tagBDSMVicki Ch. 02

Vicki Ch. 02


When they got up from the nap, Dan and Vicki sat down for some lunch. This turned out to be sandwiches, but the better quality kind with good ham and Swiss on whole wheat bread with plenty of mustard. Naturally, some mustard stains were likely to happen and they did to Vicki. Her sundress was ruined until it could be washed, a cycle that would take a while. Since she wasn't picking up her son until that night, they had time to do it, but she would have nothing to wear until it was clean.

"Don't worry about it, babe. I like it better when you're naked anyway. I get an excellent view," Dan both reassured and teased her.

"I'll just bet that you do, Master. Damn, that sounds different, calling a man that! I have to admit that I enjoy it, though. I guess I really am a natural slave. I just hope that my duties will be as pleasant as they were earlier today," she reacted.

"For the most part, yes, they will be. Of course, as my wife, you will have some normal frustrations. However, as my slave, you will deal with them somewhat differently. I DO plan to have kids, by the way, which will mean half-siblings for Trent and more parental worries for you. Naturally, given the fact that you're 35, the number of children will not likely be more than 2 or 3 at the most. At some point, we'll need to stop having more babies, so I'll have a vasectomy. Any comments about my plans for our family?" he announced.

"A vasectomy? I guess that makes sense. It would be harder on us if we were older, so a cut-off point would be nice and getting fixed makes better sense than abstinence or having to resort to condoms or pills. About that different approach, though, what did you mean?" she responded.

"Mainly, that if you have a disagreement with me, you'll finally defer to me on the matter. That will prevent unnecessary fights or arguments from starting up too much and lasting too long. Also, you'll only work until I get the cash to support us comfortably on just my income. When that point occurs, I'll expect you to become a stay-at-home mother: a housewife. I'll not have you become the overstressed 'supermom' type. You'll be no use to anyone if you're worn out. Is that clear?" he demanded.

"Yes, Master, and thank you for caring about me that much. Is there anything else that will be different, Dan?" she asked him.

"Yes. To reduce your duties and burdens, I'll take other slaves or girlfriends, some of whom may move in with us at some point. Don't worry about them. They won't be a threat to your position, as you will still be my favorite, my wife, and the lady of the house.

"After me, these other slaves will answer to you, obeying you and respecting your authority as second-in-command. While you may not be up to holding ultimate responsibility, I think that you can exercise power if you know that I'm backing up and you're just carrying out my wishes.

"One of their jobs, along with servicing me, will be to pleasure you. They will also help you around the house. So, as you can see, your new status will be less stressful. All that you have to do is obey me and enforce my commands with them. As I'll probably have a vasectomy at this point, I'll have it reversed when you hit menopause, so I can knock them up.

"Even then, however, they won't have the same rank in the family as you, though I DO want them to be part of the family. That way, there will be a sense of permanence for all women of the household. I want them to think of you as an older sister, one they can respect and obey, under me. Being your lovers as well as mine will also enhance this sense of unity.

"There will probably be two of these women, so things should stay fairly simple. We'll get them their own bedroom that they can use when not sleeping with us. All of you will be naked when it's just me and you around. The only exception to that is when you're having your periods. Then, of course, you'll be allowed to wear panties, but with the stipulation that you remove them during sex, keep them somewhat revealing, and refrain from wearing bras.

"In general, I'll also expect you avoid underwear most of the time under your clothes. I'll also insist on having other people of both sexes over from time to time so we can fuck them. That should make things even more exciting for us. If I want you and your sister-slaves to service a few men so that I can fuck their wives with their blessing, then you'll do it. If I tell you to eat some women out, you'll also do that. Is that understood?" he insisted.

"I understand your rules, Master. I'll follow them. I want to be a good slave for you. I take it that I'm to be a slut, along with my 'sister-slaves'. Is that what you want, Dan?" she probed.

"Yes, exactly. You're all to be good sluts for me. Naturally, I don't mind if you have some fun on your own, aside from what I assign you. Just tell me about it. I'll do the same for you with any spontaneous encounters I might have. You can also masturbate whenever you're not busy servicing me, as I will whenever I feel like doing it. At times, I'll play with myself while watching you girls enjoy each other. Sometimes, I'll have a threesome with 2 of you, while the other one fingers herself," he explained.

"I don't have a problem with that, Master. I just hope that you don't reveal any of this to my Dad or son, at least not yet. Trent doesn't need to know until he's at least a teen. Wouldn't you agree? I mean, he'll know that there are other women, but he doesn't need to know the details. My father is different. He'll catch on early enough, but don't just rub his face in it and tell him too soon is what I'm asking," she urged him.

"I understand. Perhaps, in time, we can win him over. Just a thought," Dan suggested.

"Maybe, but that thought makes me cringe right now. No child, even a grown-up swinger, wants to imagine, let alone see, their parents doing that. That's another reason for my request about Trent, you know. I don't want to gross him out," Vicki explained.

