tagGroup SexVicki Lynn in the Massage Parlor

Vicki Lynn in the Massage Parlor


"Vicki Lynn, are you up for a little adventure today?" my boyfriend Greg asked me.

"Of course," I replied, lifting my head from Greg's beautiful penis. "What did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking about taking you to a massage parlor."

"A massage parlor, Greg? Those are for guys. Why would I want to go to one?"

"Well, to begin with, you would get a chance to be naked in front of a bunch of very horny guys."

"Yes, that would be fun for me," I said.

"And you would get to look at a bunch of horny naked guys, and I know you would like that."

I laughed and said, "I surely would. Do you think they would have erections?"

"I can almost guarantee it," Greg responded, "especially once they saw you naked. I always get an erection when I see you naked and I see you that way all the time."

I thanked Greg for the nice compliment while wondering if I would really have the courage to do this. Greg must have been excited thinking about the possibility because his penis, which had only finished spurting into my mouth a few minutes ago, was growing hard again in my hands. And I was getting very wet.

"Greg, do you think I might be able to do something more than just look at the guys?"

"What do you mean, Vicki Lynn?"

"I mean, if I like them, could I give them blow jobs?"

"Why not?"

"Well, I was thinking about economics. If I give a guy a blow job he might not want to pay extra money to the masseuse for the same service. I can't imagine the girls would be very happy about losing out on the revenue."

"I tell you what, Vicki Lynn, I'll talk to the person in charge and make sure the girls are compensated adequately. With the money I got from the IPO that shouldn't be a problem."

Greg had founded a small software company a few years before. I didn't really understand what it did but it was something about making other company's software run better and faster. It had gone public a month ago and we were on vacation in London where we were staying in a suite at the Four Seasons.

I said, "Let me practice a bit more, first," and I moved back down to take Greg's nicely erect penis back in my mouth.

After we showered I put on pink transparent thong panties, a white long sleeved blouse which I buttoned part of the way up, and a short, dark blue skirt. I am not good at describing myself but there is a picture in my bio if you are interested. At any rate, I thought I looked pretty okay. When Greg was dressed we left the hotel and walked to a massage parlor that Greg told me he had visited on a previous trip to London.

When we walked in I saw several men sitting in a lounge. They were all fully clothed and I guessed that they were waiting their turns. They all looked up when Greg and I came in and all seemed very surprised to see a woman in the place. At Greg's urging I sat down and he walked over to talk to the manager, a pleasant looking woman who was probably in her fifties. She and Greg conversed for quite a while, during which time three of the guys were called and left for their massages, a few guys, having had their massages, left and a few more guys came in. Greg hadn't told me anything about the place so I didn't really know what the routine was.

Eventually I saw Greg take out his wallet and give the lady some money. Now I knew that this really was going to happen. I had already been quite excited but now I became really excited. Scared, but thrilled at the same time. Greg came back over and sat down next to me.

"Okay, its all fixed. In a few minutes they will call us."

"And then what?" I asked.

"Then we go into a locker room and get undressed. After that we go take a shower, and then we'll go into the sauna. Then, when we are ready, we'll go get massages."

"You mean I'll get a massage, too?"

"Sure. That's all right, isn't it?"

"I guess so. It's just that I've never had a massage from a woman before."

"You might like it, Vicki Lynn. I always do."

"Well of course you do, Greg. All guys like to have girls playing with their cocks. But maybe I'll like it too."

A few minutes later the manager came over to us and said we could go on in. Then she leaned down and whispered to me, "It's all right, honey, do whatever you would like to do. Have a good time."

I thanked her, stood up and, taking Greg's hand, walked on in to the locker room. There were three guys in it. One was just pulling his shorts off. He was about my height (I'm 165 centimeters, or five feet five inches tall) and a little overweight with an average size cock. He looked surprised when he saw me and quickly put a towel around himself. Another guy had already taken his clothes off. He was several inches taller than I am and quite good looking. He also had a much larger cock. I stared at it and as I did so it started to get bigger. In only a minute it was standing straight out in front of him. Greg saw it, too, and quickly said to me, "Let's get undressed and go to the sauna."

