Vice Cop Ch. 06


Lexa excused herself from the Detective and approached Hudson. He was talking loudly with a group of other cops and laughing, sharing jokes and anecdotes. Lexa noticed that no girl was present here and in fact it appeared as if they had been avoiding Hudson.

"Hey," one of the officer's girlfriends said to Lexa, arresting her walk, "don't go talk to him. He's being a real jerk tonight."

"Oh? What is Banach saying?"

"Oh you know how guys are when they're together," the girl replied, "but he's going too far. He's been upsetting the girls saying obscene things and acting like he's straight out of high school or something."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm sure I can calm him down."

"You know how he is around you, Lexie," she said, "you'll only provoke him."

Lexa did not pay the girl any mind and approached Hudson, who was in the middle of a circle formed by the officers.

"The Politics of Dancing" by Re-flex was playing in the background. The boat had begun to move a bit but slowly and it was still by the harbor. Hudson looked at Lexa, drinking down another scotch on the rocks. He grinned at her.

"Hey, look fellas, she forgot she's supposed to stay on the side of the ship where the girls are," Hudson said.

Subtle chuckles by only a few of the guys were heard but many looked serious as Lexa stared Hudson down. She looked damn good in her heels and the way she crossed her arms did too. Her hair was in a French twist, with a curl of her hair hanging on the side of her cheek.

"Hudson, what's your problem tonight?" she said to him, "why are you being such a big jerk?"

"Why whatever do you mean?" he said in a mock British tone, "I've been a perfect gentleman."

Some of the guys were laughing but trying to conceal it. Lexa furrowed her brow. Hudson finished his drink and in a sudden gesture, threw it on the deck, breaking the glass. Everyone stared.

"Gee I'm clumsy tonight" he said, laughing.

"You're drunk off your ass is what you are," Lexa said, "you're making a scene. Come on, I think you should leave before you start some trouble."

"Trouble? Scenes? I'm not the expert at making scenes, Lexa. Look at you, you've been making great scenes since you joined the force. Maybe you ought to go on patrol in that gown. That would make a great scene."

"This is one night where you're not going to insult me, Hudson."

"Oh, I'm so scared, what are you going to do?"

Detective Mason Holmes came over and many of the other officers, upon looking at him, left immediately. Detective Mason put a hand on Lexa's shoulder.

"Is there a problem here?" he said.

"Yes, Detective," Lexa said, "Deputy Banach is excessively intoxicated and must leave before he goes wild in here."

Hudson threw another glass on the deck.

"I'm not that drunk!" he said, "my hands are slippery."

"Mr. Banach, go on. Get out of here. You're giving the force a bad name."

This made Hudson growl under his breath and he stared at Mason Holmes with a look of masculine anger. Damn him, he thought, thinking he was better than him.

"Hey, Mason, you're the one giving the force a bad name," Hudson replied, "you've never seen one bit of action in the whole time you've worked with the Chief. Even the Chief's done a lot to the risk of his own life. All you do is investigate crimes in those sissy suits in a god damned office all day."

"You're a bastard, Banach," he said, his words were angry, and he stepped closer to him.

They were in each other's faces.

"You're a pussy," Hudson said to him.

"Muscle-headed brute cop asshole. You can't resolve anything without using language which you've already forced me to use or without using fists."

"You wanna fight that's fine with me," Hudson said, cock-ready for a physical altercation.

"No I'm not going to fight you, stupid," he said, "you're drunk and this is not the time or the place."

"Is two a.m. after the Ball at an alley in Brooklyn alright with you?"

"Look, you dick, I'm going to ask you to get out of here."

"You're the dick, Detective. Isn't that what they call detectives? Dicks?"

"Hudson, please get out of here," Lexa said her eyes somewhat disturbed.

It was as if watching him this way made her unhappy. Hudson cursed under his breath, grabbed another drink and got off the yacht and back into the city.


Hudson had not gone far. He remained by the harbor looking at the other cops having fun and staring with some pain seeing Lexa with Detective Mason. Why he was feeling this way, he did not know. Lexa had a way of getting to him, no matter what she did. He had no right to feel she belonged to him; he had no claim over her. He was afraid of how she made him feel. No other girl, not even the more beautiful fully white girls he had known, had made him feel like she did. It was killing him to know that Detective Mason appeared to be not only her date but her boyfriend. As the party music continued and the yacht had sailed around the harbor several times, Hudson realized midnight was approaching in a few minutes.

