Vickie Holzgraff


Vickie hadn't mentioned all this to her folks, but her mother knew by the way that Vickie talked when she called her mother on the phone. Vickie's parents were also a long line of military people. Her father served in the Marine Corps in in the South Pacific in World War Two. Her grandfather had served in Belleau Woods in the Marine Corps in World War One.

Her uncle was among the "Chosen Frozen" at the Chosan Reservoir in Korea also in the Corps. Her older brother was with the Ninth Marine Division (The Walking Dead) in Viet Nam and her youngest brother was wating to become eighteen so that he too could join the proud tradition of the Holzgraff family. Her mother was disturbed that Vickie had chosen a Naval Man to become serious about as the enmity that exists between the Navy and the Marine Corps. No one in the Holzgraff family had ever married a Sailor. Her mother emphasized over and over to Vickie. Vickie like Jerry ignored family traditions. Not once did anyone hear that the Naval man was going to serve with the Corps and no one realized that a strange twist of fate was about to occur. One which no one would suspect.

On graduation day Jerry received his certification from Hospital Corps A School and his page 13 which delineated the course of studies he had accomplished. After which he received his orders to Field Medical Services School. The twist? The orders called for FMSS not at Camp Pendleton, California as was expected. Instead, he was to go to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The length again changed to 8 weeks from the original 13 weeks. During that time he would attend SERE Training at Camp Lejeune and not Camp Pendleton.

When the two met that evening, both cried. Both were silent and both held each other dearly. Jerry was overwhelmed with emotion but Vickie fainted in his arms. Neither knew what to do. They hadn't had a chance to get to know each other either in a closer relationship that Vickie desperately wanted, nor in the very intimate way for which she had secretly craved when she had decided to give him the ultimate gift of herself, In the most loving way in which she had planned to surrender. Neither had suspected that the gods have a fickle agenda. First they made both she and he fall hopelessly in love, and then were tearing them apart. But this too could be overcome and could be overcome after he had gone to FMSS.

Jerry completed his training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and as with the rest of the class, he received orders to South East Asia at "an undisclosed location." The orders declared. But as nothing else had worked true to form neither did this. Instead of the usual 14 days of leave the strangest thing occurred. Jerry's group for some bizarre reason they were all given 21 days of leave as approved by the school commander.

Jerry immediately called Vickie from the airport in Raleigh and gave her the news. He had to go home but he didn't have to stay there all that time. He survived the ten days that his mother kept clamoring about and returned to San Diego. This actually gave him eleven days to be with the sweetest girl he had ever known.

That night when he returned and checked into the transit barracks at El Torro Marine Corps Air Station just south of San Diego, just after midnight Vickie was there to meet him. Needless to say neither slept that night. The next evening Vickie suggested that the two meet and go to "dinner" as she called it but he called it "supper" in some nice restaurant. Jerry had no idea where to go other than the club, the exchange or some other such place. Vickie, however, seized the occasion and suggested Anthony's Grotto on Harbor Drive close to the Coast Guard Station. Jerry agreed and they were off. The cab driver was told by Jerry, now of equal rank to Vickie, to take his time, which the cab driver die after a generous tip of $50. A strange chemistry was brewing in the crucible tonight and Vickie was the master chemist.

Upon reaching the restaurant Vickie requested a corner booth and had to do the ordering because Jerry didn't know what to order. Other than ordering fried shrimp in the mess hall on fish day, fried catfish at home, he had no idea what the menu consisted of or what the foods were. She asked "Do you like wine?" Jerry had never had wines in his life and had no idea what they even tasted like. "You order it." He responded. When she ordered he had no idea what or how to even pronounce it. The waiter came out with the bottle and showed the label to Jerry who looked to Vickie for advice. She told him to accept and to swirl the glass when the waiter poured the wine in the glass. All of the home made wines that Jerry had ever seen were red but this one was clear amber colored.

