tagNovels and NovellasVickie's Venture Ch. 06

Vickie's Venture Ch. 06


Nathan was pouring himself a cup of coffee and preparing to watch a re-run of "Law & Order: SVU" when he heard the phone ringing. It was Vickie's business line, but as she was on an all-day date, she wasn't there to answer it.

He and Vickie were making a lot of money from their little venture and Vickie didn't like to disappoint anyone. He had answered phones for her before and made some of the arrangements, so he thought he should try and handle things. If he couldn't, they could always leave contact information and Vickie would call them back at her earliest possible convenience or he could text her cell phone.

The caller on the line sounded lovely, young with just the vaguest hint of a Southern accent. There was something rather charming about her and as they talked, their conversation became more involved. Finally, the young woman asked "Might you be available this evening?"

Nathan balked at first. "Me? You called our service, you do realize that we run an Escort Service ..."

"... for women searching for female companions, yes. But you've been so charming and gracious, I'm intrigued. Naturally, I'd pay you, but if you're willing, I'd love to spend an evening in your company."

Nathan was flummoxed at first. He didn't know if he should go through with this, but why should Vickie be the only one sacrificing to keep things going? He was also intrigued because something about the young woman's voice sounded very familiar. "Okay," Nathan told the girl. "What time and how do I find you?"

"I'll have a car there for you at 8 PM, that's a little less than 3 hours," She told him. "Will that give you enough time?"

"Plenty of time, I can shower and shave and put on a nice suit," Nathan told her. "I'm Nathan," He told her. "When I meet you, what should I call you?"

He heard her wheels spinning as she said "We'll ... deal with that later. The driver will bring you to me and she'll be informed as to what's going on and bring you right up to my suite."

Nathan gave her the address and hung up the phone. He went to have a shower, shave and dress, then had a little bite to eat. He checked the time, wrote a note for Vickie and heard the buzzer at 7:55 PM. A soft, feminine voice asked for Nathan and then asked if he was ready. He went downstairs to find a very expensive stretch limo waiting for him. Whoever he was meeting tonight had money!

The driver herself was lovely, a tall black girl who introduced herself as Leanna. She told Nathan that he was free to have a drink and there was a mini-bar in back. He decided against that, he didn't want to meet the client with alcohol on his breath. Leanna took him into a very expensive hotel, but they went in the back entrance and up to a penthouse suite. She told him that she would see him later and left him standing in the suite by himself. A few minutes later, a lovely blonde of about 21 years of age emerged from the bedroom. Nathan recognized her in an instant.

"You're ..."

"Yes," She nodded. Nathan had seen her face on countless magazine covers and seen her on television. "But for tonight, I'd appreciate if you'd call me ... let's say, call me Tammy," The famous blonde grinned. She shook Nathan's hand and thanked him for coming and told him to sit down. She poured two glasses of champagne and handed one to a still-stunned Nathan.

"You called our service Tammy, does that mean that you're a ...?" Nathan couldn't quite finish his sentence.

"Most of the time, but my agent and manager have managed to keep that little secret under wraps," Tammy told him as she sipped her drink. "I'm not Chely Wright, I don't think my career would survive the shock -- yet."

"All right, so you `play for the other team', as some would say," Nathan said as he watched the pretty blonde cross legs that had been on so many magazine covers he couldn't remember them all. "If that's the case, then why did you ask me here?"

"Every once in a while, I get the urge to have sex with a man," Tammy said, the accent stronger as she sipped her drink. "I've been linked to a number of young stars, but they've all been cover stories. In actuality, when I'm with a man, I like him to be older. As we spoke, you intrigued me and I thought -- why not him?"

"I'm honored, you're a beautiful young woman," Nathan complimented her.

The two of them talked a while longer, she asked Nathan a few pertinent questions before they did sexual. He still couldn't believe this was happening. "My -- partner -- is a fan of your work." Nathan confessed.

"I'll sign something for her before you leave, but right now, I want to have a night of tear-up-the-sheets sex," Tammy told him. "It's been a long time, so why don't you take me to bed and fuck me?"

At first, it was disconcerting to hear this lovely young starlet talk in such a blatant manner about sex, but Nathan knew he'd have to adjust to that. She was still a client -- although she was the first client he had ever dealt with personally -- and she was a young, vibrant woman who'd had sex before. Having sex with her would be a pleasurable experience and Lord knows, he'd had enough practice over the past several months.

Somehow, Nathan sensed that he should let Tammy take the lead. She gave him that multi-million dollar smile and approached him, removing his suit jacket at first and then placing it on a chair. She patted his chest and smiled. "Nice," She sighed. "I do appreciate a man who takes care of himself."