He looked at his Rolex watch, the one watch he owned and he was proud he had been able to afford it, despite his cop salary. He loved to occasionally buy status symbols like these. And even that wasn't helping him attract a mate. What an ass he had made of himself tonight. Now Lexa would never even look at him. And he had begun to enjoy her looking at him.

Suddenly, as the clock stroke twelve, a bomb went off. It startled everyone, not just the cops on the yacht but the people walking about by the harbor and in Manhattan. Hudson had sobered up by walking about the harbor. He looked around. The yacht shook in the waters. Orange and crimson flames, crackling like fireworks rose higher and higher, the firelight casting the waters in hues of red. He got up on a rock to see that it was another yacht that had exploded. From aboard the yacht where the Policeman's Ball had been held, the music had stopped and worried voices could be heard. They evacuated the yacht at once.

He was able to see Detective Mason issuing orders. Hudson hated when he did that. It was not as if he was a Lieutenant or the Chief but it made sense that he would do something like that since both Chief Hiller and Lieutenant Dante were absent from the ball. A group of uniform cops were already coming in speedboats across the water. The Coast Guard was with them.

Hudson ran as fast as his feet could carry him. He found the other cops and Lexa was with them. Detective Mason was nowhere to be seen. Lexa looked at Hudson briefly but she turned her face away into the direction of the burning yacht. It had begun to sink into the waters. A rescue mission was already in operation, as cops and coast guards helped out people who had been aboard the yacht into safer ground.

"What's happened?" Hudson said to Lexa.

"I heard the Detective say it's an act of terrorists", she replied.

"My God," said Hudson, "terrorists? In New York City? I don't believe it. Let me at them."

"I don't think it's possible," Lexa said, "they got away."


Hudson was called into the Chief's office.

He walked into the office after his duties in the morning. He had issued tickets for traffic violations, speeding and the like; which bored him immensely, arrested some shoplifters and done some patrol since a little before 7 in the morning.

"Sit down, Banach," Chief Barry Hiller said to him.

Hudson sat down. The Chief was walking about watering the fresh green potted plants, which had grown to be quite showy, with a pitcher.

He was walking about with a contented look in his face, as if he had been singing. Hudson repressed his urge to laugh. He always noticed that the Chief was engaged in some kind of quirky thing for him to do like eat candy or watering plants. It was so unlike a tough police chief to do.

Hudson sat down and they looked at each other in a moment of silence. The Chief was smiling from ear.

"Congratulations, Hudson," he said to him, "you have proven yourself just like I figured you would."

"About The Hamptons?" Hudson said.

"Of course, what else? So here's the thing. I know you have done terrific job as a uniform cop and you obviously don't want to fully give it up -"

"Well, I want to do what I can, Chief -"

"You're a damn good cop, Hudson. But I figure it's time for you to do something different."

Oh, thank you God, thought Hudson.

"What do you have in mind, Chief?"

"Well, we need a man like you to do undercover jobs. You did such a wonderful job in The Hamptons and we caught the notorious Madame we had been looking for, all thanks to you. It was such an odd coincidence that Detective Mason Holmes and Miss O'Neil were in that same party as guests."

"Didn't either the Detective or Lexa explain it to you?

"Yes. They said that Mrs. Clementine Gibson had been fooling Mason every time he showed up at her parties. I mean, wow, what a bitch."

Hudson repressed his laughter at the Chief's sudden outburst. He had never heard him use that kind of language and he found it amusing. The Chief continued to water his plants and he was whistling to the tune of "Moon River". When he put the pitcher down, he once again focused his attention on Hudson.

"Let's get to the serious matter at hand. By now you are aware that there are terrorists lurking in New York City, correct? I wasn't there at the Policeman's Ball when it happened."

"What exactly happened, Chief?"

"A group of foreign-born terrorists set off a bomb on a yacht in the harbor. It belonged to a wealthy architect who had been celebrating New Years Eve with his Wall Street type friends."

"Do we know who these terrorists are?"

"No. The guests only caught brief glimpses of them. There were three -- two men and a woman, Middle Eastern looking. It's big national news. There's lots of speculation as well. Because they blew up a yacht, it could be some personal vendetta against the owner. Then again maybe it was just a random act of terrorism to scare New Yorkers. Detective Mason Holmes and his CIA contacts are working on this."

