tagNovels and NovellasVickie's Venture Ch. 05

Vickie's Venture Ch. 05


Vickie had broken one of her cardinal rules. She had invited one of her clients -- well, a potential client, perhaps -- to her home.

Dressed impeccably in a tailored suit, impossibly long legs crossed over one another, Katherine Saunders looked much the way Vickie remembered her -- better, in fact.

It looked to Vickie as if her favorite teacher had taken good care of herself and had been working out, for those long legs were sleek and shapely and led to beautifully tapered calves. She still had the same happy smile on her face and a great figure, breasts that still threatened to spill out of her blouse and dancing blue eyes. The only changes were the length of Katherine's hair and the color. Once blonde, it was now auburn and very long, down past her shoulders and half-way to her waist.

Vickie still had no idea why her former teacher had called on her business line the previous evening, but she wasn't going to sit around waiting to find out. Offering Katherine a glass of Merlot, she sat back down and crossed her own legs. Katherine was glancing around the apartment and taking everything in. "You've done very well for yourself," She said to Vickie, who nodded.

"I do alright, my business ..."

"I know what your business is Vickie, I've ... heard things. Don't worry, I'm not here to give you any trouble, as you recall, I called on your business line. I'd like to arrange an evening with one of your ... employees," Katherine smiled as Vickie looked her over with curious eyes.

"You do understand that most of my girls work with women and couples only, right?" Vickie asked Katherine, who was busy sipping her wine. She appeared to be a bit nervous and set the glass down.

"I do," Katherine responded. "Perhaps I should explain. I've been attracted to women for years, since my high school days, but I was never bold enough to do anything about it. When I began teaching and was surrounded by all those beautiful girls, all the old sensations came flooding back. I found myself being tempted, so I married the slightly-younger man I had been dating, hoping it would push the cravings away," Katherine confessed.

"It didn't work?" Vickie asked, curious to see where Katherine was going with all of this.

"No, it's been an unmitigated disaster," Katherine sighed. "Basil -- that's my husband -- is a good friend and an okay lover, but that's about it ... he's okay. I used to be a very sexual person and I need to find that woman again. During a conversation a few days ago with my brother Barry -- we're very close -- he told me about your services and I thought, why not?" Katherine confessed.

Until this moment, Vickie had not made the connection. Barry Saunders the author was Katherine's brother! He and his wife had raved about their encounter and obviously were not too shy to share the details with Katherine. Vickie thought this was an interesting little twist.

"I appreciate your discretion, Miss Saunders," Vickie said as she leaned forward. "I'll do whatever it takes to satisfy your wishes. I will let you know my girls don't come cheap, although I guarantee everything."

"Feel free to call me Katherine, Vickie, and thank you," Katherine said. "Basil has a lot of money and I'll just list it as `entertainment' on our joint credit card," She smiled. "I will warn you that he's a very modern man in several ways, but if he found out his wife was bi-sexual, it would end our marriage and I don't want that -- not yet, anyway."

"Not a problem, I have several discreet locations," Vickie told her client as she poured more wine. "You would even be free to use my apartment, should that prove necessary. I could disappear for a few hours. Now, did you have a specific type in mind?"

"I happen to have a specific person in mind, Vickie," Katherine grinned. "I know that my brother and sister-in-law hired a young lovely named Melisande and from their description, I would bet she and Melissa Price are the same woman. Would I be right?" Vickie nodded and saw a huge grin come over the attractive teacher's face. "Oh, GOOD!" She practically squealed.

Katherine's face broke into a dreamy smile. "Ever since I admitted to myself that I'm sexually attracted to women, I've allowed myself to have fantasies. Sometimes, they're all that get me through the day. Melissa is my number one fantasy, she's so beautiful and she has that air about her. She'll be graduating in a month, so if you could arrange a get-together for the two of us before that happens, I'd make it more than worth your while." Katherine named a figure which made Vickie giggle.

"Goodness Katherine, it isn't going to be that much. I tell you what -- as you were my favorite teacher and I know that Melissa is very fond of you, I'll speak with her. If she agrees, we'll give you a special rate. Does that sound okay?" Vickie said as she patted the lovely teacher's hand.

Katherine's face told her response. "Oh Vickie, thank you so, so much. How can I every repay you?"

Vickie leaned close and brushed Katherine's ear with her lips, just ever-so-softly. "Invite me to join you sometime?" The delighted look on the teacher's exquisite face let Vickie know that was likelihood.

Everything was working out well. After her evening with Barry Saunders and the delectable Tenaya, Melissa had received a phone call from Vickie, asking her about Miss Saunders. Melissa wondered exactly what it was that Katherine was after? Now that Vickie had filled in the pieces, she was looking forward to this evening more than any of the dates she'd already been on.

There was a simple reason for that -- the crush that Katherine Saunders had on Melissa was happily reciprocated. Since realizing her bi-sexuality early in her teens, Melissa had noticed her cute classmates, but soon realized she liked her women older than herself. Her first dabble with another girl had been a few months earlier with the few-years older Vickie. In her senior year, she got Katherine Saunders as a homeroom teacher and she found it hard to catch her breath. She set about being the perfect student in hopes that Katherine would notice her. Melissa's marks rose steadily and her Daddy gave her a big hug and told her how proud he was of her, which made her feel special. However, if Katherine noticed, she said nary a word.

