy fuck-holes she would reach an orgasm herself and was in a state of sublime bliss. After what seemed like an eternity but was really only four months Kris adjusted to her new role as a black pussy slut and actually enjoyed it. She assured herself that she was not a lesbian because she enjoyed the cocks too. Especially the big ones. She was sucking the cum out of a freshly fucked Martha when the door was knocked down and the police led by her partners came to her rescue.

She was given a leave of absents, medically treated, and received counseling. Kris and Duane were relieved when they were told that she had contacted no disease nor was she pregnant. It bothered her when her husband questioned her about her ordeal. She couldn't tell him everything and she didn't want him to know that she enjoyed it because she was so ashamed. She always told him that it was too stressful to talk about it. But she did confide in her counselor that just happened to be a very attractive black woman her own age. Her sexual relations with Duane were strained and after being accustomed to having so much sex she often masturbated while thinking of her lascivious sex with the three black hookers and their tricks. She felt so ashamed of her desire and craving for the lewd and twisted sex that she was introduced to. She decided that she was a perverted slut because she couldn't resist the temptation to think of past events and finger her turned-on pussy to climax.

One afternoon her husband was away on a sales trip when the doorbell rang. She was surprised to see her counselor and two other black women. Kris invited them in and asked if they wanted coffee. Wanda Jackson the counselor introduced Kris to Lee a prison guard and Ruby an inmate that was just released. Wanda then said, "I think that we will all need something stronger than coffee. How about some rum and coke?" Kris was puzzled but agreed and went to the kitchen to prepare the drinks when she heard Wanda command, "You better make them extra strong."

Kris served the drinks and sat between Ruby and Lee on the sofa. Wanda sat on a love seat directly across from the sofa. Wanda inquired, "Do you plan to press charges against the whores that kidnapped you?"

Kris answered, "I don't know. As a member of the police force I suppose I should but I have mixed feelings about the matter."

A wicked smile crossed Wanda's face as she stated,"Put this video on and perhaps it will help you make up your mind." Kris was puzzled but complied. When the video appeared on the screen Kris wanted to run away and hide. It clearly displayed her as a wanton slut. There was no doubt that she derived great pleasure in her sexual episodes. She relished her role as pussy eating slut. It was apparent that she savored every drop of pussy juices and cum. She displayed a willingness and special delight in eating out a freshly fucked cunt. Her overwhelming and unrestrained lust when fucking the tricks left little doubt that she loved what she was doing.

Ruby announced, "Your mistress is a very good friend of mine and she told me that she has never encountered any one that enjoyed eating pussy as much as you. This video is living proof. I know that a lawyer still could make a case against the three but do you really want the world to see your slut ass in action? I don't think so. Why don't you just come get some of that black cunt that you crave so fucking much?" The white wife struggled to tare her transfixed eyes from the screen and when she did she couldn't believe her eyes. All three women had their skirts hiked high and none of them wore panties. Between watching her own lewd display on the video and the sight of the three black cunts dripping and waiting to be serviced Kris could not contain her lusty longings.

Without another word spoken she dropped her head to Ruby's flooding cunt and indulged in a hungry feeding frenzy with fervor. Lee undressed the white woman and used her fingers and tongue to bring Kris to a quaking orgasm as Ruby exploded in her sucking mouth. Ruby cried out, "Oh yessss baby. Do it to it. Just like that. Yeah, yeah, Oh fuck yeah. Suck it all up bitch. You were born to eat black cunt. You are the best fucking cunt licker I've ever had. Here it cummmmmmssss, yesssssssss!" The four of them sucked and fucked until they were all worn out.

All three women exchanged telephone numbers with Kris and she stated, "You are right. There is no way that I could press charges. I guess I'll just say that going to trial would be too traumatic for me." Before leaving Lee told Kris that she could arrange a sex filled prison visit and that she could be with the three women that introduced her to black cunt. Lee added that there would also be lots of other prisoners and staff that would be thrilled to sample her talents. After they left Kris fully accepted the fact that she loved black pussy and cock. She smiled as she resigned herself to her new lifestyle but she worried about Duane. She knew that she would have to tell him. The video was left with her as it was only a copy.

Six days went by before she received a phone call from Ruby. Kris couldn't resist when she was invited to Ruby's apartment to have drinks with her and her boyfriend. Kris tingled all over and felt her pussy flood when Ruby said that she was willing to share her well hung boyfriend with her.

Kris knocked on the door and was invited in by a grinning black man not much taller than herself. Ruby was sitting in a chair nude and playing with herself. Ruby introduced her to her man Leon and asked him to make them all some drinks. After serving the whiskey on the rocks Leon sat next to Kris on the sofa. They both watched Ruby finger her sloppy cunt. Ruby said, "You two take each other's clothes off and get naked. I'll just watch for awhile and then join in the fun."

Once naked Kris wrapped her fingers around the thick black shaft as best as she could. Leon fingered the white woman with three long black fingers. Leon pushed her back on the sofa and licked her aroused pussy with passion. A few minutes later he shifted his body so they were in the sixty-nine position. Ruby smiled wickedly as she watched the white woman try to get the whole thing in her mouth. The indentations in Kris's cheeks were a clear sign that she was unable to deep throat the huge cock.

Ruby took charge and told Leon to bend Kris over a chair and fuck her from behind. Kris was moaning and groaning with pleasure as the big cock plowed her horny hole. Ruby tweaked, sucked, and mauled the white woman's bouncing breast. This produced the desired effect. Kris trembled and shook as she experienced a rolling orgasm that put her in a state of pure bliss and ecstasy. Ruby then shouted, "Leon fuck her smelly shit hole and tear the slut a new ass-hole." When he started ravishing and pounding her sweet ass Ruby twisted, mauled, and roughly pulled on Kris's tits and nipples. The white woman cried out in pain and pleasure at the same time. After Leon shot his load of gooey cum deep up her ass the black woman insisted that Kris suck his cock until it was rock hard again so that he could fuck Ruby this time.

Kris tasted her own ass and pussy on his cock but sucked with fervor all the same. Leon delighted at the sight of this white woman worshiping his cock with her sweet mouth and became stiff again in a few minutes. Ruby laid on the floor and told Kris to put his cock in her hot black cunt. Her legs were spread lewdly an Kris guided the stiff shaft into her waiting cunt. Kris sucked the ebony breasts as Leon pounded his woman. Kris was delighted and willingly complied when Leon told her, "Now it's your turn. Sit on my woman's face while I fuck the shit out of her then cum all over her face." They all got-off again and relaxed their sweaty bodies before Kris left. As she opened the door she smiled when they said in unison, "Come back soon."

On her way home Kris stopped on Vine street and entered a strip joint. She had never been inside one before and decided to check it out. The place was packed and she accepted a seat right next to the stage with two older black men. They plied her with drinks and she said nothing as she felt hands under the table caress her thigh and then her purring pussy. Several dancers came and went on the stage. Then an Alluring Black Goddess was on the stage bumping and grinding. Kris was captivated by the voluptuous sex kitten called Magnificent Mona. One of the men slid under the table and started licking her sweet white pussy as she watched the dancer with awe and desire. As she stripped the dancer noticed the yearning and lust in the white woman's eyes. She moved closer and was now just inches from Kris's face. Kris licked her lips and stared at the bald pussy except for an arrow shaped clump of wiry pubic hair that pointed down to her now dripping cunt.

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