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Vickie's Venture Ch. 04


A Note to My Readers: Hello to my regulars and thanks for staying with me. Some of you have likely been wondering why I haven't finished some series, like this one. The answer is simple, yet annoying. My computer died. 85% fried folks, the point of no return. I have this one, my spare, but it will NOT read the Flash Drive on which the older stories are stored. No notes available for me to work with. I have a few stories close to completion, but can't access them. On a positive front, I can get the computer to work for short periods during which I can transfer files from one drive to one that does work over here -- thus, you are seeing a new chapter of "Vickie's Venture". For those who are new readers of my stuff, Vickie is friends with a young lady named Heather who has her own series of stories. This story takes place shortly before Heather goes on her honeymoon.

Thanks for your continued support! ~~BrettJ

Nathan showed his daughter the ledger in which they'd been entering their bank deposits for the past six months. In that short a period of time, they had gone from near-bankruptcy to having nearly $100,000 in the bank.

"Sex sells Daddy," Vickie smiled as she gave her father a hug. Nathan noticed a real change in her persona, she moved with a confidence she had not possessed before. She was now the kind of woman who grasped the bull by the horns and met life's challenges. When her father had lost her job, wild thoughts went through her mind. She became a high-class call girl -- for women only. There had been some interesting bumps in the rode, but she had weathered every storm.

She had been like that as a child. When her mother left, Vickie cried for a week and then picked up the pieces. She stopped calling herself Val or Valentina and insisted on using her middle name, Victoria. She wouldn't answer to Valentina and within 2 years, the little girl had even forgotten that was her birth name.

Victoria walked around their new apartment, they'd been living here for almost a year now. Victoria listed her occupation as "Model & Agent" and she had done some real modeling work. Most of the clients only wanted one thing -- the kind of sexy a hot, leggy, incredibly kinky young blonde could provide for them. From her first assignment, Vickie knew that women were it for her. Lucinda's knowing touch had sealed the deal and Vickie had not been with another man since, save one.

She walked around their apartment in a slinky blue negligee, her body having added some maturity over the past few years. Indeed, after earning the first $25,000, Vickie and Nathan had invested in a nice package of Nautilus equipment and a personal treatment. One look at dynamic Sonia and Vickie knew she would be working extra hard. Sonia was a dynamic force, like a tornado that sweeps you off your feet. The 5'11" inch amazon took no backtalk and put Vickie through her paces, but her eyes never left Vickie for the entire time she worked out. Vickie was smart enough by now to recognize a lesbian or a bi-sexual by now. Sonia turned out to be the latter and after some persuading" from Vickie and her father, her rate plummeted by half. It was a good deal all around and Vickie found that Sonia was as demanding in the bedroom as she was anywhere else. Luckily for her, in matters sexual, Vickie's skills far outweighed Sonia's.

Early on in her business, Vickie realized that her client list was growing faster than she could handle. Even though she herself only slept with female clients, she knew for economical reasons she would likely have to take on couples as well. As she wasn't going to do this herself, she knew she would need some help. It would be tricky, for how does a girl walk up to someone and ask "Hey, I'm working as a Call Girl and making big money, would you like to work for me?"

There was only one person Vickie trusted enough to be that blunt with and that person was her BFF Heather. Heather was almost a sex addict and despite sharing her body with a beefy hunk named Bryan and the gorgeous Racquel and several other stunning women, Vickie sensed her friend still wouldn't get enough. Heather was thrilled to be able to meet some new & sexy women of varying ages. "I'll learn some new mad skills," She told Vickie as they made their handshake deal. "You can keep the cash, I'd do this for free."

Vickie wasn't having that, she insisted that everything be fair and above board. She didn't need to earn much more than she earned on her own, so she offered Heather 80% of her earnings and she would get the remaining 20%. When Heather found out about how much money she would be earning, she almost keeled over.

Heather and Vickie did Heather's first assignment together and then Vickie sent her out on her own after that. Heather helped out in other ways as well, she spread the word through the "underground" of friends she knew she could trust and soon, Vickie had several lovely young women in her employ.

Early one morning, it was barely 7 AM, Vickie's business phone rang. Vickie was a huge grump in the morning but she knew that it was important to be personable at all hours when dealing with clients. She picked up the phone and answered "Hello" in the sweetest tone she could muster at such an ungodly hour.

"Where did you GET that girl?" A voice said on the other end of the phone. It was Debra Jo, the client to whom she'd sent Heather the night before. Debra Jo was a mature beauty in her mid-50's who looked 10 years younger. She was married to a man that had no idea she loved women and she could only see them when he was out of town or when she could arrange discreet rendezvous. She always went to Vickie because they had clicked from the minute Debra Jo walked into the hotel bar. The long-haired blonde wore her years well and with an air of sensuality. Once the two blondes were rolling around in the large bed in Debra Jo's suite, the kid gloves came off -- on both sides. Debra Jo liked it down and nasty and with the stamina Vickie now had from working out with Sonia -- in every way -- she was able to give Debra Jo the kind of girl-fucking she craved. Debra Jo called her at least once a month now and Vickie made sure never to disappoint her client. She always wore black and slinky and made sure her heels were stilettos. Last night had been the first time she had not been able to meet with her friend, another client had booked her weeks in advance and she was curious to meet with the young woman. If the pictures she had sent Vickie in her E-Mail were any indication, Vickie was going to have a grand old time with Mei-Ling.