"Thank you very much," Nathan told her. "I try."

Tammy leaned in close and he could smell her perfume, it was the one she was currently endorsing. Vickie had a small bottle of it and he'd smelled its gentle aroma before. "You smell wonderful," He said to Tammy as her hand grazed his chest.

"Thank you for noticing," Tammy sighed. "Women appreciate men who notice the little things. I'll bet your wife loves the fact you notice those things like that."

"I'm not married, I'm divorced," Nathan told Tammy. Her hands were gently stroking his face as he said "Vickie is my -- business partner." He didn't think he should tell her the entire truth.

Tammy's soft hands began to unbutton his shirt. Her manicured nails, which likely cost more than Nathan was going to earn for this evening, raked down his chest. "You are one gorgeous, older stud babe," She sighed. "There isn't an inch of flab on you, I hope you fuck as good as you look." His shirt joined his jacket on the chair.

"Do you want me to ..."

Tammy shook her head. "No, I want to take my time and enjoy this, okay babe? It's been a while for me, I don't want to rush a thing -- not a thing!"

Nathan was not going to press the point and he felt her small, gentle hand fondling him. It was a bit unnerving at first and he wasn't sure if he could remain standing, but he did his best. Tammy was intentionally teasing him, but she was the customer and would get what she wanted. He thought of other things besides the sexy celebrity who was trying to get a "rise" out of him and managed to make it through.

"Okay, I think we can safely say that endurance won't be a problem," Tammy teased. She shucked his pants and boxers and he got out of his socks and shoes. Tammy pointed to an en-suite bathroom. "Go grab a quick shower and I'll change. Meet me back here in 15 minutes -- we're going to rock all night long, okay babe?"

Nathan nodded, this would certainly be an interesting story to tell -- well, he guessed he could only share it with Vickie, maybe her mother and perhaps Heather -- those were the only 3 women he dared trust with something this monumental. He got into the shower and made quick work of a good scrubbing, anxious to join Tammy and see if he could live up to her standards.

When he came out, Tammy was stretched across the bed. If her legions of fans could have seen her now -- well, it was likely that some would be shocked, but a lot of them would be even bigger fans than before. In a lovely chiffon negligee with jeweled embroidery, she was sensual in the style of an old-time movie starlet. Her shoes were exquisite, high-heeled and went with the negligee. She had changed her hair style to make it more alluring and the blonde waves that fell about her face made her look older. The body was sexy and beautiful beyond reproach. Nathan wanted to reach out and touch, but he stopped himself. So far, Tammy had run the show and everything had gone well.

"God, did I make a good call!" Tammy almost squealed as he neared the bed. "Okay babe, join me in here and stretch out. Little Tammy wants some cock, it's been a long fucking time!"

Tammy might "play for the other team" most of the time, but she was no stranger to sucking cock, Nathan soon discovered. Her lips were warm and her mouth, skilled. She sucked and licked, playing with his cock until the point where Nathan wasn't sure how much more he could take. Tammy lifted her head from his shaft and she grinned.

"It's okay to cum in my mouth babe, I want you to. I haven't tasted cum in ages, so don't you hold back, okay?" She insisted. Nathan nodded his head and let her suck another 5 minutes before he let his load go down her throat. Tammy didn't miss a beat and swallowed it all down. Tammy sat up and licked her lips.

"Man, you sure delivered, thanks babe," Tammy grinned. He knew that he should be thanking her, but again, this was all her show. She reached out for Nathan and said "I bet you're a wonderful lover. Prove to me that I'm right."

Nathan knew he was being put to the test, but he was confident that he could measure up. The events of the past several months had re-invigorated him. He moved close to Tammy, yet he did not rush to undress her. His hands stroked her face, her neck and her cheeks. He massaged her shoulders gently and heard her sigh. He kissed those same spots and heard a soft little moan. His hands were still massaging, but he moved her negligee down just the teeniest bit and bared her breasts. There they were, delicate and beautiful, with soft pink nipples. Nathan moved around her and captured her breasts with his hands and mouth. She sighed in pleasure as he held them both and sucked her nipples. Her hands went deep into his thick, slightly-graying hair and her nails dug in a bit as he licked her. Nathan's concentration was all centered around Tammy's pleasures.