"Is Miss O'Neil working on this?"

"You mention her often, Banach," the Chief observed, "well, yes, as a matter of fact. And this is where you come in."

"Me? What do I have to do with Lexa's work?"

"You are a damn good cop, Hudson. But you know you're not the only one. I have two star cops here. Miss Lexa O'Neil has proven to be a terrific asset. She's done various undercover jobs already and she's been the vice squad since she went to Miami."

Hudson could not believe it. Now he was going to team him up with Lexa and that was something he wished to avoid.

"Isn't Lexa working exclusively with Detective Mason Holmes and his cases?"

"Yes, but she has taken a bigger interest in our own department. She's very loyal to New York City as you are. You both grew up here. Where are you from Hudson?"

"From Queens but I'm moving to Brooklyn."

"Miss O'Neil grew up in Queens. You have both been very good cops here and we wish to challenge you. You both have what it takes. In order to see if you'd make a good team; I'm going to have you first do a very important mission."

Hudson sighed inside himself. Lexa would once again get into the picture. She had been appearing in his dreams ever since he saw her in her sexy sequin gown in The Hamptons and as always, he would dream of having sex with her. Lately, he was dreaming of tender and slow intimate lovemaking with her, as if they were married. He'd wake up and he'd avoid Lexa at work as best he could.

"Chief, this is the first time I think I've ever said no to you," Hudson said, "I'd rather you pair me up with anyone else but not Miss O'Neil."

"Come now, Hudson. You're not jealous of her success are you? Have you had an issue with her being the only skirt on the force? Can't you see that Miss O'Neil is the way she is because she's the only girl here. She has had to prove she's as good as any guy cop here."

"I have nothing against Miss O'Neil. I don't want to get into it right now. We just don't get along is all."

The Chief sat down by his desk and scrutinized Hudson in silence, as if wondering about his feelings for her.

"You can't weasel you're way out of this, Hudson. Take it or leave it. Do you want to be a vice cop or not? If you don't wish to work with Miss O'Neil then I'll find someone else."

"Ok, Chief. I'll do it."

"Good. Here's the scoop. We have reports that there have been suspicious activities around Fifth Avenue where the Empire State Building is located and also in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel."

"What kind of activity?"

"The strange foreigners again, roaming about, blending in with the wealthy folks who frequent the hotel. They have been spotted around that area only.

"This sounds like something the FBI or CIA ought to be looking into, Chief, or the bomb squad."

"Well, we're working with them. I have another detective on the case but we need undercover cops to stake out the area and see if anything looks suspicious. If you are sure that these men are actually terrorists, you can make the arrest and that would be enough to keep you in the vice squad or any other position of your choice."

Hudson could not believe his ears. This was the opportunity he was looking for.

"These reports are unbelievable, just like the Hamptons. Would they actually blow up a building in New York?"

"Hudson, don't be naive. Of course they would. These foreign devils are barbaric, and they envy American power. So listen up. I want you and Miss O'Neil to stake out the area. Miss O'Neil will work on spying in the Waldorf Astoria and you will do your own job in front of the Empire State Building. You will need to keep in touch with Miss O'Neil on your device."

"Ok, Chief."

"You will both be armed with holster guns and you will dress in plainclothes. Nothing fancy. Maybe just in business wear. You have clean dressy shirts and slacks of course. Miss O'Neil will be in some sort of business outfit."

Hudson closed his eyes. He could already see Lexa in some cute tight skirt, blouse and cocoa-colored stockings. She would look hot no matter what she wore. O, how he would have to fight against how she made him feel. Hudson knew he would have to ignore these sensations or Lexa would cost him the coveted vice cop position.

"Ok, Chief, I'm your man."


Lexa O'Neil did in fact wear a sexy business wear. Despite the conservative aura surrounding her what with her severe hairdo and widow's peak above her forehead and reading glasses, she had on a tight brown skirt, creamy beige blouse opened above her navel, stockings and heels. She looked like Superman's love interest Lois Lane, a lot like a journalist. She had a small communication device in her pocket which she reached for as she walked around the Wall Street area for the fourth time that late morning.

"Hudson," she said to him, "no sign of them. What did the Chief say they look like?"