She hadn't wanted to disappoint Debra Jo, she valued her business and friendship. She had impressed it on Heather that she was to make sure Debra Jo got the top of the line treatment. "Hit her with everything you've got," She said to the petite redhead. Then she added "Which is plenty."

Vickie was wide awake now and wondering what had gone wrong? She trusted Heather and knew the petite angel was a wildcat in bed, she and Vickie had torn up the sheets several times. When you girl-fucked Heather, you did not come away unscathed. It didn't matter -- Debra Jo was the client and if she wasn't happy, Vickie would fix it.

"I'm sorry you're unhappy, Debra Jo, I'll ..."

"Did I SAY I was unhappy?!" Debra Jo shrieked with laughter. "Dear fucking God girl, what a little fuckbunny she was. Does she live on sex?" Debra Jo chuckled again. "She showed up at my home in the sexiest black cocktail dress and heels, her red hair frames that gorgeous, adorably freckled face. I invited her in and I saw the look of mischief in her eyes. I wasn't waiting another minute. I pulled her into my arms and planted one on her!

If I thought I was going to one-up her, the little minx set me straight. She ran her tongue all over my lips and sucked on mine. Because she was in heels, we were the same height to the little bitch grabbed my ass and squeezed it. What a little vixen!

`Do you want to get to know me or do you just want to fuck?' She asked me. You know me Vickie, I'm not usually intimidated, but this fuckable nymphet left me speechless. I had some nice drinks chilling, so I asked her to sit down. She sat down and crossed those nice legs of hers, she was wearing patterned stockings -- you know how I like those. I loved the shoes and she kept swinging her foot and dangling one from her foot, letting the tip catch the light. I was fucking turned on and we hadn't done anything yet.

I offered her a Margarita and the saucy little imp made a real show out of drinking it. Here I was, sitting there in my tight red leather pants -- you know the ones -- and a silver silk blouse, wondering how fucking fast I can get out of my clothes. All the while, this little minx is sitting there talking to me with that husky, soft voice of hers and I'm aching to touch her. When I finished my drink, I don't know if she had even finished hers, I went over to her, grabbed her hand and tugged her into my bedroom.

She was a delight, she even noticed the furnishings and fixtures and commented on them. This young lady had class, even if she was a Grade-A tease. I yanked her to me, crushed her lips to mine and squeezed her little ass this time. It's such a lovely little bubble butt!"

Vickie was aroused now and using her vibe. She could picture her friend and Debra Jo together and wished she could have been there to see it. Debra Jo's description was vivid enough.

"I loved the breathy little moans she was making, the squeals -- adorable and sexy at the same time. I took her to my bed and undressed her, she was a sexy present all wrapped in black. Underneath the wrapping was sweet sexy skin with the lightest dusting of freckles and more yummy black, this time all in lace.

I wanted to look at her, take all of her in. She may be tiny, but that girl packs a punch! I touched her like she was a precious doll, albeit a very sexy doll. She was so sexy and once I had her clothes off, she turned herself loose."

Vickie well remembered how loose Heather could get and as her favorite vibe strummed her clit, she let Debra Jo finish.

"The little slut practically attacked me. You know how tight those leather pants are and she had them off me in less than one minute. She was all over me like a whirling dervish with her hands and tongue and rubbing that dynamite little body against mine. Only one person has ever eaten my pussy that well and I'm talking to her right now.

I loved the fact that Heather wasn't afraid to throw herself at me or to use her nails. She left little marks, good thing my husband isn't back until next week. My pussy's still throbbing and I have little scratches on my shoulder blades.

I loved the fact that Heather liked kissing me Vickie, most girls don't `do that'. She loved me all over and when it was my turn, she let me do things my way. You know how I like it baby, soft and slow at the beginning, then I let loose. I had that little bitch bucking and screaming like a banshee, I fingered that fiery little cunt and made her cum 3 times.

She didn't leave her until 90 minutes ago and she refused to take all of the money. She said I deserved a discount, so she took 10% off and then she actually asked if I was disappointed that you hadn't come! I gave her a huge hug and told her not in the least. I'd be happy to have either one of you join me any time I can afford it!"

Vickie had cum twice while listening to Debra Jo's story. She was thrilled that Heather had left Debra Jo so satisfied, it was always important to leave the customer with a smile, even if it had cost her over $200. Vickie always stressed to her girls that a happy customer was always more important than the earnings and she wanted her girls to have fun as well.

A delicious thrill went through Vickie's body. Mei Ling had been a true delight last evening, her first time with another woman. The lovely Chinese girl said she hoped that she would be able to do this again with Vickie, but not right away. She had saved up her money to be able to afford the treat of another female.

Vickie had adored every inch of Mei-Ling's soft, golden body and wanted to see her again, money or not. She had a thought. "Debra Jo, I'm glad you were so pleased with our little spitfire, but I'm sorry I couldn't be there myself. Why don't you rent a suite for Friday night and I'll make sure to give you the time of your life? It will be on the house!"

Vickie had a wonderful cum as she thought of herself, Mei-Ling and sexy Heather all rolling around in Debra Jo's big hotel suite. She was about to call Mei-Ling and extend the invitation when her phone rang again. Her caller ID said the caller was Katherine Saunders. Vickie wondered what the pretty teacher was doing calling her on her business line?

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