tagIllustratedVicki's Desires

Vicki's Desires


"What are you wearing Vicki?"

Kevin's commanding voice always caused Vicki's subordinate desires to quickly take control of her mind. Even though his voice came out of her laptop computer speakers from her internet phone connection, today was no exception.

"Just what you told me to," Vicki obediently replied to Kevin's question.

Their relationship had started just over two months ago when Vicki made her first foray into an internet sex chat room. She had told Kevin that after 10 years of marriage, her husband George's interest in sex seemed to be nil. At 36 years old she was still quite interested in sex and was missing it more and more, especially now that both her children were in school.

Kevin had responded that he too was in an unhappy marriage and at 38 years old was looking to expand his horizons. Their relationship had progressed from the chat room to Vicki setting up a Skype account so that she and Kevin could talk over the internet without a phone bill to show the conversation.

"Describe it in detail for me," Kevin commanded. "I want you to tell me just how slutty you look."

Vicki and Kevin's sexual play had progressed greatly with the help of the internet phone service. They would meet in the chat room or via instant messenger and then connect via the internet phone.

Their initial conversations had been just about what they would do to each other if they were actually fucking. This quickly brought them to a mutual climax. Eventually Vicki had told Kevin her fantasy of being forced to take off her clothes in public for a group of guys. Kevin had quickly recognized Vicki's need to be submissive and had capitalized on that situation.

Vicki felt her pulse quicken and her juices begin to flow as she described her attire to Kevin. Over the last few weeks, just the sound of Kevin's voice was enough to make her wet with anticipation.

"I have on black stockings and a black garter belt," she began, "And I have on a short red micro-skirt and a white blouse with no bra."

"What about the high heels?" demanded Kevin.

"Oh yes, I have on my four-inch fuck me heels," she answered quickly.

"Good girl Vicki," Kevin complimented her. "You're really getting to know what men like. Are you getting wet?"

"Umm, yes, very wet," she told him.

"OK, well let's start by you unbuttoning your blouse very slowly and reaching in and caressing your breasts," he said in a voice that seemed to do its own caressing of her breasts.

Kevin pulled up a picture of Vicki completely naked on his computer. He had wanted them to get internet cameras but Vicki was still too concerned about her marriage to show her face. She had agreed to send Kevin some photos, just without showing her face.

"Umm," Vicki sighed as she rubbed her hands over her breasts feeling her nipples harden in anticipation. Vicki's nipples stuck out like pencil erasers when aroused. Combined with her puffy aureoles, her 34B breasts were a sexy sight.

"Now pinch your nipples just the way you like," Kevin continued his commands.

"Oh," Vicki gasped as she pinched both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

Kevin unbuttoned his shorts and pulled out his already hard cock saying, "OK baby, my cock is getting really hard for you. Drop your blouse to the floor."

As her pussy began to throb from what she was doing and listening to Kevin's voice, she whispered, "OK."

"Now keep your left hand on your tits and reach under your skirt with your right hand. Don't get greedy, just rub your pussy lightly with the heel of your hand," he continued seductively.

"Uhh, uhh," Vicki's breathing became heavy as she felt the juices begin to leak down her leg.

"OK Vicki, I'm sure if you were out in public the guys would be ready for you to drop your skirt on the floor," Kevin directed her.

Reluctantly pulling her right hand away from her pussy, she quickly unzipped the skirt and let it drop to the floor. She kicked it away and resumed rubbing her pussy.

"Oh please Kevin, I want to put my finger inside," she begged.

"OK," said Kevin as he stroked his cock into even greater hardness. "Gently rub you middle finger over your clit and into your pussy."

"Uhhh," Vicki again gasped as she was carried away by the pleasure.

"Slowly Vicki," Kevin admonished her. "I don't want you to cum too soon."

"OK," she responded as she reluctantly slowed down her finger's assault on her pussy.

"I want you to think about how hard you're making my cock," Kevin continued as he stroked his hard-on. "Think about my cock-head rubbing your clit."

"Oh Kevin, I'm so wet thinking about your cock in me," Vicki replied. "I'm so ready to cum. Please let me cum."

Feeling his own cum rising in his cock, Kevin relented and said, "OK baby, I'm slamming my cock into your sweet pussy, harder and harder!"

