tagGroup SexVice Versa Ch. 03

Vice Versa Ch. 03


Chapter 3. -- Four birthdays and an outcall.

Mostly, life as a man-whore was fairly routine. I averaged just under four customers per shift. About two thirds wanted 'extras' and 'money shots averaged between two and three per week. Becky visited regularly. She effectively paid my rent and food, the rest went in the bank. I also discovered that some punters wanted a woman 'companion', not a man. And sometimes both. Karen had a parlour for men not far away and a phone call would soon bring a girl in for the client. This was how I met Chelsea. Not her real name of course. Chelsea is an upmarket area of London and was quite popular as a girl's name. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer traditional names. No-one in their right mind would call their child, 'Wapping', for example. So why 'Chelsea'?

Dick and I were having a chat during a very slow afternoon and the subject of names came up. I asked if 'Dick was his real name'. No, it was Karen's idea. We all had 'Karen' names. Dick, Rod and Willy are all euphemisms for penis, so why 'Hugo' I wondered. Dick had the answer.

"It depends on how you pronounce it. Try 'Huge. Oh!' He is too, have you seen it yet?"

I shook my head. "You will," he went on, "when a client asks for a two man massage. The thing should carry a government health warning."

Just as we were finishing what must have been our fourth cup of coffee, an attractive young woman, dressed only in bra, pants, stockings and high heels, walked in from the stairway that led to the treatment rooms.

"Oh hi Shel," said Shelly, the receptionist, "finished?"

"Yes," replied 'Shel'. "I could murder a cup of coffee Shel."

This was Chelsea. She and Shelly, confusingly, called each other 'Shel'. Shelly introduced me. Dick already knew her. Chelsea had been summoned while Dick and I were busy with clients, so we had not seen her arrive. Before Shelly could make the coffee, we were interrupted by the buzzer from the front desk. A client?

Chelsea went out to the kitchen while the client made her choice. She chose Dick and disappeared upstairs with him. Chelsea came back in carrying her coffee, sat down next to me and took a sip of her drink.

"That's good," she said, "takes away the taste of pussy."

I grinned. "Are you really a Lez?" I asked her. She smiled back and replied;

"If the money's right, I'm anything you want me to be. I'm a whore."

She was no more than halfway through her drink when the 'phone rang. Shelly answered, then asked the caller to hold.

"Fancy another customer?" She enquired.

"Me or him?" Countered Chelsea.

"Both." Chelsea gave me a questioning look, I shrugged.

"When? Chelsea asked.

"Now. She's outside at the back."

Chelsea nodded. "But call the shop, tell them what's happening."

A few minutes later, there was a tap on the back door. I opened it to admit a woman in her forties, well dressed in a smart business suit. She approved of her chosen companions and I led her upstairs while Chelsea finished her coffee.

Threesomes, or more-somes, took place in a large bedroom at the top of the house. Fully equipped with a king-sized bed, sofa and with a separate shower room.

The client was naked on the bed when Chelsea and I joined her. She told us her requirements very clearly, watched intently as I stripped and Chelsea revealed her trim body, then rolled onto her front for the massage. I took no part in this. I sat on the sofa and watched, as instructed. In fact I did not even touch the woman. Chelsea massaged her, then climbed on top of her in the sixty-nine position and lowered her mouth to the wide, wet gash of the clients cunt while she in turn, went to work on Chelsea's.

I had a considerable erection, which I wanked gently as I watched the hot, girl on girl action. The client, we never did get to know her name, climaxed noisily as Chelsea's skilled tongue did it's work. As the client's spasms died down, Chelsea raised her wet face to me and grimaced, winking at me.

Now it was my turn. But not with the client. My pleasant task was to suck and fuck Chelsea while the other woman watched. I was instructed to penetrate Chelsea's lovely cunt in several positions, to bugger her choice little arse, then to suck her off, which I did with great relish. Finally, with the client kneeling at my side watching closely, I had to stand while Chelsea knelt before me and sucked my prick. I finished by spraying Chelsea's pretty face with spunk.

The woman paid us both well and left satisfied. Chelsea and I became good friends after that, frequently going out together as mates. But looking back, we never did fuck each other except when required to professionally.