She moved away a bit so he could tug the negligee down further. Her stomach was flat and taut, her navel pierced. He kissed there for a few seconds, admiring the picture-perfect condition of her body. He moved down further and tugged the negligee away. Now Tammy lay before him in stockings, tiny thong and heels. A lot of people would have paid good money to see this or to be where he was at this moment. It was thrilling that he was getting paid for this. Her long legs required attention, he massaged and kissed them, taking care not to ruin the expensive stockings. The spiky heels were very sexy on her, a decadent highlight on the sexy blonde. As he removed her thong, her pussy beckoned to him. Slightly puffy and almost entirely devoid of hair, save for a tiny landing strip that denoted her status as a true blonde. Nathan moved towards her and heard her cry out "Oh yeah babe, taste me. I'm so horny, eat my pussy, lick my fucking cunt!"

It was very sexy to hear her lose control like that so Nathan made sure to give her the kind of attention he reserved for the special women in his life, like Vickie. His tongue moved around in a serpentine fashion, garnering howls and moans from the aroused Tammy. She thrashed about the bed like she was in the thrall of some kind of demon and was panting when Nathan finished.

"Holy fucking shit, I have NEVER had a man make me cum like that," Tammy said as she gasped for air. "Babe, if you fuck as good as you eat pussy, I'm in for a thrill."

"I will do my best, so how do you want it?" Nathan asked her.

"I like to start in the good, old-fashioned Missionary position and go from there," Tammy said as she got on her back. Nathan nodded and watched her spread her legs and invite him in. The entry was smooth as she was well lubricated. Her heel-clad feet drummed on his back as his cock made its way in and out of her cunt. Little Tammy sure as hell knew how to fuck, she was hunching her entire body against his as he drove into her and her nails raked his back. Nathan loved fucking partners who were energetic, like Tammy. They were few and far between in his life.

"Oh fuck, oh fucking God, that's wonderful!" Tammy groaned as his cock surged deep within her. "I'm so close to cumming, but don't you stop -- just keep fucking me!"

Nathan did and he knew when Tammy had cum because her nails were so deep in his back that they nearly drew blood. Tammy fucked him back for a few minutes and then pulled away. She aggressively pushed him on his back and almost snarled "Okay babe, I'm fucking YOU now, let's see how much you can take." Nathan had already cum once and even though he was hard again, this was testing his endurance. He decided to use everything he had gleaned over the past number of months to hold on for dear life. Watching the slender blonde starlet rise and fall on his shaft was an incredible sight, but he concentrated on helping her instead. His hands found her breasts, he played with her nipples, he kissed her every so often and miraculously, he kept himself from cumming.

"You are one fucking incredible man," Tammy sighed. "Your partner is a lucky little bitch, I'd like to meet her someday. Okay baby ..." Tammy got on all fours "... you can fuck me like a doggy, really slam it home and cum inside me if you want. I'm really glad you're `fixed' ..." Tammy continued the doggy metaphor "... because I am really getting off on the thought of your cum in my pussy."

Nathan for once gave thanks for the fact he had raised Vickie as a single parent and that he'd made the decision years ago to have a vasectomy. His hands gripped her hips and he fucked Tammy vigorously. When he came, letting his cum enter her depths, it triggered an orgasm in Tammy that was both loud and strong. She howled and collapsed on the bed, panting.

"Okay, that was amazing," She gasped, turning around to see Nathan smiling. She looked at a nearby clock and saw it wasn't even 11 PM. "You think you can handle another round, handsome?"

"I can do my best," Nathan said, resisting the urge to puff up his chest.

"Babe, from what I've seen, your best is fucking incredible!" Tammy laughed as she got out of bed and entered the bathroom. "I'm going to grab a quick shower, here's something for you to clean up with ..." Tammy threw him a few towels "... rest up tiger, you're going to need it!"

It was 2 AM when they finished, shared a drink and hugged goodbye. Tammy signed a few pictures for Vickie and asked Nathan if they could do this again sometime in the future -- maybe with his partner along for the ride? Nathan told her he'd ask Vickie, knowing it was risky. They hugged goodbye and Leanna was called to drive him home.

"You must have had a good time," Leanna winked at him. "She never keeps them this long, usually 2 or 3 hours, tops. Damn ... I'd love to find out for myself!" The black woman grinned at him.

"Are you free Friday night?" Nathan said, feeling both bold and cocky from the evening he had just spent. Leanna laughed and told him yes and said she'd see him at 7 for dinner and "whatever". They knew what "whatever" meant.

Vickie had only beaten her father home by a few minutes and was reading the note when he entered the apartment. She had a stunned expression on her face and turned around to see Nathan smiling at her and holding pictures in his hand. She went over to the couch and waited for him to join her, extremely anxious to hear the story of how her Daddy had spent his evening.

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