"Oh Kevin, I'm cumming, ohhhh, ohhhh," Vicki shrieked as she fingered herself faster and faster.

"Awwgh, you are such a fucking slut!" shouted Kevin as the cum spurted from his cock and into his waiting tissue. "Feel my cum inside you, you whore."

Kevin's foul language made Vicki even hotter as she came again and again.

"Uhhh, uhhh," was all Vicki could say as she visualized Kevin fucking her.

She knew that the carpet below where she was standing was drenched with her juices. Since beginning her cyber sex with Kevin she found that she had become a "squirter" and never failed to produce copious quantities of her juices with each orgasm.

"Oh Kevin, I feel so good," Vicki murmured as she tried to calm down. "Our sex really satisfies me, although doing it in person would be even better."

"Yeah, baby, that will be really good," affirmed Kevin. "What's my little slut up to this afternoon?"

"Well, I have to be a good mom and tend to my PTO duties," answered Vicki reluctantly. "I have to change the current events sign at the school."

"What's the name of the school," asked Kevin.

"Oh, Kevin, you know I'm nervous about revealing too much that might give my identity away," she responded.

"I know baby, but after all, you are in California," he reminded her.

"Oh, OK, I guess it's all right," she answered. "It's Greenwood school."

"And are you going to look slutty for all the guys going by," Kevin asked.

"Yes, I'm going to wear what you suggested," she answered.

Kevin had recommended that she wear short shorts and a blouse that she could knot under her breasts. Lots of leg, lots of cleavage, and lots of bare skin all over.

"OK, baby, IM me later and let me know how it goes," said Kevin.

"OK, honey, bye," answered Vicki.


Throwing the cum-soaked tissues in the wastebasket Kevin took a last look at the pictures Vicki had emailed him and shut down his laptop computer.

"God that was so fucking hot," he thought. "Wait until I tell the guys about this."

Throwing his laptop in its carrying case, he ran downstairs and out the door to his car. Kevin had just turned 18, as had most of his friends, and was waiting for the next few days to pass until high school graduation. Kevin jumped in the car and rushed over to his friend David's house.

David was there with his other friend Gary when Kevin arrived. The other guys looked at him as he rushed in and began plugging in his computer.

"You guys are not going to believe this," he said.

"What aren't we going to believe," responded Gary. "You get laid or something?"

"Better than that," answered Kevin. "This 36 year old babe is sending me porno pictures of her."

"No way!" coursed Gary and David in unison.

"And we're having cyber-sex," continued Kevin.

"No way is some 36 year old woman having cyber-sex with an 18 year-old," retorted David.

"Well, OK, so I told her I was 38," said Kevin.

"You what!" exclaimed David.

"Yeah, and she really knows how to talk dirty," continued Kevin. "I mean she can really email some explicit stuff. She had me cumming so hard. And the pictures... wait until you see these."

With that Kevin finished logging into his laptop and pulled up some pictures. The first couple of pictures showed the woman posed on a desk with her small tits proudly displayed.

Gary and David gasped at the next picture as they clearly saw the woman's pussy before them.

"My God dude, these can't be for real," said David incredulously. "I wonder what the rest of her looks like."

"They are real, and listen to this," continued Kevin. "She told me her fantasy was to be forced to strip naked in public. And wait until you hear where she's going today."


Vicki sat naked except for her thigh-highs and heels as she shut off her computer and toyed with her clit to enjoy the last moments of her long orgasm. Her session with Kevin had been nothing short of incredible. She had cum so hard she couldn't believe it. Sex with her husband, George, was nothing compared to this.

Vicki knew she shouldn't be doing this but sex was just so dull with George. Even though sex with Kevin was only an on-line fantasy, she had cum harder and longer than any time in her 12 years of marriage.

And she couldn't believe that she'd told Kevin about her fantasy to be forced to strip naked in public. And she'd told him she was going to tend to her parent-teacher duties to change the community events sign at a prominent intersection in town with only short shorts and a thin blouse on. No panties or bra for Vicki today; she wanted to feel vulnerable as she bent over to pick out the letters to spell out next month's school activities.