Melissa didn't like to be ignored, so she sexed it up a little. She had Vickie take her shopping and buy her the kind of clothes Vickie herself favored for daily wear, feminine with just the slightest amount of oomph! It was this particular trip that Vickie realized she might just have another gem in the nearly-18 Melissa. The salesgirls were all flocking around the teenage blonde and some were overtly flirty. Vickie made a mental note to invite Melissa to "dinner" a few weeks after her eighteenth and if all went well; see if she might be interested in a "summer job".

Her new occupation had provided Melissa with more thrills than she had ever thought possible. She adjusted her dress, it was snug and black and elegant, just as Katherine had requested. Until yesterday, Melissa thought all her efforts had been in vain. As she switched into "Melisande", she was thrilled that they had not. She walked into the restaurant and saw Katherine seated in a discreet booth. She went over to join her.

"It's so nice to see you tonight, Mel ..." Katherine greeted her but was cut off.

"Melisande, yes, you as well," Melisande said as she sat down across the table from Katherine. She whispered loudly "I never use my real name when I'm working, your finding out was just a fluke."

"One I'm very thrilled with," Katherine said as she squeezed Melisande's hand. She leaned close and asked "So, how is my brother in bed?"

Melisande giggled. "Why do I get the feeling you already know the answer to that question?" Katherine didn't respond to that, but hummed quietly as they looked over the menu.

Their meal went superbly and the two women, one sensual and elegant and the other, young but with a maturity far beyond her years, dined and talked as if they were the oldest of friends. Melisande made sure to keep the flirtation going, she didn't forget they were on a "date", but she also let the part of her that had a huge crush on Katherine emerge. She brushed her heels against Katherine's leg a number of times and saw the welcoming smile each time she did it. Katherine had worn a skirt so scandalously short she would have been severely reprimanded by the principal had she worn it to work and her blouse dipped low in front and showed breasts Melisande knew to be spectacular. Melisande herself had opted for graceful and elegant in a pale blue, sexy evening gown she had bought for her prom but would now be worn for something far more exciting. It had a slit that went up one side of her long, slender legs and she had worn the sexiest lingerie she owned underneath. Her only intent tonight was flat-out seduction.

Melisande actually felt as if she were out on a real date. Had anyone seen them, she had a few excuses made up, but when you got right down to it -- she didn't care who saw them. The food was spectacular, the wine was delicious and the company was irresistible. Katherine's dark eyes took all of Melisande in and she seemed to genuinely weigh each word. Katherine was as flirty to her companion as the girl was to her. It was almost 10 when they finished and made their way to Katherine's sporty little MG.

"Where to?" Katherine asked her. "Vickie mentioned her place and ..."

Melisande smiled. "I actually spent a hundred of my own money and got us a nice room near here. I've been looking forward to this almost as much as you have, here's the address," Melisande said as she handed a slip of paper to Katherine. "Let's go, I'm about to explode."

When the pair entered the hotel suite, Katherine was floored. She had expected a clean, nice room not this lovely, beautifully-lit room with a large double bed and a nice bottle of wine chilling in the corner. Katherine had no idea that Melisande had a connection with the hotel, she and the owner's wife had "dabbled" here on a number of occasions and she had given the room to Melisande for almost nothing. Melisande would visit this room again and make sure she thanked Bella for her generosity.

Katherine was paying for the evening, so Melisande let her take the lead. She was yanked into a heated embrace by the older woman and now the crush both had held for so long was turning into something passionate. Embers were turning into raging infernos as the sensual, auburn-haired teacher kissed the long-haired, blonde beauty. The two of them shuffled over to the bed and fell upon it together. They had still not broken their embrace, nor would they for several minutes.

The sweetest of kisses lingered as Katherine let them rain down on the object of her desire. Every part of this blonde doll excited her and she honestly didn't know where to start first. Melisande gave her a little assistance by sitting up a bit and getting out of her gown. She placed it gently on a nearby chair. "I'm going to wear that at prom," She explained to the teacher.

"You'll turn a few heads in that," Katherine smiled. "I'm going to be one of the chaperones, too bad I can't ask you to save a dance for me."

"We'd cause a sensation, that's for sure," Melisande sighed. "But you get the best part now anyway -- the after-prom part." She leaned forward to kiss Katherine and their lips joined and tangled together, sweet juicy kisses were exchanged and breathy sighs emerged from the older woman's mouth.

"Do you know how long I've fantasized about this?" Katherine breathed.

"About as long as I have, I'll wager," Melisande smiled. "So let's make our fantasy a reality, but you have far too many clothes on." In the pale yellow lingerie she had worn underneath, Melisande knew she looked great, but she wanted to see all of Katherine as well. Katherine nodded in agreement and began sliding off her skirt. Melisande's face broke into a wide smile as she saw they had both favored sexy lingerie, Katherine's all in black and very lacy. Her hosiery almost gleamed on her long legs and stiletto heels caught a ray of light from the chandelier. Katherine's body was undressed partially by her new lover and each gentle touch made her shiver.