"Agreed. For now, at least, we'll be discreet enough to avoid upsetting people. My company is another area that will require some subtlety on our part. We can't provoke all of my staff by bragging about our orgies to everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is as enlightened as us. So we'll just be careful," he noted.

She nodded and then asked him, "What plan did you have to persuade my father? At some point, when I can get past my knee-jerk reaction to your suggestion, I might be willing to help carry it out. Regardless of my tendency to think of him as only being my Dad, I know that he IS a man with needs. If we can help him, that would be nice."

"Okay, if you can keep an open mind, I was thinking that some or all of my slaves could surprise him with an orgy of his own. That might well include you. Could you stomach the idea of incest, if it helped your father through a sexual dry spell?" he probed.

"Incest? That is rather extreme, isn't it?" she reacted sharply, "then again, I would be willing to do a lot for that man. He has supported me throughout my life, regardless of how harebrained the dream or scheme may have appeared to him and others. I owe him enough to go to extremes for his satisfaction."

"So, you're on board, albeit reluctantly. I have fewer qualms about incest myself, because I have seen it in Nature. I don't regard it as a 'perversion' the way most people do. I think that, in time, you'll get used to the practice. If and when our children are older, we may enjoy initiating them into sex, so their first experiences can be better than most. That goes for BOTH sexes, my dear. It's not just boys who make poor deflowerers. Girls need to mature as well, so they can learn how to please men," Dan remarked.

"I guess that's true. The one about boys may be better known, but I didn't know the first thing about completely enjoying myself or satisfying a guy when I first did it. So, you are suggesting that I take our son's virginity while you introduce our daughter to sex. I think that I might like that, once I get over my hang-ups about incest. Fucking an 18 year old boy would be nice indeed. Of course, by then, he may well not be a virgin," Vicki commented.

"The same could be true for our daughter. However, actual cherries are not necessary. Whether or not they've had partners before us, they would still learn and benefit from being with us physically and finding out how to satisfy someone. Let's not worry about their exact ages or actual virginity, provided that they're at least 16. A lot of what they'd find out with others, they'll simply have to 'unlearn' with us. The point is to show them how sex can be," he clarified.

"So, 16 is your cutoff point, eh? What if I told you that I was a little younger than that when I lost my cherry?" she teased.

"Really? How was it?" he asked her.

"Okay, but nothing that great. I was scared to death of being caught and getting pregnant. He fumbled with his rubbers and dropped a couple of them, in fact. I'm just glad that he used them in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I liked the act and the notoriety at school of not being a virgin anymore. I just didn't like how nervous he was about it. I think that he was even more frightened than me. I kind of lost some respect for him over that, I'll have to admit, but I regained a little afterward.

"We dated for a year and tried some stuff, but there was no real chemistry or excitement with him. He just wasn't what I needed long-term. Then again, no one is for a teenager, no matter what they think at the time. Looking back, I should have been more understanding of him and his fear, since I was scared myself. He was just a kid, a boy the same age as me. I just wanted to be with a guy who was calmer in a situation like that. He DID calm down after that a little, but never completely," she informed him.

"Any regrets?" he questioned her.

"Perhaps that I was with a guy who wasn't sure of himself and had to borrow his condoms. ONE of us should have known what we were doing. Of course, anyone older would have gone to jail for it if anyone caught us. Jon just thought he might be grounded. I can see why 16 is your minimum. That's a little better, at least for some.

"I was a 15 year old girl who simply wanted a good time and didn't want to regret it. I didn't DARE ask my Mom to put me on the pill, so I put him up to borrowing some rubbers from his older brother. I figured that he would be understood more and I was right about that. I don't know if it was the double standard, but the brother knew that Jon was my boyfriend and wanted to get into my panties. He was cool with it," Vicki winked at her new Master.

"How did you convince him?" Dan inquired.

"That was easy. I told him that I wanted BADLY to lose my virginity, but couldn't unless he got some rubbers somehow. He found a way, since he wanted to lose it too. Deep inside, I knew that he was not going to be Mr. Right, or anything like that. I also understood that I wanted to find out what all of the fuss was about and be able to tell my friends from first-hand experience. I was actually the 3rd girl in my circle to get laid," she told him.

"Third out of...?" he probed.

"9 friends. That made me slightly wilder than my best friend. I just like having fun and there weren't too many new ways to do that. I'll admit to letting him into my pants every chance that I got afterward. I got better and so did he. Bear in mind, that was a grand total of 7 times and there was no one else for the rest of the semester. That was mainly because I started liking an older boy who wouldn't give me the time of day. My breasts are not my best assets and they hurt me there. They frequently do. Being 'easy' was not enough. I had to be busty too," Vicki remarked dryly.

"His loss, if you ask me. I like your breasts myself. Then again, I've never been a breast man. I'm glad that you were lucky and mature enough not to get knocked up at 15. All the same, I'll be happier if they had their 'sweet sixteen' before having their cherries popped. Would you agree?" Dan responded.