The waiter poured and Jerry picked up the glass and swirled the liquid then said to Vickie, "what do I do now?' "Taste it and tell the waiter how it is." She said very softly. He swirled the liquid in the glass and took a large drink instead of a sip and declared to the waiter "It's alright." The waiter rolled his eyes in the top of his head and poured her the next drink then poured Jerry's glass. The wine was an expensive $20.00 a liter and one-half which was what she ordered. All Jerry could remember was some word like Blanc. By the time the dinner, Lobster Thermador, arrived both Jerry and Vickie had had at least three glasses each and both were flushing. Both were loosing their inhibitions and most of their restraint was gone. After dinner, which Jerry swore, was the best he had ever eaten they sat for a long time, long enough in fact to consume the rest of the wine. Vickie was now again very close to Jerry and again her knee was against his only this time he didn't jump. In fact he now had placed his hand on her thigh and had moved it to mid thigh region but Vickie now said nothing. Instead she placed her hand on his hand and held it there.

Jerry knowing that their time was limited told her that he loved her. That overwhelming feeling of warmth spread throughout her entire being moving her within and causing her to reflex her chest outward. After she recovered from the feeling she responded in kind, a long pause of several seconds or minutes (who's counting) passes. He looks at her drinking in her beauty, her sweet smell, and her smile. That sparkle is again in her eyes and he believes he can look into her soul. He is perspiring from the wine, his face is flushed as is hers and his hand is trembling on her thigh. Her thigh is soft and warm to touch. He smells the sweetness of her very being. His whole universe is in her.

She suddenly breaks the silence as she says "what are you thinking about?" Her words snap him out of his reverie and he responds "You."

"I know that, but what are you thinking about me?" She asks. "Do you really want me to tell you?" he asks. "More than anything else." She responds. Jerry wasn't an eloquent man but something swept through him in his innocence he said " I think of when we can be together again. When we can again sit like this and enjoy each other's company. When we can make love. And most of all when we can be together forever."

"Is that all?" She asks. "No but I don't know how to say it."

"Then say it the best way you can. That's what makes me love you. That's what moves me about you is your innocence." Pausing he again hears his heart beating in his ears. His hand starts shaking again, his resolve wanes, his forehead perspires and then he says to Vickie "I'm thinking about you and I together tonight loving and holding each other, in bed and my face buried between your thighs." He braced for her to slap him and tell him what kind of pervert he was. Instead her face flushed crimson just like the first time and she giggled that haunting little giggle of hers. He noticed that she was crimson from the cleavage she was showing from her low cut white blouse to her blonde scalp. She trembled at the thought and said in a very low almost inaudible voice "Then let's try it."

Jerry is in a trance. As the cobra charms the rodent with it's gaze, Jerry is entranced in Vickie's eyes. They find an inexpensive room in the low rent district of San Diego and hurry to the room. Once inside they embrace and kiss passionately for several minutes. He holds Vickie to him with mad strength causing her to cough. He releases his grip and apologizes to her but she dismisses it and grips him in her arms just as tightly. Finally he begins to unbutton her blouse, then removes it. He lets his hands wander over her nearly bare upper body tenderly. He is afraid he will hurt her. He removes her bra and cups her small breasts in his hands and twirls her nipples between forefingers and thumbs. She gasps at the sudden sensation and grips his hands. He kisses her neck tenderly tracing the angle of her thin white neck and shoulder. Her skin is to soft and warm to his touch and lips. He unzips her skirt and unbuttons the top and lets it fall to the floor. She had worn a half-slip, which she removed along with her underpants. Jerry is frozen in time and entranced with the elegant feminine curves of her pale body. "This is not a woman." He says to himself. "She's a goddess."

She removes his clothing first the shirt, then the T-shirt, then his trousers kissing every inch of his body but especially his nipples as he gasps for air and trembles at her tender touch. This time she does not giggle or laugh. After his clothing is removed they embrace and he smells her perfume and the divine fragrance of her body. It drives him mad with passion as he embraces her and makes love to her. He takes her forcefully in his arms and kisses down the angle of her neck lightly. She gasps for air as he reaches her shoulder and kisses along the notch of her shoulder and chest.

"Lick it with your tongue." She instructs him in a horse whisper, and he does noticing her reaction of stiffening of her body momentarily. "Keep it up. It feels so good." She whispers. He then runs his tongue down her rib cage to her delicate small breast, which to him seems a work of art to be worshiped and admired instead of groping and licking. He licks her breast anyway and she moans softly as if enjoying the feeling of his tongue on her nipples. Her abdomen and pelvis thrusts against his upper leg and lower abdomen. He feels the soft blonde pubic hair against his leg and enjoys the feeling of her leg winding around his to grip as if to not allow him to escape her feminine wilds. He knows a secret that she doesn't, however, he doesn't want to escape.