They tumbled to the bed, kissing urgently and not wanting to break the spell of lust that had been woven around them. It was Melisande who dared to make the next move, removing her teacher's bra and thong and leaving on stockings and heels. She took the time to appreciate Katherine's beauty, as if she might vanish at any second. Her lips explored the object of her desire and she had Katherine shaking and panting with delight when she reached the prominent mons. She grazed it with her lips, parting the light, reddish fur and plunging her tongue inside.

As if she'd been hit by an electric eel, Katherine screamed. Her loud, plaintive wails echoed throughout the room as the blonde teen showed off skills that were far beyond her years. She used her entire mouth to smother Katherine's pussy with soft, ardent kisses, she held on to the teacher's hips to stop her from jumping about as she showed Katherine how much she was desired. Melisande didn't intend to let this sensual, mature beauty leave the room tonight without experiencing at least 6 orgasms and possibly, many more than that.

Melisande was grateful to Vickie for the lessons her friend had given her and for the other women she had been with since. The sweet, aroused face of Katherine was above her and she knew that she could never have gotten such pleasured moans from this woman had she not the experience of the past number of weeks. Her long auburn hair was splayed out behind her and in the slinky lingerie Katherine was wearing, she looked like sex personified. Melisande wasn't going to take any of that for granted and she now crooked her fingers inside of Katherine's cunt to further stimulate her.

"Oh FUCK, you nasty little slut, where did you learn that trick?" Katherine snarled. "You can fucking doing that again, I loved that. Yeah baby, give mama some more, fuck my cunt with your nasty little fingers!"

Melisande was further aroused by the teacher's lewd words. These were not the expressions taught in an English class, but they got the point across. She kept her mouth glued to Katherine's pussy and licked and sucked for all she was worth. The little tricks she had picked up over the last little while evidently worked for Katherine. Her juices were flowing, fast and furious and quite a bit faster than Melisande could lick them away. Still, she did try her best.

Katherine's own desires were now at a fever pitch. There had been a few females in her life, but none of them made her feel the way that Melissa / Melisande did. She could see now that the crush she'd held on the girl this past year was entirely logical, the slender blonde was a perfect avatar for hot sex.

Katherine just let herself go on the winds of pleasure. Her husband had never taken her to these heights, no lover ever had. Whatever Vickie was going to charge her for this evening -- she had promised to be fair -- it would be worth it and far, far more. Melisande's hands were now all over her body and she just luxuriated in the most pleasant sensations she had ever known.

Melisande could hear her teacher's throaty purrs and did her best to encourage more of them. She expected that Katherine would orgasm soon; she just didn't know how intense that climax would be. It nearly shook her out of the bed.

"Oh my darling, I'm so sorry," Katherine said as she pulled Melisande close to her. "I didn't think I could cum that hard, I've never cum that hard!"

Melisande cuddled close and kissed her new lover. "I'll take that as a compliment. Being with you like this, our sharing a bed, it's fulfilling all my fantasies. I loved kissing you all over!" She enthused.

Katherine ran her fingers through Melisande's long, blonde hair, just letting herself live in the moment at this time. She felt an overwhelming joy at being with the young blonde and now it was time for her to prove her own adoration. She flipped Melisande on her back and saw the look of anticipation on the girl's face. That look alone made any expense worthwhile.

Her lips touched down over Melisande's and she kissed the girl once, twice, three times before proceeding down Melisande's body. She was exquisite in so many ways, slender and blonde with a lovely figure and eyes. Those eyes were closed now as Melisande let Katherine do whatever she wanted.

What Katherine wanted to do was almost everything. She wanted the full lesbian experience that evening and she wanted to provide it to Melisande. Her hungry mouth went everywhere, licking and nibbling and even gently biting. If there was an inch of her body that went untouched that night, Melisande couldn't think of it. Her pussy was drenched and almost sore when Katherine finished with her. It was nearly midnight when the two women finished their sex. Katherine began dressing and a gentle hand reached out to stop her.

"What are you doing?" Melisande asked her. "Just where do you think you're going, Katherine?"

"I'm getting dressed; I figured that as it's nearly midnight, I ..."

"Vickie said that after midnight, I'm off the clock," Melisande grinned at her. "Oh, by the way, this is the bill."

Katherine looked at the bill and then back at Melisande and then down at the bill again. "She must have made a mistake; this is less than half of what I expected to pay!"

"No mistake -- Vickie said -- and these are her words - `give our favorite teacher the night of her life and whatever you do after midnight is your business. When you give her the bill, tell her the next time she wants to swing with a girl, I'd love to make it a threesome'." Melisande pulled Katherine back into bed with her. "Come on teach; now you get to sleep with Melissa and she wants you just as much as Melisande did!"

Katherine lowered herself back into bed and began kissing the sexy young blonde all over again. As her mind once again grew hazy with passion, she wondered if she might be daring enough to ask Melisande to be her date for an upcoming event?

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