"Indeed. I was VERY lucky. At least, Jon wasn't a lying SOB. I almost went with a real asshole. I found out later that my instincts were right. Colin was a creep. He claimed to be only interested in me, but that's also what he told Jenny and Amanda. If HE had taken my cherry, it would probably have been worse. He was the sort of guy that you men should sue for giving you a bad name: a real pig," she snorted dismissively.

"Yeah, guys like that piss me off. They are gutless suck-ups who will say anything to get what they want. 'Players' like him don't have the balls to do what I do. They would have to risk rejection and failure. That's a chance that I'm willing to take, unlike them. They're cowards," he replied scornfully.

"Speaking of sex, don't you want any more?" she whined, though not in an annoying way.

"Oh, definitely! In fact, it's time to try something else with you. Have you ever had it up the ass, my dear," Dan suggested.

Vicki grinned as she thought about the last few times she had slept with her ex-boyfriend, Tyler. He had butt-fucked her well, making her very sore, but also giving her a shocking amount of pleasure in the process. Before that, she had never done anal. She had always been intrigued by the idea, but too scared to act on that curiosity. For reasons unknown to her at that time, she had always preferred to let the man decide what they would do in bed. Now, of course, she knew that was her submissive nature.

"About three or four times with my ex. It was rather hot! I wouldn't mind doing that again!" Vicki reacted somewhat excitedly.

"Then your ass is mine! Bend over, so I can take it. I'll be sure to lube it up. Just put your hands back there and spread your cheeks for me. Your lovely bottom needs to be fucked," he ordered her.

Vicki gladly complied with his command, showing him her pucker that he was about to take. She just hoped that it would be as much fun this time as it did with her last boyfriend. She was not disappointed, though of course it hurt too as he entered her. It was a damned good thing that he had used plenty of lube before he started butt-fucking her. The pleasure increased when he rubbed her clit with his fingers while buggering her. The stimulation of his digits and cock at the same time began to cause her pussy juices to flow freely from her front door while he used her back door. It didn't hurt that he fondled her buns while he rode her. This combination made her feel extremely sensual and attractive.

The dominance and forcefulness of his actions intensified her sense of delight in him. She wanted terribly to be his slave, his property, for life. There was no doubt of it anymore in her mind.

"Damn it, dear! Your ass is incredible! I love fucking you this way! It's hot and tight!" he shouted as he got closer to cumming.

"Thank you, Master! It feels as great as ever! I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself too!" she exclaimed in reply.

Her own climax wasn't far off either. As his fingers kept toying with her clit and the lips of her cunt, her growing wetness indicated the soon arrival of her orgasm. His dick, buried up her ass, stretched her out and made her feel filled up. Finally, after several more minutes of teasing on his part, she gushed her cum out on his hand.

The sensations of her juices on his extremities, her cool flesh on his left palm, and her hot sphincter on his cock completed the job of getting him to shoot a massive load into her derriere. He took a couple of minutes to catch his breath after such an intense romp and then slid his softening manhood from her hole. She also needed to relax a bit and he gave her time to do that too.

"If there's anything than a warm, wet pussy, it has GOT to be THAT!" he declared passionately.

"Why, thank you again, Dan! That's quite flattering. I must admit to enjoying it more this time than the last few times. You really know how to do anal! I hope that we do this again," she replied enthusiastically.

"Oh, we will! Frequently, in fact! Now, lie on top of me, so we can 69. I want you to clean my cock, while I drink your cum as well," he instructed her.

Vicki did as he told her again and found that he was serious about eating her. In fact, he even ran his tongue along her crack as well as her pussy. She just concentrated (or rather, tried to concentrate) on licking his dick clean. It was difficult to perform as well as she liked, because of his attention to her, but she managed to do it. That her mouth on him slowed his efforts became apparent as well. Then again, neither of them were in a hurry. They still had a while to get it done.

When they were both finished, Dan planted a deep tongue kiss on her and grabbed her so they could snuggle for a bit. They enjoyed this very much, as well as the TV that they watched for a while.

Time sneaked up on them quicker than they thought, though. Vicki had to go pick up her son that evening and head back home to her Dad. When she walked out the door with freshly laundered clothes, she gave him another hot and heavy kiss on the mouth and looked around the house that would soon be hers too. The thrill of the idea of staying there for good give her the shivers. She finally collected herself though, winked at him, watched him wink back, and got into her car to drive away for the night.

She got home about 9:45 that night with her son, whom she had picked up on the way, and hugged her Dad. She looked very tired, so he decided not to inquire that night about the day's events. He had a feeling that he knew what she had done, anyway. That's my girl, he thought. I'm proud of her and she badly needed to get laid, as tough as it for a Dad to admit that about his daughter.

Vicki, for her part, took another quick shower and headed off to bed to have more dreams of Dan and what they would do together in the future.

Dan went back to the kitchen, ate another snack, shaved, showered, and watched some more TV before he dozed off to sleep.

Everyone slept well that night. The next week would have enough activity for both Dan and Vicki, not to mention a few other lucky people.

To be continued with Chapter 3...

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