"Where's this Vickie from," asked Gary.

"She won't tell me," said Kevin. "She claims she's from California, but, I traced her IP address and she's right here it town! And now she's told me that Greenwood School is where she's changing the sign today."

"No way," said David.

"I'm positive," responded Kevin.

"Wow," said David. "I can't believe it."

"Yeah, and Greenwood is just two miles from here so let's go," said Gary.


Vicki's two kids were at their friend's house for the afternoon so she had two hours until 5:30 when she had to pick them up for dinner. Vicki pulled on her skimpy shorts and thin blouse, delighting in her near nakedness. Her small breasts made going braless easy. Her nipples, already hard from her sexual arousal, jutted prominently through the thin material of her blouse. She tied the blouse under her breasts so that her taut stomach showed. Vicki was proud of how she looked and wanted as much skin to show as possible.

She was glad that school was already over for the day. She didn't want any of the other moms to see her scanty attire. But any passing dads who got an eyeful were fine with her. Her sandals had a slight heel that accented her shapely calves. As she slipped on her sandals she grabbed her purse and headed for the garage.

The top was already down on her BMW convertible as she slid into the front seat. The short drive to the school took only 15 minutes so she was soon pulling into the parking lot. Opening the trunk she took out the letter kit that allowed her to post upcoming events on the school's sign on the street corner. She didn't see any other cars in the parking lot so it seemed everyone had left promptly to enjoy the warm summer afternoon.

Vicki walked the short distance to the sign and placed her box of letter on the ground. As she bent she heard a whistle from a battered pick-up truck with two workmen in it. Vicki nipples hardened as she felt the familiar rush of adrenalin that came with knowing she was the sexual center of attention. She remained bent over until she could tell by the sound that the truck had gone on down the street.

Vicki then unlocked the glass door covering the sign and began to remove the old letters and replace them with the new message. She noted other male drivers checking her out but none were as blatant as the two workmen. So engrossed was she in her task and the thought of drivers checking her out that she hadn't heard the guys drive in and park their car next to hers.

She was startled to hear, "Nice ass."

"Nice legs too."

Vicki turned to find the three guys openly ogling her. While she was turned on by the situation she didn't think she should let them think she liked it.

"Who knows what might happen then?" she thought.

"Nice tits and very perky nipples," continued the one nearest her.

Her nipples hardened even more in spite of herself. The one who seemed to be the leader was quite cute, about six feet with well-defined muscles and dark wavy hair. The other two were a little shorter but equally well built.

"You guys can't talk to me that way," she said angrily to the one who appeared to be the leader. "This is school property and I'm on school business."

"Oh, but Vicki," said the leader again, "we all know what you really came her to do today."

"How do you know my name," Vicki demanded. "And what do you think I came here to do today?"

"I know your name because you've been sending me naked pictures of you and I know you came here to flaunt your body to the passing cars and trucks," he responded with authority.

"I, I... you can't be Kevin," she stammered. "You're too young."

"Well, so I added a few years during our conversations," he said.

"You lied to me," she complained.

"Well since this isn't California I guess you lied to me too," he shot back.

Vicki's face reddened as she realized she was caught in that lie and began to wonder where this was going.

"So we're here to help you make your fantasy into reality," Kevin informed her. "These are my friends Gary and David."

"How, how are you going to do that?" asked Vicki, afraid of the answer.

"Well for starters, put that last letter in and close the sign door," Kevin told her.

For some reason Vicki felt powerless to disobey. She quickly put the last letter in and closed the door as Kevin had instructed. She turned to face the three young men who had been staring at her rear the whole time.

"Now Vicki, I know your fantasy is to be forced to strip naked in public," Kevin continued, "and that's exactly what I want you to do, right now!"

"You can't make me," Vicki responded, even though the thought turned her on. "If you hurt me someone will see and call the police."

"Oh Vicki, I'm hurt," said Kevin. "I would never hurt you but I'd hate for your husband to find out about the emails you've been sending me."

Vicki felt a flush rise in her cheeks as it dawned on her the power Kevin had over her.

"Please Kevin, that was all a joke. Just let me go home," she begged.

"Oh I don't think it was a joke," he quickly answered. "You told me how you had the best orgasm ever just thinking about it. Think how you orgasm will feel when you experience the real thing."