I knew Greg wanted to encourage the guy to go to the sauna as well so I rapidly began unbuttoning my blouse. The third guy, who was also pretty tall and who had been fully dressed, immediately started trying to get his clothes off as rapidly as he could. I finished unbuttoning my blouse, took it off and put it on a hanger in an empty locker. I didn't have a bra on, of course, and my nipples showed all three of the guys and Greg just how excited I had become. My nipples are pink and the areolas are slightly darkeer than the nipples. My breasts are, well, you can get the general idea from the Bio picture. Anyway, the guys seemed pleased to be looking at them.

I slipped out of my shoes, undid my skirt and stepped out of it. I folded it carefully while wondering if there was a wet spot yet on my panties. I put my skirt and shoes into the locker, took a deep breath and pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them, folded them and placed them in the locker. None of the guys had left the locker room even though they were all completely undressed. The short guy now had a noticeable bulge under his towel. The other two had very nice erections. The second guy's cock was still sticking straight out in front of him and twitching slightly. The third guy's cock was pointing straight up in the air. I guessed that both of them were around seven to nine inches, which for me is a very good size. More than that and I'm afraid it would hurt.

Greg and I closed and locked our lockers, picked up our towels and headed for the showers. We took a quick shower – we had already taken more lingering ones at the hotel, and went to the sauna. The two taller guys were in it, sitting on their towels. Their erections had gone down but their cocks were still pretty impressive. They were sitting at opposite ends of the bench. Greg said hello to them as he and I sat down between them. After a few seconds Greg reached over with his left hand and took my right hand which he placed on his penis.

I understood and began caressing Greg's cock. In spite of our activities of only an hour or so before Greg's cock immediately began becoming firm under my hand, one of my most favorite feelings. I glanced over at our fellow sauna takers. Both of them were watching what I was doing and both had regained their previous erections. One was stroking his cock, the other merely watching. But both of them were very firm and very delicious looking.

I slid off the bench and onto my knees in front of Greg. I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and kissed and sucked it for a few minutes. Then I took all of his cock into my throat with my lips touching his balls. I pulled my head all the way back until his cock was out of my mouth then plunged back down, engulfing his erection completely. I did this several more times until Greg took hold of my arms.

He said, "Vicki Lynn, I think you are ignoring our friends here."

I stood up and moved to the guy on Greg's left. "Would you mind if I played with you?" I asked. "Your cock is beautiful and I would love to have it in my mouth."

He looked doubtfully over at Greg, but Greg said, "Go ahead. Vicki Lynn really loves giving head, and she especially likes to swallow."

That was true, I do. I like the taste and I like to sample the different tastes of different men.

"That'd be great," the guy said.

I got back on my knees and took his cock in both of my hands. It was not only quite large but also very, very firm. Extremely nice to touch. I caressed his balls and moved my hands up and down on his erection. I liked looking at his cock while I was caressing it. I'm very visually oriented and I really like looking at nude men. Especially erect nude men.

After a few minutes of playing with his erection, I took it into my mouth. It felt as good there as in my hands. Maybe even better. I relaxed my throat and took all of him into it, something I really like to do. And something the guys seem to like a lot. Then, as I had done with Greg, I slowly took his cock all the way out of my throat and then put him back in again. I did this several times before taking him out and caressing him with my hands again. I could tell that he was about to come so I took him back into my mouth and pumped him with my hands while I sucked and tongued him.

It took only another few seconds before he began to spurt. First a huge gob which I knew I had to swallow quickly, and did. It tasted quite nice. A little salty, but that's okay. Then he spurted again, and then again. Now I took him all the way back into the depths of my throat as he spurted deep into it. I sucked and swallowed and sucked and swallowed. I was really enjoying myself.

Eventually his cock began to lose its firmness but I kept all of it in my mouth until it became completely limp. Then I was surprised to hear him turn to Greg and say, "Thank you. Your girl friend gives a great blow job."

I mean, I was pleased, but I was the one who had given the blow job. Not Greg. I thought he should have been thanking me. But I didn't really mind because I was the one who had enjoyed it, too. Well, actually, from the size of Greg's erection it looked as if he had been enjoying it as well.