Back in my army days, when not on duty, the four of us in 'my' room would find ways of entertaining ourselves. One way was a coming contest. This would take the form of speed wanking, to see who could come quickest. Or a distance contest, who could shoot furthest. On average, I was the champion. The next time that I was asked to perform formation wanking however, was a bit different.

We were told that the morning shift would finish an hour before normal and that there were no bookings for the first hour of the afternoon shift. Karen had called a meeting. The two standby 'companions' were also there.

Karen called for order. "It's Shelly's birthday today. She does not know yet, but she has the afternoon off. She is going to get the full treatment from every department in the building."

"Why didn't you let us know?" Asked Peter. "We could have bought her something."

Karen was silent. There were a few mutterings of agreement. Then I realised Karen's intentions. Unusual for me, I'm normally quite slow on the uptake.

"Including this department?" I ventured.

Karen remained silent.

"We're her present?" I went on.

Karen smiled. "She won't let you fuck her, but you know what she does like."

We hastily made plans, then trooped into one of the massage rooms, Karen would entice Shelly to the room, we would do the rest.

As Shelly led the way into the room, we were all waiting for her, naked and erect. "Happy birthday Shelly!" We trilled in unison.

"Take your clothes off and lie on the bed." Instructed Karen.

Shelly was doubtful, but did as asked, revealing a trim little body. Karen draped a towel over her loins, we formed a rough circle around her and began wanking. Shelly's pretty face lit up when she realised what the present was -- a spunk shower!

We had agreed to aim our offerings at her face and tits. We did not manage six simultaneous ejaculations, but we were close. Shelly squealed in delight as six pricks disgorged their contents onto her squirming body, spurt after spurt.

"You've ruined my hair." Shelly observed after her initial excitement had subsided. But that was no problem, Karen told her about the rest of her present and we left her to clean herself up.

Karen manned the reception desk and those who were not working prepared to go our separate ways.

"My birthday next month boys." Karen grinned.

I had learned that, in fact, we all enjoyed the pleasure of Karen's luxurious body. At regular intervals, she would take one or two of us out to dinner at a good restaurant, then take us back to her flat, which occupied most of the top floor of her establishment, there to spend the night fucking her every which way. She was a business woman, she probably regarded the sessions as an ongoing assessment. But it was never a hardship.

In my spare time I kept myself in shape with running, walking, cycling and a weekly work-out in a gym. I read a lot, becoming a regular at my local library. On one visit, sweeping up my stack of books I managed to pick up one that I had not chosen. 'Computer programming'. I read it and was fascinated by it. I found that I could easily understand it. I started to seek out books on computers, all aspects. Design, repair, history as well as programming. I ended up enrolling in a course at my local college. Simple pleasures. And inexpensive ones. My savings continued to grow.


Escort calls, 'outcalls', were few and far between. They were much like parlour sessions, 'in calls', but often meant joining the client for dinner, or the theatre, or both, before heading for bed in a hotel room. They sometimes lasted all night.

But some calls were memorable.

I was asked to go to one of the better hotels in the centre of town. I was to meet a couple, Katie and Nick. No dinner, just meet them in the bar at nine p.m. Katie had short blonde hair and would be wearing a red dress. Nick would be wearing a suit with an open necked shirt. I spotted them immediately and introduced myself. They were a handsome couple, he was tall and slim, but fit looking. Katie was petite and very attractive. Her hair was not just short, it was cut almost like a man's haircut. Nick offered me a drink, I chose juice. Best to keep a clear head, I had no idea what was planned and I was slightly nervous.

It was not the first time that I had 'done' a couple. In the safety of 'Pampers', I had been paid by a man to fuck his wife while he watched. He did not take part, he sat in a chair naked, gently wanking while I plumbed his wife's depths from several angles. Only after his wife had sucked me off and swallowed my come, did he mount her to quickly shoot his load into the cunt that I had primed for him.

Katie and Nick seemed quite relaxed about our impending threesome, I suspected that they had had some 'Dutch courage' beforehand. Perhaps they had done this before? Eventually, Nick stood up and said;

"Shall we?"