Suddenly without reservation he steps aside and scoops her off her feet into his arms. She is light and trembles in his grasp but not for fear. He carries her to the bed and gently lays her on her back. He sits beside her on the bed and kisses her mouth again as though he cannot get enough of her. The two kiss deeply for sometime feeling they're passions rise again. "Do you remember what you said you dreamed of doing to me?" She asked him in a husky soft soprano voice. "I remember." He said. "Are you ready?" he asked. "I am very hot, and I am very wet." She declared to him. "I want you to fulfill your promise and kiss my feminine parts for an hour." She said rather shyly not wanting to use the common vernacular for her vulva. "Kiss me there until I pass out."

Jerry was only too happy to oblige and moved to the side of the bed and turned her crosswise of the full sized hotel bed. Kneeling on the carpeted floor, he positioned himself between her thighs and thought that it might be better if he were to not go directly to the prize. Instead, he commenced at her knee and kissed the inside of her thigh and then licked her soft skin upward until he reached her crease between the thigh and her soft blonde pubic hair. He then licked her crease which she affirmed her fondness of this new move to the both of them. He then began on the other knee and worked up to the pubic hair. He immediately licked her outer lips and moved between the two inner lips, which were somewhat short.

Jerry then reached the top of her vulva and caressed her hood with his tongue. She reached down and took hold of her pubic hair and pulled up. "There, that will make it easier for you to find it." She hoarsely stated. He noticed that her words were becoming more limited as he continued his oral ministrations. He found the "it" she was speaking of as he descended down the pale pink fold, which was becoming moister by the second. He didn't know that it was from her arousal that her moisture increased by the second. Her small pussy was then slippery, as he tasted her. She tasted sweet to him. He had always heard that women smelled of fish but such wasn't the case here. His heart rate increased as he caressed her "little nubbin" he called it to himself.

"You taste very sweet darling." He whispered in a heavy whisper. "Good." Vickie replied in an almost growling voice while panting heavily and her abdomen was contracting involuntarily and her hips twitched out of control. "Good. Oh so good. Yessss!" she began hissing as a snake ready to strike. "Yesss! Uhhhhhhhh!" It seemed that her vocabulary was now down to two or three words in her throws of passion. He noticed that her warm skin was now very moist with perspiration. Her abdomen was from the involuntary contraction phase to the involuntary heaving stage as her stomach wall was now pushing outward in spasms. Jerry had never before licked a girls pussy but was willing to try it once to see if he liked it and found that he not only liked it, but it was fun to watch a once whole woman now become a mass of involuntarily quivering protoplasm.

Suddenly her slender shapely legs closed with a spasm on either side of his head and she squeezed as her heels dug into his back and her pelvis rocked up and down in rhythmic movements that were becoming more forceful by the second. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Vickie declared in a shockingly unlady- like tone. Something very wet sprayed Jerry's throat and ran down his chest as he continued to lick her small clitoris, which now protruded approximately half an inch. "Ohhhhh God!" She said again in that unlady like gluteral voice. Her pelvis was now breaking all speed records for movement that Jerry had ever beheld. Again she bucked her pelvis violently and clamped on the sides of his head as he continued to lick her. "God this is fun!" He exclaimed in his own mind, thinking about what he was doing to her and the extreme pleasure he had given her. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She screamed out almost piercing his ears as another he was showered in a bath of vaginal fluid. "Oh my God." She declared this time softly and collapsed onto his face and her legs fell on his shoulders.

"NO MORE PLEASE!" She declared emphatically. "Your tongue is one hell of a tongue sweetheart. I can't take anymore now. You have made my belly hurt." She said in a throaty manner. The smell of her feminine musk was permeating his nostrils and arousing him more. "Fuck me sweetheart. Fuck me all the way to my belly button. Give it to me deep." She burst forth in short sentences.