I stood up and walked back to Greg. He pointed to the other man's erection and said, "I think our other friend could use a little help as well."

"Is that true?" I asked the guy.

"Oh, yes. I don't think I've ever been so excited in my life as watching you with their cocks in your mouth."

I walked over and kneeled in front of him. At first I just looked at his cock, which was pointing straight up at the ceiling. Then I moved my head forward and ran my tongue up and down on it. I could feel it twitch and jump a little under my tongue. I took it into my right hand while cupping his very large, hairy balls with my left. His cock wasn't quite as firm as the other guy's had been, but it was wider. Almost as wide as Greg's roommate Ed's had been. I had to stretch my mouth to get the head of it in. I played with just the head of his cock for several minutes while pumping him with my hands. Then I relaxed my throat as much as I could and tried to take more of him into my throat.

He was so big that it was very difficult to do so. But I really wanted to feel all that girth sliding into and out of my throat. While I was trying to get more of him into me I heard him say to Greg, "Would it be all right for me to play with your girl friend while she is playing with me?"

"Of course," Greg said. "Vicki Lynn loves to have her nipples caressed and her pussy played with. Her ass, too."

He leaned down and touched my nipples, which responded with immediate pleasure. He caressed them for several minutes as they grew larger. And I found that I could get more of him into my throat as I was getting more and more sexually aroused. A minute later I felt his fingers exploring my pussy. They quickly found my wetness and then found their way inside me. This made it even easier to get more of his cock into my throat.

When he found my clit and began to play with it the rest of his cock slid easily into my mouth. I moved up and down on it only an inch or two at first but as soon as I felt certain that I could take it all the way out and put it all the way back in again I did so. I loved the feeling of all that width sliding into my mouth and down my throat. And I loved the feel of his fingers on my clit. In another few minutes I felt a huge orgasm building up in me. I let it wash over me with waves of pleasure as I continued to take his erection in and out of my mouth.

Another minute later and I could feel him building up to his ejaculation. I took him out of my mouth and pumped him furiously until he spurted a huge thick stream of semen toward my mouth. Some of it got on my face but most of it got into my mouth. I swallowed it and found it had a very nice taste. I had liked the other guy but this was even better. He spurted several times into my mouth. I swallowed greedily, then wiped my face with my hand and swallowed the bits that hadn't landed in my mouth. Then I took his cock back down my throat and cleaned him off completely with my mouth as I sucked the last bits of semen from him.

This one thanked me before thanking Greg, who thanked both of the guys on my behalf. Then Greg said to me, "Maybe we should go get a massage now."

We said good bye to the guys and picked up our towels which we carried with us but didn't wrap around us as we walked out of the sauna and down the hall. Greg had apparently made arrangements for specific girls in adjoining rooms to give us our massages. My masseuse was quite a pretty girl. She was a brunette, about my height, with very fair skin. She was wearing a white bra and white bikini panties. She looked at me and smiled. "What kind of massage would you like?" she asked.

"I've never had one from a woman before," I replied. "What are my choices?"

"Well, we have the standard massage which is quite nice, but from the erectness of your nipples and the moistness of your pussy, I would think that our tension relief massage would be best for you."

"Okay, that sounds fine to me. How do you want me?"

She had me lie down on my tummy on a towel on her table. She began by massaging my back, which felt heavenly. I think she must have actually bothered to learn something about how to give real massages. Then she did my arms and hands and fingers, which also felt very nice. Then she moved to the other end of the table and began to do my feet and my legs. At first this was simply pleasurable but as she moved her hands further and further up my legs it began to feel much more than that.

By the time she got to my upper thighs the moistness in my pussy had increased considerably. It was all I could do to keep from rubbing my pussy against the towel. When her hands touched my ass I actually had a small orgasm.

"It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes," I responded, "it feels extremely good."

"Wait, I think it will feel even better in a few more minutes."

Now she caressed the cheeks of my ass with her gentle but firm fingers. Her thumbs moved up and down on the crack of my ass, coming almost but not quite to my pussy. I couldn't help myself. My legs squeezed together involuntarily. The next time she moved her hands downward her thumbs did touch my pussy, which felt like an electric shock had passed through it.