We rode the lift up to their floor, Nicks arm around Katie, gently cupping a tit. They had a large room, with a king sized bed and a sofa. And a splendid view over the city at night. There were three crystal Champagne flutes on a low table in the centre of the room. Nick handed me a slim wad of banknotes. £300. The fee for my services. Then went to the 'fridge and took out a bottle of Bollinger RD. This is expensive stuff. It was either a very special occasion, or they were quite wealthy. Nick removed the cork 'properly'. Not with a pop, but with what the French call, "le soupir amoureux" (the loving whisper). This way, not a drop is wasted. And at £100 a bottle, it's not to be wasted!

Nick poured, we raised our glasses and Nick said;

"Happy birthday darling, here's to multiple orgasms."

"I'll drink to that." Katie responded.

We drank. Nick explained;

"It's Katie's fortieth, we are going to show her that life begins at..."

Katie drained her glass, placed it back on the table, turned her back to Nick and said softly;

"Unzip me darling."

The zip slid easily down, also with a loving whisper. The dress pooled at Katie's feet. With the toe of one high heeled shoe, she flipped it onto the sofa. She stood in stunning, lacy red underwear. Platform bra and French knickers. Lacy red suspenders ran enticingly down the wide legs of the knickers, to the tops of very sheer black stockings. She looked edible.

Nick unclipped the bra and she shrugged out of it and tossed it to join the dress. She had small, bite-size breasts. The pale pink nipples were like juicy ripe raspberries. Nick knelt behind her and slowly pulled the knickers down her thighs. Her trimmed bush was blonde, like her hair.

Nick stood up again and I drank in the beauty of this radiant, fuckable woman. Very slim, almost boyish. No-one spoke for what seemed like minutes, then, still in the soft, low voice, Katie husked;

"Who's going to be first?"

I walked the few steps to the bedside table and took a pack of condoms from my jacket pocket. Nick noticed.

"We won't need those." He said.

"Company rules." I replied. "Health and Safety."

Nick dipped into his inside pocket and pulled out a wad of notes. He began counting twenties onto the bedside table, alongside the prophylactics. I began to weaken when he reached two hundred, weakened further at a two hundred and sixty and picked up the notes and the shiny foil packets at three hundred.

Then it was like a stripping race, Nick and I quickly discarded our clothes. It was a draw. We were both naked at about the same time. Nick was fully erect. I, professional that I was, was still only half-hard. I willed it up to full-mast. Nick's prick was about the same as mine in length, but I had him well beaten for girth.

Katie took a prick in each hand and backed to the bed, sitting down when the backs of her legs touched the edge. She now had one in each hand and both at mouth level. She seemed to have difficulty deciding, but eventually chose mine, new to her, to draw between her coral pink lips.

She worked at it for a short time, then transferred her attention to Nick's straining tool, giving it the same skilful mouthing. She swapped between the two, careful not to make either of us pop before she was ready. She then released her hold on Nick's handle and lay back on the bed, drawing me down with her.

"Fuck me." She breathed.

She spread her thighs at what seemed to be an impossible angle. The suspenders and stocking-tops made a frame for her 'work-of-art' fuck hole. She was wide and wet. Her slit was the same pink as her erect nipples. And her lipsticked upper lips.

I had no difficulty in reaching all the way into her in one smooth push. It had been years since I had felt the heat of a woman's vagina on the bare skin of my penis. I savoured it's warm, wet embrace. I moved slowly, her cunt seemed to suck me, to milk me, I needed all my skill not to blast my pent-up load before she was ready for it. Nick knelt by her face and offered his own weapon to her lips once again, she drew it in and began her skilful sucking. Her legs were dangling over the side of the bed, I was kneeling on the floor, my prick at the perfect height to ream her lovely cunt. I placed my hands behind her knees and drew her legs up and wide, so that I could watch my length slide in and out.

"Change ends?" Nick asked.

We all changed position on the bed, Katie lay on her side with Nick behind. He slipped into her in the 'spoons' position. I positioned myself at her front, but upside down, so that she could suck on my stalk while I watched Nick's slide rhythmically in and out of her gaping cunt. I tentatively reached out my tongue and began to tease her clit. She had her first orgasm this way. But I was too worked up to stop licking. Gradually my tongue strayed onto Nick's shaft as it emerged from the wet hole, I began to lick Katie's juice from it before it thrust in again.

Nick clearly enjoyed the sensation, he began to withdraw further and further until he slipped out altogether. It seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to catch his tip between my lips and suck several inches into my mouth. Suddenly, he came, spurting his thick cream into my mouth. I was shocked but delighted at the sensation. So much so that I began to pump my own offering into Katie's clever mouth.