From the other end, Hudson was in his business suit and standing by the Empire State Building. To make it look like he was not undercover, he posed as a business man about to have lunch. He was standing by a hot dog stand and the man selling the hot dogs stared at him wondering when he would actually buy a hot dog.

"Chief said they are from the Middle East and Arabic looking, even the girl," Hudson responded, "they should even be dressed as the rest of the folks over in Wall Street. How long have you been there now?"

"About four hours now since earlier in the morning, aren't you tired?"

"Oh, hell yeah and hungry. I'm really tempted to buy some hot dogs."

"Hudson, this is off subject but just what was going on with you at the Policeman's Ball?"

"I didn't mean to- offend you or anyone. I was drunk. I was at a bar before I went to the ball."

"You should never do something like that."

After a moment of silence, they walked about trying to look casual and not like a pair of spies who were communicating with each other. It was working like magic. No one up and about on Fifth Avenue, whether they were shopping at Saks or walking in and out of both the Empire State Building or the Waldorf seemed to take notice of Lexa or Hudson. Then again, thought Hudson to himself, it was New York City and no one seemed to notice anything.

"So are you and Detective Mason Holmes a couple now?" Hudson asked, seizing the opportunity to find out.

"It's not something I can talk about right now, Hudson," she said, "but yes, we are. We've been dating ever since the costume party in The Hamptons."

"I figured."

"It's not any of your business, Hudson."

"Alright, alright. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I was just asking, geesh."

Silence and static.

Hudson, unable to resist, purchased a hot dog and began to devour it quickly. He loved New York City hot dogs and he knew that no other hot dog in America was like it. He had always enjoyed hot dogs, especially at football games or baseball games with his Uncle Vitto.

"Hudson, are you still there? I see something," said Lexa in an excited tone of voice.

"Alright, calm down. What do you see?"

"Two men, dressed in grey business suits with briefcases and a woman is with them. I think it's them. No other person is walking in a trio like them."

"Are they Middle Eastern?"

"Sure are. The girl has a pretty mean looking face. I'm going to follow them. They're going out of Wall Street and getting in a cab."

"Ok, you follow them Lexie and call me back when you can."

Hudson continued to devour his hot dog.


Lexa, having grown up in New York City, and being a beautiful lady, knew just how to get a taxi. She simply whistled loudly for it and waved in the air. A yellow taxi cab stopped in front of her by the street and Lexa got in. The man looked at Lexa from the mirror above his steering wheel and peeked at Lexa's thighs as she sat down in the back seat. Lexa smoothed her hair which had been windswept.

"Where to, gorgeous?" he said in a typical Bronx cabbie accent.

"Follow that other taxi cab, and step on it," she said with urgency in her voice.

"You got it doll face."

He pushed down on the speed pedal and was in pursuit of the taxi containing the three suspicious Arabs. Lexa tried not to look like she was in a somewhat excited state. She knew that it was a dangerous undercover mission and if these three were really terrorist, her own life was in danger. Still, she was beginning to feel that high that only this kind of action could give her. Deep down, she knew that Hudson felt the same way. It was the unspoken bond between them, their love of thrills like these.

"I hope you don't mind my saying this but you're fucking gorgeous," he said, "what are you a lawyer? Journalist?"

"Journalist," Lexa lied, already accustomed to lying while undercover, "and I'm in a hurry. You see in that taxi we're following are three VIP's I'm interviewing. They didn't tell me where they were headed."

"Well it looks like they're headed for the Waldorf," the cab driver said.

"Just keep driving," Lexa said.

"Whoa, must be some interview."

"Yes, it's very important and I'm in a hurry."

"So are you married? I don't see a ring."

"No, not married; just dating someone."

He was aware that she didn't want to talk but Lexa could already tell this annoying cab driver wanted to make conversation. In addition to that, he looked at her like she was a piece of meat ready for him to devour. She turned her face to the window.

"So what's your name, toots," the cabbie went on.

O, good God, thought Lexa, how to make him shut up?

"I'm Stephanie," she said, "are we nearly there?"

"Yeah, sweetheart. So listen, I hope you don't mind my being so nosy but you look very familiar to me. Have we met before?"

"No I'm sure we haven't."

"I could swear I've seen you somewhere. I can't put my finger on it. It's like you've been everywhere in the city."

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