Vicki knew her pussy was getting wet just thinking about the idea but she was so afraid someone she knew would see her.

"What if someone I know sees me?" she whined.

"Oh I think they'll just see what a slut you are," retorted Kevin. "Anyway, enough talk Vicki, drop your shorts to the ground and take off your blouse."

As if on autopilot Vicki unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them to the ground.

"Oh, nice bush," she heard Gary groan as she stood there nearly naked.

"Now the blouse Vicki, you can do it," Kevin commanded.

Vicki untied the blouse and unbuttoned the remaining button. She shrugged it off her shoulders and it joined her shorts on the ground. She now was totally naked except for her sandals and sunglasses.

"Maybe no one will recognize me with the sunglasses," she thought.

Since she was facing the street she saw cars start to slow as the people, male and female, checked her out. Some cars honked while guys in other cars whistled at her. Vicki's heart was pounding so fast she thought it would burst out of her chest. But she could also feel the warmth between her legs that always accompanied her fantasy. A van with three guys in it stopped right at the curb no more than 20 feet away. Vicki could feel their eyes burning into her naked body. Vicki's breathing was becoming rapid as she felt an orgasm building.

Finally Kevin took control again, saying, "OK Vicki, before we start a traffic jam you'd better pick up your clothes and carry them back to the car."

When Vicki turned around and bent over to pick up her clothes she knew her ass and probably her pussy lip were lewdly on display for all to see. The guys in the van were hooting and hollering.

"OK Vicki, you've done a good job," Kevin complimented her. "Let's walk to the car."

"Shows over guys," he shouted to the guys in the van as the four of them walked toward the two cars in the parking lot.

She heard the van start up and the guys in it reluctantly pulled away. She walked beside Kevin trying to cover her sex with the clothes she was carrying. Not that that helped much as she knew her ass was on display to Gary and David who were walking behind. At least maybe they provided some cover for her from the traffic continuing by on the street.

When Vicki got to her car she started to put on her shorts.

"No, no, no Vicki," said Kevin. "You'll get those back when you get home."

"I can't drive home naked," she protested. "What if someone sees me?"

"We've been through this before," Kevin answered patiently. "They'll just know you're a slut if they see you, but then again, I think you'd like that."

Vicki knew that what he said was true but she had trouble admitting it to herself, much less to Kevin and the other two guys. She was still so hot and horny, she needed relief.

"Maybe I'll have time to masturbate when I get home," she thought as she reluctantly handed her shorts and blouse to Kevin.

She got in her car and shut the door.

"Vicki, Vicki, what am I going to do with you," questioned Kevin. "You keep doing things without permission. Open the door please."

Vicki complied as she began to realize that she was powerless to disobey Kevin.

"Now turn toward us and spread your legs," he commanded.

Again Vicki complied with pounding heart as she realized how much on display she was to these three young men.

"Do you remember what you told me you do after every fantasy," asked Kevin.

Vicki nodded hesitatingly.

"OK, do it then," he said sternly. "I want to see if you gush as much as you say you do."

Using her left hand to spread her pussy lips, Vicki moved her right hand to her clit and began to gently rub it. She was so hot that her orgasm rose quickly.

"Uhh, uhh, uhh," she moaned as wave after wave of release swept over her.

As she had told Kevin, her pussy released torrents of juice as her orgasm continued. Her car seat was soon drenched in her cum. Panting heavily she tried to calm down as her orgasm finally subsided.

"That was awesome Vicki," Kevin told her encouragingly. "Even better than I imagined."

"Now can I have my clothes?" Vicki asked plaintively.

"Like I said, you can have them when you get home," responded Kevin. "We'll follow you."

"What, I can't drive home naked!" exclaimed Vicki as she felt her pussy tingle at the thought.

"Oh but I think you can," Kevin shot back, "And I think you're going to like it."

Accepting her fate Vicki closed the door to her car and started up. The guys were quickly following behind her.

"Well at least I'm not tall like Karyn," Vicki thought as she visualized her tall friend sitting with her 38B breasts that would show high above the side of the car. At least with her petite frame, her breasts were barely visible above the door.

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