Nick pulled away, leaving me with my first ever mouthful of spunk. But what should I do with it?

"Give it to me." Demanded Katie.

She had already swallowed Nick's and wanted more. I swivelled round and pressed my mouth to hers. Her tongue pushed out between my lips and I allowed the stuff to run into her mouth. The transfer was completed. She gulped it down hungrily. Unbelievable! What a sexy woman. Two prickfuls of hot come drunk in quick succession.

Nick's come left a salty, earthy taste in my mouth. I reached for my glass and took a swig of very expensive French mouthwash before I could bring myself to swallow.

Both Nick and I would need a little time to recover. I'm sure that, if there had been a plan, it would have been for one man at a time to climax, so that the birthday girl could have the full prick for her continuing pleasure. Katie made do with her fingers, wanking for our pleasure as much as her own, and calculated no doubt, to speed up our recovery. I take great pleasure in watching a woman masturbate, preferably with her fingers, dildoes make me feel like I could be dispensed with. In no time at all, I was ready for the second round. Dildo not required!

This time around, Nick left me to perform while he watched. I went through all of the sensible positions, me on top, doggy, spoons, from behind standing, reverse cowgirl. When she mounted me in normal 'girl on top', she drew her knees right up and leaned forward so the her tiny tits brushed my chest, her arse up in the air. Nick felt ready to join in. He asked us to stop our thrusting and positioned himself behind Katie, rubbing lubricant onto his knob. He then slowly pushed his thin prick into Katie's arsehole and began to bugger her with long, deep thrusts. I could feel him through the thin dividing membrane. He was, in effect, fucking her and wanking me at the same time. His balls slapping into mine added to the pleasure.

Katie went wild, yelling encouragement as she was filled with two pricks at once. Nick came, grunting as he fired his spunky bullets deep into his partners fundament, triggering another great Tsunami of a come in Katie.

My professionalism now paid off. Having come once, I could now last all night if required to. I stayed hard inside her cunt after Nick pulled out of her arse and began gently thrusting up into her lovely sweating body.

But Katie was keen for more anal action.

"Put it up my arse." She instructed.

She was well lubricated, mostly with Nick's semen. Nick took hold of my probe and positioned my tip at the pucker of her back entrance. I pushed and entered the tight passage without difficulty. Katie clearly loved being sodomised, she showered me with kisses as I gently pumped into her. Mouth kisses are not usually on the menu during commercial sex, but this was a night for rule-breaking. Her kisses were delightful. I could see why she was such a good cock-sucker. As she pulled back off my shaft, Nick began to smack each buttock in turn. Not hard, but enough to make her forward thrust more powerful. She accelerated until she was pounding at me, then came in a great, noisy rush.

She eased me out of her ravished hole, stood up and kissed Nick passionately on the mouth. She turned to me.

"Fuck Nick's arse."

What the hell. I had already sucked him off. I was breaking new ground in many ways tonight, and with your eyes closed, a man's bum hole feels no different to a woman's.

Nick was keen. He positioned himself on all fours on the bed and offered his slim, athletic rear for penetration. Katie lathed my cock with lubricant, then guided me to the mark. One firm push and I was in up to my balls. Katie knelt behind me and ground her small tits against by back as I speeded up my movements. She put her lips close to my ear and began to chant;

"Fuck my husband's arse, fuck my husband's arse,"

Over and over again. As though the words alone were part of the act.

Eventually she tired of this, lay on her back behind me and pushed her head between my parted legs to lick and suck at my balls. Then she moved forward more and grasped Nick's flailing prick in her mouth. I turned my head to look back at her body. Sure enough, her fingers were hard at work on her vulva. She came yet again, pulled away from us and ordered my to stop. I was grateful to do so, I was more than ready to spill my second helping of seed.

Katie turned to Nick.

"Suck him off ,sweetheart."

Her voice had become deeper as her arousal became more intense. She made me stand with Nick kneeling at my feet, then guided my prick into his mouth. He had obviously done this before, he was good.

Katie was kneeling alongside, watching her husbands lips slide up and down my shaft. She looked up at me.

"Spunk in his mouth." She whispered.

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