"That feels really good," I said. Or actually moaned.

"It is supposed to," she said.

And then she kept doing it, only moving her thumbs over more and more of my pussy with each downward movement of her hands. I spread my legs very wide to give her as much access to my pussy as possible. I came three more times as she continued to massage my ass and pussy. After my fourth orgasm she asked me to turn over onto my back. I did so and she moved back up the table and began massaging my face. This was very relaxing but not sexual. Next she moved her hands down to my neck and then gradually worked them down to my breasts.

She moved her hands very slowly around my breasts, feeling them and kneading them and caressing them while avoiding touching my nipples, which seemed to be straining toward her fingers as they were so anxious to be touched. Finally she did touch them and caress them and tweak them.

"Can you take my nipples in your mouth?" I asked her.

"Of course. It's part of the massage," she replied.

She bent her head down and took my left nipple into her mouth while both hands gently squeezed my breast beneath my mouth. She sucked on my nipple and then swallowed it and then moved her head back away as my nipple popped out of her throat. She did this several more times and I had another orgasm. Then she leaned her head over my body and took my right nipple into her mouth. She licked and sucked on this nipple, too, as I enjoyed wave after wave of pleasure.

Eventually she lifted her head and moved down to my feet. She began to work her way up my calves to my knees and then my thighs. When she got to my upper thighs I was shivering with pleasure.

"Would you like me to take off my bra and panties?" she asked.

"You wouldn't mind?" I said.

"I'd like to," she replied, "but I didn't want to scare you."

"Please take them off, I'd like to look at you."

"I hope you'll do more than just look," she said.

"Yes, I will," I promised.

She unhooked her bra and freed her breasts, which were a little bigger and heavier than mine. I thought her breasts looked quite pretty. Her nipples were not dark, but they were darker than mine, as were her areolas. Her nipples were also quite erect. She pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Her pussy was completely shaven. I don't like to do that because it itches unless you shave every day and I'm too lazy to want to shave every day. But it looked very interesting to me. And very pretty as well. I was surprised. I've never been into girls but I was very excited looking at the naked one in the room with me.

She walked back over to the table and stood beside me. She reached her hands to massage my upper thighs just below my pussy. I reached my hand out, rather tentatively, and touched one of her breasts. I found I liked the feel of it. I moved my fingers to her nipple and caressed it. As I did so, she moved her hand from my upper thigh to my pubic hair and into my wetness. She caressed my pussy for several minutes as I played with first one of her nipples and then the other.

Then I moved my hand down between her legs and touched her naked pussy. It was almost as moist as mine. I loved the feel of the folds of her flesh. When my fingers moved to her clit she squeezed her leg on my hand. She took my clit in her hand and we each squeezed and caressed the other's clit. In a minute or less both of us came. That felt so good that we kept doing it until we both came again.

Then she said, "I better finish up or I might get into trouble."

"Of course," I said, as I climbed somewhat shakily down from the massage table. "But first ......." And I got on my knees in front of her and took her pussy into my mouth. It had a very nice, sweet taste to it. I pushed my tongue into her wetness and enjoyed the taste even more. She rocked her hips against my face for several minutes and then grasped my head and pulled me even more firmly against her sweet pussy as she had a very strong orgasm.

"Your boyfriend took care of all the payments," she said as I was standing up. "Though I think maybe I ought to be paying you."

"No, the pleasure was all mine," I said.

We kissed each other lightly goodbye and I walked back down to the showers, with my towel slung over my shoulders but not covering my breasts. When I got to the showers I saw the second guy from the sauna showering in one of the stalls.

"May I join you?" I asked as I went up to him.

"Well, sure," he answered.

I went in to the shower stall. It wasn't huge but it was big enough for two very friendly people to be in at the same time. I squeezed around behind him to let the water splash over me. Then I reached my hands around him and caressed his firm chest as I pushed my breasts and pussy against his back and his ass. Slowly I traced my hands down from his chest to his waist and then to his cock. It was showing some signs of life but was far from erect. It only took a minute or so before it began to come back to life and I could enjoy it growing larger and larger under my caresses.

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