Jerry rose from the floor and climbed on top of the diminutive body of his lover. Jerry had until this moment only had sex with one other woman. The only sex he had experienced since was in masturbation. He didn't realize how hard he could be but at this moment in time he was experiencing pain from his erection at the vision of Vickie who had never revealed her body to him. She drew her legs up into a folded position over her body to allow him access to her. He realized that as small as her hips were he would have to place a pillow under her hips to be able to reach her. He didn't realize just how small she was but he did know that he didn't have a large dick. It was approximately six and one half inches in length at present and it was as erect as it ever had been.

He placed the head of his penis at the opening of her vagina and begin to massage her lips with his dick. She remarked that he had a good dick and would like to be penetrated by him. He then slowly inserted into her partly because of the sensitivity of his own glans penis and also because he didn't know if Vickie was really a virgin or not. He slid right in all the way with all the lubricant she had from her explosive orgasms. Also she was not a virgin but she had only been penetrated one time before which pained her severely. She had vowed that never again would she allow another man to have her except the one she intended to marry. Jerry was her intended mate and she would not propose to him herself, but would fish it out of him one way or another. This would be good incentive to get him to propose to her eventually.

Jerry began the rhythmic pumping of his dick deep into her vagina. She was so wet and had her legs in a wide open-position and the hot silky slippery love juices of her pussy was beyond explanation to him. He had never felt anything so good before. It was indescribable to him. He began to see both dark and light spots from the rush that hit him sent him into a state of ecstasy. He could hear a slurping sound from his pumping in and out of her at that moment; also she was beginning to warm to the sensation herself. She wasn't experienced at that time and didn't know the simple little moves that increased the pleasure to her partner. He didn't know any of the moves either and just thrust in and out of her. They were learning together. He had just learned to please her orally by cunnilingus. She had not learned how to suck him yet and didn't know the extreme pleasure of oral sex except for what she had felt tonight.

The feeling of having one's penis in a very hot vagina was taking it's toll on Jerry as he pumped in and out and he felt a build up of something that he didn't understand. His penis tingled and caused him to increase his thrusting. The sensation began with a tingling and spread to a hot captivating, but pleasant burning in his head. He broke into a sweat and pumped faster. Suddenly he felt the boiling inside his lower abdomen and continued to pump harder. Then all at once a wave like sensation occurred inside his penis and abdomen. He suddenly grabbed his dick and pulled out of her because he didn't want her to become pregnant just to satisfy himself.

Catching his eruption in his hand, rather than to spew it inside Vickie's love well, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom and let go in the commode. After a few moments he attempted to urinate which proved to be difficult to near impossible. Eventually his dick grew soft enough to pee, which took longer that was normal for him. Once finished, he returned to the bed and lay down beside her. Vickie was in the mood for an afterglow and moved over to Jerry and snuggled next to him for a period of close to sixty minutes. "God that was good." Vickie exclaimed. "I never knew what it could feel like, and with you it is so special to me. This is a night that I will always remember. Just one question however. Who taught you how to lick me or any woman for that matter?"

"No one taught me." I learned from watching you and reading up on the subject. I read a few books and just remembered the techniques. I have to go to books a lot sometimes." He informed her. Not just from having had sex, both of them are in the throws of ecstasy. "If this night could only last forever." He thinks. "If I could only be held by him like this forever." She thinks as complete surrender overwhelms them both.

During the next few days the ritual was repeated nightly and visiting in the daytime between her duty hours. She knew Staff Sergeant Taylor well for whom she worked and the sergeant took her duty section for her to give them time together. 'I guess the sergeant isn't so bad after all." He finally told Vickie. He personally bought Staff Sergeant Taylor a dozen red roses with a box of "See's chocolates," for which the sergeant blushed and thanked him profusely. The sergeant wasn't a plane woman of mid thirties, and Jerry leaned forward and kissed her on her lips as he gave her the roses. "I think you just overwhelmed her." Vickie informed him. "You also made a friend for life. She had already told me that she liked you that day she stopped you at the barracks door. She feels that you're cute and innocent. She'd like to get your cherry she told me." Vickie informed him very frankly. "You didn't tell her did you? About us you know." I asked. "No, I didn't have to after we went to Anthony's she looked at me the next day and knew. "She told me I glowed as only a fulfilled woman could."

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